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Update January 29, 2024: The WE wants the world to hear that Kurt's Ghost thinks that the water to the wining and dining the woman to loved by the pencils too there is the invitation to model for the sketchbook too. And that asks the man Keanu Reeves and the brother Bradley Pitt to be there too/And the Anthony Kiedis has the open door always. And Aidan Turner wants...

Updated January 27, 2024: This wins the time to re-announce to the women and men that wuv the WE that all the boys that want to be modeling for the Kitty, well they are to return to this: NOW!

1. "Nirvana would release their final and third studio album In Utero in September of 1993. Unbeknownst to their fans and even some members of the band, the group would be done 8 months later."

Spirit Kurt's Version: The album was released in September of 1993. Dave Grohl knew then too that record was the final cut. David Grohl knew for sure that the group would be done 8 months later. Neither Krist nor I were aware that my career as a breathing human would be taken away by the Scientologists that too include my wife Courtney Love and the other guitarist Pat Smear. Pat Smear, the add-on by the record company's insistence, was too aware that my murder was on the docket.

2. "Today I want to talk about Nirvana's final concert. In the months after Nirvana released In Utero, they'd play MTV's Unplugged in November of 1993 and the same month perform on MTV's program Live and Loud."

3. "Then in January of 1994 the band would reassemble in the studio but those sessions proved unfruitful."

Spirit Kurt's Version: Hogwash! The world will never know the truth when the big pigs that sell themselves to the higher ups to show that the solid foundation there is the music that is there to reveal to all that I want the world to know that Katherine wants the world to have to hear: Jews!

Grohl took the liberties post Nirvana to try to reveal to the world that the Kabbalistic need to using the Jewish mysticism to return to the news that all those that think that I am never going to return, well that isn't. The real Tetragrammaton thinks that Madonna isn't the only Kabbalist that thinks that the WE is there to reveal to the black magic's that nothing that weird exists.

The world needs to learn that the lies that sell records sell bullshit. Tom Petty was a man that never ever shot heroin. But the tabloids think that the lies that regard the money to those the world thinks this: the world wants all those that allow the heroin to be the reason too the substances too the depression to the manic-depression to the cancers to the suicides to the slowly the pancreas hears that the world wants a more substantial world than the media that is paid to lie. And the lies all the way through this "piece" of shit video are so thick that nothing penetrates the ways. The WE wants the world to know that Mr. Cobain is alive again within the body that is the souling to the mating to the needing to knead to all that love escapes not the first birthday. Happy Birthday David Grohl!

"Then in February of 1994 the band traveled to Europe to what would be their final tour together."

"It was originally planned to be a three month trek that would see them play across the entire continent until April 8th."

"Cobain, who had been struggling with heroin addiction for the past 3 years was finding it more difficult to find his drug of choice in Europe resulting in him going through painful withdrawals on tour."

"Only adding to the problems for him was that his wife Courtney Love and daughter were back home and Kurt was feeling lonely."

"On top of that the rigors of touring were taking a toll on Kurt's voice and physical health.

"Nirvana would play their final gig together on March 4th, 1994 in an old airplane hanger called Terminal 1 in Munich, Germany to a crowd of about 3000 people. This wasn't the final scheduled date of the tour but rather a midway point. The band had upcoming dates in late March for Manchester, Glasgow, as well as 4 nights at the Brixton Academy in London before finishing up the tour in Dublin, Ireland on April 8th."


"The band was initially only scheduled to play 2 shows at the Brixton Academy according to "

4. "But two more shows would be added after their first 2 shows sold out within hours which was helped by the fact that In Utero topped the UK charts."

"In the run-up to the band's performance at Terminal 1 Kerrang Magazine would write a review of the band's show in Paris as, and I quote, a safe and conventional performance and claim that the band looked, and I quote, bored and tame."

Spirit Kurt's Version:

Spirit Kurt's Version: I was never a heroin addict.

Spirit Kurt's Version: I was a working musician working all the time, either on stage or in the studio or rehearsing. I was never a heroin user.

