Update 20 November 2022: And Kate Bush's song is the best of the 21st century too! And that shows off that the big whigs' tykes called the Red Hot Chili Peppers are dried scum, not men that love, and Kate Bush too knows that running up that hill wasn't that cool to that bitch, but her heart hears too that babies win the rules book saying Kurt lost everything, and Anthony fucked both Courtney and Frances Bean!!!

I want to end all Anthony need! The heart hears: Anthony is aliver than me. Hillel isn't.

Hollywood: the home of fucking too a kid's mind to fucking is what is real.

Being touched lovingly is too there for Mr. Kiedis.

I am too underprivileged in the sexual world to be cuddled by a man that loves to fuck Anthony's body.

I want to end all Anthony needs by asking God to replace my heart with another version: one that gets laid each and every night by a different rock star or Hollywood icon. Start now.

Brad Pitt: Call me. I want to swing!