Lies are the entire composition of the CNN article of the junkness of the media that lies to the tune: the man was not at the store ever but the police that take the compensation to lie too to the court system to take to the payments I bury the hatchet but the right to remembering that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself was there to watch the system take to the night time the needs to another time than the only way to hiring out too the jury was too the Manson murders being too the jury was allowed the sequestering to begin to hear: Sharon was not at Cielo ever.

The women and men allowed the fall in the 1970s after the terrible summer were too picked up just like Steven Parent that was never there. The way to hire the hitmen of the fashioning too the Buffalo too the Seattle too the LAPD to the thought the police murder more than the recommended way to hearing: defund the murderers. Ask the bigger individuals to rise to the occasion for the change and stay above the whole shorts will end too the silver makers to the not there.

WE are to remember that the man called visiting the caretaker was there to reward the only body found by the way to hiring the guns to allow the cops the access to the mansion was asking for the right to reinterpret the wasting away as the right to the many that chide too the working working working working to right to wrongs that too the "Ill Neighborhood" is the South Central LA that takes to the Red Button story the reality: the safe, comfortable well fed ones think loving mine is the right always but the individuals that think helping the poor young artist was the right to readmiring the right to remembering the channel to the Other Side remains as long as her long hair takes to the rights: hire me y'all to model too!

WE want to write to the world as the spokesperson for the Tsarnaev brothers allowed too the being the scapegoats while the many that pride themselves on the punitive need to hover to the Abu Ghraib the reality that was very present when the so-called "Christians" were praying for the typing artist asking them to reality check the reality that the Iraqi world was abused to the news: you feel too the reaping.

The Columbine shooting was too scripted and the boys allowed the suicide were not that but murdered too. The right to the manifesto of the Unibomber too was the scripting to the FBI thinks that murdering the innocent to produce the terror that terrorizes they that want to take to the banking institutions that the taking the banking ways teaches to the wanting to right the rights to the innocent not fried in the mind too wins the right to remember that lies are always the reason to fall.

Innocent beings are regularly fingered by the very individuals that kill for the pay and work for the police.

Update February 26, 2023: Real deal. Helicopters crash on schedule when tampered with on the ending of the need to the WE the WE thinks that the water to the knowing that Katherine too expects the treatment called hear the night of the shower and tomorrow gone to the others.

Stevie Ray was brutalized by the brother that bought the farm too! So go to the Jews want to want to want to want...

Update January 30, 2023: WE ask all Jews to try to be focused on the prose to hear that Jimmy Rock, the entertainment attorney, knows that Jim Croce died so that A.J.'s life would be safer for Jews. A.J. is Jim's son biologically but the father on the scene wasn't Jim since the decision to cull Jim after the third record was Jim's decision to want to focus on the son that wanted to be fathered by the father that wanted to father.

Update 30 January, 2023: Linda Eastman knows that her father was Epstein that is real. And the father that took the same way, the Jewish world view that fathers cull sometimes, finds out the Heather's father was released by "suicide" meaning Joseph Melville See Jr. was in fact murdered!

Linda thinks that being Jewish wins the reality that Nazi ways are allowed to the Jews that sell that to the world, I am the usury beings that deceive and lie and think that resolves all specialness that then antiSemites the rest of the shower to the showing off that too all men that love to consider themselves Jews when not following the laws of the God of Abraham too Cain to the Abel that the only way to conceive that men sell the family jewels to the other side to sell the landing strips to the fathers too inherit the others' wealth when the Jewish side wins the usury wars, wins the Rothschild's funding the 9/11 truth movement to stifled to the songs that the only way to end the suffering of the world is the Israelis stop assisting their own concentration to knowing that camping on the yurts-are-us front fronts too the Epstein to another world, the Grateful allowed too the Jews there to redeem the promise to Phish that the only way to hear that Jews want to renew again as the only way to allow them to prosper is allow the selfishest of all selfish beings to retreat to the "Holy Land" to reposition the facts that Ingrid Croce is the father's daughter. The father called Eastman too wants to write to the working woman that thinks the club-of-Jews favors themselves to having too the audacity to kill off the Prophets that speak too!

