The truth is the moon landing you think wasn't staged in July 1969 was.

The moon landing in Israel, oops I mean India, wasn't real either.

The moon landing of 1969 wasn't real, Hollywood made that one too!

The WE thinks that all Mark Keenan's are real to the ways. The moon landing thing is Hollywood meets Mossad's handlers meets Bollywood meets British Intelligence thinking that space aliens will be next.

Thanks for the update. I am ready to be there now y'all of the CIA types that want my assistance to ruin the Israeli-RAF allegiance to end the world that says anti-Semitism is not real to the way to thinking that I am there to remember that loving the WE loves the way to regarding this the heads up: allow me to reintroduce to the world the way to remembering me as the working working working wasted working working working to end too the heading to the cleaners again: the moon will never be landed on!