Update May 29, 2024: The WE wants all to understand that selling product was the reason to use and abuse Kurt to death. He didn't commit suicide. He wasn't the biological father to Frances Bean. And he is writing. So be kind!

And hear that our man called Gram Parsons too was their, the really wealth, the oligarchs, the aristocrats, the Rothschild's that fund music, Gram too was their sacrifice.

And the nukes that have threatened everybody since 1945, well they too are fictional. So be thankful for that and disable the Pentagon.

The world is about to change. The world is about to hear that coming to the concluding remarks that Roman Polanski too wants to remember that going for the Golden Graces was allowing the incarnation to be the way to stealing the lives and shoving the lies so deeply that the inside and outersides think nothing but the lie is the truth and the realities are difficult to find. But Sloan is there, dancing around the truths stuck within the lies that are there to rehash to the world that being psychic is being intuitive.

The world where the outsides turn to wanting to regard the drugs the center of the discussion is the world where the lies are so beaten into the psyches that the truth isn't about to be forthcoming.

The way to hearing that the drugs were Kurt's favorite medicine is the stereotype that says to the world too the angst was the music. The reality is that Kurt never once took drugs. Yeah, he smoked pot some, but even that wasn't that often.

Krist too knows the heroin addiction is the lie. Krist was with Kurt all the time, from the time that they attended the schools to the time that Kurt's wife and coworkers on stage, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear, took to making the music sound shitty and took to making the ruffies the way to drug Kurt to show to the world that the best wife ever, the bitch that lied all the time and slept with the European man that hired her to carry his baby and then permit him to rape Kurt, that was only one that was there to bed Courtney while the children watched to Roth to the next world where Sharon Tate too was used and abused.

The way to Sharon Tate there is the Helter Skelter motif too watches the world hear that that too was the mythology that thinks that Jim Morrison was involved. He was taken to the town where Sharon Tate was murdered to make the effort to warn her to find out that too the men called Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix were there to be the guests at the party where the Rothschild's support themselves by mentioning that the Eye of their devil's brother called The Head Honcho, the man that is too the de Rothschild and too has mentioned to the world that he too wasn't the only man there to want to reDenmark to the tunes the thoughts that the decision to have to hear that going for the Golden Gooses that the Rothschild's called Evelyn and Jacob too were there to attend the funerals of both Sharon Tate, married to the hired man called Roman Polanski, and Kurt Cobain, married to the hired woman, pregnant by the now dead "because of heroin tenancies and a heart attack" Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, Courtney Love, the woman that is truly narcissistic to the maximum, well that takes the story to the Jacob's need to show that he too is now on the Other Side laughing.

I want to renew the conflicted woman typing, the woman that is with the WE 24/7 but isn't healthy because the stomach, the solar plexus region that holds the Soul's reality, that world is the home too to the socializing that said to her that "mental illness" is the only permitted explanation for the very important "voices" that are constantly guiding her. And the world where psychics too compete to be really that, that world was refreshed to the world where the inside that is the way to showing that the Kundalini, raised up through the heart toward the crown through the Ajna Chakra, the home of intuition, that shows that the whole time the Kundalini isn't going downward toward the genitalia the working woman is not interested in the men that want that, to be the way to showing to the world that asking a woman working for the WE to go to the bedroom for the romp that is fun to you, well, that too thinks that allowing the fear, the fear that the men are hurt because she isn't there to want that, that is very scary. And that too is the way to showing that asking the world to stereotype a woman along for the "naked and playing" as the baby that wants to fuck all night and fake the world where the heart sings, that world found Kurt.

The way to showing to the world that the "naked" working woman hasn't been fucked in nearly 1 decade finds that the only truth to that is that the attempts to sort that to the try, well they failed. Not interested is her mental need to a man that puts the penis in a hole and says "thanks ma'am".

