Update May 2, 2024: The WE is the author that the Hamas situation is the production for the cameras. The really big truth is that the children harmed are there to show that hurting the kids isn't the issue to many. The world where the subtle is there to redescribe to the world that the Indians removed during the 1700s-1900s are there to return.

Update 4/20/24: The WE works for the subtle energies to free the flowing to the topping that the Tops murders too were the paramilitary workings of the CIA's that want to Mossad to the energies allowed to hear that the combining the resources that spell that transhumanism is allowed to be the subject that matters to the many while the Brahma isn't, that is the way to the materialism that reigns. And the Cherokee legacy is there to return to the Hank Williams' stories that mean that the kids then, during the prior Saturn-Uranus-Pluto cycles that return to the revolutionary period that was 1776 returns to the Indians that were removed by the forced relocation and being shot dead. That's the story about to be told, the story that researches too Hiram's death to karma.

The Indians removed by the removal act were mainly the really scared beings that tried to stay. And they were brutalized by permission of the States of Georgia and Alabama.

Alabama getaways find that Hiram's world was abused by the women and men that financed that escapade, that allowed the homesteads to be built upon the bloody realization that karmic rewards are.

The reality that the dead-talking ways are not normal means that meeting friends isn't that easy. The world that knows that merry christmas isn't the only time that women find out that the men and women that think that along for the opposite will be when the many think that I am real instead of an idiot that has no clue, that is the time when I find a friend.

The 1970s were when I was along for the family that went away when my Grandmother Geraldine went away. I was a happy child. And I suffer all the time now that my heart wants to feel again that time. So I desire a world where the inside and the outer sides turn to the reality that the world will never be then again, and the death that isn't allowed to be there yet isn't going to solve the dilemma that love exists everywhere but the heart held too tight to the desire to be held is the rejection that sucks.

The animals are here to communicate too.