WE are there to remember that Yoko wanted John to go home times 10 then.

WE want the world to comprehend that Yoko Ono was there to watch John and to realize that Sean is hers exclusively.

WE want Yoko Ono to reserve the currencies that go to CBDC to her world view that Mark David Chapman was framed by the police.

WE want all women that lie to the husbands to include Q.

The reality that Yoko Ono was my captor was the reality that I loved Yoko but Yoko was bought by the crown to watch that I never love another without the death watch.

WE want all working for the living but not paid women to try to have the faith that Yoko Ones to the knowing that Bon Scott was used and abused too by the women that lie to men but take the bribes to be there to Caitlin to the knowing Ms. Fitzgerald too takes the queen's money to watch the subject Aidan Turner.

WE want all women that think not working is the right way to describe the woman typing being the way to not have the respect too wins the right to reinterpret the touring the world without the working woman: I want to be there too.