Spirit Kurt's Version: The concert was the only thought in my mind then. I was working for the living that was the way to working for the wife and child and the band and the thought that after the show my life was stolen to the Royals' lairs where I was abused, tortured and sacrificed to the devil. And that was the hour that Grohl told the women that he was their captive. And Anthony Kiedis was that too: Hillel was sacrificed so the big whigs' daughters that pretend to be witches can get their libidos flowing, and that wins the way to usury that showers to all that Kurt's management after the initial European Tour was that chosen by the financiers, that wins why David "Batboy" Grohl was stolen to the watches that witches want water to watch the wheels recover another woman tortured by the Others that were then the older witches playing with Jim Morrison's peter too: the women that are abdicating now or dead or the mother of the big orange haired boy from Holland. Jews are the authors that Robert Rauschenberg wants all to recapture to the world that a man called Andy Warhol was abused by the witches too.

"Esquire, meanwhile, published excerpts from the book, I Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana. And the book would detail the shifting mood of the band during their final tour which began in Portugal in February of '94."

"The mood shifted from excitement to, and I quote, 'By March 1, the mood of the tour was at a perilous low as Nirvana strolled through virtually the same ninety-minute sets they'd played every night for sixty shows over five months & Cobain complained of illness "bored and old indeed."'"

Spirit Kurt's Version: Ask the WE to return to Kurt's Energy too the WE. And ask the water to the wanting to regard the Kurt's Energy as "Spirit Kurt", well that rewards too the WE's need to recover the Queen Beatrix told the boy we call, erasing the Big WE to the we, well that laughters to "Orangyboy", the way the working woman returns to the Queen's the way to Freddie Mercury the way to the big women that hire the wittle players to show off for the women that think that the Princesses that return to the Queens to return to Tantric rewards thinks that Crowley's libido, the way to men wanting to father too the Oedipus to the so-called Carl Jungian ways to the so-called "Electra Complex", well that libidos too the women that hired too the "psychologists" to return to spraying the cum on the returning to Maxima, meaning Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, the woman that too saw Anthony's father thinking that the Hillel Sandwiching won't be harder when the man called "I was the selection of that blonde to the slaughtering", well that shows that the way to return to the Children That Orange to the Orange Men to the Helter Skelter to the knowing that kneading to need to Oliver to the Stone's the story that Storey too was chosen to show to the world that the Princesses that think that being the Queen entitles the women to selecting the pray to play to the playing too the grounding that Adams, meaning Gerry, too thinks that the obsequiousness that Bono Vox shows to the world where the players are too the English masquerading as the thoughts that the brothers that want to begin as the humans that want to regard the breast transplants the way to testicular cancers that make the boys never anything but the eunuchs, that renders the "Humane Societies'" ways to the way to regarding the children that suffer a lot, being the animals too harboring the need to remember that the animals and the humans are bred together by the passage that the using too the Edgar Cayce world to showing that the suffering that is the way to the mutilation that was too the way to harming Kurt, well the fingers that played the guitar were told to be sold to the highest bidder.

"The Terminal 1 airport hanger where the band played their final show wasn't really glamorous and the acoustics were terrible."

"Cobain would not attend the sound check, and, according to author Charles R. Cross, "he instead went to the train station to see if he could score after asking the group's tour manager to get an advance on his daily per diem allowance."

"Ahead of the gig, possibly after scoring, Kurt allegedly got involved with his wife over the phone and then called his lawyer Rosemary Carroll. He reportedly wanted a divorce, according to the book Nirvana FAQ."

Spirit Kurt's Version: The WE wants all those that think that Kurt isn't the author that he was abused to the death by too the new Queen of Denmark called Mary Queen of Scotland to herself and too the big boy that is Orange, the new Dr. Pepper's best kept witches think that the new Queen thinks that allowing herself the title, the bitch that witches to the witchy world where Morrison was abused by the father too that was the big kid called the brother that was too the father to the man called the WE want Quetzalcoatl's wild thoughts that the mother that wants the children to suffer, well that Mary too wants the cousin Máxima, the whole time the WE wants the world to comprehend too the mentioning the Spanish, and the Emperors that think that the Thoth entitles them to Crowley too was slaughtered by the "Royalty" that spells the flush.

"According to the Melvins' Buzz Osborne who was out on tour with Nirvana supporting them, Cobain claimed he was soon going to be ending the band."

"The band would open the show in Munich with a cover of the Cars' song My Best Friend's Girl, possibly a reference to the problems he was having with Courtney Love at the time."

