Update May 11, 2024: The world where I want to write to Hank 3 is this one. He is the only legitimate kid of Hank Williams, Jr. That is the reality that the two blond daughters to the middle wife too were not Hank Williams, Jr's biologically. That is the way to hearing that getting to the truth that the Peace thinks that the trains that want to remember that loving another is always there when the Gerry that was my grandmother talks about her world, that world will reflect the railroad.

The WE wants all those that persist to the making fun of the WE instead of loving the truth that the Other Side too holds the articles that spell to all that the Andersonville that was the concentration camp during the War Between the States, that war was about the animals remembering that CAFOs are there to remember to all that being a farm animal is.

The boys that were Hiram's sons, the man called Jr. and the baby called Hank 3, they are the only legitimate children that are the direct descendants of Hiram "Hank" Williams, the man entitled Hank Williams, Sr.

The man called Hiram is appalled. The entire video is inaccurate!

The WE wants the world to hear that Hank Williams, III isn't able to cope. He knows that Hank, Hiram, Williams was the best song writer ever, but the world thinks that he was the rebel, the bad guy that fucked up all the time. What the fuck?

The WE wants the world to understand that burying the queen that was Elizabeth allows the world to find that her soul wanted to own the other Hanks.

The world knows that the bullshit is recycled, Hank Williams, the best performer on the circuit, married to the shyster's daughter, sold to the Rothschild's to be a sacrifice, and then repackaged as the drunk fuck up, that was too the way to Kurt Cobain's world, sold to Courtney's way to hire the best father on the circuit, the man that loved the baby and the mother and toured and worked and was responsible, that man was repackaged as the fucked up suicidal man that shot heroin and himself. BULLSHIT!