Update 6/6/24: Asking Terry L. Smith to be the man that makes the decision to tell the poison crews to refrain from spraying the ground around my house this year. Thank you.

Update September 14, 2023: The WE asks the working woman typing to stay aliver while the WE takes on the Terry L. Smith types without the assistance of the women that want to be without my helping hand too. I am not well to the mind now that the Cherokee women of the https://www.bigwitchindianwisdom.org/ told me to scram and never touch them as loving beings toward myself ever. And that wins the way to the ending of the need to cry out loud. I am not interested anymore in the Ancestors as the American Indians, now referenced by the ***Not Allowed*** throughout the website, but as the other beings of the world, where I am too allowed to be there as a human being. So I understand that loving another allows the other side to determine that leaving Western North Carolina sounds grand now that I am to be rejected here only, that is the way to remembering the lies of the heart are the loves of the landing that I am unsure how to be the worst fucking bitch on the planet without being that. So I am to leave when the time finds me on the ground of another world where I don't feel shitty always.

Update 10 September, 2023: Ask why the WE wants the Bigwitch Indian Project involved in solving the problems with the lines and the water and the herbicides that collect to the wasted world that needs renewal.

And the time to remember that nuclear waste water that comes from the bombs about to be dispensed to used to show off that Charles III is the owner of Carolina too shows that he isn't. And the way to ask again for the need to remember that love is there, asks why the WE wants Tyson Sampson to be the man that gets on with the renewal!

Update August 22, 2023:

The WE wants the world to imagine a way to make the land management better, no need to debate the toxicity of the compounds routinely added to the soils' vegetation to degrade to sick meat too there but the water too needs another choice than not allowed to be drinkable without the chemicals accumulating and mentioning that the water is still now, the movement gone by the need to damn too the rivers to return to the drinking waters of the municipal worlds too turned to toxicity wasted water.

The WE wants Mr. Terry L. Smith to be the man that changes the formulas to the kids working the land as if the permaculture is possible. And that removes the dumping the toxic chemicals on the Earth totally. Engage the 4H clubs of the local school systems. Ask the high school children to be able to be available to the world where they are employed through the education projects and the process of change to revitalize the soils will begin. And the wildlife will thrive again. And the children will take the energies they now store in their guts talking on the 5G wireless networks all day using their 5G cell phones and then waking to the wifi there too is the way to thinking outside. And that wins too the land is cleaned, the kids are learning to be stewards of the animals wellbeing too and the grown-ups that result will know how to manage the land so that using the land is permissible. Now that won't happen since the attempts to work around the wires is the attempt to fight with the water companies too. And the water stolen to the so-called "New Deal Works Projects" was taken away from the fisheries too, the natural trout streams don't exist anymore in the southern United States. And that is the reason too the Chestnut died: the New Deal!

Update August 21, 2023: And Mr. Smith woke me to another reality. The discussion about the toxicity of the spray and the smart meters wasn't allowed. But me being sued for slander will be contemplated again by his need to show off the penis envy that my balls are bigger than his.

Update August 20, 2023: And the ingredients are Mr. Smith, the list of ingredients in the herbicide are??? Bring them next week when you supposedly care about God too, this is the time to remember that killing the wildlife without a second thought is your game. And that ain't cool to me. So be there, man, and try to listen: STOP THE SPRAYING EVERYWHERE!

The "smart" meters are part of the genocide too my man Terry. And that is real. So understand lies are yours when you say "safe".

This is the truth, the spray that the man Terry L. Smith of Duke Energy says is sound to his mind too is the way to show off that a man that thinks he is "smart" because he sells lies for the oligarchs that own everything by owning the corporations that are Great Resetting the world to Armageddon done now are there to be there, so be a man instead Terry and grow up to know killing the trees ain't the way to be an arborist that is really that but the shill for the lies that sell to the world alright-to-murder-for-money-in-the-pocket-to-be-called "the man".

Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't unhealthy to the water? Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't unhealthy for the soil ecology? Ask Mr. Smith why the herbicide isn't harming the children and the wildlife.

And Mr. Smith's answer is: WHAT?