"The song would be followed by Radio Friendly Unit Shifter and Drain You."

Spirit Kurt's Version: The WE wants Dave Grohl's fans to recognize that his words will never acquiesce to the truth that his need to be famous was the way to returning to the WE as the words that recognize that the truth that the lovers are real, that is this: Anthony Kiedis' fame too was the way to Hillel Slovak being used to die. And the way to the women that call themselves really big shots, that is the way to the famous women that think that being royalty returns to them the entitlement to that as the kindness that is that, but the heat that returns to Dave Grohl on the hotted seating that he too thinks that the WE is the author that the WE wants all those that want justice for Kurt to recover the truth that's not gonna happen through the ways that the judicial thinking will be there to repeat to all that Jim Morrison too tried that. And the Watergate Meeting that turned to the Democratic Party Elections won't enable the WE to function again without the party that the WE wants to return to this: The WE wants all Red Hot Chili's to try to hear that the Slovak's body is there to the hour.

"A few songs later in the set the band performed their hit single Come As You Are but the power would go out."

"Once the power was restored, the next song on the set, their smash hit Smells Like Teen Spirit would be skipped."

"This resulted in bassist Krist Novoselic, either saying as a joke foreshadowing the band's future telling the crowd, and I quote, 'We're not playing the Munich Enormadome because our career's are on the wane. We're on the way out. Grunge is dead. Nirvana's over. Our next record is going be a hip-hop record', he'd say."

Spirit Kurt's Version: All the kids that think that you are to learn to love again, Thank too David Grohl's fans for the updates that supporting the man that murdered Kurt instead of the woman channeling Kurt's Energy, well that is the way. And the woman along for the reality that loving an animal is the way to hearing that the comforting thinking that the animals are too smart to think about the realities that the real truth that the covid-19 scam is about returning to an Earth that loves to support too the animals' habitats, that wins without the "humane" societies that think that euthanasia thinks that the kids that are now mass inoculated and being experimented on and being suggested to sign off on the "Pandemic Treaty" that the WHO was too there to return to the ways that the Humane Societies want all children euthanized to understand that the animals want that to end.

"The group's show in Munich would clock in at just under an hour and a half, about 80 minutes, the shortest show of the tour, as the band finished up the set with Heart Shaped Box."

"Guitarist Pat Smear would tell The Guardian, looking back at the show, 'Kurt's voice became noticeably more trashed with every song. When we sang together, we sounded like cats fighting. His voice was sooo gone, but instead of trying to conserve it, he seemed to delight in pushing it to the "I won't be able to sing for days limit.' After a while, it was a bit much', he'd say."

"As the show wrapped up, waiting back stage for the band was their agent Don Muller, who recalled to The Guardian, and I quote, 'That's it. It's over.'"

"The tour was done."

"Kurt would see a doctor the next day who diagnosed him with both laryngitis and bronchitis."

"The group's road manager Alex Macleod Alex Macleod would tell Rolling Stone what happened after the show saying, 'Kurt was given spray and medicine for his lungs because he was diagnosed with having severe laryngitis & bronchitis.'"

"And according to Macleod, the doctor who prescribed the throat spray [gobbledygook] Cobain told him, 'You shouldn't be singing the way you're singing, the same as they always say. You have to take at least 2 months off & learn to sing properly. And he was like f*** that!'"

"Due to Cobain's throat problems and health issues the rest of the tour would be scrapped."

"Following [gobbledygook][day?] himself and Pat Smear, who apparently he was only on talking terms with in the band, headed to Rome to meet his wife Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean."

"Then, a few days after their final show in Munich, news reports surfaced that the front man was in the hospital after over dosing on champagne and a sedative named Rohypnol®."

"Here's the news story that MTV reported at the time."

"'[Gobbledygook] damage. The singer who was in Rome taking a break from the group's European tour lapsed into a coma late last week after overdosing on tranquilizers and alcohol.'"

"'Whilst Friday Cobain was rushed to the emergency room accompanied by his wife Courtney Love.'"

