Update July 8, 2023: The liars at the press stations that too insisted the children be shot up with the "vaccines" to protect from the COVID are now selling to the world the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant as the target for Russian aggression, so that the whole world will then go for the healing again. And the women that buy off on the "Russians did it" are the many, many, many that succumb too to the world where the only advice to them is this: allow that to be. And that will be when too the many other nukes fly, and that thinks that the big kids that lie, cheat and love to be "right" think that they are to live not on but be told to vacate their residences and go to concentration camps to die off, and the big kids that lie, cheat and think that the lies win will then buy up the land that is left behind to "own" and then the kids that are left without their parents, the kids stolen to the news too the Ukrainians harvest organs for selling on the open market too the kids to the best of the bested, the Gemma Team KC, too hear that the 6+ years of pleading with Kelvin Cruickshank and his teams to help me be the spirit-talking-allowing that is the way to hearing that I am tired and alone and sacred never to the women that baby.

Updated again June 26, 2023: This is the hour that the Ukrainian men and women are to learn to leave the land to return to the criminals that want to think that murder is the way to return to the oligarchs that think they are "the elite" to the thought they are, and they are to elitely treat themselves to disaster when the nukes turn to them dead instead. See ya "elite". You are never to return to living as that! Go home now.

Update June 26, 2023: The WE wants the world to stay alive so be the women and men that think twice about the retaliation against the Russians for the explosions that will impair too many to be sized by the seismic wait that wins this: allow the world to remember that Charles III wants to want to want to remember that killing the kins of the Russian aristocracy to be Bolshevik revolutioned was too the way to entirely want to remember that killing the many with the nukes isn't allowed y'all. So be better kids and try to acquiesce to the CIA using this website to remembering that wanting to remember I rule is this: the Queens of the Beatrix never again and too the Queen of Elizabeth THE GONE were there to be there until the WE took the grounds to the Kyiv there to want to remember: regain the strength to never try again to be the nuclear war instigators and that will be when the inside of the outside will be.

Together on the outside of the inside is the outside that wants Nuland to Victoria to another way and that was the Crimea isn't to be given to the Tel Aviv folks that prosper buying the land removed to the criminals make good bed fartners when the greens turn to the yellows to the greys to the never again will better off without the Vikings there to remember that greening the reds was.

The Russian forces are there to remember to the world that Tel Aviv too wants the Nazi regimes removed!

The WE wants all those that pattern the balding to the nothingness that wins the nothing but the media lies return to the anti-Semitism the explanation for all Nazi ways distasteful to the learning to cope alongside the not there feeling is the felling that wants all Gemma's to return to the teams of the WE there to reiterate to all summering that the only summer allowed to be alright is that that warns too the women of the American continents that the whole show will never be staying alive to return to nothingness allowed only but the ways of the means to the knowing that Heil Hitler isn't the solution to NATO using their flexed wrists to return to tying off too the wanting to return to water there to return to the cooling too the nuke plants that returns to the watering too the waters to the waters that return to displacing too the "refugees" to never allowed to return to their homes ever, that is the way to returning to the anti-Semitic was the reason to lose too the water to the knowing: this is the time, remember, to return to NOT WANTING TO RE-NUKE THE CONTINENTS EVER!