Update July 22, 2020:

"A devil or an angel... no longer corresponds to any reality, neither in form nor in function. The only reality at the root of this mystic kind of animation is the distorted organ sensation of armored man."

- Wilhelm Reich, "Ether, God And Devil", 1972, p.89.

An unarmored person can live with the angels. Angels are those in the Christ Light, the Christ Consciousness. Our Souls are Angels.

To put it in Reichian terms angels are those whose energy fields, organ sensations, pulsate freely with the oceanic sea of orgone-energy.

The devil is the sum total of the distortion in your own energy field, your own spirit, the energy through which you experience your soul.

That means if you worship the devil you are worshipping your own shit.

A lot of power there, huh?

And if you think selling your soul to devil worshippers in exchange for a career will garner his sympathy you might end up eating (or is that drinking?) other devil worshippers' shit.

Then again, you do need to churn the ocean to stir up the shit that needs cleansing. Oh and if you wanna know a secret, you just gotta be one with the angels. To see the angels you gotta find where you fell.