Update 28 June, 2022: The right to September 11th beginning to hear the 21st anniversary will be the 7-7-7 to the men of the power that think the events of the 7-7-2005 London attacks will be there to remember that 7-7-2022 will never turn to another world than this is the timing that counts: now.

Pigs are to fly to the news: the CDC to be stormed like the capital was meaning a lot of protestors turned to a lot of mayhem to the thought the very type of thing that ushered to the so-called insurgents to the United States, not unlike the insurgents of the Iraqi world meaning not that but allowed the title by the repetition of the media whores that lie to the public each minute of the day, will be the same type of staged event to murder CDC employees and to think locking down Atlanta Boston Marathon Style will usher to the news: Sonny Bono was a nicer guy than the world that warns not the others to think...Jobs are there to reward the summer without the thought that I will be broker not.

The reality that loving another allows the results to insist my world is too the QAnon supporter as I am too the working to remember to the still shy Richard's friends that allowing them to judge that wins too the Hillel Slovak's very important parents allowed the status to the Hollywood moguls too being the Israeli types that lie to the public even to show off they are willing to ruin the reputation of their near nude man child called Hillel's brother's brother.

Update 12 August, 2020.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out will kill the humanity the 5G roll out is supposed to serve.

WE want you to say good bye to the world that you know because the world that you know is going away and that is a fact.

WE want you to realize the WE is not the figment of the imagination of the person typing but is in fact the other side telling you to stop, drop and roll.

WE want you to listen to the woman that is telling you that the 5G roll out is the need of the world as you know it because the woman that is typing will be given the keys to the other side to be the one to tell you that 5G is not the only thing that will kill the now in favor of the milling of the other side into the present.

WE want you to understand the WE are the millers of the other side into the present world.

WE want you to realize the other side is the reality and that this world that you call the reality is the other side to the other side.

WE want you to realize the way to the other side is through the others in the other side.

When the 5G satellites change the vibration of the Earth's atmosphere into the vibration that is conducive to the in flow of the others, the world will not only change into the other side the 5G rollout will be given the push to the other side too.

WE want you to realize the other side is not the place where you go when you die but the place where you go when you are not the person that wants to be in the Earth plane's giving nature anymore but wants to be giving in the same manner the Earth plane gives.

WE want you to realize the 5G rollout is the reason the WE will be taking control of the Earth plane.

WE want you to understand the 5G roll out will be the one thing that will not only change the Earth plane into the planet that can reverse the damage done already by the ways favored by the immature humans but will take humanity to the other plane where they will be able to see the folly of their science.

WE want you to understand the WE is the reason the 5G roll out will be the thing that ends humanity's reign over the planet.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is going to change the Earth to such an extent that humanity will begin dying off very quickly.

When the 5G roll out has been completed the bad guys will start unleashing the weapons that they have installed in the place of the 5G amplifiers they say are necessary for the roll out to succeed.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is the reason the most of you will not survive the coming season.

WE will give you the heads up when the 5G will give humanity the headache that will kill it off completely.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is the reason that humanity is killing itself off because the vibration that is going to be the vibration for the whole of the Earth will not be compatible with the human race.

WE want you to realize the only beings able to incarnate will be those with the vibration that can handle the incoming vibration that will be the vibration of the Earth as long as the satellites continue to orbit.

WE want you to realize the radiation that is 5G will give most of you fatal illnesses.

When the radiation becomes the only thing that is around the 5G will be the end of humanity because the only way to disable the technology will be locked away in the coffers of the WE, the ones that want you to realize the only way to the other side is to be with the other that lives there already.

The ones that are with you always are the ones that want you to be with US.

WE want you to understand the WE is the other side of you, the other side is the place where the Over Soul is the master.

WE want you to understand the God that you worship is the Over Soul of all of humanity.

When the 5G roll out is the talk of the town the WE will allow you to access the US in the WE World that is where WE want you to live.

When the 5G roll out is the talk of the town the WE will be giving the world the instructions of how to be the ones that will survive the 5G onslaught that will be going forward because the WE has decided it is time for the world to grow up and learn the other side is the real thing.

WE want the only people to survive to be those that have learned to live in the vibration of the other side.

WE want you to realize the 5G roll out is not the thing that is taking you to the other side.

WE are.


In the following book the enlightened master called Swami Sri Yukteswar gives humanity the heads up.

In this book certain truths such as those about the properties of magnetism, its auras, different sorts of electricity, etc., have been mentioned, although modern science has not yet fully discovered them. The five sorts of electricity can be easily understood if one will direct his attention to the nerve properties, which are purely electrical in nature. Each of the five sensory nerves has its characteristic and unique function to perform. The optic nerve carries light and does not perform the functions of the auditory and other nerves; the auditory nerve in its turn carries sound only, without performing the functions of any other nerves, and so on. Thus it is clear that there are five sorts of electricity, corresponding to the five properties of cosmic electricity.

