Update 9 April, 2023: The farce that is "indicting Trump" isn't real. But the 9/11 attacks were! Allow the world to suffice to the suffocation that all children asked to accept the 9/11 wasn't worth taking down the Bush administration but the Stormy Daniels' lies allow the indictment of a man's penis, allows the world to hear that children asked to wear uniforms to church and to school will be again, meaning welcome home Nazis!

Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush are all war criminals that should have been reduced to not in office at the very least, but allowing them to be rewarded as "statesmen" isn't allowing anything but lies to thrive!

The working woman typing isn't alive. She is dead. She is dead.

Properly investigate the attacks of 9-11-01. Then I will consider voting again.

For now I DON'T VOTE!

To vote is to say I approve. I don't.

Give us fair money and I will consider voting. The Federal Reserve System is, as H.S. Kenan said in 1966, "the most fantastic and unbelievable fraud in history." Kenan said that before Nixon took the US$ off the gold standard. It's become even more unbelievable over the past 40odd years.

Notice the book cover image above: the 2 columns of the dollar sign are different heights, suggesting two measuring sticks. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said something about that while in trance on June 20, 1938.

It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's keeper.

There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling - or a greater comprehension of this need.

For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal - as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practising, applying same in their experience - and their relationships as one to another.

For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in THEIR relationships and their activities...

And there CANNOT be one measuring stick for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter, and another for the man behind the money changers. ALL are equal - not only under the material law but under the SPIRITUAL.

And HIS laws, HIS will, will not come to naught!

Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come.

And ONLY those who have set their ideal in Him and practised it in their dealings with their fellow man may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

- Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-18.

I don't vote. Yet another trait to alienate me from my fellow Americans. I just can't.

The last election I voted in was the primary in 2008, the last presidential election was voting against Baby Bush in 2004.

Remember Bush's victory celebration? Fallujah?

Kitty Licks might be a pussy with tits, but she sees too much to play the voting-game. Meow.

A few years back I wrote financial software for the telecommunication industry. My employers paid me well. They sought my expertise in understanding their financial system. They trusted me to produce proper invoices for their customers and proper accounting reports for the money received. We're talking $multi-millions each month.

But when I studied the Federal Reserve System and realized how fraudulent it is, I became to my fellow Americans an anger-filled conspiracy theorist motivated only by hate.

People can't process that it is not that their house and 401k are worth more, it's the money that is worth less. They like the big numbers too much. Big numbers crash real fast into little ones...And when it happens, the people will scream, "Poor us. We didn't see it coming."

Update June 24, 2024: The WE is the author that the lies that turn to sourness too takes the book to the page where the neighbors took to poisoning too this calico cat called WJ.

The world where the Indians hear that the boys that love to be called Good Ol'Boyz too think that allowing themselves to have to have to hold onto the thoughts that the drama too was the way to showing that the world where the animals too want to regard David Connor Jones' women too there to remember that Katherine Brannen was not welcome to the shows but was always there at the gigs where they wanted to be forced to turn the page to another drama finds that the woman that was too the abusive toward the truth that this is the case: WJ was taken to the shot clinic then too to be without the shots that the shooting down the truth that the kids that fuck off now are too the Woody's friends that love to have to hear: he is there to be wuved but now that isn't allowed since the "moron" that wasn't there to be anything but the Jew lover now that her Holocausted victims that want to return again to the Jacob Lawrence that wasn't well until the woman wuved him was too the man that not only got sober he became a licensed social worker!

The world where women too think that marijuana was for Richard not the woman taking too much time to hear...Let's take the time to remember that allowing the police to arrest me now for the medicine that was needed by me wants David Connor Jones' friends to find the time to remember that I am not the alcoholic either.

Update September 11, 2022: Richard took WJ to the vet when I was not well, at the hospital, as if the cat was unwell because I am inept, and that wins why I find the difficult task that the whole show is me needing to hear that too the vet took the liberty to be the man that ended WJ too soon, as the author of the show was always the man asked to vaccinate the cat, Katherine refused. Richard took the other cat to the vet and finished him too. Sunny's father was not the Dollars that went to the coffers of the men and women that "vet" to another way now that too the vaccines for the animals will subsist alongside the show that: this is the time to remember that all children born to mother cats want to wean themselves. And that is why the cat too never was aliver than when the summer ends and the cats that are too there to never wean end too the touring and end too the dreaming that I write not about the WE but about the summer ending never.