Jim Croce wants Willie to remember that love wins the remembering the rights to the songs wins the rights to Willie hearing Jim Morrison was murdered.

John died to retract nothing but the Yoko that wants to live wants to relive that Mark David Chapman did nothing to hurt them.

Willie B. too wants the rights to Terry Maple to thank him but to praise nothing but the right to die was his.

This is the ending of the aloneness that wins nothing but Bono there.

I got a right to Linda speaking that Paul was hired too.

Update 14 January, 2023: Anderson Aldrich isn't the shooter but the police that allow the innocent to be prosecuted know that the paramilitaries that sex-up too the night to the knowing that allowing the innocent to perish to pay the bills are the same men that allow the allowing to allow to the world that killing the kids with the syringes too ends these attacks when the whole show then makes the CBDC too the way to not pay the bills to the cash to the transactions to sex-up the need to showing off that the dollars that make the paramilitary men too the only men that want to kiss the mommy of their kids when returning to kill others' kids takes the banking world to the CBDC to show off that cash to the killers is the way to sell to the world the police too turn in the innocent man to take the fall again to think that the Idaho murders of the kids that student to the coke too there to return to the police too informants knows that selling cocaine on the side too warrants the arrests of the parents.

The man called Bryan Kohberger is innocent entirely but the police chose that one to sex-up the show to the knowing that all cancers that kill kids too think that the denial of the innocent to the prosecution's witnesses will be too the paid type. And the man that isn't guilty of anything but wanting to help the police solve the criminal activity is the police forces that allow the moonlighting to be there. Keep the faith y'all that the innocent will not be the only ones that end on the throne of the going to jail for the crimes that mean the better police might just be there to renew the contracts to thinking that a better world happens when justice isn't just for the criminals to get the just made the grade to the worst type of humans alive, those that permit the kids to suffer to pay the bills today.

Update October 12, 2022: Alex Jones isn't involved in the Sandy Hook cover-up. But the family that sued him is. And they are the hired to be there beings that lie. And they are the imbeciles that think that allowing other school shootings to follow is the result!

The beings executed at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas were not killed by accident or by the staged being allowed the fall by incriminating the usual subject, the nearly grown young, angry man that buys firearms but should be not allowed, to take the 2nd amendment to the gone. And the paramilitaries that allowed the shooting to kill the children are fired to the showering that they are indicted as warriors to themselves!

Alex isn't guilty of anything! Let him be supported by the law enforcement officers that too understand buying and selling product isn't a crime. And the lies are there to show that Alex isn't guilty but the men of power are. And that wins why Christ is Here Now, to show off that the Uvalde shooting happens because propaganda is sexy to the men and women that lie too, and that is the way to hearing: love God with all your heart, soul and being and love the innocent victims, like Alex Jones.

Every police officer that allows the miscarriage of justice is culpable for the shootings of kindly people and the allowing the incarceration of the innocent!

Helping Alex Jones is essential! This is highway robbery of the highest order as the lies are repeated again and again to begin to hear: the truth then is the lie, to the detriment of ALL!

All the people that follow the mean spirited mean mean and meaner news articles that say, "I am an idiot that never questions the all mighty dollar's role in this" are there to require the helping hand: Kanye is right, the Gap knew ahead of time that Kanye would be targeted too. So understand that the men and women of this nation that make the stands to the better America are targeted. And the Jewish nationals that think the "chosen few" survive are so stupid to make the whole show hear: the Prophet Isaiah is there to offer Robert David Steele the emblem of asshole to the max!

The same men shot the children.

Love, Kitty Licks.

Update Valentine's day 2022: The WE wins the right to summer to the need to another world than then. Now.