The WE wants the world to comprehend that the Bohemian Grove in Northern California isn't the only "Grove" where the really, really, really wealthy so-called "elite" play.

The WE wants the world to comprehend that the only way to return to the oneness is to permit the big kids to comprehend that the children sacrificed there all the time, that is real y'all, that the kids taken to the Groves and then sent to the slaughter houses to be dismembered, these kids are really, really scared.

The WE wants the world to hear that William Jefferson Clinton, the present president that was President then, in 1996, when the children's sacrifice was JonBenét Ramsey that year on Christmas, that is the way to the Baal circumferences erases the story that the so-called pedophile that is not important to the rich kids was the man that stole the child.

You are to learn to be freer when the WE assesses to the wasted ways the wasted way to showering the WE to the Glenn Beck too thinks that the water to Reagan there is the water to the resurgence that followed: the Bush's too want to recover their roles as the children stolen during the Nazi times too took to allowing themselves to take the sacrificial news that sacrificing the real Jews as the biggest sacrifice to their big godless wait, that is the way to Prescott Bush's son George Herbert Walker Bush's news story that the biggest imbecile that ever graced the oval office, George Walker Bush, the man that the so-called philanthropist that isn't that smart, the man that continues to fund the gain-of-function research that Fauci wants to blame on the police statements that the so-called viruses are both the gain-of-function type, added to flu shots, and the big embellished type that uses the propaganda to embellish too the results that the entire time the so-called "pandemic" is the way to releasing too the Fauci to the story that the virus was accidentally released, that is the embellishment that embellishes the reality to the mythology. That wins this: the biology is not correct. The so-called "science" that is the funded by the big cheeses, that the big cheeses that fund the gaining too the functioning, this is the functional need to functioning as the funded here too.

You are to learn to love again with the body there and the mentioning that the mentioning that "hacking the mind with the circuitry", that isn't the way the mind is operating ever. The brain-machine interface isn't alived to the newsing that that is wronging the Mahad's world's next method to requiring the princesses that think that mentioning Denmark hosts a new normal: the normalcy that is the AI project to hack the reality that is there, that is the same hash tag that says, Denmark hosts really big girls to make them dead: JonBenét Ramsey wasn't murdered on Christmas in America, but was flown courtesy of Epstein, that is the way to showing that the Atlanta Hilton Head Island's favorite chefs that think that the Atlanta Regional Airport too thinks that Hartzfield and Jackson, meaning Maynard, think that Dr. King's world was abused by the, the "them" thinks that the WE thinks that selling to the world too the mythos that the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was early morning, April 4, when the shots that never rang out in the Memphis sky but the photo shoot was happening to cover up the big truth that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was delivered after the final sermon to the men that took that one to the airport and flew him to Amsterdam to stay too at the big important suite where both John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the man known now as "Bobby" to the typing artist was flown to show that the evil Palestinian that never fired the weapon but was seized to be the stooge, Sirhan Sirhan, was hired by the very men that incarcerated that one. Rosey Grier was there to show that he is the man paid too to be important, and that is the way to showing that keeping the faith thinks that the need to recover the covid-19 nightmare as the staged event 201 that was too the way to Mr. Beck not mentioning that, that says what? Soros' boy toy???

The world thinks that the WE is there to return to the waysides that the only way to be supported in Washington nowadays thinks that supporting the removal of that country club saited thoughtful wasted wasted wasted world where the suddenly the entire town sinks to the swamp that reserves the better ways to returning to the White House too there to reinherit the truth that the POTUS that is now the way to assign to the responsibility the President is not there now, meaning the way to hire a hitman to keep the children fed...that remembers to all Hillman's that Chris' father too wanted that the Queen's think too Denmark then too the home base, that the Princes that think that murdering mummy back in 1997 when the children learned that the Sir Dodi Fayed too stays away from the madding crowds that sink the torpedoes that sing the rockin' world wants to rock, and chores the ways to reDublin the skis that were never worn by Sonny Bono either!