Update October 1, 2022: And this wins. Bill Graham knows nothing but this is the deal. Helicopters are always crashing, right? And I am not dead says Graham but pissed.

Update October 1, 2022, the day Mr. Anastasio called The Trey, works in LA for the dollars to show off I raped the Dead Heads to begin as the asshole to all. And that is Jerry Garcia himself writing y'all, right clearly in ear shot of the Blueridge Mountains where I make my standing again this lifetime.

And Anthony knows that the Anthony, excuse me I mean The Anthony is up for sale. And that wins the hottest newly arrived companion on the market in LA today. Buy one.

And Prince wants the floor another time. But now the Warner is indicted again for murder.

Update October 1, 2022: And the lies are there now. Trey was the beneficiary of Jerry's passing. And Trey understands that I want Jerry to be the thought process that all women that think Trey fucks well are Jerry Garcia's wives that understand that Trey is their pimp. Go Phish. You rock!

And the asking Anthony Gomez when is not allowed. And that asking why the "You are great. Enjoy your life and keep being you" is the coming to the conclusion that the entire show is me aloner when I anticipate another there to be redeemed again to the story that the men collectively decided not to be there. And then said next time I want to hear that the only way to hearing that being there is not being there is being there is this: Anthony isn't there.

And the enjoyment is this: I need to be paid or I need to be wasted to not living. And that is the way to hire the "beautiful" blond to the concerts too! And that wins why Anthony "I fucked her the entire tour" Kiedis isn't Better Boyed but a better off not without the shame too to hearing that Phish is there to remember that the "Jews" that think you are better than church are there to remember that the Nazi ways are there to shower to the Ashkenazi manner to beginning to have the Jerry Garcia too as the sacrifice to the "devil" worshippers!