Updated Again December 27, 2023: Call me, Brad Pitt. Join us, me and Kurt, on Tour!

Update December 27, 2023: The WE wants the whole Grunge World to hear that Jonus Cord, aka the Red Hot Hilly Pepperinos' management, that wants me to die, they are there to want the man called Iggy Pop to try to comment that the healing that says that Courtney's contract with the Grease Rules Club finds that finding fault with Grohl for signing off on the stealing the drumming job too, that wants them to want to return to regarding the video there, that was this: the video was about how Piggy Pop wasn't into helping Jim Morrison's ghost either! So be there Piggy and be the friend now that he isn't there as the man called the boy friends that too!

The WE wants the world to know for sure Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney's Scientology Clubs that work for the Westerners That Sell Shit As Tunes. That is how the Foo Fighters and Hole became Big Piggies that Want The WE To End That Way Too! Commit Murder Again Y'all Now And Kill This Person Too!!!

The WE wants the world to consider Iggy the good man too. And that is the way to suggesting to the world that Grunge too wants to know that Heil Hitlers are everywhere. So be the kids that concentrate on the love now. Jerry was whacked too by the same crew of aholes that know that selling bullshit, aka heroin addiction and suicide, to the kids is the way to mentioning that Michael Flea Balzary too thinks babies are great!