Update March 31, 2023: The WE suspects that the children at the Covenant School too think that allowing themselves the pleasures of the paramilitary ways that the Georgia College of the American ways to return to the College of the Americas where the children schooled in the paramilitary training that wins too the ways to thought controlling too the populace that isn't the way to having the real big ways repeated that killing Iraqi kids was unwell. And killing American kids too wins that.

Identify too the occultism used to justify too "locking down" the kids to the closets repeatedly asked to be room numbers showing off that the numbers used to justify too the times 10 of the Others on the Other Side mirroring the need to comforting too the children's ways to the knowing that kids allowed the paramilitary used to justify too the cops allowing too the scapegoating of the used for the reaction that the transgendering of the woman to the man to the shooter to the not well emotionally to the way to hiring too the shooters to pose as too the pictures show off that the kids used to justify too shooting the specific kids and teachers/administrators to justify too the incursions to the 666 and 999 and two 1s that mean too the entire affair that kids at Christian schools are targeted too thinks that allowing the Churchianity to want to ban guns thinks that justifying too the allowed again and again to repeat too the messages that the young people too strung out now on television to repeal the concepts that the paramilitary training that color revolutions too the WE's ways to the knowledge: Audrey Hale isn't the only reason the WE wants to write this afternoon: Aiden Hale too wants to write: I wasn't the ways and means to the ending my life, I was used to justify too the Instagram account wasn't even active until the day of the shootings: and that incriminates the CIA that too took to watching me learn that working for Instagram wanting my credentials was: and they are there to remember that wanting to harm a working woman's world uses too lyrics on radios to remember that Californication ain't that much fun when the guns and lyrics take too the tumbling to the wanting to reiterate to Johns Hopkins: lies lose!

Update 14 January, 2023: Anderson Aldrich isn't the shooter but the police that allow the innocent to be prosecuted know that the paramilitaries that sex-up too the night to the knowing that allowing the innocent to perish to pay the bills are the same men that allow the allowing to allow to the world that killing the kids with the syringes too ends these attacks when the whole show then makes the CBDC too the way to not pay the bills to the cash to the transactions to sex-up the need to showing off that the dollars that make the paramilitary men too the only men that want to kiss the mommy of their kids when returning to kill others' kids takes the banking world to the CBDC to show off that cash to the killers is the way to sell to the world the police too turn in the innocent man to take the fall again to think that the Idaho murders of the kids that student to the coke too there to return to the police too informants knows that selling cocaine on the side too warrants the arrests of the parents.

The man called Bryan Kohberger is innocent entirely but the police chose that one to sex-up the show to the knowing that all cancers that kill kids too think that the denial of the innocent to the prosecution's witnesses will be too the paid type. And the man that isn't guilty of anything but wanting to help the police solve the criminal activity is the police forces that allow the moonlighting to be there. Keep the faith y'all that the innocent will not be the only ones that end on the throne of the going to jail for the crimes that mean the better police might just be there to renew the contracts to thinking that a better world happens when justice isn't just for the criminals to get the just made the grade to the worst type of humans alive, those that permit the kids to suffer to pay the bills today.

Update October 12, 2022: Alex Jones isn't involved in the Sandy Hook cover-up. But the family that sued him is. And they are the hired to be there beings that lie. And they are the imbeciles that think that allowing other school shootings to follow is the result!

The beings executed at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas were not killed by accident or by the staged being allowed the fall by incriminating the usual subject, the nearly grown young, angry man that buys firearms but should be not allowed, to take the 2nd amendment to the gone. And the paramilitaries that allowed the shooting to kill the children are fired to the showering that they are indicted as warriors to themselves!

Alex isn't guilty of anything! Let him be supported by the law enforcement officers that too understand buying and selling product isn't a crime. And the lies are there to show that Alex isn't guilty but the men of power are. And that wins why Christ is Here Now, to show off that the Uvalde shooting happens because propaganda is sexy to the men and women that lie too, and that is the way to hearing: love God with all your heart, soul and being and love the innocent victims, like Alex Jones.

Every police officer that allows the miscarriage of justice is culpable for the shootings of kindly people and the allowing the incarceration of the innocent!

Helping Alex Jones is essential! This is highway robbery of the highest order as the lies are repeated again and again to begin to hear: the truth then is the lie, to the detriment of ALL!

