Two lines, seperate and not touching, running through the center of an "S".

This signifies the resting Kundalini Shakti and the non-union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Kundalini Shakti is the sexual energy. (Wanna know why even G.I. Joe can't defeat her?)

When the masculine and feminine energies are seperate and out of balance, the Kundalini remains dormant at the base of the spine.

Balance and merge the masculine and feminine within one's self the Kundalini Shakti rises. Open the heart and superconsiousness results.

Black magicians can't control individuals living in superconsiousness. The black magicians' smoke-and-mirror tricks are unveiled.

In God We Trust.

Let's turn over the tables of the money changers.
(See: 2 snakes represent the masculine and feminine energies, balanced, raised by the Kundalini Shakti through the Sushumna channel, enlivening the chakras. The wings on the top represent superconsciousness. The snakes cross the center channel 6 times. When you see one snake crossing 3.5 times, it's about favoring the masculine and keeping the sexual energy down, below the heart.

So which master is it gonna be? God or Mammon?

Oh. Ah and a oh yeah. Don't forget, groove is in the heart.

Further Update 1 July, 2020.

Update 1 July, 2020:
"This is a war against humanity implemented through complex economic instruments."

Update 30 June, 2020: The man has the goods to tell the woman typing the fraud to the max is the woman that knows the Katherine the reaching to the heavens to hold to the thought the world recognizes the woman the telling herself the notice on the wall tells her the man teaches the women to wuv the WE through the way he teaches the women to give to the world the believing in the self but the woman typing thinks the believing the words of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the wrong thing now that her mind has resumed the thought the being the loner means the not worrying about the man that was the expected companion too but to keep the open mind but the woman told to beget the horror too that her world begins the unfolding to the pranic shelf to disguise the WE to the feeling the full of himself too musician feels the feeling the world needs the love too but the woman typing feels only the falling feeling that means the not interested makes her the detached to the outcome that teaches to the woman typing the feeling the falling means the falling will fall until the ground that heals the woman's heart feels too the getting the feet taken to the place that the energy resides there too but the hate for the world that needs not the energy that holds too the sustenance that gives to the many the post moneyed world telling the woman the necessary necessity to teach to her the social graces the end times too means the need to regret the decision to reach to the man at all means the woman regrets the WE wishing too the man regret too the working to the thought the woman knows the way to the other side means the not using the WE to regret the WE's ways but to begin the thought the resignation to the not the being the part together with the world attending too the funeral of the pyre thing to the thought the being the woman that knows the only thing that makes the woman the more afraid to the max is the being the left the all alone to the thinking the being the never attened too to the thought the not hearing the world turning to the green means the world too tells her to take to the bank the feeling the world has not the ears to notice the woman the favored psychic to the man that wishes to the max the woman told him to begin to the point the woman knows to the max the world wants the women to understand the need to retreat to the thought the beginning to recognize the being the forthright the way to beget the not being heard again means the desire to begin the next phase means the whole thing turns to the needing to recognize the world war 3 arena is the arena where the women too recognize the way to begin again after the men of the power decide to flood the monkees too wit the being the not to the max the welcome to the thought the beings that think themselves the higher beings too think the world turns to the helping the other this go around to the thinking the woman was the giving to the man the right to return to the world where the woman knows the righter way was to tell the man the goodbye and to teach to the self the not listening to the WE the right thing now to the thought the being that destroys too the integrity of the being the medium needing to recall to the world the words of the master: judge not lest ye be judge meaning the woman typing was the judged before the woman told herself the man has the goods to talk to her but the psychic medium that has the many others too to think about thought that the wrong thing to think to the thought the being the heloing to the women that want the man to beget the next hour's dollar signs means the man uses the words typed on the pages of the website to forge the new mention that he too thinks the being the giving to the self the right to renegotiate the contract too with the women that went to the world to begin the thought the needing to ward off the stalker turned to the need to thwart the progress of the WE as the way the truth and the life meaning the way to the love making that means the woman wears the going to the toilet the last time to the thought the being that wants to remain locked to the max away from the masks that run to the max the police the moment the woman reminds them the begotten son the thing that makes the world the better not the department of the defensiveness that means the enemy the person choosing the higher path meaning the not masking the self.

