I feel like a puzzle piece separated from the rest of the puzzle. Please find me puzzle. I'm useless without you.

Late afternoon addendum: The Spirit took me out this afternoon. It was a pretty sunny warm afternoon. I got in the car and the Spirit directed me where to go. I know that sounds weird but it is my truth. "They" move my body, indicating which direction to turn at intersections when I'm driving or at street corners when I'm walking.

I ended up at the One Stop Deli and Bar in Asheville for the Grateful Dead tribute show, which happens every Friday, though I'd never been before. For that moment I felt I had some semblance of peers (though I did feel I was pushing the envelope a little in my conversing, mainly not, but a little. I chose to hold my tongue at times, which is not unusual.)

What if we all embraced the ways of the Dead-Head on tour, for a little while at least? I'd feel a lot more at home I think. There's nothing like hugging a stranger, calling him 'brother' and really meaning it.

The days are getting longer. Soon I'll be able to stay out until 9:00PM and still get home by dark. I think I'll do the One Stop Dead show again.