All the people that follow the mean spirited mean mean and meaner news articles that say, "I am an idiot that never questions the all mighty dollar's role in this" are there to require the helping hand: Kanye is right, the Gap knew ahead of time that Kanye would be targeted too. So understand that the men and women of this nation that make the stands to the better America are targeted. And the Jewish nationals that think the "chosen few" survive are so stupid to make the whole show hear: the Prophet Isaiah is there to offer Robert David Steele the emblem of asshole to the max!

The same men shot the children.

Update 9 April, 2023: The farce that is "indicting Trump" isn't real. But the 9/11 attacks were! Allow the world to suffice to the suffocation that all children asked to accept the 9/11 wasn't worth taking down the Bush administration but the Stormy Daniels' lies allow the indictment of a man's penis, allows the world to hear that children asked to wear uniforms to church and to school will be again, meaning welcome home Nazis!

Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush are all war criminals that should have been reduced to not in office at the very least, but allowing them to be rewarded as "statesmen" isn't allowing anything but lies to thrive!

The working woman typing isn't alive. She is dead. She is dead.

Properly investigate the attacks of 9-11-01. Then I will consider voting again.

For now I DON'T VOTE!

To vote is to say I approve. I don't.

Give us fair money and I will consider voting. The Federal Reserve System is, as H.S. Kenan said in 1966, "the most fantastic and unbelievable fraud in history." Kenan said that before Nixon took the US$ off the gold standard. It's become even more unbelievable over the past 40odd years.

Notice the book cover image above: the 2 columns of the dollar sign are different heights, suggesting two measuring sticks. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said something about that while in trance on June 20, 1938.

It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's keeper.

There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling - or a greater comprehension of this need.

For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal - as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practising, applying same in their experience - and their relationships as one to another.

For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in THEIR relationships and their activities...

And there CANNOT be one measuring stick for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter, and another for the man behind the money changers. ALL are equal - not only under the material law but under the SPIRITUAL.

And HIS laws, HIS will, will not come to naught!

Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come.

And ONLY those who have set their ideal in Him and practised it in their dealings with their fellow man may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

- Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-18.

I don't vote. Yet another trait to alienate me from my fellow Americans. I just can't.

The last election I voted in was the primary in 2008, the last presidential election was voting against Baby Bush in 2004.

Remember Bush's victory celebration? Fallujah?

Kitty Licks might be a pussy with tits, but she sees too much to play the voting-game. Meow.

A few years back I wrote financial software for the telecommunication industry. My employers paid me well. They sought my expertise in understanding their financial system. They trusted me to produce proper invoices for their customers and proper accounting reports for the money received. We're talking $multi-millions each month.

But when I studied the Federal Reserve System and realized how fraudulent it is, I became to my fellow Americans an anger-filled conspiracy theorist motivated only by hate.

People can't process that it is not that their house and 401k are worth more, it's the money that is worth less. They like the big numbers too much. Big numbers crash real fast into little ones...And when it happens, the people will scream, "Poor us. We didn't see it coming."

Two lines, seperate and not touching, running through the center of an "S".

This signifies the resting Kundalini Shakti and the non-union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Kundalini Shakti is the sexual energy. (Wanna know why even G.I. Joe can't defeat her?)

When the masculine and feminine energies are seperate and out of balance, the Kundalini remains dormant at the base of the spine.

Balance and merge the masculine and feminine within one's self the Kundalini Shakti rises. Open the heart and superconsiousness results.

Black magicians can't control individuals living in superconsiousness. The black magicians' smoke-and-mirror tricks are unveiled.

In God We Trust.

Let's turn over the tables of the money changers.
(See: 2 snakes represent the masculine and feminine energies, balanced, raised by the Kundalini Shakti through the Sushumna channel, enlivening the chakras. The wings on the top represent superconsciousness. The snakes cross the center channel 6 times. When you see one snake crossing 3.5 times, it's about favoring the masculine and keeping the sexual energy down, below the heart.

So which master is it gonna be? God or Mammon?

Oh. Ah and a oh yeah. Don't forget, groove is in the heart.

Updated Again 11 March, 2022: The Russian alliances will include Turkey y'all of the NATO was not there to take to the banking world too the issuing the CBDC will occur to cover up too the stalled working for the news: federal reserve notes are lost every day by the very beings that lie.

You are to remember that loving the Red Hot Gomezes was to remember the allowing the Facebook was coincidental to the going after the fun.

