There is conservation of energy and all matter in its essence is energy. Western physics figured that out but western biological science struggles to integrate it.

It was the positivists that laid the foundation for modern science which binds the biological sciences to their dilemma.

What the positivists failed to understand is that when you quiet the churning mind, sit and listen, your senses attune to a higher octave, a higher level of energetic vibration within which their exists certainty instead of the grasping for elusive truth of the positivist's enforced enclosure.

The body of flesh and blood is only the densest vibrational expression of the entire body. An energy body with wider dimensional vibration expresses the denser physical body.

Western science has it backwards. They teach consciosness is an epiphenomenon of the physical body's activity.

Modern scientists cemented in their positivistic foundation can only percieve the dense physical body. If they attuned their own senses to the greater vibrational frequencies available they too would perceive the greater energetic awareness.

The positivists are not wrong in their assumptions, only limited in their awareness.

You can attune to your own energy body which will eventually attune you to the intelligence of higher vibrational being, the home of your own soul's highest vibrational frequency.

The Spirit world, heaven. These places are not somewhere else. They are happening all around you at a different frequency than your consciousness typically vibrates. You know how sometimes you get a whiff of the extraordinary? Make yourself into a receiver by clearing your channels and attuning them to the subtle.

Nadis are the channels of the energy body, blood vessels if you will. But instead of blood they carry the life force.

Little children express the life force unbounded. They cry, scream, laugh, love and sleep all in the same 5 minutes. The same behavior in an adult would be considered madness. Yet Christ said unless ye be like a little child you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The same free child grows to learn unbound expression of emotion will get you smacked by hands or words. He holds his feelings in. He sucks it up. Bites the bullet. Holds his tongue. Clinches his teeth.

Suck it up and hold that breath child. The breath moves the life force.

Emotion is energy in motion. Emotion is the feeling of the life force moving. There is important information communicated through the emotion.

The West tends to consider emotions the unruly legacy of evolution, endocrine reactions that must be managed so reason can rule.

Held emotion creates blocks in the energy field of one's body stagnating the life force. Physical illness eventually results from that stagnation.

Sin means error. You are in error blocking the life force, holding your emotions. The Spirit is the Life. The feeling of the Life flowing freely is the blissful feeling of Pure Love. God is Love.

So confess your sins. Unblock your energy field of the stagnate emotion so the life force can flow freely. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Superconsciousness awaits you.