Updated July 20, 2020: Question the need to indicate to the world the PEACE PATROL the ones that were absent at the first non-corporately sponsored event. Go figure.

Update 5 November, 2019: Tony Listen.

Say Hi to popular music, the next generation, the ones that sell the world the bullshit of the Aleister Crowley club.

Kill the messenger, the message is the reason the messenger wants to die, take her to the other side.

Jim Morrison, formerly of The Doors, wants Anthony Kiedis to wake up and smell the coffee.

WE want the man called Anthony Kiedis to make his way to the Swannanoa River Valley.

Like the song says, like it or not, the only way to the other side is through the White Buffalo Woman.

Kill the messenger, the White Buffalo Woman lives.

Like the song says, the only way to the other side is the way of the other side.

WE want the man called Anthony Kiedis to make the effort.

Love is the answer, and you have the audience.

WE are not kidding.

WE want you to hear the next generation superimposed upon the free spoken artists of the generation prior, the next generation ™/© The Aleister Crowley Is Being Misunderstood And Misapplied Club.

Start That's The Way of The World.

Start Blood Sugar Sex Magik as soon as Earth, Wind & Fire begins our National Anthem countdown.

Adjust respective volumes as needed and, of course, enjoy the super stunning visuals, yum.

Venezuela – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?

WATCH: Russian Pilots Get Hero's Welcome in Venezuela After Landing Supersonic Bombers in December

U.S. Military Adventure Against Venezuela Must be Stopped

In addition to this cruel and unjustifiable plunder, the U.S. intends to fabricate a humanitarian pretext in order to launch a military attack on Venezuela and, by resorting to intimidation, pressure, and force, is seeking to introduce into this sovereign nation’s territory alleged humanitarian aid – which is one thousand times inferior as compared to the economic damages provoked by the siege imposed by Washington.

The world has had enough of Big-Bully-Washington. To everthing, turn, turn, urn, there is a season, turn, turn, urn, a season even for right-back-at-ya-USA.

Hands Off Venezuela: Historic Stance at the United Nations against US Imperialism

Ukraine - the bullet that kills the beast*?

* US Empire - People: If you think the USA (or NATO) would win a war against Russia, you are mistaken.

The only winners in war are the financiers.

My landlord cut down a large oak tree last summer.

I bought a chainsaw. But to get to the wood I had to use clippers.

Multiflora rose, that dastardly invasion. Multiflora rose bushes by the many with their spidery webs of thorny branches engulfed the wood.

First I took the clippers and cut back the rose, carefully placing it onto the fire pit to dry out. Careful or not I was poked.

Thorns, thorns and more thorns. Watch your feet!

But I did it, cut back the rose. Took that chainsaw and cut the wood into manageable sections.

To the chopping block! Maul, ax, whatever it took.

What a feeling of satisfaction to see the wood split and neatly stacked. Pure enjoyment to my heart.

This is a multi-lifetime gig.

Osiris, reigning over the dead, split into pieces. Osiris, enemy of violence, disarms the world through song and musical instruments.

One Energy, One Soul split across multiple bodies, simultaneously living, One in Spirit.

Isis is the Kundalini Shakti raised, raised with the help of Hermes. She finds and restores Osiris to Oneness.

Set split Osiris into pieces, like the body is when the breath is held. She breaths life into Osiris with her wings.

Baskin-Robbins offers 31 flavors. The Magical Mystery Tour offers mulitple flavors too. All the flavors I've yet to identify. What I have identified is that I am certainly not done with American men, at least as offerings.