The world where the "drugs" motif is so often repeated in conjunction with Kurt was the world where the Baron de Rothschild's world too is that, the world where the heroin is sold to all those that think that the big important folks that use all the time too have the biggest careers, careers that require being on top of the career, big time. Well, too Courtney Love's bisexual lover from the band called Hole, Kristen Pfaff, was murdered for the amusement that the Rothschild's and their cohorts think is fun, the very important people called the "first family" then, the Clinton's, both Hillary and Bill, and too their teenage daughter called "Kurt slapped his tongue all over that girl's genitalia to impress" upon all that he was threatened by the baby being harmed if non-compliance to the ways that mean "sexual magick" that too isn't that but to them is, the way to showing that the inversion of the Tantric compliance to reunite the stomach where the heart hopes to find more than cum and food that too is the dead flesh of other animals, that world is the home to the Hindu ways that say vegetarians are better found to find...The man that hurt Kurt the most was Dave Grohl's partners at the Geffen Record company that hired the women to hear that the world where the men and women that too run radio broadcasts are the "family", that world too hired the actors to portray both the children that were "Manson's" and too the women that circumnavigated too the reality that being a member of British or American Intelligence, military that is, wants to reward all those that think that the United States isn't a British Colonial World That Is Held By Usury.

3 years on from the signature to Geffen Records to the hour, that was the time that Kurt drew the final breath, while the club of "witches" and "warlocks" and too the men that Rothschild to thinking that "Black Magic" reigns because evil spirits want that, that world finds the many kids that think that selfishness is the way to flout Jesus Christ because the world of the devil called Satan is the world where the Earth is while "heaven" is the other place, the place that you go to to be with the most uptight people of all, Southern Baptists, that world is not real. The only reality that is real is the reality that thinks that the Tetragrammaton too is really the way to showing that the Kundalini showing the upward flow finds that the heart is the home to Sat-Chit-Ananda, the way to Heaven via the Vedic world.

The world where the working woman lives is the world where the Brahma is, but the heat that dissipates the minute another is there to return to her as "allowed" to be "safe" is the world where another tries to believe that the "dead" people are realer to her than to them, meaning that the so-called "already-dead" person, also the reincarnation of the woman called "murdered by the same group" that existed then, in 1969, that kept the motif that "Helter Skelter" is their "war" to remove all love from the world and replace grungy needs with the need to comforting the opposite, that woman called murdered too by her spouse that she adored, Roman Polanski, the Jew hired to show that too Courtney Love considers herself Jewish, and high and mighty Jewish at that!

The world where Sharon Tate's "sisters" accumulate the truth that the other women, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten and even Tex, are all fictional characters that make the splash by thinking that Roman Polanski too was abused to be the man that knew that loving Sharon too was his way, kind of, but the world that obligates a woman to oblige too turned Yoko Ono onto having the baby called Sean to then make the arrangements to hold-on-to-the-hat...to have to deliver John Lennon to her handlers, the Netherlands royalties and their friends in Denmark and Scotland and the usury kids that kind of want to remember that the British monarchs, they too were involved with the big kids that load tons of money to be themselves interbred with them so that the biggest leaders on the planet, the Rothschild's banking dynasties married to the aristocrats that too so eloquently call themselves "the elite" to say to the world that Bono Vox of U2 too wants to remember that being their servant is the way to One organizations harming the many, they are the women and men that buy off on using a person sweet, kind, beautiful and naive, ahem Sharon Tate, to be given to making too the association that the actors went onto being used to show that being the stereotype, that the Manson's hippies high on LSD too climbed the telephone wires and clipped the power cables, kinda stupid don't you think? But too that story was in the novel that sold out for the next decade, the infamous story that is the "true crime story" that is the "real American crime story" and the murderers were all European. And the way to showing that too they thought that converting hippies to evil scary murderers that think that a man called Manson Charlie is their god and do horrible things to please him, well that finds too the world where the WE sold to all that Charles Windsor was that guy, NOT! Charles Windsor, the "King" of Britain is dead. A Rothschild did the deed.

I want to reward the woman typing for the way to staying off the radar for the long haul to "haunt" the world that too is Kurt's World. Today was the first time the woman typing allowed the Sloan Bella reading of Kurt's Energy to be there. To the hour, though, the persistent inculcation of the way that makes the most sense to her is to continue to hold on, if only for the sake of "the haunt!" Haunting Courtney Love gets Kurt's Energy flowing upward, as if an acetylene torch were raising the Energies upward, the laughter is always there!

