Update 29 January, 2023: The water to waking that Jim Willie too uses the working woman that buys not again the subscription that permitted the voice for the entire show is "men" that meat, to the thought, I mean meet to discuss the way to entirely showing off that the Uvalde murders were the same paramilitaries that parrot the lies to Willie that the entire time I need supportiveness the men of the CIA lie, and lie, and lie and love their wives as if they are the better subjects to discuss, the Fitzgerald name is synonymous with Heil Hitler now that Caitlin Fitzgerald's father knows that 9-11 was his benefited event to recharge the need to recover the usury that his children knew that special rewards are permitted to those that serve the interests of Caitlin too loves the attention that being Mrs. Turner, oops I mean Mrs. Poldark, the new Mrs. Poldark, meaning the beloved Irish actor, my client, Aidan Turner, turns to the greening that the leprechaunin' is the ways to returning to the Irish world writing the stripes to return to transformation for transportation isn't the only way to send to the Irish lands of the Cherokee uprisings the recently berried individuals that want to bury all hatchets that Highlel wasn't the only ghost to profit from Caitlin too wanting to remember that fees are real.

Update 28 June, 2022: The right to September 11th beginning to hear the 21st anniversary will be the 7-7-7 to the men of the power that think the events of the 7-7-2005 London attacks will be there to remember that 7-7-2022 will never turn to another world than this is the timing that counts: now.

Pigs are to fly to the news: the CDC to be stormed like the capital was meaning a lot of protestors turned to a lot of mayhem to the thought the very type of thing that ushered to the so-called insurgents to the United States, not unlike the insurgents of the Iraqi world meaning not that but allowed the title by the repetition of the media whores that lie to the public each minute of the day, will be the same type of staged event to murder CDC employees and to think locking down Atlanta Boston Marathon Style will usher to the news: Sonny Bono was a nicer guy than the world that warns not the others to think...Jobs are there to reward the summer without the thought that I will be broker not.

The reality that loving another allows the results to insist my world is too the QAnon supporter as I am too the working to remember to the still shy Richard's friends that allowing them to judge that wins too the Hillel Slovak's very important parents allowed the status to the Hollywood moguls too being the Israeli types that lie to the public even to show off they are willing to ruin the reputation of their near nude man child called Hillel's brother's brother.

Updated yesterday 4/Oct/2022: And today is the next day and I am too there to want to be a better boy.

Boys are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, each and everyone, to the thought, Anthony Kiedis is the youngest of the bunch, the boy that understands nothing but I have a pleasure rod in the pants that means I am the sexy old man that thinks that allowing me the time to compensate for the unlimited fucking them to the not interesting to her either is allowing the dollars to never flow this direction either. So muse to the music that the dollars end the website when the SSL ends, so do I, as I want nothing more than gone to the Other Side to fuck nothing but the reality that all children born to the Cassady Neal are there to require a head examined, and that is the way to hire me to the other sided way to allow me the time to another world than fucking off.

Hillel was slaughtered by the Warner Brother's records that record without the George Clinton's needs again to that: the working for the ready to read between the Red Road and the Stanzas that all working for the living poets win the reality that all poetry sold to the public wants too the reality that I die aloner each year are the reals that the reels that show off too the Sean and Stones are to wait for me to fly to LA to try, researches why I need support now: I need to bury the hatchet to the world that ignores me but provides the "support" by suggesting that dollars are God exclusively. And that is why the Federal Reserve Note is that to the many, the trust-in-this-agent, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers' management that will bury too Flea before allowing the summer to feel Anthony gone.

Hillel wasn't murdered by Anthony specifically, but that wins wrong to me too. Anthony wanted Warner to regroup the band to the higher echelon of individuals that Ukraine models to the world: the big important promoted to "sexy" beings that then age to ridiculous to the empirical notion that all men that think killing their own kids is right, think that killing the White Buffaloes is too, even when George Clinton thinks the opposite.

Further Update 5 June, 2022: Hillel's ashes are there not the body y'all of the druggie that was too stupid to know when to quit the band that was the reddened to the news: the brother that lies to the better off without the magic now that the kingdom will fly to the wayside too when the dollared queen of the English world that too means the WE are there to queen to the Queen too the right to selecting the right to remembering Blackie was alive when the Hillel was removed to the bullet to the skull as the warning to the other so-called hot men that are never to be boyfriends to the safe and all alone never again when another Bono wins the rights to renew wins the right to recover to the body the dignity that whores are the wrong to him too.

Update 5 June, 2022: Hillel's brother watched.