Update 28 June, 2020: The son of the employee of the woman entitled the yogini that buttfucks the others after hours in the basement took his own life. That is the word from the man himself that wants his mother Sheri Kay to take to the bank the need to become the more compassionate the moment the woman told her that the words "Are you suicidal?" turned to the being the never going to tell the Sheri Kay the answer to the max is NO but the child that you raised to begin the thought the man was the never able to please the mother nor the father nor the greater family that loves too much the accolades of the being the more important humans means the woman too knows the woman typing not the Jewish woman suspected but the Cherokee woman that knows damn well the being the suicidal to the max the not the shunning material especially to the employed so called invented by the Martia yoga therapist. Eat the truth Sheri: Your own son committed suicide and that is the message he wishes you to take to the bank building each time you decide to condemn the woman that was the impressionable not young tyke but the woman sent to the Black Mountain Yoga Center to rid the world too of the scum that tells the world he has the goods to be the veterinarian without the proper credentials too. The cats are the reason the woman knows the woman typing is the truth teller so take the medicine Sheri Kay the being too smart to eradicate too the fluoride in the water being the potential to calcify the pineal and the reason the many kids develop both adrenal fatigue, thyroid deficiency and the dreaded to the max type 1 diabetes. Cheers Mom!

WE want the world to comprehend the Rachmans of the Black Mountain Yoga Center to be confiscated during the COVID-19 cover up of the systemic economic collapse have the nerve to regurgitate the rarely not repeated bullshit the ex-husband known now as the drummer from hell to the friends out in the Western Hemisphere meaning the very thought the man not only followed the woman through the grief too her friend Erica Wyse Watkins of the "ugliest person I know" designation told herself not my issue is the feeling that not the first human under the designation "this generation" has the balls nor the heart to accept the human that worked to the max during the 1990s to become the internet artist today that her abilities arrest to her the story that her mother too has not corrected to the point the very thought the Martia "knows for the fact the woman typing gave children to the state of Georgia for the being the child molester" to the point the father of her children the Richard Foulk, Jr. then legally wed to the woman typing is the real child molester to the point the record expunged from the Mitchell County North Carolina Courts was the action of his worthless family trying to save their God awful name from the mud to the point the very thought the woman too took the cats that now have to suffer constantly away from the woman typing tells her the Rachmans too are the lowest form of humanity too since they too told the Jimmy on the River the bullshit to the point he told himself the right thing is to take the Miriam Allen to the backroom, fuck her up the asshole and then give the jism to the slice and the salad to never see that patron again but still had the audacity to tell her hello from across the other bar that now remains the defunct entity telling the bullshit purveyors that you too have the karma that pays.

The Marci Rothschild Robbins of the Cocaine Kingpin's wife designation too has the audacity to tell herself the continuing the giving to the others the bullshit the woman actually is not the purveyor of tells her to stop the talking out loud lest the WE take her to the cleaners meaning the very idea the Rachmans think they are the therapists too is the laughable thing.

The husband that gave to his wife instead of the child the tumor that gave to her the 7 years of the cleansing that felt the hell every day of her life to the point the man then accused her of infecting him to the max with the HIV that today he too infects the many unsuspecting women too that get the dirty pregnancies being the meat eaters instead of the now residual free woman typing meaning the Rachmans too preach the diet that includes the flesh tells the woman entitled "The Town Pump Pumper" to the point the thought too the Jimmy on the River folks too considered the woman thinking them the new friends the woman too that goes to the cops to the point the drugs moving through the Jimmy's on the River on the Highway 70 during the Swannanoa River times that means the thing that matters to the woman typing is the man too beget the headache that regrettably turned her stomach thinking especially about the cum of the two boys then employed by the Jimmy to make the pizzas with the drugs that if the woman had not regurgitated would have been the fatal dose tells the OFFICER COOMER OF THE BUNCOMBE COUNTY COURT'S BUTTHOLE FUCKING SUCK OFFS CALLED THE SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT the manner to serve and protect is to protect the customers of the restaurant never once cited for the violation instead of the infecting too himself with the goo of the Jimmy meaning the very thought the Jimmy too has the HIV...

