Update October 9, 2023: The entire time the world wants to think that characters are real, this is the time to recollect to the stuffings that the writing is channeled. And the still afraid working woman that judges too the channel as hogwashing the ways to the wasted world where the Atlanta Metro too thinks that the CDC is well, that is the way to returning to the practicalness of the ways, this is the time to remember that AI is the buzz word now, nothing new is afoot. (Side note: my job at Y2K was rating telephone calls using date math. Not a scary problem to me, but the mainstream media men and women were conditioned to fear that, the irrational scared to the max bullshit is that AI isn't any different today than yesterday. AI is animation mainly.)

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Update March 26, 2023.

Update the FOMC Meeting Day Sept. 15, 2020:

Update 28 February, 2020: Why so difficult? Reimbursement schedules in action.

Let's raise the medical bar to integrate the insights and work of these two physicians. It's where medicine is headed, the good kind of medicine at least. There is also the AI branch that wants to fill you with micro-microchips to control you as if you were a machine. Listen to Dr. Lowen. I repeat. Listen to Dr. Lowen. Feeling is the key to self awareness.