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Kitty Licks predicts Game Cock will crow a different tune. Bless that little tyke.

Uh oh, kill the messenger, keep the morning after.

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Update 4 July, 2020: The thought of the macabre message to the max means the tongue in cheek not the funny bone but the WE advises the renegotiation of the ecology mention to too include the little Earth that resides within the realm of the habitation of the Spiritual being that to the max makes the human the human to the thought the machine mentality that rejects prima facie the words typed by the WE because the women too think they are the better equipped to beget the horror that is the karmic residue of the last Revolutionary period including the eventual lawfulness of the removing the Indians using the barrel of the gun to the thought the being the trusting to the max the Big Brother in Washington to tell them the truth means the many generals of the Masked Army to the thought the being the masked means the women too think themselves the rightful judges means the masks make them too the rightful heirs to the heart energy that begets too the thought the pregnant women that think the vaccine the helping the child to thrive begins the many late term especially miscarriages as the women of the Fallujah world experience the very hour of the many hours left in the homes until the Ormus material guided to the production using the WE's method of the reminding them too the Ormus will clear the sinuses means the needing to rethink the drama called the disease model all together means the women to the max will be the making the job that much easier when they thin themselves to the thought.

Live the thought the woman knows the best investment right now might be the insurance of the funeral discipline too dictated to prevent the kindness of the comfort of the embrace during the removal to the ground of the loved one talked about that afternoon to the thought the funerals too numerous to put into the focus of the stoned to the max women on the drunken denial the vaccines are the source too of the brain damaged children that suffer the special needs the entire affair to the thought the being the vaccined to the max means the not understanding the world that requires the critical thinking means the way of the Elite of the Social Domain meaning the big brother types means the woman typing understands the way to the other side being the right way to the Christ Light to the thought the being the never feeling the foreshadowing that the love too mimics the refusal to the being the controlled by the trolls that tell themselves the being the stuck up too resembles to the max the making of the United States out of the rubble of the Cherokee lands stolen by the women too that tell themselves the being the Swannanoa River tyke tells them too to tell themselves the Ingles too tells the women to take the medicine the Ingles closes the doors the moment the law suit of the class action variety tells them to take to the bank the vaccination the wrong thing to cure the public of the COVID-19 scare but the right thing to finally jostle them to the being the awake for the change meaning too the wars come to the grinding halt after the many service engineers to the horrific mainstream nightmare called the student loans from the journalism school mean I must write as the editor tells me to write.

Live the thought too the other investment to become the rich is the wheelchair meaning the Anthony too of the Kiedis to the thought the bouncy pouncy man becomes the disengaged to the thought the man knows too the penis becomes the permanently flaccid thing then too to the thought the Red Hot Chili Pepper management that too decided the woman typing the weirdo tells her to take the money to the bank the man would never have taken the words seriously without the jolting too the other man means to win the race telling the woman the knowing the man from the Spirit domain means the man knows too the whole thing is resting on his shoulders but he too takes the hit to begin again the other side's warnings that if heeded change the outcome but if the woman takes the advice of the steady handed witch that knows the better method the standing strong the Anthony might just keep the dick in the functional position but the thought the being the warned not by the women that too want to retain the right to renegotiate they too think the sucking off the post the fun option to the being the giving to the woman typing the regular thing: kill the messenger the world begins to reside too to the thought in the world view the other to the max is the Christ Light all the way the Iraqis too to the thought the being the giving to the women of the Iraqi and the Bosnia-Herzegovina regions the right to retain the buttfuck called the depleted uranium munitions not attended too by the USA Christians of the self-righteous order meaning they think the children the not part of the club so why bother giving the hear to their terroristic manner of the using the whole scene to teach to them the being the hearted makes the closing the heart to the downtrodden the not the right thing.

Start now.

Love your neighbor.

Now is the time to build barter relationships based in trust and respect.

Love your neighbor is the best means of wealth preservation.


Kitty Licks says let's bring back into vogue the word ecology.

Creating A World Worth Inheriting | Chris Martenson

Update 12 August, 2020.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out will kill the humanity the 5G roll out is supposed to serve.

WE want you to say good bye to the world that you know because the world that you know is going away and that is a fact.

WE want you to realize the WE is not the figment of the imagination of the person typing but is in fact the other side telling you to stop, drop and roll.