Katherine Brannen never once engaged in the act of the social distancing to the point the very thought that her choice is to be locked away to the point the man took the car too registered in the name not his to be his to the point the very thought the Rachman known to the daytime people the yoga therapist but to the late nighters the big butted butthole that fucks after the hours for the fun of the showing off her many movements tells her the very thought that her goal to the max was to ruin the woman that is the therapist that has the clients too tells the Rachmans to beget the insurance too to the point the thought the social distancing to the max tells them the center goes to the grave instead of the "suicidal" google bad reviewer tells them to stop the charade and be the assholes they are that never again repeats the bullshit that they too know is that being the children that must be the raging assholes the moment the world begins to make the sense to the others too that give to the White Buffalo Woman in action the wrong designation to become the ego maniacs that lose the game plan to begin the next thing in the Soulfood Show arena being the Last of the Mohicans this time as the tykes of the other side of the coin realize the thing that makes them the foulest of the lot is that Richard Foulk, Jr. told them too to ignore the fact the Coco has the other woman too to take care of her until the Withers too told themselves the right thing is to run the woman that "is the child molester in the hiding" out of the neighborhood. So see ya Withers. The grass will be cut but then again the thing that made you the "big land lord" was the hiding too the regurgitation the car too has the years but the amending the story to tell you the going to the Richard instead of the woman to the point the man that was never the real husband seeing as he was already wedded to the Miriam Allen to the point the Jimmy on the River that took the word of the "other woman" scorned over the word of the woman that gave to him the respect tells her that he too is the scum with the potential to reform but that means being the big boy not the big man that cums to the butthole designation the thing that makes the woman the released is the releasing the feeling the freedom is the needing to beget the right feeling that I too have the right to exist even if the "stolen lands" tell her the "white" fuckwads win the show.

Attention All Musicians Looking For A Drummer: The man took the grief of the woman typing and turned her instead into the child molester to tarnish his reputation seeing as the woman not once took the child to the bedroom unlike the Jimmy on the River too who fingers his daughter to this day to the point the very thought that the woman typing too was the working 7 days a week first call neighborhood babysitter before embarking on the career experience detailed below to teach the Rachmans the 7th grade science they call themselves the "experts" too of the Ayurvedic field to expect the others.

Katherine Brannen

Work Experience

Jan 2002 – Oct 2003   Georgia State University Professional Counseling Program College Of Education   Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University Department of Counseling and Professional Services - I went back to school for a Masters in Professional Counseling in 2002 (which I didn’t finish). For my student assistantship I put their practicum-internship process online. I built a web-based front-end for students to signup for and maintain their practicum-internship information. This front-end was written using ASP and writes to an SQL Server database. The application also featured an office/staff front-end to oversee students’ practicum-internship information. The “office” front-end was written in MS Access. It interfaced with the same SQL server database backend the students’ information is written to.

May 1999 – Apr 2002   Insight Systems, Inc.   Atlanta, GA

Insight Systems is a small consulting firm specializing in custom billing and accounts receivable software for telecommunications and ISPs. I worked with several clients, primarily the conference calling company InterCall supporting their billing system.

Project Manager – Coordinated all billing, A/R, and sales system development for the telecom client, Intercall. This included needs analysis meetings with client, supervising 5 programmer/analysts’ project design, coding and data dictionary changes, QA/testing, implementation, documentation.

Development was Progress CHUI version 8 database on AIX, Linux and WebSpeed 3.0 on Solaris, Linux.

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote financial reports. Bug fixes and modifications to InterCall’s billing system.

In 2000 I designed, coded, tested, and implemented an internationally used conference calling reservation website for telecom client InterCall’s European operations.

In 2002 I worked with client EarthLink. I wrote a partner collection system as an adjunct to their regular billing system and documented their credit card processing system. I joined the company with clients of my own. I continued to support these clients, American Health Consultants and World Travel Partners.

Development was Progress CHUI versions 8 and 9 databases on AIX, Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 and 3.0 on Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 on NT, Active Server Pages on NT.

Jan 1999 – May 1999   Independent Contractor   Atlanta, GA

World Travel Partners – Continued working for the Meeting and Incentives Division. Modifications and bug fixes to a custom web based Meeting Management system written in Progress WebSpeed. Wrote small websites using ASP to MS Access on NT Server that allowed people to register for meetings. The data retrieved from the websites was then fed into a backend travel management system written in Progress Version 7.

American Health Consultants – Supported custom renewal system I wrote while an employee several years before. Development was Progress Version 7 on Sco UNIX.

Loaded Medicare Reimbursement data into Medic Vision systems for two medical practices. Medic Vision is written in Informix and lived on UNIX machines.