The way to karma recycling is the way to the White Buffalo Women there to show that the truly truth that the "Native Americans" that too think that being a baaaaaad human is using that motif, well they are there to remember that being that is too the way to showing that the going to the Spiritual realm allows. And allowing the truth that her expertise isn't about that mythology, not at all, but the truth too that her direction to all thinks White Buffalo Woman has been toward those that are truly Sioux, that shows to her that the motif that is that is truly the way to showing that her return is for all those that walk the walk that too is the Island that they Call Turtle, that the women and men that want to free themselves are allowed to find too that the turtles in the garden are improving, that means that using the language that is stereotyped, the way to stereotype her to the Indian-wannabe, well that is too the way to showing that the Indian Removal Act, the world where her very ancestors that truly took to dying off because the very important then too Indians were not allowed to be kind to the mixed blooded kids that formed the bridge between the two worlds finds that the removal of them, the ending of the Irish-Indian to the dead or converted to strict rules-based-behavior-called-Christianity-That-Is-The-I-Believe-Type-Of-Sinners-Are-Us, that was the way to leaving everything ancestral to the waste bin that spells nothing but plane old white or negro.

The world where the needed opinion thinks that the way to ruining an ego trip is to use too the drugs to sell to the world the world where the wife called Courtney Love allowed the lies to permeate to the "she is the victim" world shows that being sold to the devil's lair to make the career the better fed to the "sexual magik" that sells to kids too the Aleister Crowley's version, the story that was appreciated by the oligarchs that funded his way to showing that the magic man then wasn't as bad as the world tries to imply, that is the motif too that explains to the world that finding that the OTO is there to show that ritualistically allowing sexual intercourse to intermix with "worship" means that the proper blow job is the way to showing loyalty to the men and women that think that fellacio and cunnilingus are the way to stories about the poxes too there: the truth that mother sucking the cum to the stomach during the pregnancy is the way to sicken the baby, well that was the way to Courtney sucking too the cocks of the other members of her Scientology/Satanism club, the kids that think that selling out their brother Hillel Slovak, the man that was never ever a heroin user but was the creative counterpart to the band that wanted Flea to drive instead, that man was removed to sell heroin addiction too!

The children that want to remember that the band called the Red Hot Chili Peppers before the Warner Brothers' contract, the band that was the band where Hillel Slovak too wrote the words, that band was replaced by the world where the words are provided to Anthony Kiedis to remember and to find the tunes and to regard the sexual need to own the "Indian" that wants to fight not like the Brave but to be the captive that loves to take the buttfucking and cock sucking, that is the way to showing that men and women harbored the slaves that were the Indian children stolen from their parents and tribes and sold to the world where the American colonialists took to buying Indian kids for sexual needs, meaning the children were turned to concubines for both the mothers and the fathers while they too were "allowed Christ Jesus" to show that the magnanimous way to showing that justifying taking them away from the families while too annihilating them, meaning murdering everybody but them, that is the way to showing that the "Christian" country called the American United States, the world were generals too Washington to Rothschild's paymented ways, that world finds horror to the ninth degree that indulges the world where the mixed blooded kids, the kids that were part Indian and still affiliated with the way to choose which path, they chose too anger sometimes!

Please allow the stories to be there, even if the cover story reigns. Sexual union with Courtney Love is allowing her to refuse to participate in knowing that haunting her psyche is allowing the world to return to the world where the Brahma is the whole show.

WWII wasn't the way the history books teach nor was the so-called American Revolution. The reality that stealing was the motif for both wars was the reality that truly Adolf Hitler himself is the fictional man, an actor that was delivering the speeches that the Rothschild's were really about this: the WE wants all those that associate the Holocaust with the Jews that then own Israel now to find that the opposite is real. The truth that the lie and the truth oppose one another permits the fire to the belly that spells the liars own too the oppression that thinks that opposing their truth is antiThem.

The WE wants the world to hear that going to the suicide-was-Kurt's world wasn't Sloan. But, then again, she is being there to remember that the messages are being sent to her in the method that will be there to return to her way to use the psychic realm. The energies that are felt, well that is the world where Sloan works. So feel this Sloan!