WE want you to listen to the woman that is telling you that the 5G roll out is the need of the world as you know it because the woman that is typing will be given the keys to the other side to be the one to tell you that 5G is not the only thing that will kill the now in favor of the milling of the other side into the present.

WE want you to understand the WE are the millers of the other side into the present world.

WE want you to realize the other side is the reality and that this world that you call the reality is the other side to the other side.

WE want you to realize the way to the other side is through the others in the other side.

When the 5G satellites change the vibration of the Earth's atmosphere into the vibration that is conducive to the in flow of the others, the world will not only change into the other side the 5G rollout will be given the push to the other side too.

WE want you to realize the other side is not the place where you go when you die but the place where you go when you are not the person that wants to be in the Earth plane's giving nature anymore but wants to be giving in the same manner the Earth plane gives.

WE want you to realize the 5G rollout is the reason the WE will be taking control of the Earth plane.

WE want you to understand the 5G roll out will be the one thing that will not only change the Earth plane into the planet that can reverse the damage done already by the ways favored by the immature humans but will take humanity to the other plane where they will be able to see the folly of their science.

WE want you to understand the WE is the reason the 5G roll out will be the thing that ends humanity's reign over the planet.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is going to change the Earth to such an extent that humanity will begin dying off very quickly.

When the 5G roll out has been completed the bad guys will start unleashing the weapons that they have installed in the place of the 5G amplifiers they say are necessary for the roll out to succeed.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is the reason the most of you will not survive the coming season.

WE will give you the heads up when the 5G will give humanity the headache that will kill it off completely.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is the reason that humanity is killing itself off because the vibration that is going to be the vibration for the whole of the Earth will not be compatible with the human race.

WE want you to realize the only beings able to incarnate will be those with the vibration that can handle the incoming vibration that will be the vibration of the Earth as long as the satellites continue to orbit.

WE want you to realize the radiation that is 5G will give most of you fatal illnesses.

When the radiation becomes the only thing that is around the 5G will be the end of humanity because the only way to disable the technology will be locked away in the coffers of the WE, the ones that want you to realize the only way to the other side is to be with the other that lives there already.

The ones that are with you always are the ones that want you to be with US.

WE want you to understand the WE is the other side of you, the other side is the place where the Over Soul is the master.

WE want you to understand the God that you worship is the Over Soul of all of humanity.

When the 5G roll out is the talk of the town the WE will allow you to access the US in the WE World that is where WE want you to live.

When the 5G roll out is the talk of the town the WE will be giving the world the instructions of how to be the ones that will survive the 5G onslaught that will be going forward because the WE has decided it is time for the world to grow up and learn the other side is the real thing.

WE want the only people to survive to be those that have learned to live in the vibration of the other side.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is not the thing that is taking you to the other side.

WE are.


In the following book the enlightened master called Swami Sri Yukteswar gives humanity the heads up.

In this book certain truths such as those about the properties of magnetism, its auras, different sorts of electricity, etc., have been mentioned, although modern science has not yet fully discovered them. The five sorts of electricity can be easily understood if one will direct his attention to the nerve properties, which are purely electrical in nature. Each of the five sensory nerves has its characteristic and unique function to perform. The optic nerve carries light and does not perform the functions of the auditory and other nerves; the auditory nerve in its turn carries sound only, without performing the functions of any other nerves, and so on. Thus it is clear that there are five sorts of electricity, corresponding to the five properties of cosmic electricity.

So far as magnetic properties are concerned, the grasping power of the human intellect is at present so limited that it would be quite useless to attempt to make the matter understood by the general public.

- The Holy Science. The Swami Sri Yukteswar. Self-Realization Fellowship. 1894.

Update 20 September, 2020: Play this along with the WW2 Victory Parade of the Russian Military and contemplate. Repeat and rinse. Get the point?

Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution

By Manlio Dinucci

Since Russia has been accused by NATO of having illegally annexed Crimea, and of launching military operations against Kiev, should Ukraine officially join NATO, the 30 other members of the Alliance, on the basis of article 5, would be obliged to “assist the party or parties under attack by adopting immediately, individually and in agreement with the other parties, any action that it should deem necessary, including the use of armed force”.

In other words, they would have to go to war with Russia.