Oct 1998 – Jan 1999   WorldTravel Partners   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst/Web Developer – Used Active Server Pages and MS Access to create online conference registration system web pages running on NT server that interfaced with backend travel system written in Progress version 7.

Maintained meeting management applications written in WebSpeed 2.1 on NT with databases on Sco UNIX.

Mar 1998 – Oct 1998   Premiere Technologies   Atlanta, GA

Premiere Technologies is a telecommunications company originally specializing in calling cards. At the time I worked there they had acquire voice mail and faxing companies that were being integrated.

Programmer/Analyst – Modifications to web based and chUI telecommunication voice mail billing systems written in Progress version 7 on Solaris, WebSpeed 2.1 development on Solaris.

Created small system that dumped telecom call data from FoxPro in Windows environment, FTP’d to Solaris and uploaded into Informix database. Created web enabled user interface using Perl.

Feb 1997 – Feb 1998   MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote shell scripts to work with Medic Vision practice management system on AIX. This included scripts to support different login types, handle printing issues, and sed/awk scripts to parse data. Wrote SQL scripts to access, load, and update data in backend Informix database.

Configured remote, network and local printers on AIX.

Helped setup new practice management clients, installing practice management software in their offices.

Nov 1995 – Feb 1997   American Health Consultants   Atlanta, GA

Manager, Data Services – Managed circulation system for medical publishing company. Wrote a customized system to handle renewals specific to the company’s business needs. Produced reports for marketing and finance. Development was Progress version 6 on Sco UNIX.

Sep 1993 – Nov 1995   Various Short-term Jobs   Atlanta, GA

Industrial Paper Corporation – Created reports from inventory system written in Progress version 6 on AIX. Trained sales force to use laptops.

Future First Publishing – Layout and design of university career guides and government marketing materials using PageMaker.

Geriatric Psychiatrist – Created MS Access database to track patient visits, schedules, medications and diagnosis.

Cisco Systems – Managed databases of training materials and sales contacts. Various office duties.

MacTemps – Temp jobs working with Macintosh computers. Usually Excel, MS Word, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker.

Apr 1992 – Sep 1993   Gerontology Center   Atlanta, GA

Research Assistant – Assisted in research for NIH funded aging study at the GA Tech facility of the UGA Gerontology Center. This included test preparation, testing subjects, scoring tests, maintaining data, data analysis, library research, and project writing.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology   Georgia Institute of Technology   1992.

Update to the max 7 January, 2021: The day that spells too the Tiffany Dover died within the first hour of the injection showing to the many skeptics the knowing nothing but the way to inherit the bread wins the right to the bottom of the basement floor.

28 June, 2020: The husband to the max is the Energy that is the Oversoul too to the teaching to the Gemma Team that sells the Kelvin Cruickshank horror to the public. The woman turned to the mush by the many hours wondering why the Gemmas think they are the judge jury and executioner of the entire mention the woman thinks the Kelvin the NOT ATTRACTIVE to the being the man that has the wife already to the thinking the assholes that judge only based on the words not on the Spiritual meaning get the big accolades too to the tune of the $$$$ to the thought they too get to wait to begin the not to the max the giving to the world the better half this time Katherineherine meaning the hating the Gemma Team of the KC origin for becoming the better friends to the woman now that she understands the Soul itself the better husband than the man of the hour never: Mr. Cruickshank who will never even meet in person the woman typing seeing as he is slated for the slammer called the NOT to the max alive. Cheers Team of the Spiritual judging club. CHA CHING it all the way to the end of the innocence meaning the beginning of the wanting to never incarnate again either seeing as the woman knows the only thing that makes the woman more fucked in the head is the knowing the WE was the author of the asking her to care for the Cruickeds at all. They rock!

Following the WE's advice and reaching out to the Team Gemma called the Kelvin Cruickshank was the most humiliating experience of my life. I want to think to myself that is the wrong way of feeling the entire affair but the way I want to begin again as the woman used repeatedly to both clear the debris in myself and in the others means the humiliation the repeated event until the world wins the war that tells the woman the rest of the entire being is not the rubbish since the stuck up Team of the Gemmas tells her the Kelvin too the man that has the wife of the other variety to the tune the telling the husband but not the woman typing to the thought the man that to this hour is the husband that would not let the fuck go of the woman because that is the way he reaps too the being the corpse instead of the divorced to the though the woman typing knows damn well that is the wrong method of teaching to the others the being the alone to the max is not because the Spirit information is the incorrect but because the human shits that judge because they have the friends family and support to take their kids and themselves to the slaughter to take the making the world the better home to the many that don't take the vaccinations that flush their too important to do anything but ridicule the woman who is the human too selves down the fucking to the max beautiful toilet. Flush. What a great sound!