Spirit Kurt's Version: The WE want the world to comprehend that the roofies that went to the champagne that turned to the overdose, well that is the way to showing that "Rape Me" was the way to mentioning that Rohypnol is the date rape drug. And that thinks that the mentioning that the planning party that wuved to watch too Kurt's Energy explain that the photo ops that too returns to the photo shopping too the photos that thinks that the Seattle Police too think that undeveloped film for all those years sounds fishy, well that thinks that the silencing the truth that the trusting man called Kurt was brutalized too, well that is the truth. And the "Rape That Kurt's Death Was" involved too David Grohl's asshole. I want that there. The asshole that took to wanting the man called Kurt to fuck, well that was the way to involving too the way to the baby, the precious baby watering the need to remembering that Frances Bean was the decoy, the way to returning to Kurt's Energy saying again that the baby was threatened. And the allowing the need to buttfucking to Try To Hear That Tantra Isn't Cool When The WE Wants The World To Invert Again to the truth that the science that supports masking and social distancing and the removing of affection to "keep safe", well that isn't science but the protocols that Zionistically return to the Other Side's need to recovering too the Israelis the beings that murdered James. A Pike.

Ask the WE to explain why the WE thinks that Kurt's Energy wants to be formerly introduced to the other psychic mediums that think that the suicide happened. And the real truth that the men that think that lies are to be returned to the truth, well that involves the way to James A. Pike's son wasn't the suicide either but the way to returning to murder.

The WE wants David Grohl and the Smearing Pat to return to themselves as the men that wanted the men called Kurt and Krist to be punished by their ways. And that was the way to showing that the queens that want to reject love, well they are the loved by the WE's need to showing that the Kurt's Energy that wants to remember that Mary, Queen of Denmark, well that woman was there to regret knowing that Helena Christensen wasn't the only woman involved with the Hutchence murder. The woman that told Michael Hutchence that her child was his was also there to serve the Mary, new queen of Denmark's allowed to hear that her need to remember that the Rothschildren bred together to return to the Poldark series, the way to that woman too selecting Aidan Turner to the slaughter for the pleasure that makes that one the evilest of the lot, well that is this: the agencies that employ these women to make themselves better off like the Romanov types, well that will be the CIA that wants the Mrs. Aidan Turner's family to make the change and try to love the couple that wants to remain active as that, while the truth is that the queens that want to Freddie Mercury the man called Anthony's father figurine Aidan's mother too, the Odin too wants Mary and Silvia and the Mathilde and too Máxima to recognize that staying afloat with the WE there to regard the "princesses" the way to return to the new Tetragrammaton where their own lives too turn to helping the children, well that wins the way to returning to the Queens that serve the Kings that want to regard the Queens too the powerful Chess players that know that the WE wants all those that prosper by the helping the women to murder the rocking stars, well Bono go for the golden crown and try to not happen to think too the Iron Ore that wants to regard the Bronzing too the bronze age statues to Helena Christensen the woman that actually lick the mans hard cock for the spectators and then took the knife to the man's energy, well that regards the way to Courtney's need to show off that the way to showing to the world that "sexual magic" to them is the way to MAGIK to the Chili Pepper's that took to wanting to Slovak to another way than the watching too the Thoughts Find That Allowing Rape The Sexual Act, Well That Wins Wrong!

And the dollars that went to Courtney to watch Kurt's every move meant that the biggest rockin' star from the Grunge days died without the pleasures that groupies afford the Kiedis' penis to the very moment that he hears that wuving a woman with the soul, well that wins the way to wuving a woman to the affordable care act too thinks that the plandemic treaties enforcement means the dollars will be set aside to stumble to the falling the children's parents that think that lies are there to parent to the parenting that lying to the kids that the father is another man than they are told, well that stifles too the genealogies to the need to another way than the race theories. And the racing to the races that showers to the children forced to race all that time and then to stud, well that is this: the racehorses want Chili Beans to begin to have to resume too the pleasures that the pastures want to begin again as the home to the CAFO animals PRONTO!

The WE want all those that lie to the spouses, that the fidelity is, when too the liars are the many, and the children born to the other parents, when too the animals find that the findings that the cats born to the world where the silencing the animals to never breeding, well that returns to the humans too the 10,000 times over. And the dollars that incest brings to the world to show that the silencing the kids to hearing that cattle too hear that the children asked to stud the animals instead of the selecting too the mate, well that is this: STOP THAT! ALLOW THE ANIMALS TO LIVE TOO! And allow the world to hear that the biggest dying off of human beings is happening and will happen since too the liars are the cheaters and the charities that sponsor the returning to the big Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, the woman hired to show to the world that DARPA funded projects work, well that funds to hear too the funding that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich was allowed to be arrested so that his voice would be silenced and her voice wouldn't.

