Update 6/7/2024:

The world where this is science is the world where the scientists are owned. And that is the world where the many are working now to show off that fighting the plandemics too is validating the conclusions that the Meta too funds the world where I am to be scapegoated.

The world where the men that called themselves too the banker's friends too took to making passes at the baby cook, the woman hired to clean up after them too. And they expected her to want to suck them dry, the right way, all the way to the tummy.

The people that put the tag on Mary then took the entire "scientific" world to the new normal: the world where the "symptomless carrier" is the potential.

The women that supported locking up the woman that was their servant too loved to watch that. They are the very people that hold themselves above others. They are the very rich and entitled that think their way to be wronging others is not wrong.

The need to reconsider the designation "typhoid" too as the "disease", the way to scapegoat the servant as the "carrier" means that the "scientists" that reinforce that find that "symptomless carriers" of "diseases" are to be the next normal. Just watch and become that proud pro-vaxxers!

The entitled class of individuals find that their club is to end when they are taught a lesson that God Almighty makes the decisions.