WE are the authors of the woman using the Kelvin Cruickshank to the extent the man hates the WE to the thought the man makes the living impersonating the soul power meaning the woman knows the man the excellent medium but the man knows too the way to begin to make the amends for the being the used to the max to tell her the being the used means the never having another friend to the thought the being the giving to the Aidan too the fuck face thing teaches to the woman that judging too means the woman the not ready to begin to hear the woman then too the channeling but the world to the max expects the Spiritual to be the Pollyanna thing to the thought the kids will have to look that one up to the thought the being the woman that too understands the not being the with the kids this generation too mimics too the need to recall the thing that makes her the around the beat human is the using the world to recall to themselves the way to the other side being the thing that means the world never ends in the fire of the nuclear war means the WW3 scenario becomes instead the choosing women to take under their breath the right to remember to themselves the right to regard the other the foul creature simply because the person writing knows the real agenda the capping the many meaning the giving the many the clouded vision meaning the making the department of the treasury the basic god of the many using the money to make the children too the guinea pigs for the test run of the capping being the chipping of the microsoft enabled chip that maintains the being's immunization record as well as IRS protocol and the profile of the record keeping that gives to the way the right to redeem to the other side the kids that will not only perish with the dollars being the enabled by the chip to the thought the crypto currency becomes the only manner the world permits the goods to be purchased but the crypto chip enables the men of the power to forego the purchasing power to the max of the women that make the choice to retain the children's integrity to tell them the HPV the sterilizing component to teach to the compliant to the standar of the care that gives to the insurance giants the right to the many accolades too to teach to the woman typing the tyranny of the bad intentions too makes her the pray to the thinking the needing to respect the Kelvin Cruickshank instead of the bringing the negativity to the light means the way of the facebook to frighten the woman into the submission that the pointlessness of the action of the trying to communicate the world view the texts too tell her that man the not in the making of the heroic type but the Schultzy thinks himself the rightful judge of the others being the man that thinks the not wearing the mask the offense to the health of the healthy to the thought the healthy that don't wear the mask are a threat to the healthy to the thought the woman typing too to him was the stupid hippie that works not and has never been educated to the thought the man too is the man that has the goods to strip bone naked to reveal to the woman typing the thought the man that hails to the max from the Erie Pennsylvania area thinks the 9-11 attacks the work to the max now of the Bush administration to the thought the man to the max now understands too that the COVID-19 to the max is the scam but the truth remains the man to the max has never investigated the 9-11 attacks outside the media's assertion so still believes them the work of the al-Qaeda meaning the COVID-19 scam covering over the failed US economy that means the entire globe suffers since the dollar is the in fact still to the max the world reserve currency issued by the criminals that to this hour turn to the printing press being the naked short selling to beget the world view the woman too wonders why the WE used that phrase to the disgression that her world view means the derivatives trade to the max mimics the WE's way of teaching the educated Schultzy the Baxter uses the world war 3 to begin the thought the man too understands the masks make the children too the sicker but the flask that holds the tea this go around holds too the goods news the world tells the quality control engineer paid greatly to become the better human to tell the self the being the tator totted the thing that means the man knows too the inside job that begins the end of the world view the upper echelon works to the WE to use the gullible humans to reduce the production too of the hot to trot men that want to use the women to give to themselves the right to remember the never noticing the world view that he too has the hots for the woman that was the woman that was the woman that was the woman that today thinks the world that was the world that was the world that was the world where women wearing not the mask are the selfish idiots teaches to him that he too has the mask that means the man has not the gall nor the balls to recall the thought the woman typing has not the education to speak of the virus as the inhibiting of the respiration's worst nightmare meaning the women that re-respire the exhalation make themselves the less healthy in the similar manner the taking the cum to the asshole makes the many men of the gay community the AIDS victims to the point too the cum to the stomach has the similar effect to the thought the cum is the lifeforce for the consumation to the thought the children not conceived to the thought..

