Update 29 February, 2020: It was the coming of Kitty Licks the macabre episode of cutting of the front of the shirt around the breasts exposing the reminder to the world that tits feed the babies too.

This might sound weird. Or this will sound weird. But here goes.

I've been having repeated impressions of my nipple being cut off. Sounds macabre huh? Do I cut it off? Or someone else? I'm not sure. Why the impression? Perhaps the Spirit Guides want me to watch A Clockwork Orange. It's been a lot of years since I've seen it. They give you thoughts. Pay attention and listen.

Then I asked the Guides to recommend a record for me to listen to. I ran my hands across the outer edge of the records stacked on the shelf until I felt my body being moved and a deep solar-plexus area feeling, an affirming feeling, when I touched 'the one'. I pulled out the record. It was Beethoven's Glorious 9th.

I'm off to the library to check out A Clockwork Orange.

The Kundalini and the sexual energy are one and the same. The Kundalini seeks to flow freely. There is a relationship between disturbed sexual energy and extreme violence. I will be contemplating that tonight as I watch the aforementioned film.