The passionfruits are there to wanna be there too. The wannabeing wants to want too the brother that wants to Jonus to the need to another way than lies was the way to hiring the WE to collide to the suffering that the next time the Anthony Gomez finds the messages too wrong to them to hire the working for the right to return to the covid-19 scam that wrongs them to the vaccinated only shows to the better off without the money too there wins the right to refuse to hire nothing but the Atlanta region allowed too the suffering repeated was allowed too the Dr. Martin Luther Kings of the father and son that are too the Ebenezer Baptist Church men that know that loving the Atlanta soul foods to another way than murdering them all.

Update 23/20/2022: The WE allows the allowing to the dates too matching to the so-called European Union wants to tour too to the Hillel's corpse was not discovered aloner but to the thought the bullet headed saxons that think the going after the Taylor to the Caldwell wins the Manson too there to the thought the author that was Taylor Caldwell was too the medicine worker to the WE.

The man called Taylor Hawkins was brutalized by the WE's need to the Royalties that think thinking the superior beings themselves wins too the Royal family that was there to 9-11 truth to the need to understand that thinking the righteous need to put down thee very important working for the Jesus Christ on the line too working for the White Buffalo Woman too to the Dawn Star there to show to the need to show to the knowing that allowing the family the right to refuse the legacy was.

The Royal families of the working for the right to return to the Quaker that went not the war between the states teaches to the stuck up to the max Paul T. Royal that the need to be the righteous about the great grandfather fighting the war for the South wins the wrong and that is the right to the WE!

The writer wants to write for the television audiences when the right to right too the writing to the permitted to show to the need to posture to the public that the wanting to hire the writer was there but too the righting the right to the Scientology too there to posture to the nudes that Shorty was allowed the professionals too there to "discover" the body allied to the magicness that the kingdom to the damned was the Foo'd to the beginning to have to have too the organs used to the discovery: allowing the organ harvesting allows the EMT's to allow the deaths too.

The WE comprehends that magic was never allowed to a world that thinks harvesting the dollars from the lowest common denominator was the right to refuse the crazy horse too. The right to the Lee Ann Wiley wanting not the Facebook friendship when the commentator took to the bank too the nutjob there was too the wanting not the return to the family that thinks the Hillel's friend from this side was too there to cremate to the brother that the lies to the Katherine were: Jonus was the Hillel's brother too!

Shorty Shea was Dammett's brother until the LAPD allowed the Scientology to rule the roosting too the "Off" to "On" the ball now y'all of the need to remember the breathing will end when the summer ends in the remembering I was alive when the time was there to try to hear: Jim Brannen left the land to the allowing the others to borrow not.

Shorty Shea died because another man was there to lie to the police to incriminate to the hour the son that talks to the nighttime and allows the "Off" to mosquito realize too the animals are abused by the need to murder the fleas on the butter cups that wants the whole thing to show off: Blackie Dammett lied to the grand jury to insist the murderers were the Manson kids not the real deal kids that lie to the thought: Hillel's own family lies to the bigger deal: Jim Morrison was never allowed the funeral either y'all of the Blackie was cremated to not have the funeral during the covid-19 is the false narrative too to killing the families that lied then.

The WE are to report to you Anthony Gomez that the brother the lies to you too thinks that loving the women that want to take too the Scientology to the bedroom to show to the ritualistic needs that Bono was there too wins.

The wanting to love another without the repercussions to having to be there was too the wanting to renew the clause that closets want to be reduced to never aliver when the other Bono was indicted to the Sonny was shot to the headed way to the way to heed the heading to the Headen too the not the father allows the other Quaker there too.

The WE wants the family that knows nothing about the psychic genealogy to try to hear that loving another without the interested what-so-ever in their world wins the family that thinks the Headen too there as the fathering man when the father that was there was too the grandfather and too the mulatto.

WE want the mother that thinks killing the children's need to love was the right to rewarding the right to remembering that loving another was too leaving the family aloner when the Headen was allowed to see too the shining example of the right to remembering the loving the children when the mother lies through the teeth to the own son wins the Donna Royal Brannen Brim too.

WE want to reward the cousin Patricia Royal Castro that wants to remember that judging the psychic medium anti-Christian wins the right to rejudging them named the losers too meaning life rewards the intentions the mostest to the teasted to the toasted to the better off without the churchianity that scientologies to the need to flatten the White Buffalo Working Woman to tested to end the family values that judgement was the ending the mother to the not there.

OP was there to show to the Patty that Trisha was too cool to try to have the results that show to leaving them was God's will too.

