Along for the truth is that about 18 million humans so far have died from the shots, the covid-19 "vaccines" to protect from the fictional virus.

And the way to return to the so-far clause is the way to returning to the psychology of the fascist that requires a "safety" force to "protect" too the kids that go to school with the "herd" animals that too returns to the malnutrition that is characteristic of the diets of the overseers too: the dead animals kept locked up in CAFO worlds where they are sentenced to hell.

The ways of the WE are the ways of the freedom heirs, the animals will be better when the CAFO operations are abandoned, one way or another. And the way to returning to the meat grinders there to return to the grounded up breast tissues of the cows eaten alongside too the breast milk of the mothers not permitted to own too the calves turned to ground up meat to the big kids that want to veal to the venison too there to return to the deer that once roamed too the forests of the big kids that own European worlds, allows the reindeer to Reiner Fuellmich to the news that all women that serve to the kids the shots-are-better-now, to the thought, they are more lethal than before, pledges allegiance to the kids that want to return to allowed to be fine.