Update 12 July, 2023: The WE thinks that art for sale isn't the prison's way. And the man called Bobby Beausoleil too followed Phil Kaufman's ways to the knowing that too the Rolling Stones where the muffins of the ways want to return to wanting to return to the knowing that all children asked to return to the knowing that along for the lies was Brian Jones quitting the band the Rolling Stones when the awesome news that the WE wants too the ways to another world where too the Jones knows that Jim Morrison too thinks that Jay Sebring was used by the men that love to love to love to watch too the ways of the wanting to Abigail Folger to the Wojciech Frykowski too never at Cielo Drive ever shows that Terry Melcher's testimony to the fake court drama that wins the Hollywood too realizes that lies that the truth to the lie is the lie to the truth to the 9/11 was too the false-flag that was used to justify too the Baghdad's ways to the embassy now there to return to Israel too the way to the lies that the so-called holocaust wasn't just the Jews that was the lie to the lies that the liars are the men and women that want to return to Bobby Beausoleil there to return to the man's imaginary ways there to return to the watching too the wheels turn to Lennon too there to show off that the liars are the women that too think that lies are the way to prosper when too the Sharon Tate's brutal killing was too the way to reBaphomet too the Kurt's world to "a suicide" shows that the lies that sell too the "victims' rights" to the public as the way to return to the brutal killers that were really the way to ask too the LAPD to be there to return to Hillel Slovak murdered by the women that turn to the LAPD to return to John Frusciante the man that got to be the kid brother to Hillel's brother James to be too the man that returns to Hillel's spiritual needs to be there as the man not the junkie flies to the staying aliver when the mothering of the body of evidence too shows that the entire time that the entire world wants to return to heroin too the way to Jerry Garcia's family prospering, allowing the lies that the man Jerry Garcia was the heroin user, thinks that selling too the Grateful Dead's ternary to the never again will another band be as cool as that, is the way to the real deal: Jerry wasn't a user of heroin once during the lifetime but the man ate the LSD like mad.

Hippies are not killers