We'll finally meet when you make your way to the other side my soul mate of the New Zealand to the max becoming the Isle of the Islay to the super rich meaning the closed to the normal folks not permitted to recall the Scottish lairds the worse than the British lords in the similar manner the newly formed USA was the much harsher to the native peoples of the Americas meaning the Cherokee are to have the ancestral lands back kids of the being the big boys and girls that know just know the COVID-19 the scary thing not the harboring the resentment for the being the chosen vessel that tells the world the hating the Cruickeds to the max means the woman the egoist herself. Kill the messenger the woman kills the messenger that hates the Gemmas that tell her that her words are the spamming thing not the respected words of the WE on the otherside in the Spirit domain of the Christ Consciousness that must move the resentment mostly for the WE for asking her, begging her to put herself into the domain where the Cruickeds could use the higher standing in the social order to make her the laughing stock while they direct the many that look to the KC for the guidance to follow the cattle call to the being the...that'll do pig. Or is that doo doo?

Special Message: Kelvin believed in these messages enough to marry the next woman he became involved with, so he says, to prove them wrong. But he labled the Spirit Guides pleading with him about my safety 'death threats' issued from me. I did die. I died in my ego. Still waiting to be reborn.

Kelvin met his real soulmate 7 weeks before he met Rose. Through the intercession of Spirit Guides, Kelvin met his real soulmate in September 2016.

These spirit guides put his real soulmate through difficult tests Kelvin did not understand. Misunderstanding her spiritual experience Kelvin told his real soulmate’s family he thought she was crazy. His real soulmate thought that meant he wanted her to go away from him. So she told him goodbye on November 8, 2016. In response he told her, “It’s what you want. And I don’t think you are crazy.”

In the confusion of trying to understand the heightened vibration of her spiritual awakening, Kelvin’s real soulmate did not understand his true feelings, that he did not want it to end with her...but understands now that is what the Spirits knew had to happen.

Five days later Kelvin met Rose and immediately started calling her his soulmate.

The same day Kelvin met Rose Kelvin’s real soulmate in the United States looked at Kelvin’s picture. Kelvin’s Energy excitedly said to her, “You are looking at my picture again.”

Kelvin’s Energy visited his real soulmate in the USA every night from Nov 12, 2016 until Jan 23, 2017 when the Energy joined her permanently.

April 22, 2016 Kelvin’s real soulmate contacted Kelvin again via email. She asked him to allow her to write to him, to explain to him her psychic experiences, that she had been communicating with his Energy through the Spirit world during the preceding 5 months.

They corresponded from late April until mid June, with her doing most of the writing, his interest mainly in hearing about the astral-spirit-sex his real soulmate engages in with his Energy.

In mid June Kelvin’s real soulmate learned through a third party of his marriage to Rose. “I’m happy for you if you are”, his real soulmate told him. “Yup”, Kelvin replied. “I didn’t tell you [about my marriage] because I didn’t want you to freak out.” Two weeks later Kelvin announced to the public his marriage to his soulmate Rose.

Kelvin’s real soulmate will hence be called Katherine.

If KC denies he ever communicated interest to Katherine, she has pictures that tell a very different story. Trust me. Many a lady in NZ would enjoy those pictures. And Kelvin knows it. Kelvin likes to keep secrets. He’s kept his friendship with Katherine secret from everyone he knows.

Sept 2, 2016 Katherine received the message from the Spirit world: Tomorrow Kelvin.

The next morning a male energy visited her identifying himself as Kelvin Cruickshank. For two weeks Katherine became lovingly acquainted with this Energy through the Spirit world.