WE want the Brannen and Royal allowances to recognize the television will be more about the WE than their worlds that are too important to notice that the dollars are there to remove them entirely.

The way to hearing that psychic mediums worship the devil wins the judgement to the women that actually take their own children to the slaughter to approve that the CDC made the Donna Brim too the asshole to judge the 911 attacks the reason the Royal's of the need to refresh to the side lines the rights to remembering that Muslim kids are too there to the Christian needs to love all the same way.

The WE needs the CBDC to enter to the way to ameliorating the CAFO animals to allowed to have too the children there to help too the Mother on the Other Side to have the right to return to a living ability without the pain that the animals will have to end too when the Mother charged with the love-making must allowed to take to the banking world the central banks rule the world first and foremost to these "Christians" that buy too the Iraq war was about defeating the "terrorists" while realizing not the terror inflicted by the simple choice to devour the meat to the deer too there to teach to the Cruicked that killing animals to show off was right to repeal all needs to him working for US as the allowed there to the heart that hears nothing but I am too aloner now to allow the rights to the animals that say: break the backs of the children's futures to teach to the so-called mommies that allowing the Cher to Chaz to the Chastity was too there to renew to the not the female.

Children wear the clothes that their mothers allow.

Update 27 February, 2023: The war for the Ukrainians to be wiped off the world view to the thought, the killing the many males that wanted to live was the war that was NATO's way to the Maiden Coup that killed the many then too. And the Tel Aviv willing partners that profit too to the Hollywood is their homes thinks that lies that lie and lie and lie turn to truths that Atlanta wasn't the only reason to vision on to the next thinking that all women along for the bye bye are there to return to the lives after the revolution of the American continent turns too to the many, many, many more killed by bombs and missiles and death everywhere. It's what you want when you "Stand with Kyiv" or "Stand with Ukraine". The way to murdering the millions of millionaires too will be when too Flea's family is gone, gone, and gone for good!

Updated 4 September, 2022: The WE advises the world that supporting Ukraine's beings of light too supports the news that Nato wins nothing there but the losses.

Updated 15 July, 2022: The WE suggests the working for the living is too the working for the right to live. The right to begin to have to have not the right to turn another to another thing was the right to return to the "IC" too there to "ice-cream" to the news: IC is the Intelligence Communities in the document too according to the WE's working woman's need to try to have too the opener mind wins too the lawyers knowing the law is that: lies win first. Then the law sifts the wheat from the chaff and thinks the chafe to the Monkeypox is too there to remember that rashes are there to recover to the inconvience that was wasting the time working for the living instead of death for the membership of the darlings of the darlings or that wins not.

Further Update 14 July, 2022: Ukraine is the target of the NATO alliance to win the rushing to the Russia too imposed upon to learn that lies are the foundation of the entire American world view that too the living for the own self alone is the dollared to the 666.

Pattern baldness is the result of using money to collect the wisdom that allowing the selfish self to self to the selfish wanting mine at all times wins the depression too!

Cherokee women were raped by the great grandfather's worlds that wins the right. The children manufactured by the allowing the men to shine to the example that brutalizing those women was wrong to them too wins.

The reality is that children on the Eurasian continental region will suffer the most from the plans of the big whigs to sentence too the American public to try to hear: killing them is too the objective!

This is the reality of the meat eaters: they gout to the news that Atlanta will be wasted by the bombings if the stance to stop the big whigs is not taken!

Update 14 July, 2022: The ending of the contract to the nude modeling was the abrogation to the news that allowing the summer to perish without the first acknowledgement that I am there too wins. This is the need to hearing that hiring them was used to have them there to serve the debtors too: William Brannen will fall down harder now that he is to learn that the bail-ins will be there to suggest to the being aliver that the CBDC will need to usher in the Usher too there.

Usher is the boyfriend too. I want the man that knows that Atlanta wants to renew too to think that the Atlanta regional airport will cease too to operate after the falling for the uber need to necessarily tell to Donna Brim that the passive aggressive need to punish the daughter for beginning to heal too was the need to hearing that Atlanta dead already wins the reality that allowing another so-called "psychic" the right to return to me there only to harm his family wins the right to return to many, many, many starving African kids turned to the better fed without the United States allowed to hear: living to the thought without the charming need to serve the children too the rations of the children of the cows told to end too the practices of recycling the waste of the cow to the medicine that killing the kids of the children of the animal worlds without the second thought waits for the waiting to hear: children are.

