Update November 7, 2022: The day my former mother, the liar that backstabbed me, turns 82. Nice day to you family woman! Happy day to you and yours asshole that lies, takes, cheats and fucks off permanently since my life is robbed from start to finish by the assholes that think fucking babies into existence wins parenting!

And the way to turn compassion on the endside is this: I punch myself in the face repeatedly today to teach myself how ugly I am!

Lies are Donna's way! Will left me out exclusively to protect me from the land there at all! I need support from another outside the Brannen's are not there yet to the inside of the valley that I want to leave all humans to the dust bin of the Nukes on the WAY!

The Love that is unlimited is too there to remember that death is the veil. But life is the exclusive realm of shit that is shit that is the shit that an investment banker now owns my working world to the detriment of the life time for many!

I have to leave now. I will never see you again Donna Brim, alive!

The land for sale https://www.redfin.com/FL/Homestead/19225-SW-344th-St-33034/home/43238462 is sacred to my family. It is being sold from my father's "estate".

My father did not purchase the land. My Great Uncle worked 30+ years to afford the down-payment and pay the mortgage. I am the beneficiary of the estate of my father who dubiously inherited the land when my uncle passed in 1999 - see Steven Losner, Mayor, and the last will and testament of Earl S. Lee for more.

My father said verbally to both me and my brother he wanted me to inherit the Homestead land. He said that while he lay dying in the hospital, as his illness and death were quick and unexpected.

My father's actual will, drawn up in 1995 before my Great Uncle was even sick, mentioned only that my father's possession should be divided between his 3 children. My father, James Otis Brannen, actually gave me the role of executor in that will. I was legally the executor by his choice too! The Homestead land, in 1995, was not one of "his possessions".

After my father passed I honored my little brother by giving him the privilege to execute the "will and testament" of my father in my place, a job he wanted, with the condition I choose the ownership of the parcel that is now being given away to the investment company Favor Investment Holdings LLC.

My choice was 100% to return to the land, work with Robert across the street to restore the orchid houses, continue growing fruit and to honor the historical setting as a place for all Homesteadians to enjoy as a park and teaching property for the children to learn novel agricultural methods.

To continue my work was desired, but I was shafted across the board because "the law" says now my wittle brother, William T. Brannen, is the sole beneficiary. He is excluding me entirely! And the lawyer Doliner is as bad as him, a crook!

I need to return to work!

My brother feels he is entitled to a cash payout from the land, as the paper of the lawyer is a way to steal always. I honored selling the land for his sake, so that he could get the cash out of the land he feels he deserves, saying I was willing to sell to Robert is Here across the road only. He denied Robert the right to buy the land.

I spent 4+ years, from 2011-2015, leaving in 2015 only because of a hardship that I need not explain now. I always intended to return to continue my work. I spent 1000s of hours of labor there as well as invested $1000s of dollars. I planted trees and other fruit, fruit I grew from seed even. I have many possessions on the land. None of that has been important to the boy that is stealing the land! And all now is slated to be "owned" by the investors without the compulsion to care that I need to live too there!

I need the buyers, Favor Investment Holdings LLC, to bow out of the contract. This is sacred land! It is to be inherited to me not sold to investors that think I am not even alive!





Now feel free to allow me to enter to the conversation too. I won't permit that sold to them. So be that Lourdes Cuenca, Miami real estate broker, the woman that hears I am not to enter to a bargain with the devil either. The land grab ends NOW! - Thanks, God.

Thanks to Lourdes Cuenca for ensuring the land theft of 19225 SW 344th Street Homestead Florida 33034 ceases to happen! Keep the faith Lourdes. The Favor Investment Holdings LLC will not survive either the wrath of Cain! Love to you Cuenca for the assistance in inheriting the land to me instead, the family member that never wanted to sell the land!!!