It isn't well to find a truth more artful than the false-glad that firing the weapons at Ukrainians there to require another front to feel safer, the WE wants all of those that "Stand With Ukraine" and "Support Israel" to remember that lies are the truth when the liars are there to allow the fire-arms to be hugging the neighbor's love too. But the water to returning to aircraft carriers used to show off that keeping the stomach open finds that killing a bunch of American soldiers by thinking that allied Israeli/Pentagon memberships to false-flaggin' the way to WW3, that won't work now that I am here to rewarn all: lies don't serve God EVER but that isn't rtreu. That wants the WE's women and men that watch to recognize the patterns, eat the shit of the oligarchs to make the lies never real, or to turn too the lies to the truth to the lies are to return to never again since a lie unmasked is the truth and the truth lives.