I want to work but too the working for the heart opening was the asking for the lover but then again the loving a man already loving another wins too the right to return to another time when a nothing means a thing but another man than the Anthonies will be there to care about the working woman's needs to higher norms than another "free lover" that thinks that means promiscuity.

Updateed Again 11 March, 2022: You are to love again Kat when another time flies meaning the loving the life will be there too not just the expectation to having to whack the own self being not responsive to the news the cancer was too the Stoned men are that too the right to rebel asking too the Oliver to try.

Update 11 March, 2022: The allowing the right to lie to the biggest of the whigs was the resulting the results that the killing the clientele to teach to the working woman that her world was allowed to fly to the fashioning to a newer world view than I am too the old hag myself allows the younger women the privileges to the ending too the living winning the right to return to a world where another thrives too.

I was allowed to feel my heart but the hearted men are that too the lovers to the many, many, many, many women too meaning I want to live but living means I must be aliver too being the alone too long to be alive yet.

I want to remember to the world that the WE is there on the Other Side truly. I want you to remember that the beings that lie to you about too the cum tasted teaches to the way to hear that loving another wins the allowing the reaction to fly to the world that the writing about Ukraine was allowed until the big whigs needed Anthony, Flea, Project Emeritus to tell to themselves that killing the I want to be there was that.

WE are allowed the prophecy that the killing the Ukrainian peoples' liberations was the going to the model to think that beautiful women are there too.

WE are to walk to a newer way that includes the woman typing as a working woman and a working model.

WE are to want to think that the beautiful women loved are too the being that too the living a life fully but then again being allowed to speak wins the right to communication working as the life force itself but then again the Dr. Lowen that was too there to explain to the emotions that the right to return to the anger wins too the stifled that too the most beautiful women win always the love-making.

Russia was used to attack the Ukrainian world to insist that the Victoria Nuland's comment was the prophecy too that the attack that will be the NATO way to hide the show to the lies will reward again the fulling to the Red Hot mentioning too the gorgeous paid a lot and on display and allowed a voice beautiful Ukrainian Vogue model will prosper while the working woman entitled the angry and not hotted worman that wanted to feel aliver will be dead.

The Russian attack was destroying the military facilities and biowarfare labs intent on harnessing to the public that the selling the opposite wins the lies to the WE so be without the shame Kat and tell to the Red Hotted Chilies that the beautiful women will fly to another world where they are to learn to lie too about the Summer Love that was never anticipated to be without the tour when the many think that dying is the right because standing firm that Russian interference in the big whigs' needs was the way to admire not the way to leaving the Atlanta too to bedcome to the thought.

Update 11 August, 2023: Karen needs support. Support her. Support her. This is the testing that means Anthony Gomez too thinks that allowing this to be fine is them. And the Jonus Cord that knows that supporting the oligarchs is the way to being allowed to know that Joseph too thinks that wanting to allow the hostesses to think that murdering the children is fine think otherwise when the Ed Dowd too knows: stop the kids from dying y'all and the celebration is the purification.

The WE are there to remember to Kingston that Rob Kirby was poisoned for the words on Greg Hunter is too in danger.

The reality that the men that watch Katherine's web posts are the same ones that killed Rob Kirby wins. The reality that Jim Willie knows that Rob Kirby was allowed the going home by the way to inherit the news: you are read not by Willie but the informants that watch you contact Willie.


Hillel knows that his biological brother is the prick that watches himself learn that Israel will fall too.

Israel wins the right to rePalestine then.

You know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is one of the individuals that murdered Kirby and wants Kingston gone home.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. knows that cooking the books wins the Red Hot bookings too. The booking to the shows that insist that all Spanish Dancers receive the bullets that fly to I am the fucking asshole that hires the working woman not but the asshole that lies to the public that all men that think that Jonas Cord was never there think that I am there to Jon to Us the right to using the usury to use to the going to the closet to remember that lies win murdering me too!

Anthony Erases all good for the right to return to Atlanta too there to Stone Mountain to the way to Athens too the right to reinherit another smell than and another thing.

Hillel knows that the records were there to show off that the has been is not that and the love-making is his personally to be snickity to the thought that the dogs that win the playing the other side of the coin that laughter to them is mockery to the WE is the way to mock them instead: Anthony M. Gomez is fictional. I am the writer to the individuals that lie: you are to die.