Update 12 June, 2020: WE are the authors of this being the top post to the thought the being the masked bandits that tell the world the being in the know means the giving to the masked mimicking inspectors the middle finger to the thought the many that fail to comply means the many fill the jails too to the thought the many clog up the courts to the thought the Gandhi has the better idea than the giving to the liars of the social norm the right to recall the being in the white world requires the rest to comply too regardless of the consequences to themselves, their livelihood or their children's future.

When the United States formed the coalition of the willing to invade the Iraqis to the thought the being the willing participants to the thought the many that to this hour tell themselves not my problem but to the max wear their Bernie du Jour gear to the thought the being the stooges that tell themselves the civic responsibility involves following the social order to the thought the being the not giving the first shit the Obama never ended the Iraqi occupation nor did he reduce the exposure to the max of the willing parties to tell themselves the wolves not alive now are the ones to the max not remembered: the Bush administration that not only sold the entire world to the cost of the Iraqis being the stage left to the thought the stage now resides presently in the USA to the thought the beings that told themselves the giving to the world the right to remember the being the employed means the being the capable to take the hit to the thought the beings that give to the world the being the not reimbursed either for the erection that takes the remember the holocaust to the thought the being that too recalls the being the American Indian tells too the man to give to the woman the judgement to the thought the being the woman that realizes the judgement to the point the wasting the energy trying to waste them not to the thought the many that take the plunge to the being the ones that mimick to the max the many words the right thinking administers to the thought the being the women too that tell themselves the not giving to the man the more than the dollars needed to take the world to the poverty level to teach to them the not needing the IRS.

...In the good ol' USA. If you need help you get it from the government. You know? The same government that maintains the 9-11 coverup and continues to wage endless war on the innocent. Yes. That's the one. The one that sold us out to the money changers. In God We Trust.

Just don't bother your neighbor. He's busy being as self/government reliant as you are. Leave him alone. You can make superficial small talk with him Sunday at church.