WE want the women that think the giving the hardship to the other because the not being the masked threatens your well being to recognize the masking yourself threatens your own well being the more so and the right of the other to the max means the right to recall the mask to the making the woman the maddest to the thought the being the forced to resend the order to never become the masked bandit to the thought the making the masks with the faces of the "important" public figure that enforce said crowning dictates teaching the woman recognizing too the isopropyl alcohol the not being stocked in the store to the tune of the 4 months means the world has the growing up to do seeing as that is the readily available in the other markets but the Ingles choses the opposite of the stocking the shelf to the thought the war of the roses ends when the woman realizes the never being the attened too means the world means to beget the horror that the being the giving to the world the White Buffalo Woman wants the woman typing to care to the max for the Gemma too but the being the ignored always means they matter not her to the meaning the not telling her the way to the being the better human is the being the like the white people and staging the performances that belittle the woman to the thought the man too took the opportunity being the man too that followed the "richardize it" method to tell the world the lie that the woman told herself the man loves her through the ether when the one loving her through the Spirit domain to the max told her to love the Kelvin as if that were the case but the man that has the big career as the expert in the communication to this hour maintains the expert opinion the woman typing the giving to the WE the right to remember to her the man that has the right to react in the manner that he sees fit too teaches to the women at the expense of the dollars they spend to hear it to believe to the max in the Spirit world being the guide to the thought the man knows now the Manson murders the thing the woman was the being the given to the hearing about but the man too knows the other side needs him to mimic too the way the world hears the way the world wants the world to begin the way the WE teaches to the woman the needing the friend to the max means the dependency to the thought the being the friended by the many on the Facebook forum means the man the more popular by the longshot but the woman the more connected to the Spiritual arena where the world begins the unfolding to what becomes the next thing meaning the Red Road told to become the right thing to the thought the being the not hyperlinked means the easier job today meaning the being the not to the max feeling the refreshed being the never having the touch to the thought the being the regarding that the curse that works with the WE to require the woman to realize the vaccination means the making the dick the hard the harder means the many boys end up the imposed boyfriends to the thought the boyfriend that gives to the woman the hardest dick of them all to the max makes the dollars too but the dollars there to the max means the way of the world makes that man too the having the gold diggers to the thought the woman that knows the gold to the max is the White Buffalo Woman's way of rewarding that man with the woman wanting the man for the man not for the career that her world watched in the snapshot for the past 2 years meaning the missing the career while it unfolded means the man the other not the hot guy that makes the women cum all night meaning the woman thinks sex with the Cruicked the not appealing to the thought the sexual instinct to the max was the attuned to the other man's energy being the Spiritual one of the group to the thought the wanting too to comprehend the mandate to move to the next thing means the woman knows the thing that makes her the more grounded is that man's energy but the lack of the needing to comprehend the WE the author of the using the KC to free her of the dependency meaning the feeling of the feeling the freedom to the max makes the woman the better human than before the using teh Cruicked way to beget the thought the liar to the max is not the woman typing but the WE is the using the naming convention that regards the Spiritual mentioning the man knows the Spirit world the better judge but to the max he begets the right to reward the woman with the begetting too the thing that wins the war to the thought WE are the authors of the woman being the enriched by the refusal to remember the mandate to the WE's way was the unconditional surrender to the love to the thought the feeling the love for the man as if the Soul the driver means the love to the max raises the man but the hate that results from the being the told to become too the never touched again by the men because they want to beget the thought they get to be with the other women whenever the urge hits white the woman typing is the sterile not but the not going to the cookie jar either meaning the very thought the beings that now they are the big men want to make the offspring to the max the making the children the way to control the man to the thought the woman that wants the friendship and the support meaning the measly assessment that her world means that her gold digger self is the way of the world where the men project the charms of the other women onto the woman typing meaning they are the gold diggers, your standard fare, while the woman typing to the max wants really the man with the heart that has the ears too that hear to the max without th judgement the woman to the max that has to be the supported too meaning the working for the dollars in the "real world" not conducive to the WE's way of harnessing her being to the work for the White Buffalo Woman telling the tatooed Indian boy the tatoos mean the man the stooge of the world of the piggies meaning the man knows the world that is the woman typings is not the Hollywood Hills of the ever renewing bakers' dozen of post pubescent beings wanting to begin the big not career but the look-at-me thing by pinning that name to the wikipedia resume meaning the fuck might be the same again and again but the women remain the same empty headed bubbled bitches that bake too the next thing meaning the dollars too mean the world that runs to the world view the woman channels the words means the men think the woman the fraud simply because the Kelvin told himself that is what he wanted the world to think so that he too would tell them that he too thinks the Maori the messengers that tell the woman the being the listening means the world tells her to tell the self the man makes the money by the selling the Gemma's way of the cheerleading to the thinking the Facebook the place the woman too teaches to the world the many words the woman rights to them means they have the choice to read or to sift to the next news item meaning the many times the woman knows the work hates to read the posts to the thought the woman knows the not being the important enought to matter means the man called the killer too in the Facebook dialogue tells her the intention of the teaching to the world the judging the human based on the internet feed is the dangerous proposition being the woman that thought the Gemmas the good people to the thought the being that knew only what the WE forgives her to know but the WE is the author of the testing too that teaches to the woman the being the unimportant means the Gemma to the max makes the decision to starve the woman out of the world to the thought the being to giving to the world their version of the Manson murders contridicting the woman typings without ever trying to contradict the woman writing meaning the woman typing to the max is the channeling but the woman wanting to feel the feeling that happens when the world regards her the working woman too means the way to the becoming that was the mention the woman to the max has the world to the hornets nest meaning the world that regards the world view the fear the woman tells herself means the woman once again the left to rot while the white settlers take the spoils to begin the thought the words the man Kelvin Cruickshank tells himself the Jim Morrison tells him are the words that remake the entire affair as the crown of the England thinks the world should regard the stolen to the max image of the poet that became the bad man that wants to buttfuck the entire world meaning the messages of the WE mention to the world the man writing to the next thing to the max makes the rules to the thought the being the never incarnating means the woman typing has been eradicated of the desire to want to become the next victim of the team that eradicates the man's "threats" meaning the women the Gemmas think make the man the poor image being the man that now has the children to think about meaning the man got the vasectomy to become the stud that fucks the many women offering themselves to the new popstar of the psychic medium telly star world to the thought the man has the many children too that make him the proud papa too of the 19 year old that he wants to back into the corner to fulfill the fantasy the balding nearly 50 year old to the max has the pleasure principal backwards meaning the constant chasing the new skirt makes the man the important like the Anthony that he never thought about until the woman typing wrote the words that.