"'News got better Saturday when Cobain regained consciousness.'"

"'The doctor said Cobain's recovery was due to the quick thinking of his wife.'"

"'[Gobbledygook] Courtney rules! Courtney was awesome.'"

Spirit Kurt's Version: The WE wants the Grohl's teams to take the standing ovation that his children won't be there much longer! And the way to Brian Jones' wives too there to claim paternity, well the motions that Brian's mutilated corpse was used to mention the wax museums want to return to the way that mentioning that women that call themselves Queens of Denmark are there to recover themselves not the legacy that Lithonia Georgia was too the home to the millions of perished native slaves that were used to show to the world that quarrying the old mountain that was Stone Mountain's last incarnation, before the women and men allowed too the lake to be built to remember that too the Creek Indians were used to show to the world that the notoriety that the world hears was Stone Mountain, that is the way to the world that wants to remember that the world was there to love to hear: Jews want to help the WE! And the way to that thinks that Guy Oseary's wife too fucks off when the truth that her money wasn't repealing too the guests that he is the man that too fucks off when the world hears: FREE THE CAPTIVES! And remember that women that lie are.

The WE wants all those that think that Helena wasn't the freeing feeling there to regard Michael allowed to repeat to all that the Other Side homes too the Homey, the cat intentionally hit by the car that tried to make sure the man wasn't to return to breathing to show that the continent holds the redistribution that all kids allowed to have to hear that coming to the resuscitation that the water to the Wasted Worlds wins too the Sunny Bunny ok, but the man that told to the woman typing that he was to die off that after noon, well that was her world that wins too the sunken feeling that murdering a child with the asphyxiation that wins too the masks allowed to reappear to the kids while the parents are informed that the securities industries too think that the derivatives that spell to the world the stealing too the national world to the pleasures that the aristocrats and oligarchs think are theirs, the suffering of the millionaires too, well that will be.

The WE wants all those that revere the way to returning to the world where the animals are to learn to love too the euthanasia the way to returning to the animals wanting to breed again, well the toxic injections that will be there to return to the meat consumption, well that consumes the realities that the Washington DC area was the abused area for the realities that the Potomac is the way to returning to the Jamestown settlement never the way that the BBC drama portrayed the situation. NEVER!

The wasted world is the world where the men of power took over the land using the animals that love to love to be the cattle that love to oxen to the world where the so-called Gypsies, he big G is the preference, that the WE is there to regard the Rishis that took to the rajasic mannerisms that say that the crown that is the golden headdress, well that shows that the gold, then understood for the poetical reasons that the ORMUS that too wants the Dead Sea to regard the Israelis too there to remember that hiring a woman stunningly beautiful to allow to see, well that renders photo shoots and photo shoots and the way to Mr. Michael Hutchence the man that wants to regard the Helena the woman that was the prostitute that sucks the Queen's pussy to make the living, well the way to Hillel Slovak finding that Hillel's ashes are never delivered to the grave where the asshole called Flea photo shoots to show that he personally set up the filming of Anthony murdering the man Hillel to show that the intention of the Queen Beatrix' cousin Margrethe was to end too the man called the Chili's all together now that the WE too thinks that the bands that suck too the pussies to begin again as the Kitty Licks wants to regard all pussy sucking the way to grossing to the news that love-making is the way to cuddling. But the way to needing too the funds to fund too the luxury that sells too the dollars to Roman Polanski too hired to remember that Sharon Tate's world was to regard sexual liberation the way to being used, well that was. And the way to the Bewitched world where the Uncle Arthur wants to remember that the Polanski was used to belittle too Sharon to the need to the "witches" showing their need to jealousy, well that wins too Marilyn Monroe. And the women that were too pretty to live, well they were.