The cat was the better for the love that the woman was there to offer her despite the vaccines the man called the staying alive now without that himself but they are the reason the cat was fucked hard by the medicine too when too the Katherine was under the anesthesia that was not needed to the flatlining at the Mission Hospital too the woman was the gone to the news the hospital will not end but the cat did. Live the vaccines were administered being the better half to the max made the choice to be without the body this go around to heal the Mother of the getting to the news: the cat was fed the worst cat food too the Friskies that was too the inexpensive to the making the cat too the diabetic that was the way to the Mr. Kitty that was the cat given to the very important news the Dr. Green of the Asheville area now that wins not that but too the Homestead Florida was the right to the sequencing too the removing the Sadie to the other side with the tests that ran too the bill to the $800 to the thought then the very important woman was the lost to the news too the food there was the reason the cat died.

I want the world to renege on the Purina that wins nothing but the soybeans too the Brethren of the Medicine of the Military Industrial type tells to the medicine men of the medication wins the right to remember the many that fuck up with the vaccines will be without the helping hand by the medicine that makes never the errors but the woman typing was told to be without the handlers' fee when the Mother issued to her the cat wins the race to the other side. Now the Marci and Richard will be without the news: the cat was hurt severely by the mentioning too the medicine was the wrong to mix too the medicine and the money meaning the making the money by jacking up the price of the pills to the tramadol was that to the thought the giving to the medicine men and too the veterinary meds the way to give to the cats and too the dogs too the beans that are too the genetically modified tells her to never trust the medical establishments.

Question the Sean Stone taking the time now to contemplate why too the woman asks to the QAnon too telling to the man too the Anon too the anonymous but too the making the woman too the wealthy will be without too the money but with the conversation asking too the man to hear too the mother wants too the man to hear too the conversation will succumb to the making the point the need to the channel tells too the need to the comfort telling to the United States too the way to the becoming too the Plutonic will be when too the mother hears too the making the video too the nearly 5 years ago will be without too the accolades but too the Raye Mathis of the ARE tells too the woman too the way to knowing nothing but too the Richard Tarnas too the acclimated to the point the woman tells to the making too the stiff there that the giving away the goods to the making the woman the better fed will be without too the dick but that wins nothing but too the woman wants only the goods on the making the muffin there.

Foreign entities and enemies who tried to capture us, enslave us, make us a subject to their whim, their will, their families...
✓ Divine Intervention
✓ Divine Component
✓ Divine Assistance
✓ Bloodless Recapturing
The military is going to do what they're expected to do.

Sean Stone Video: Juan O. Savin Update – It’s About the Military

Update June 18, 2024: Happy Birthday Paul McCartney! Please ask the lawyer called Ben Scales to help me get my cat Coco home. Thanks. And your wife called Linda is there to reference to you that she is available to speak. Cheers!

Update 15 June, 2024: The WE knows that the so-called nukes that are so often repetitively allowed the fear fact-ors to porn to the magicians that call themselves Jews shows that the Jewish world isn't sacred to anybody that considers God real.

The woman called my grandmother was born to be their lackey. Her mother was bought by the Hammerstein groups to make the Opry there in Nashville and to show to the world that the not half Jewish woman, the woman fathered by the Rothschild's own spawn, but the described repeatedly to her as the goy that isn't worth anything too fathers this freedom to speak about the family as the Jewels that Jewish to the Jews that want to return to wanting to remember that the working woman's world too was abused both by the world where the so-called "Jews" are respected and too by the world where they are the "abused beings" not the people that are actually, really abused.

The real majestry that writes to the world as the world where the Jews actually are that, the beings that love God and read the Torah and respect God's laws, they are amalgamated with the Rothschildren to be the men and women with the choice to see "antisemtism" everywhere or...

The world will know that the actor called Roman Polanski was there when Sharon's body wasn't discovered "at home" at the Cielo mansion where the millionaires now rent the home to women and men that love to return to the 666 themes.

How pregnant was Sharon in that 1969 interview? And when was the baby not born? The anniversary of the healing now that the Hiroshima bombing was then and the Nagasaki bombing was then and the way to remembering the themes will be Hugh Hefner too allowed to recover the December was the interview taped not but February means the liquor drinks were too. And the cigarette and the love making that means that Geronimo knows that superficial needs to recover Tate sisters hearing that on-the-take was her middle name means that keeping the faith that the dollars to remembering that lies are that penetrable means what? Hugh Hefner too whacked? Go Playboy panted beings!!!