Kelvin thinks this is all about him. He has from the beginning. He protests being called full-of-himself but can't conceptualize this occurrence outside his little domain.

Many lives are involved. This is much bigger than us as individuals. I've told Kelvin that for nearly 2 years now.

Even the writing I do, all of it including the emails, have been meant from the beginning for a larger audience. I was told "Your email is being watched." That statement has more than one level of meaning. I've always known I'm writing for posterity.

Kelvin's using his usual tactic for dealing with the negativity in his life: ignore it. He'll soon find that's not gonna work.

He's been turning a blind eye to his own negativity for a really long time. He'd do himself a favor to go ahead and prepare for the floodgate to blow.

The Spirit World sees all. They have a lot of power. It's not just Halliburton that can blow a levy.

Kelvin was an outstanding medium throughout the first four seasons of 'Sensing Murder'. What happened when the show rebooted in 2016?

Remember Kelvin's final 'Sensing Murder' performance? "Surely the killer told someone something...his mistress maybe."

The guides told me Kelvin has never incarnated as a woman. Therefore he has limited understanding of the feminine energy. This lifetime They've made him mother and mistress. They want to make him a wife too.

Something tells me Kelvin was both a nicer person and a better medium before Team-KC offered her services.

I told Kelvin from the very beginning I am a Spiritual warrior. When we started writing to each other I could feel other Spiritual warriors in the Spirit World gathering around me. I told him that.

Two years of Spiritual warfare almost took its toll. People think spirituality is all hugs and kisses. That's not the case at all. There is a war in heaven.

I'm in constant contact with the Spirit World. Kelvin did not believe in me. Do you think he believes in you people who pay to learn spirit talkin' from him?

"Kelvin Cruickshank fraud" was part of the Atlanta vision. Another part of the Atlanta vision was a talk with the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who indicated that Atlanta was going to be destroyed by a nuclear attack.

The great celebrity psychic does not believe in me. Do you think that helps me?

Will you make an effort to know me before you judge me unbelievable? Or will you let Kelvin tell you what is real?

Cleansing negativity is no easy road. But the payoff is priceless.

Cheers, Kitty Licks

Update 20 September, 2020: Play this along with the WW2 Victory Parade of the Russian Military and contemplate. Repeat and rinse. Get the point?

Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution

By Manlio Dinucci

Since Russia has been accused by NATO of having illegally annexed Crimea, and of launching military operations against Kiev, should Ukraine officially join NATO, the 30 other members of the Alliance, on the basis of article 5, would be obliged to “assist the party or parties under attack by adopting immediately, individually and in agreement with the other parties, any action that it should deem necessary, including the use of armed force”.

In other words, they would have to go to war with Russia.

