Update September 13, 2023: This is the time to remember that the only way to regard Anthony's life abused by the WAYS is the way to retarding the WE to never wanting to want to want to want to show off that Flea is the man that lies to the cameras, even to the smart phone cameras.

You are to leave the planet soon Flea, and the beautiful Iranian new mommy inherits the entire shebang!

Kurt Cobain never ever ever shot heroin, not ever!

Hillel Slovak, also a victim of Courtney Love's ways, never once even thought about heroin, much less had a heroin addiction. The man's performance during the European tour of 1988 was grand! Not once was there the issues of Hillel's fucking up that the writers of the bullshit buttfucking to the max book called "Flea is Awesome" selling heroin to the audiences that buy too the $million tickets to stand to the max still now that social distancing and covid mandates will be the cashless ways going forward, oops, I forgot, this is the time to remember that Hillel's spirit, oops I mean Spirit, is A-OK! MEOW!