Update March 26, 2023.

Update the FOMC Meeting Day Sept. 15, 2020:

Update 12 May, 2020: WE are the authors of the need to welcome the world in which the women begin to care again for the family as the main position instead of the need to remember the thing that matters is the men too have to recall the dollars are the making it in the world thing to the point the very thought the woman is now the "equal" to the point you get to get the reprieve from the need to prove to the world the children deserve to be fed, clothed or cared for at all to the point the very thing that matters to the woman typing is not the need to be recalled the man is the actor that was the acclaimed to the max man of the stage until he chose the music career instead of the endless rehearsals and low pay that comes from being the not to the max made the big star by fucking on screen for the television audiences to watch the pulsating asshole pushing the big cheese into the 007 role by using the Ross Poldark must go undercover and pretend to fucking want to take the big cheese of the wittle girls club to the bedroom meaning the very idea the Demelza had to allow that to save the king tells the woman the rightful heir to the heartthrone is never the man that takes the asshole to the bedroom too.

The world that gives to the wittle boys the right to experiment to the max the feeling of the fucking by fucking the assholes of the other wittle boys tells you the need to recall then the boys grow up to become the openly gay men sometimes tells you to recall the word to retain the right to remember the difference between the fucking with the heart and the fucking with the asshole is the heart fuck happens the way it happens: the combination of the genitalia is irrelevant. The truth is the merging too of the energies is the thing that mimics the superimposition the Dr. Reich told you about to the point the very idea the thing that matters the most is the removal of the need to fight the virus but to return to the desire to nurture the individual tells the world the forgetting too the Louis Pasteur that you revere was not the man that you think he was, especially those that go to the syringe giving classes without going to the backyard to see the many ideas that make the entire affair the WE's way of reading the Riot Act to the patrons of the medical establishment with the blemishes that say yes Fran Giardina the syringe is the deadly weapon that gives to the families too the right to regard the child the lifetime project that is the result solely of the desire to coat over the point that you too have the child fathered by the Richard to the point the very thought that you thought buying the baby from the Health Department was the better method to become the mother tells you to go to the pound too and collect the dollars for the dogs that go to the slaughter. The point is the thing that matters to the woman typing is that you too give to the children the syringes but not the right to repair the damages that is the way of the WE to inform the many autistic children the Ormus that is the derived by the woman typing from the method indicated to her, though similar to the wet method described by the woman that is the alchemist to be the designated donate to her cause woman, the process that is being demonstrated to the woman through her work with the WE's way of the listening to the ancestors is the method that utilizes the lye bath to which is permitted the salt to be approached to the point the ph balances the solution into the salty ormus that gives the smallest return for the biggest effort not but the biggest return for the smallest effort and requires the smallest dose to be the effective measure to the point the larger than normal dosages used in the gardening is too the new thing being measured to the woman but the truth is the thing that matters is the weather too is the result of the Ormus that is the changing the vibration of the entire town. The point of the thought that you too think that might mean "the man" shows up to shut down the showcase tells the woman typing the thing that matters is the feeling too "the man" is the only one paying attention to the words of the WE to tell the man of the New Zealand hills to remember the woman informed him the United States was about to fall apart.

Update 8 March, 2020: WE want the MAHEC clinic to remain in the reality that WE are the Native American ancestors of the woman typing that watched the entire affair via the Spirit domain meaning the very mention that you have the right to interrogate her makes not the first bit of sense to the point that you must be given the right to give the WE the floor to the point the response to the WE's decision to regard the conduct of the MAHEC clinic the center of the controversy instead of the woman being the woman put on trial by the prosecutor called the MagMutual type man meaning the very mention that the woman typing was the managed care worker working within the medical establishment during the years the very men and women that ran the managed care affair back then during the mid-1990s tells you that she too decided the electronic medical record that abandoned the real care for the patient was not the way of the WE but was the way of the criminals that too run the hospital that was the only hospital available to the woman too lost in the world in which the talk to me about the ex-husband Christen that regards just the mention that he drove me to the hospital the suspicious move instead of the reality of the out-of-towner that met the man with the friends only to be dumped by the entire town once he decided the only woman permitted to contact the ex wife that was unaware until WE informed her the new girlfriend that too told her that she cared about the woman left completely blind sighted by the fact that you too consider the woman to be at fault for not being supported meaning Christen you are not going to be talked to in person because the very mention that WE have identified you as the source of the feeling that I should have had the girlfriend of the man that I thought was still my brother at least take me to the hospital but she did.

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Update 28 February, 2020: Why so difficult? Reimbursement schedules in action.

Let's raise the medical bar to integrate the insights and work of these two physicians. It's where medicine is headed, the good kind of medicine at least. There is also the AI branch that wants to fill you with micro-microchips to control you as if you were a machine. Listen to Dr. Lowen. I repeat. Listen to Dr. Lowen. Feeling is the key to self awareness.