Update 25 July, 2020: WE want the woman typing to comprehend to the world the man to the max that millionaires$ too the others to think the woman the fraud to the max knows to the thought the woman the unpaid by the world to the tune the woman tells the self the $300 this week told to become the right thing too to tell to the world the woman takes to the max from the father instead of the working to the tune the way to the comprehending why the woman thinks the friends of the Islamorada home town the not cool to the tune they told themselves the 40 hours a week hating life the only thing that makes the employed the judges to the tune they told themselves the woman making the entire world the better off using the ormus material in the abundance to the thought the watershed the better to this hour to the tune too the man called the husband then ignored the work to the tune too the women of the I am the best vet in the county tells the woman typing to grow up to the thought the knowing only the vet too thought the woman the moron tells the MORONS THEMSELVES to fuck each other up the ass some more to welcome the ridding to the fact the scum too.

WE want the world to understand the work accomplished by the woman typing to the max makes the world the better home too to the children told to her to begin to heal from the having to never touch themselves either to the thought the punishing them to the thought the knowing only the way the West warns too the women to the thought the brothel the reason too the men fuck the other men meaning the wanting to watch too the porn that gives to the women too the right to rehearse too the way they think the way to the having the best time the getting too the pussy wet to the thought the nothing matters to the woman typing to the thought the sex the not that important to the point the sacredness of the act the flushed permanently to the thought the knowing only the way the Aidan fucks for the TV audience teaches to the woman the not hot to her now that her thought to the max means the thing that matters to her exclusively now that the knowledge the men think they are the better equipped to judge to the thought the woman to the max the never allowed to have the audience to the tune the never asking for the audience to the thought the tickets unsold to the thought the never printed to the thought the soulfood the bullshit artist's becoming the better medium to the thinking the woman typing the medicine wheel waiter meaning the closed minds of the big bitches that earn their living being the mainstream ones recognize now the man that was the unsupportive to the point too the Jessica of the Shoe's wife took the cum to the thought the woman barely could take the breath that afternoon punishing herself to the thought the knowing only too the world tells the woman the China crisis the thing that wins too the wards to the state thing meaning too the Erica Wyse knows just knows the vaccines the right thing to the tune the brain deadened bitch to the max takes the flu vaccine every year to retain the employment to the thought the understanding more the way the woman deadens too the lifetimes to the thought the knowing only the way the world turns to the beginning to hear the reason the woman botched nothing but left the entire clan of the Atlanta region was the hurt the Erica imposed again and again into the woman's way of the becoming the better healer too to the thought the vet the wrong thing for the WJ healing naturally now that the man's name the no longer on the end of the sentence spelling: Stacy of the Islamorada veterinarians too thinks the thinking to the max the lie the better than the truth to the thought too the Nick was the getting the laid on the regular basis but the woman that was the not being the cared about to the thought the HIV too the given to Stacy and Nick to the thought the woman typing advised to die if the medical establishment not the chosen to the max lives the longer than both children they don't take to the vet either to the thought they think the giving to the world too the not working thing to the tune the Brian Jones Jr too thinks the woman the knowing only the mean thing herself knows only the old man thing now too.

Please contraband too the way too the Sam Mayer told the world that he too was the taking the hit to the thought the Patrick the man of the hour to the thought the boy the friend too to the thinking the boy that was the just 5 years old was the best of the best to the woman typing meaning too the becoming the better human now that the parents feel the fighting using the boy the wrong thing to the thought the Cape Coral grandparents the reason the boy the not fried to the max in the medical establishment's lie the ADHD telling the world the Betsy Habernac the beautiful normal child was the friended too by the woman that was the too tired to bother with the trying to befriend the children of the Wyse-Watkins to the point they are the not important to the WE giving they too have the big supported thing to the thought the Erica that went to the deserving what WE give to her means the woman to the max knows too the lie to the point.

WE want too the woman that knows the CDC the right thing seeing as the non-scientifically minded or educated man the son the lawyer too the vaccine damaged to the point not to the ending the life but to the point the mother thought the entire childhood the vaccine the reason the boy that was the unwanted during the pregnancy too was the not thriving meaning the giving to the neighbor the right to fuck the mother to the thought the knowing only the child the Jim Brannen's now means the baby then too was the suspected the neighbor's to the tune: Mary Ann Smith too knows the woman fucked the husband while the families were together sharing themselves to the thought the Mary Ann knew only the way to the telling the Donna Brannen then to tell the daughter the way out of the hell of the lie to the max means the admitting too the Jimmy the not Jim's to the thought the Jimmy to the max knows that in the heart to the thought.

