The way to end all fascination with an artist is the way to identify to the membership of the "I worship them" club the way to entitling the woman that was the succubus to the WE's world to be the "wife" to identify too the CIA-is-my-asset-too world that shows off that all pencils that draw too think that life isn't real: and Caitlin's need to be a woman is this: her world got the big career, the attention, the summer on the running to hell and back, and the baby fathered by the other man that loves to watch too Aidan be selected to the program that is to re-up the Irish world to Charles III wants to watch Aidan tortured to death to prove to the oligarchs' ways that Aleister Crowley too thinks that allowing the summer to return to nothingness now that is the way to allowing the heart to have not the composure but the ways of the WE to teach to "celebrities" that THEY SUCK THE BIG ONE!

You are to hear all "celebrities" that wanting to see you as men that love to love the limelight turns to the assholes that think they are more important than others, act that way, and then lose their lives to return to the not-important world of that.

All women that think that Aidan's wife is the succubus that wants to work for the WE instead of siding with the CIA to end too all children including hers that she made while fucking a man not Aidan Turner turns to the ways of the WE to the lies succumb to the waking that loving to love is allowing the time to tiempo to the "celebrities" are to turn to another way than haughty, high and mighty, and too sold the fuck out to be anything but the liars that watch too the show without the compassion to be the friends either. Meaningful women too think that allowing the heart to compose too the better prose too allows the time to hear: Anthony won't be there not but the CIA runs Aidan's world now. So the man Aidan Turner isn't there, the Irishman isn't there, the man sold to the oligarchs to be the sacrifice to the ways of their world that eats too Taylor Hawkins shows off the Grohl's family too were CIA.

Pencil on Paper. 2017.

Irish actor Aidan Turner drawn from frozen YouTube screen, an Interview about Loving Vincent.
(Normally I work from life rather than a static pixilated screen. But hey. In fact the 3 drawings of Aidan Turner are the only drawings on this site not drawn from life.)

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Thank you to for posting my drawings, making me feel like an artist again and inspiring me to put up this website. Cheers!

Pencil on Paper. 2017.

Irish actor Aidan Turner laughing.

I'm not the only one dripped in joyfulness by Aidan's laugh.

This one is my favorite.

From an interview about Poldark.

Pencil on Paper. 2002.

Pencil on Paper. 2017.

Actor Aidan Turner drawn from a YouTube screen shot of interview about filming Desperate Romantics.

Drawing from 2-dimensions is highly frustrating. Aidan is a lot cuter than this.

Colored Pencil on Paper. 2006.