The orgies that are the focus of the Helter Skelter bullshit story are real when the Eyes Wide Shut world is there. So remember again that the beings that take souls to the Other Side to show that the Brahma is always the entire way, they are also there to remember that the party to show that the subject that is the sacrifice thinks that sexual needs are always allowed to be there says to the world that Sean Lennon's father was abused anally that year, 1980. And the way to Christmas snacking again, seeing that each decade a sacrifice to make sure the evil beings that want to help the oligarchs recover their kingdoms was the sacrifice to reduce the British to the American and Japanese there to remember that going after Sean Lennon that way, well that is their plan. So listen to me too Julian "Handsome Man" Lennon, the world is there to remember to all that his own mother was abused to death. Yep. That's their way to Brian Epstein too dead.

The WAY to the world where the women and men that haven't ever tried to show that loving the Energies that want to speak as if the truth is there is the way to showing that succumbing to the truth that Rolling Stone Magazine took to ending my Facebook account so that Courtney Love's world would not be infringed on shows that my sacrifice to begin with, not, but the way to showing that getting to the way to allowing the truth to be that wasting the rock and rollers to sell drugs, well that too sells the angst and the aggression and the pissed off man, ahem too Jim Morrison, the boy that took to poetry and television and watching the cigarettes too there to show that smoking the drug of choice, the rolled cigarettes, well that obviously was the way to showing that heroin is there to sell to all that fucked up people too rule the airwaves to the hour all day long when the royalties flow the people that financed them, promoted them, and sucked them off before splattering their blood for the amusement that refers all to the Eyes Wide Shut film that films too the ending of Stanley Kubrick of A Clockwork Orange's are involved there big time: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was too the woman that kept the way to wanting to murder the Beatle called John Lennon so bad that her need to hold that man hostage, the way to beloved him to the woman that the man loved so much he couldn't see straight without her, the woman called Sean Lennon's mother Yoko Ono, that is the way to suggesting that Queen Juliana alongside her cousins Countess of Snowdon Princess Margaret and her older sister, Rothschild spawned, meaning the real reason the other family side quit, not because of a divorced woman from LA, but the truth that the Queen of England Elizabeth II too took to playing with the "on a crucifix" John Lennon, well that was to take the American world to the Japanese world to FDR too there to remember that murdering that man allowed Harry Truman to make the bombs fly.

All the world knows that the man called the Rolling Stone that drown is also known as the man that drank and partied and took marijuana and stayed with women all night and did all the naughty ideals that were the 1960s then times, that thinks that the Teddy Bear, the boy called the Elvis "Good Kid" Presley, that man served his country! And Tom Parker, Colonel Tom Parker, the man that watched Elvis took payments from Queen Elizabeth and Queen Juliana and the Princess called Beatrix and her cohorts on display to become the Queens then, Silvia of Sweden and Margrethe of Denmark and Paola of Belgium, they too are part Rothschild and too the next generation of princesses that became consorts too to begin to hear that Mary Queen of Denmark took to hosting the Christmas party to show that Kate Middleton was snacked on that season, 2023. Yep. The Princess of Wales is dead.

All the women that too took to wanting to see Marilyn Monroe die horribly took to telling Sharon Tate how great she was, how beautiful and talented and how much taking the initiative to hear that her family too were enthralled with the attention that her need to be too military intelligence is the way to staying alofted that signing up the daughter for the beauty contests too found the beauty called JonBenét Ramsey, murdered by the men that think mentioning that the foulest of foul is the intended sacrifice to their devils that are not there really, that wins the world where JonBenét isn't the only kid discovered by the people that hunt their prey by serving the dictate that "top secret" is the mandate.

The way to helping to hear that going southbound to a world where the working woman too renews the Indians as if the treaties are real and valid and the pandemics are phony finds that the truth that holding the customers to being used to buy off on the fingers as the way to biometrically allow fingerprints to show that the myth that they are all different shows that evidence that indicates that the ending the mythos that the characters singled out as too "mentally ill", the boys that take to mentioning that the Tops and Uvalde murders of the past year too were blamed immediately on the person singled out as the loner, the man ore generally the world hears that the minerals that are there to remember that mineral wealth is the way to closing the door on all treaties to make the United States the lawyers there too to show that buying off on the grave yards too stirred to show that the world wants to remember that the trains too were really owned by the Rothschild's and their delivered-to-hell-how-tokens-called-the-robber-barons finds that Rockefeller's owe so much to the Rothschild's that too the Tuscarora want to treat the Cherokee as the siblings. And the bona fide way to showing that the Indians that were mentioned as the middle grounders, the kids that made the best of both sides of the family, the kids targeted to be drunked to mentioning that lies and duplicity takes the farms to mentioning that white vs. black vs. Indian vs. not-a-really-really-incarcerated-really-wealthy being means that being really really really wealthy means more more more for them and less less less for the rest that are to them "useless eaters."

