Update December 9, 2022: Ticket dismissed. Thanks Buncombe County!

Tag updated October 21, 2022.

Ask God why Dr. Cody, aka Officer Cody was there that afternoon after 2 full years + without "the man" there to pull me. Because God decided Officer Cody needed a stiff upper lift.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man that serves "the man".

Cherokee women were there when the second amendment was too. And that is when I was there. I was there when the summer turned to greening me to hearing: Officer Cody was working his beat.

Preambles word to the world that the time is near to be without the qualms to take the plunge to the newer way than penalizing the poor that have to work alongside the WE's ways to hear: an unsupported female isn't an unsupported male at all!

Along for the riding to the shower was Dr. Cody, aka Mr. Cody, aka Officer Cody, the man with the backup to keep him safe from the unarmed, except for the firehugs that want to be given to my friends and comrades, and too the working woman not able to hear that safety to the "officer" is staying warm too in the night especially.

And the "officer" that isn't there now to understand that fixing the car is required before I set out on the adventure to venture to the tag office in Biltmore without my own backup, seeing as the "man" that offered to be "the husband" after the money there was sufficient to think "this bitch that gives me money to be kind will be the idiot that serves me everything on a silver platter while I shatter all believes in her self that love exists while I take my girlfriends to the backroom and impregnate them and then gang up against her and leave her flat broke, alone, scared and unable to work in gossip-city Asheville/Black Mountain because I trash her name everywhere, and the women that bed me behind closed doors snicker and laugh at her falling."

Cherokee isn't there now, their ancestors that walked that very space where the officer brought me to the point of disaster, scaring him to allowing his backup to flee too. And that is the way to offering to the men and women of law enforcement the Iraq disaster too there: militarize the police, says George W. Bush, the very individual that was the presiding president during the 9-11 attacks that ended too all sanity in the United States of American Idiocracy.

And the dollars to buy heat for the winter now go to the buying the ticket fixed, and the "court costs" that won't be are the astronomical mannerisms of highway theft, legal and "safe" for the overseers that sign Officer Cody's paycheck.

All the while the Officer Cody thinks I was ushering in the wrong scene, seeing the catalytic converter isn't the reason to him, I am the liar, to me the reason is the prior work on the car and that is too wrong, to the thought: I am scary to Officer Cody, and too the suspected idiot, and the liar, to his world as the converter could be replaced. And it was, 3 times!

Removing in 2013 the other one, the third catalytic converter to save the $1000 instead of replacing it, seeing I lived then where no emissions inspection was required, renders the check engine light on always, telling the emissions inspection machine that a new catalytic converter is needed, and that wins why I repeated not that to Officer "another citation then" Cody, to the thought, deference to the officers is a requirement, even when the officer is misinformed about the reality that covid-19 repeals his world view that my assertion that the covid crisis impaired my ability to work wins not right to "Mr. Big Boy" Officer "covid was in 2019 and 2020, so not an excuse to me" Cody.

The World Health Organization called "pandemic" on March 11, 2020: Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, allegedly, said the pandemic ended on September 19, 2022. So who is right Officer Cody, the lying idiot that you pulled over yesterday while sitting waiting for a fish in a barrel in the Hopey parking lot at 3:00 in the afternoon? Or the WHO and the President?

Officer Cody was respectful but not right about the covid years. And the covid itself is the psychological operation to end the spirits not but the bodies of the children of the STOLEN FROM THE CHEROKEE mountains of WNC.

All people that think the "vaccines" ended the "plandemic" are incorrect, and that is the truth!

All counties, including Buncombe that enforce the covid-19 regulations are in error.

All of the people that are blindly following the covid-19 regulations, and especially those enforcing them, are to end. And that is why the very notice that the watering the ground is the ***Not Allowed***, the psychic medium is me, and the ***Not Allowed*** were removed by the guns led by Griffith Rutherford, and they warned me pre-plandemic that all the children that settle to the need to "vaccinate" are ruining themselves intentionally, as the ground itself, the very ground where Officer Cody made me pull aside on Hwy 70, was there to remember to the minds and souls of the humans that killing the Cherokee children was allowed.

The children asked to mask are abused. And that is final. And I am channeling Christ y'all. And that is that.

Please allow me to introduce to Officer Cody and colleagues the reality that marijuana is illegal. And that is why the difficulties in the healthcare of the individuals that smoke is this: dollars. (If you are planning to arrest me now, Dr. Cody, then understand I've never handled ever a firearm. I know nothing about guns. I've never fired a gun. And I will never own a gun! So force won't be justified!!! And any guns on the scene would be the planted type, like the one with Jayland Walker that morning.)

Offend not the men and women of law enforcement that work for the right side, the Chief Gillespie types.

The law enforcement officers followed the orders that afternoon and stood down while the paramilitary staged actors that are too the very important pieces to Columbine too: paramilitary paid and that means "maiden revolutionized types" that juxtapose to the School of the Americas

All the kids that are asked to mask and vaccinate for the protection against the not reliably real virus called the corona virus or covid-19 to the layman, are there to remember that dropping dead from heart attacks wasn't the standard fare for teens before the vaccine mandates to attend public school or universities. And that collages to the colleges that are piloting the vaccine mandate passport mechanisms for the eventual slavery system imposed by the World Heath Organization's Big Stallion's Brother called the World Economic Forum, the WEF.

And the Sheriff that thinks more force and incarceration is the result of the bad people of Antifa is in Asheville, Dr. Van Duncan, thinks that the kids are the problem because they are harded by the need to hear: nah Van Duncan. And that is the way to hiring me to explain to the big whigs' servants that money is hard to make in the mountains of WNC and that wins why the property values that make living too expensive spend the night on the reality that penalizing the poor for their hardship is the manner to fill the jails to the satisfaction of the prisons that contract to bury too the hatchets to Sheriff Ledford of Madison County too hearing that the prison there must be filled by the contract to the actualizing the profits for the prison keepers!!! And that wins the reality y'all!

Killing the kids this generation is the choice of the compliant. And that is the choice of the officers that enforce the compliance.

The kids are not toys! The ability to think even is impaired by the masking, enforced by the lawyers too, and that is the way to hire too the lawyers to the criminal classes!

And the kids asked to never make healthy babies are your kids y'all!

Plain and simply put, reaping is the choice now. But later, after the WHO succeeds in the pandemic treaty organization enforced by the NATO workers, this will simply put, the service suggested by the Biden administration's desire to enthrone fascism, the forgiving the not-allowed-discharge-in-bankruptcy student loans to service contracts to work for the DoD, meaning the Department of Enforcement of the wills of the overseers that manufacture the better off hearing this y'all, the millionaires not but the trillionaires that make the money out of thin air, the fiat, and the usury and the world where this is that: the upper classes upper handedly hire the Drs. of Law Enforcement to comply the citizens to not alive now so they can bury too the hatchets to dead on arrival.

Iraq was not ever a fine thing and the weapons of mass destruction never existed. But what did exist was the Bush administration's support, allowed to this hour to Biden and Co, to the corrections of the Abu Ghraib too the reality that the first strike nuclear option is the allowed ok by the invaders that justified the invasion because of the "weapons of mass destruction" yellow cake crap that sells to the kids that military: I am a hero!