Prana Vs. The Machine: The Heart Wins The Rights Now That The Life Members The Woman Is Not The Machine "The Man" Wants You To Tell Yourself You Are

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The Time is Now.

Have brushes, will travel.
Join me on tour.
NOW: Pepperland to take on the Blue Meanies *.

* Please understand I am aware that not all "Blues" are mean. That is why I emphasize the word "Meanies".

Question the succession from the Land of the Baal to the Baul Rising to the thought too the WW3 is there but too the many will perish too meaning the way to give to them the choice to be with the sacrificers wins too the right to the Christ centered life or the Baal centered existence of the trying to Baul to the other side meaning the WE will win the right to recircumfrance the world with the getting to the golden gloves that tell to the woman the Baul is the reason too the many laughed at the suggestion that you are the channeling the other side but the association with too the Ormus spells too the Baul is the asuric demon using too the Baal mythology to raise too the many to the vibration that spells: I want to talk to the beings on the other side too but I must resign from the Baal system first meaning the selfless transformation to the making too the Pathwork there tells to the masking that is the outward manifestation of the Baul working to teach to the many that succomb to the vaccine is the wrong thing tune tells to them to face the music the chairs are filled already with the super elite insistent to ruin the world with their right to be with the Baal not the Baul using too the right to mythologize them to the now I am hearing only the not there being the right thing to the tune the ha ha ha is that.