Update 14 September, 2023: The WE asks Atlanta to try to hear that the nuclear attack on the big cities of the United States is a forewarning for the realities that the ways of the occultists is to remove a global leader and replace that leader with the scum that wants to make race the reason too the CDC will take the falling there: the WE wants Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson-Maynard knew Wayne Williams wasn't the child murderer ever!

Up end the world of the WE to another world where the energy is spent not on the problems of the need to thin the populations of the planet but the problem of loving again without the resentment to the millionaires too there to return to themselves about to be shit on.

The WE wants all women that prosper by the grant money of the federal government to die.

Ask the WE to write to the world about the occidental world hearing that the WE wants all women that pray to return to the WE. And the WE wants all women that love to be sad to be there to return to this: the heart hears only the ways of the others that want to return to the race is the question to fight about to the death.

Ask the WE why the words are there to return to the Occidental Observer there to return to the Maori too the stereotype of the women of the men's world where the women are the subjects of the husbands and the children are abused?

Ask the WE why the Tobias Langdon works for the Mossad agency that stirs the anti-Semitism too to the thoughts of the women and kids that want equality, the words steep the opposite, the need to subjugate the various "races" into the stirring too the pots to the ways of the WE to regard this is the welcome to the news that the so-called occult is used by the so-called "leaders" of the Schwab's clubs that think that King Charles' need to return to the hippies too dead on arrival deaths too the wasted world to the needs of the world's leaders to show off that the occultness of the Occident isn't the Western world but the bullshit of their own houses, the Windsor's are the not the only ones but the ones with the English names that spell: Charlie wrote Helter Skelter to return to the thoughts that the swords are that to them, the occult is the misunderstanding of the Oriental world's ways as the Tantric still uses the left hand to stop that.

Ask the WE why the sexual need to acquire power by the use of the so-called occult permits too the blood-letting that was the animal sacrifices at the Temples in the "Holy Land" of Jerusalem where the Master Yeshua, ha ha ha, the man called Jesus Christ, the man that was abused by the betters at the Sanhedrin was allowed to die then because the animal sacrifices were offensive to his ways. And the abuse too was the man's need to show off that the only way to steal too the holy anointing oil was to use that on the back of the woman called Magdalene. And that wants the ways to return to the way to returning to the big kids of the European and American and other country's needs to holy moly, what, royalty? Elites? Why? They are the source of the need to a race war, the trump supporters are humans that work for a living and want a more fair tax structure. And want permission to stand their ground when too their "leader" is the veteran reality TV star that world leaders too think is the stooge and the drama to return to Dr. King's world abused thinks that using the district attorney that isn't a white man, but a black woman, means that judging by the color that is the category that abuses the entire world of the race wars unwanted is the black lives matter bullshit too there to show off that the ways to the legacy of Dr. King's world being abused is the media's need to call anti-Semitism always to hush up a working working working woman that never once was an anti-Semite but thinks that the ways to abusing too the Dr. Reich was to abuse that one to the what? Death? And that is too pro-Semite y'all? of the hearing nothing but the white, black, Jew, Jewish men are real when they are there to recover too the brother killed by the very beings that run the Hollywood ritualistic sexual needs to show off that Hillel Slovak's blood-letting was there to show off that mentioning that the defunct of the energy now Anthony Kiedis isn't the man that wants to stand up against his world, the Hollywood hitsters that hit too the children with the masking returned, but the man's energy is zapped by the ways of the knowing that his own parents participated in the covering up too the Cielo Dr. Was Never Occupied By Sharon Tate's Family story to the knowing that the truth is that Cher and Sonny too reaped the benefits of the knowing that Jack Ruby's kids too thrive as the Rubin's now and the Stein's too know that all Rubin's that understand that I ain't a mad man but the woman trying to help the children be safer shows that hearing that "parents" are there shows that still lifes of the need to recover the American Indian that was allowed to be brutalized by the Hollywood-is-my-partner-now was allowed to be brutalized too by the Joe Rogan that too participates in what? Helping this work now?