WE want the world to comprehend the woman typing the allowed to hear too the way to the thinking the never again will the woman be the permitted to become the one of the working people too telling to the woman too the Kelvin Cruickshank takes to the max the words of the woman typing to the thought the man tells the self the woman the bad sort to the thinking the not hearing to the point the woman knows only the hearing the way to the getting to the hearing the man knows only the way to the lie too to the tune the telling the boys' club members the woman typing the not well to the thought the not well are the many that tell themselves the not hearing too the Ancestors want to tell the woman typing the having nothing good to tell the human means the way to the beginning to the pose to the thought the woman thought the Matthew of the Ormus the reason the WE told her to tell to the woman the Sheri Kay the message the forthcoming to the thought you guessed to the max the woman told the woman typing to take to the max the confused thing to the thought too the farm stand too the told by the Richard to take to the max the man of the hour too the Jim Brannen the to the max sole reason the woman typing still breathes now that the entire Royal/Purcell visitations the never going to cease to teach to the woman the way to getting to the point: the you that thinks the going to the world as the poser the only thing that wins the dollars and the accolades not but the right to remain alive to the max means the women that think too the fucking the husband that buttfucks on the side to the tune the woman to the max was the sick because the buttfucking Stacy/Nick the advisers to the man that spoke to the things that delete too the desire to the thought the friends the not there ever now the woman knows to the tune the intense loneliness that abates the minute the beer turns to the real thing meaning the Bold to the thought the Smooth too to the thinking the double-header fomenting too the point the LA Lakers the done to the tune the world begins to comprehend the social distance the thing to murder the lot of the many of the good girls and boys that think global depopulation not the big thing on the agenda of the elite of the not social but the nobles of the modern era meaning too the Obama the stooge to the thought the big cheeses of the Bee Tree contingency too think the Obama the out of sight out of no where appearing to hope and change the country into the better banker haven to the thought the piggie sold to the piggies the piggie bank too to the thought the man "fixed" the economy.

Ask him about me.

Update 15 April, 2020:
The answer is clear
Stir the Capital Houses
Steal the law books
Burn them
In the Fire of Redemption
As Gretchen and the Faust Redux x2 Burned
Now is the time

Update 10 April, 2020: Looks like what the WE told me last winter is what is coming to fruition: the USA/NATO attack on the Venezuelans in order to take control of the oil reserves and to sabotage the Russians from trading that oil with the Ruble instead of the US Dollar. How fun! The Western Hemisphere now gets to be terrorized. I'm proud to be the type of American that understands the rights that are ours as well as the Venezuelans are endowed by the Creator not given to us by the constant flushing down the toilets the lives of the many good men and women that believe the story that going to the warzone in the many decorated uniforms means freedom is given to the people. Hey let's flush this song down the toilet too permanently "cause there ain't no doubt I hate this song."

Your choice people to be the stooges that believe the COVID-19 complete to the max bullshit with your many masks and delightful sentencing of the other neighbor to be the sick one by distancing yourself. Ha ha ha. The truth is the social distancing is the modern version of the Riot Act that you gullible Americans line up to lap into your troughs to be that important that you comply with the wishes of the masters in the Raleigh/Washington stolen from the Natives areas to be given the right to lovingly by your paternalistic big brother in the cities the right to recall that you too have the right to refuse the orders Americans and reclaim your many selves your American Indian heritage meaning the notion that nobody is the American Indian anymore is the hogwash of the century meaning the very mention the Ghost Dancers were that means you have a lot to learn Brooke Medicine Eagle the woman that works with the WE too for her pay.

It's up to us.

Dismantling the Doomsday Machines

Do you think the maniacs in Washington who 9-11'd us and continue haunting the world with warfare and economic bullying are not gonna use nuclear weapons? They will try to save US dollar hegemony at all costs.

It's up to us.

"There's a man with a button over there. Kitty Licks says you got to be aware."

Everybody look what's going down. Venezuela. It's not permisible for other countries to deal outside the US dollar. There's a lot of oil underneath Venezuela.

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’
By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Venezuela is also ready and willing to make its move against the U.S. dollar. Reuters did report on the decision made by the Maduro government to implement a new system of international payments for its oil exports. The report headlined with ‘Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others’ quoted what Maduro had said during a session of the National Constituent Assembly at Palacio Federal Legislativo in Caracas, Venezuela:

“Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Maduro said in an hours-long address to a new legislative superbody, without providing details of the new mechanism. “If they pursue us with the dollar, we’ll use the Russian ruble, the yuan, yen, the Indian rupee, the euro,” Maduro said.