So far as magnetic properties are concerned, the grasping power of the human intellect is at present so limited that it would be quite useless to attempt to make the matter understood by the general public.

- The Holy Science. The Swami Sri Yukteswar. Self-Realization Fellowship. 1894.

Two lines, seperate and not touching, running through the center of an "S".

This signifies the resting Kundalini Shakti and the non-union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Kundalini Shakti is the sexual energy. (Wanna know why even G.I. Joe can't defeat her?)

When the masculine and feminine energies are seperate and out of balance, the Kundalini remains dormant at the base of the spine.

Balance and merge the masculine and feminine within one's self the Kundalini Shakti rises. Open the heart and superconsiousness results.

Black magicians can't control individuals living in superconsiousness. The black magicians' smoke-and-mirror tricks are unveiled.

In God We Trust.

Let's turn over the tables of the money changers.
(See: 2 snakes represent the masculine and feminine energies, balanced, raised by the Kundalini Shakti through the Sushumna channel, enlivening the chakras. The wings on the top represent superconsciousness. The snakes cross the center channel 6 times. When you see one snake crossing 3.5 times, it's about favoring the masculine and keeping the sexual energy down, below the heart.

So which master is it gonna be? God or Mammon?

Oh. Ah and a oh yeah. Don't forget, groove is in the heart.

Properly investigate the attacks of 9-11-01. Then I will consider voting again.

For now I DON'T VOTE!

To vote is to say I approve. I don't.

Give us fair money and I will consider voting. The Federal Reserve System is, as H.S. Kenan said in 1966, "the most fantastic and unbelievable fraud in history." Kenan said that before Nixon took the US$ off the gold standard. It's become even more unbelievable over the past 40odd years.

Notice the book cover image above: the 2 columns of the dollar sign are different heights, suggesting two measuring sticks. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said something about that while in trance on June 20, 1938.

It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's keeper.

There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling - or a greater comprehension of this need.

For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal - as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practising, applying same in their experience - and their relationships as one to another.

For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in THEIR relationships and their activities...

And there CANNOT be one measuring stick for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter, and another for the man behind the money changers. ALL are equal - not only under the material law but under the SPIRITUAL.

And HIS laws, HIS will, will not come to naught!

Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come.

And ONLY those who have set their ideal in Him and practised it in their dealings with their fellow man may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

- Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-18.

I don't vote. Yet another trait to alienate me from my fellow Americans. I just can't.

The last election I voted in was the primary in 2008, the last presidential election was voting against Baby Bush in 2004.

Remember Bush's victory celebration? Fallujah?

Kitty Licks might be a pussy with tits, but she sees too much to play the voting-game. Meow.

A few years back I wrote financial software for the telecommunication industry. My employers paid me well. They sought my expertise in understanding their financial system. They trusted me to produce proper invoices for their customers and proper accounting reports for the money received. We're talking $multi-millions each month.

But when I studied the Federal Reserve System and realized how fraudulent it is, I became to my fellow Americans an anger-filled conspiracy theorist motivated only by hate.

People can't process that it is not that their house and 401k are worth more, it's the money that is worth less. They like the big numbers too much. Big numbers crash real fast into little ones...And when it happens, the people will scream, "Poor us. We didn't see it coming."

Update 4-20-2020: OMG! Dionne Warwick = Shawnee. Tecumseh who?

Update 21 March, 2020: Red, White and Black Second Amendment: The right to bear arms meaning hugs shall not be infringed.

Update 22 January, 2019: Paying Attention to the Real Voice of Martin Luther King “Now that He Is Safely Dead”. Dr Kohls says, "The spirit of Martin Luther King is not dead." This statement is absolutely true.
The Hopi predict a "great day of purification" and a resulting crisis in which "rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals to survive."
It's up to us. The Answer.

Same game, same solution: A genuine revolution of values.

From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1967 speech on Vietnam:

A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.

This call for a world-wide fellowship that lifts neighborly concern beyond one’s tribe, race, class and nation is in reality a call for an all-embracing and unconditional love for all men.

This oft misunderstood and misinterpreted concept — so readily dismissed by the Nietzsches of the world as a weak and cowardly force — has now become an absolute necessity for the survival of man.

When I speak of love I am not speaking of some sentimental and weak response. I am speaking of that force which all of the great religions have seen as the supreme unifying principle of life.

Love is somehow the key that unlocks the door which leads to ultimate reality.