In this video the narrater asks, "Are you angry yet?", followed with, "You should be."

Damn straight!

Unfortunately it's been my anger that people have repeatedly seized on and thrown back at me instead of listening to what I try to tell them about the inconsistencies in the 9-11 official story.

"You are filled with anger Katherine."
"You are filled with hate Katherine."
"People who don't trust the government scare me Katherine."

Only on rare occasion has someone had the courage to listen rather than judge.

I'm treated like I have something wrong with me because I can see through lies others don't want to see through. Intense frustration is what I feel.

Our leaders attacked their own people on 9-11-01 and then used the attack as pretense to destroy millions of lives. I try to find out the truth and my country-people, even my so-called loved-ones, tell me I'm filled with anger and dismiss what I am saying as lunatic conspiracy theory.

And the same players who brought us 9-11 and the terrifying War on Terror lie. And they kill. And they lie. And they kill. And they lie. On it goes.

Please tell me there are more aware people on this planet. Please? I really want to meet them. I spend way too much time alone. The deeper the lies, the less place I have in this culture.

I can't stick my head in the sand. Nor do I have the energy to go up against my fellow country-people's etched in stone Democrat vs. Republican narrative. I feel like a stranger in a strange land, a visitor from outer space left behind by my alien brethren.