Update 30 January, 2023: Teal is the man that reached to the working woman as the fathering type. I want that to be there to the woman so that her heart hears another man on the horizon will be kind, for the first time in the generation that is the way to hearing that men that love to love are there always, but the coo coo way to end the family to the DoD is the reason to love football above the WE is the way to never entitle the working woman to a family that loves her better than nothingness is the whole shower to her, the way to hearing all men that love Mr. Teal's ways are the African types is the way to teach to the women that turned to the white world to hide the shame of the stereotypes that Mr. Teal is the Christian to the hear too thinks that he is.

Thank you Mr. Teal, my 7th grade math teacher, my algebra man of love. I love you Mr. Teal!!!