Update 22 June, 2020:

Within the Edgar Cayce readings the 3976 readings regard national and international affairs. These were the years of the Great Depression that led into WWII, though it seems the Guides speaking through Cayce presented a wider time frame than only those contemporary years. Some of which they spoke has yet to materialize.

They speak of a leveling that has yet to come to pass, an economic leveling. I've intuited its inevitability too, for many years, long before I heard of the prediction spoken through Cayce or even understood the complete fraud that we call a monetary system. It's kinda one of my curses. I feel intuitions very deeply within myself and make decisions accordingly, even when the actions I am taking seem ludicrous to those looking in from the outside. So I get to wear the scarlet letter "C" on my chest. "C" for crazy, if you are wondering.

Seems to me efforts are best spent knowing self and self's connection to the Higher Self, the soul and the soul's guidance which very much involves compassion and love for everyone. Indegenous people live in tribes and work together. Poor people work together. It's the easy money that allows the "I got mine, you get yours" motto to flourish.

You are in great error if you think higher numbers in the Dow means you are richer. The stock market is propped up by money printing and fraud. It's a racket to which you are even less important than the average patron of Las Vegas.


This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Virginia, this 20th day of June, 1938, in accordance with request made by the Manager of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Hugh Lynn Cayce and Edgar Evans Cayce.


Time of Reading 5:20 to 5:45 P. M. Eastern Standard Time.

1. GC: You will have before you the work of the Ass'n for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., in studying and presenting the psychic work of Edgar Cayce. It is desired to present on Monday evening, June 27th, material presented through this channel, for the Seventh Annual Congress, on National and International affairs which will be in keeping with the ideal and purposes of the work being undertaken by the Association. You will consider the type of audience which will be present, the need for informative information which will not be spectacular or sensational, yet that will be constructive. Advise us also as to the manner of presentation. You will give the first discourse on this subject.

2. EC: Yes, we have the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., and the policies and ideals and purposes of same; as related to National and International affairs that would not be spectacular but constructive - and in keeping with the ideals.

3. As has been and is being understood by many, there are changes being wrought in the nation, as well as in the inter-relationships with other nations.

4. All of these may be considered from the one angle.

5. It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's keeper.

6. There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling - or a greater comprehension of this need.

7. For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal - as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practising, applying same in their experience - and their relationships as one to another.

8. For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in THEIR relationships and their activities.

9. For His ways will carry through. For as He gave, "Though the heavens and the earth may pass away, my word will NOT pass away."

10. All too often has this message been forgotten in the pulpits and in the organizations, not only in the national relationships but in the international relationships.

11. And as the dealings are as one to another, unless these are in keeping with those tenets they must fail; for all power in heaven and in earth hath been given into His hands.

12. Then as we approach all phases of human relationships, these must be taken into consideration.

13. And there CANNOT be one measuring stick for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter, and another for the man behind the money changers. ALL are equal - not only under the material law but under the SPIRITUAL.

14. And HIS laws, HIS will, will not come to naught!

15. Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come.

16. And ONLY those who have set their ideal in Him and practised it in their dealings with their fellow man may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

17. In thy dealings, then - whether at home, in thy dealings with state or the national situations, or the international affairs - there must come ALL under that purpose, that desire.

18. And then there should be, there WILL be those rising to power that are able to meet the needs. For none are in power but that have been given the opportunity by the will of the Father - from which all power emanates.

19. Hence those will be leveled with the purpose, "My word shall NOT fail!"

20. In presenting such - well that it be given as extract, or as that from such sources to be used or taken as those present see fit.

21. We are through for the present.