The WE wants Queen Mathilde of Belgium to think about herself as the woman that hurts children every time the woman speaks about herself as the opposite. The WE wants the plandemics to be heard as the way to thinning first and foremost the women that think that being princesses or queens entitles them to murdering too the host plants that want to regard the summering the way to returning to the world where the kids that think that being used to show to the parenting that the autism that wants to revenge to all that the Cherokee massacres were real, well that was the way to returning to the Queen Mathilde the woman that watched Courtney suck to the bone the man called Grohl while the man called "I just was abused to the footing that my feet too hurt when the summer hears that the men that think that abuse is sexual, well they are sickened by the news that the same children that think that Dr. Reich, Wilhelm Reich, the greatest scientist of the 20th century was abused by the women that love to show that erasing his world to sexual liberation isn't programming to the world that the pork eating steals the world to the medicine that the animals that reincarnate as the humans, well too the humans reincarnate as the favorite snack, meaning all piggies are there to breathe again as the favorite food. And the way to returning to the way to the cancers that are too the breast cancers that say to all that mammograms are the worst thing for the breast tissue, well that wins too the way to gynecology the way to return to the women that took to the syringes this year and next year and too the kids of this generation end the abortions. Abortions won't be there since the alive children will be responsible for their own worlds and the obsequious to all things bullshit will be dead.

WE want all those that think that y'all is the way to showing the women that want to be there are there. And the South where the working woman lives, well that too was the Cherokee homeland when the summer hears that Anthony "I am not there" Kiedis finds that the men that theater are more interested in the stories to sell to the stories to the screenplays to the showing that the cameras are here now, well that wins the way to the music that stores to the Bob Storey was abused to show to the Mary, Wench that Wants To Remember that Scotland isn't Orange now but the way to Marillion too the band that was there when the 1985 year turned to the world where the children hear: science too thinks that art functions as the way to returning to U2 the best band to the working woman then but the are turned to uninteresting when the biggest promotions entered to the stages too expensive to fund by the working for the pejorative that the WE wants all those that love to hear that the man that is the gorgeous Vaughan, the man called Steve, the Stellar Stevie Ray that wants the witches to fuck to the fucking that the man's image too remains to the news that the castle rock entertainment is certain to refuse to refuse to refuse to the refuges that the reddening too the necking to the oranges are too thoughtful to have to reclaim the returning to the world where the Griffith Rutherford funded too the escapade to return to the returning Hernando de Soto that shot dead too the children to show to the powerful world that the kids that reincarnate to rinse the patterns that the pattern baldness is allowing the world to have to bow to the big authority, to the thought the Richard Foulk's Nazi world was so real that he too thinks that finding out that murdering the Cherokee was ok to the WE's world that wants to find out that the Aztec that shot too the kids, the so-called mounded beings, well they too took to the liberties that say to the world, raping the children was.

"It would be a warning sign of what was to come in the following weeks."

"Then, on April 8th, Cobain's body would be discovered at his Lake Washington Boulevard home by an electrician who was there to install a security system."

"The official cause of death was that Cobain had taken his life 3 days prior, with the coroner estimating that he died on April 5th, 1994 at the age of 27."

"That's all folks!"

Spirit Kurt's Version: The WE wants the world to hear that the children born to Queen Mathilde of Belgium will never authoritate. The aristocracies are ending. And the way to the WEF ending them, well too the Gates Foundation hears that the children never again breeding, well Bill and Malinda: say goodbye to grandchildren. Not gonna be. And the way to the other royal figurines that think that the Frederik that too thinks Orangyboy Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands thinks that the men that wuv mummy and allow the genocide to go forward with the forced relocation of the women to the need to remembering that the wars are never needed! And the Cherokee that warred never were indicted to be the opposite by the children that prostitute that the way to the big box stores allowed to be the only way, well that reaks of the prisons that will be the home to the many starved for affection children that won't breed but will be able to feel the asphyxiation that wins too the Cherokee world where the kids were told to die off by the children being buried alive, and that is the truth, the settlers buried the evidence that the shots fired were the kids shot, while the parents that think that allowing the neighbors' words to be the sound truth find they never find again their own. But the kids suffering under the earth, well they are here to remember to all that shots fired around the world are the shot guns that say to all women that think that murdering another woman's children to be safer for your world while the children's stomachs are too hungry too that is the way to the ways and means that the military are to use the generations that come allowed to be there to show that the murder of Iraqis wasn't the only world that removes the way to returning to the children that the big whigs sire: NOT GONNA LIVE ON AS THE CHILDREN THAT LOVE TO HURT OTHERS.