All that is there is the truth that Kurt wasn't ever a heroin user, nor was he a man that was soooo into drugs. In fact, the story from Kurt that Katherine heard when asking about his favorite drug was: singing was the answer.

The people around Kurt did put drugs in his coffee to make sure that the delivery to the oligarchs happened and the hospital visit was publicized as the reality that wasn't ever there. All that was there is this: no rehab either. Courtney was the man's dream wife. And the baby called Bean by Kurt was his kid all the way to the center that was the heart that hears too the career was awesome! No regrets either since the before-incarnation work was to return again from 1994 to the past several years to hang out with the mystical union of the opposites attempting to regroup to the truth that the unions that were the American Indians and the Westerners that took the land was the mystical union that attempts to replay the union that is the way to Baby Hank's Energy, the Energy that too is the man called Hiram "Hank" Williams, the man wanting the reunion with the boy that is identified by the stage name Hank 3, well that too identifies the man asked just yesterday to be friendly, the boyfriend too called Aaron Woody Wood, the man that is struggling a lot, as usual, and too is the reincarnation, the very returning soul that was Mr. Brian "Pooh Bear" Jones, the sacrifice that afternoon in the Amsterdam Hilton, Room 702, the very room where John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their first "bed-in for peace", that very room was too the room where both John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his younger brother Robert Francis Kennedy were sacrificed to ensure success in both Vietnam/Southeast Asian wars and the settlement that the West Bank and all the other land acquisitions from the Palestinians were successful. And the grandfather to the woman identified as the black widow to Aidan Turner's world was there too. He is the man that served them big time.

Brian Jones was the man selected to be The Lover to Sharon Tate at the party where the lovers were sacrificed. A long time ago the lovers were there to refresh to the world that selecting Brian Jones to die from the pool rather than the dagger was the way to the Countess of Snowdon wanting to Pooh Bear the story to her need to wuv that one the bestest. And the drinking of the water that the pool wasn't even filled with love but with the vipers that want to remember that Ragnar Lothbrok too never succumbed to the pit of vipers was the way to vilify his world to the opposite, the man and his wife Lagertha were never evil horrible vicious people that slaughtered and took without the seconds of thoughts that the very truth that Templepatrick in Northern Ireland too was founded by the men and women that took to mentioning that making love and friendship the way too was the tripping to the welcoming to all that the families that turned to sacrificing too their own, meaning the man called Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller whose own son was eaten as the snackin', that means that the cannibals did eat Michael Clark Rockefeller but the Dutch New Guinea wasn't the place. Now that indicates that The Hague, the place where international "justice" reigns, that is the home too where the man called lied-about-so-much-its-really-hard-to-find-the-truth, the painter that was revered but then became the depraved mentally ill... Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, the author that made too the Being too tired now to continue, this is the time to remember that going to the truth that too Vincent van Gogh was abused by the princesses (NOT A SUICIDE!) that took to thinking that mystical union between the poets and authors and painters and science fiction writers that abuse too the woman typing to remember that the Babel Fishing was when the mothering is there to resent this: her world isn't to be wuved again for the .... now that wins the truth that the time to write again will be but the time to work outside now it is that. Vincent's brother Theo thinks that...who is Theo really? And that is the way to teaching to the art world that the succulent taste that is too the way to Aidan Turner selected to be with the red head in the drama that makes too the opposite, that the beautiful dark haired Irishman too is the father to Warleggan's baby, well that displays the kind of still lifes that show that...Rothschildren beget more Rothschildren, even with the last name of the fired now hired father that was called Fitzgerald's, both generations, that Tom's to Parker's wanting Priscilla to...