The WE suggests all the ancient-aliens-are-real folks to return to the bedrooms and watch the world treat them as the ways and means to leave permanently all freedom to the big kids that love to lie for the dollars, the Jews of Israel, the United States and too the UK. And that wins why "anti-Semitism" is the big deal to the liars, their lies are the truth, and their big important leader of distinction, Joseph Goebbels, thinks that the ways to Hermann Wilhelm Göring too there to reiterate to all those that think the reality that humans are not too the beings of the groundedness of the Mother Earth will find out that the wars to support too the thinning them will be.

The world will insist that the dollars to the UFOs-are-real thinking are there to Sean Stone to the Baphomet boys and girls that too think that channeling the Pleiadians was real to them, thinks you are to learn to hear that your voice is phony to them, Katherine.

I wanted to write to you, Katherine Brannen, that knows that ignored is the way to "be safe" for the few that want that feeling while the feeling of the others there on the Other Side too works to redirct the proses to the ghostesses too there to hear that all children asked to paradiddle to the nudes are there to remember that love is real!

The UFOs that are scheduled to attack too the United States of the Hellacious Nudes that the only way to hearing that all Cruickshanked women think that I ain't real, thinks that I am!

The way to the Pleiadians too there to re-cash to the re-upping too the knowing that the clouted beings that are there to re-sell too the bullshit that all Starchildren think that selling too the modeling contracts to the women that posture thinks that all Love's are there to remember that Courtney's hour in the sunshine as the "beautiful" working working working as the nothingness isn't real but the heart that hears nothing but the lies surface to the liars to the lies are there to really be enjoyed when too the entire country hears that country music too wants to re-issue too the currencies to the American lifetimes turned to the management that the only way to hearing that all Stones there are the Oliver-was-bought types thinks too that Paul Craig Roberts knows that women along for the men-are-real world view that returns to the water to the nothingness to the knowing that I ain't the Starchildren that lie but the working woman along for their worlds wanting to re-up too the American Constitution as the real law of the land shows that the entire time that I write to myself as the jilted female, not the working to redeem too the proudness that is real, thinks that the only fire that breathes the air is the fathering that was too the mental illness not the love needs to be there as too the "money is real but love isn't" show that shows that all "God is dead" phenomena treats too the NY Postestess as too the returning to the Times too there to remember: the NY Times is the liars' ways thought to be real.