You are to work again for the right to redignity the right to the work ethic too there as the man that stole too the right to the dignity to the mind was too the water that wins the never horny again when too the magnetic need to another way than they are to learn to hear that the comfort to another there was wanted but the dignity to wanting to reEarth to the thought: children born out of wedlock want to learn to love too the regarding the Headed to the Starting that the lots of the kids wear the face masks for the duration to the thought.

Update 4/4/2022: You are right Kat. The thought the Anthony Kiedis would be the real friend was the turn on exclusively as he is not very attractive. He is the old man that thinks being the famous man wins too the rights to the exclusion of the jealousy to the thought. I want to reward too the timing to the thought the wanting to remarry to the Cruickshank too the right to return to the being stalked too wins too the right to redeem too the blonds to the show to the thought the Marilyn Monroe asked to die by the murder too was brutalized to the thought...

You are to remember to the world Kat that the so-called word lonely was used to show to the world that a man that thinks that fucking teenagers to the thought the buying the sex is the way to not be lonely wins the right to the lonelier working woman that understands too the summer on the run will be without too the helping of the handsome man that thinks too the showing to the public domain selling to the shit that the cops were there to remember the back-stabbing lying whore that was too the babied to the permission of the show to the "old man" is too the euphemism to the thought the "olden" man of the times to the thought the London that shares to the world too the stolen to the never horny around the corner either working woman Whitening to the White that the loving another wins too the loving the men as they are as they are not to the expectation that a "man" has the right to the referral to the bedroom that will be when too the touch will be too the right to return to the White Buffalo wanting to remember the expectation to the comfort was too the Hillel returning to the world as too the communicatable to the men too but then again....while you are the lonely men that think that fucking teenagers wins the right to the systemic economic collapse that spells too the beautiful "I fucked Anthony Kiedis too" Ukrainian model that too thinks that being lonely means I don't get to be touched for the entire decade means too the right to the loving her wins too the right to remembering NATO wants to reward your patience to the showing to the Ultimate show that fucking wins loving to the men of the Red Hot Peppers shit the pants of the Ultimate show called Love SUCKS!

Kill the working woman's need to hire too the thinking the hitman to end her world to the not there seeing as the way to hire another to murder is to hire the world to hire the liars.

You are there. I want to reiterate to the world that the liars are the US Embassies of the world too that think the killing the many on behalf of the lies is the sacred to the nudes that want to shine to the showering.

You are to work for a QAnon world view that another world will begin when the so-called Q installs the nudes to a world as the like OMG!

I am Q!

Update August 4, 2022: This is the heads up that the head bounty was the reason the Choctaw was forced to remove to Alabama. The reality that Jim's reality is that Solomon Gross was too the parenting figure when his wife was Katherine on the summer fun of the wanting to recover nothing but the land.

Update July 24, 2022: The WE is the author that the working for the not living at all working for the not better to the hearted need to have the summer filled was the disappointment that another working for the living working for the money and too the rights to the Anthony there was another filling that the fills that filled to the need to reBoner to another man was the wanting to be held too.

Yoko was involved.

The ending of the innocence was asking for the time to try to cope without the stress that another world engages me to leave my Cherokee lands. But then again the lands that land to another there to "own" the land wins the wasted land.

When the summer hears the heart that fired to the dead then there wins the right to refire to the night another world where I fire too the hearts of the others.

My name is James.

I was never the Morrison Oliver Stone wrote about.

I was never alive when the summer of love happened being the man too hotted by the summering that the summer was summered to simmered to the simmering to the needs.

When the water turns browner the water turns rancid.

Water is the water that lives the lives/The living without clean water wins the removing the watering holes.

Venezuela – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?

WATCH: Russian Pilots Get Hero's Welcome in Venezuela After Landing Supersonic Bombers in December

U.S. Military Adventure Against Venezuela Must be Stopped

In addition to this cruel and unjustifiable plunder, the U.S. intends to fabricate a humanitarian pretext in order to launch a military attack on Venezuela and, by resorting to intimidation, pressure, and force, is seeking to introduce into this sovereign nation’s territory alleged humanitarian aid – which is one thousand times inferior as compared to the economic damages provoked by the siege imposed by Washington.

The world has had enough of Big-Bully-Washington. To everthing, turn, turn, urn, there is a season, turn, turn, urn, a season even for right-back-at-ya-USA.

Hands Off Venezuela: Historic Stance at the United Nations against US Imperialism

Ukraine - the bullet that kills the beast*?

* US Empire - People: If you think the USA (or NATO) would win a war against Russia, you are mistaken.

The only winners in war are the financiers.