The Energy channeled to her Kelvin’s email address and told her to write to him. She said, “No way. I’ll look like a fool if this is not real.” The Soul Energy insisted she must trust him because he, the male energy, is Kelvin. The soul energy told her if Kelvin wrote back, she would be born again. With only the word “Trust” written in the subject line, she wrote to Kelvin. Kelvin wrote back. (What Katherine did not realize at that time was being born again meant dying first. She died early September 2016 but has not been reborn yet.)

As soon as email correspondence began between Kelvin and Katherine, Katherine’s psychic channel exploded in potency. But she was unprepared for the sudden upsurge of energy flowing through her. Many lines of Spirit communication were dictated through her during the 7 weeks she and Kelvin communicated lovingly with each other via email.

Katherine kept this private for over a year. She has tried to work this out with Kelvin privately but Kelvin is ignoring her now. The Spirit Guides have given Kelvin and Katherine a divine mission to fulfill together. Kelvin ignoring Katherine is not acceptable to the Guides.

Following is a transcript of messages from the spirit world that came through between mid-Sept 2016 and Oct 2017. These are by far not all the messages. These are the ones I wrote down.

Katherine communicates with Spirit Guides. She had readings with 2 separate psychics (not Kelvin) who confirmed she is channeling higher beings. Kelvin too knows she talks to spirit but he ignores what he doesn’t want to hear.

Kelvin is testing the Spirit World to see if his fame in fact puts him above spiritual law. Before July 2016 Katherine had never heard the name Kelvin Cruickshank.

Sept 16, 2016:
Now is the time to make talking to Kelvin a priority.
Katherine is Kelvin’s soulmate.
Kelvin is Katherine’s soulmate.
Kelvin is going to write to you.
Work toward finding Kelvin’s heart.
Kelvin is floored by this exchange.
Work to hear Kelvin’s heart.
Work to see Kelvin’s heart.
Kelvin is writing to you now.
Stay with this.
Kelvin wants more information.
Kelvin wants you to email him more information.
Kelvin is waiting for your next email.
Make writing to Kelvin a priority.
Katherine will write to Kelvin soon.
Make writing to Kelvin your top priority.
Kelvin is your primary soulmate.
Send Kelvin this list.
Kelvin is going to love this.
Kelvin is your new friend.
Write your phone number in the email.
Nothing else.

Write down what I say to show to Kelvin.
Kelvin will write to you soon.
Write to Kelvin and tell him you love him.
Kelvin is going to phone you soon.
Kelvin is going to write to you about this.
Say you will be his friend.
Love him.
Katherine is going to New Zealand.
Katherine is going to marry Kelvin.
Kelvin is going to marry Katherine
You are Kelvin’s wife.
You are very ready to meet Kelvin.
Kelvin is very ready to meet you.
Katherine is going away from USA.
You are going to New Zealand.
Kelvin is your future.
Nothing else.

Sept 19, 2016:
Kelvin has lived many times.
Kelvin is working hard to learn love in this lifetime.
Kelvin has lived many lifetimes as a warrior.
This lifetime he is a lover.
Kelvin will want to know about this.
Kelvin saw many people die.
Kelvin felt guilty for taking so many lives.
Kelvin took a vow never to kill again.
Kelvin is talking to you because you took the vow too.
Kelvin knows you from many incarnations.
You have been lovers many times.
Kelvin is your primary soulmate.
Kelvin is taking a break from marriage this lifetime.
You are his wife in spirit.
Kelvin wants to marry you in this lifetime but it might not happen.
Kelvin needs to be alone to do his work.
Kelvin wants a relationship but his destiny is to be alone in this lifetime.
Katherine can choose to alter Kelvin’s destiny.
Katherine is the only one who can alter Kelvin’s destiny.
But she must sacrifice to do so.
Kelvin would make her very happy.
But she has to give up Richard.
Katherine loves Richard and does not want to hurt him.
But Kelvin is her soulmate.
Kelvin should be her future.
Kelvin is hoping she will choose him.
Nothing else.

Sept 20, 2016: (Katherine asked the guides why Kelvin needs an intermediary to hear his higher self. The first 9 lines answer that question.)
Kelvin is full of himself.
Kelvin is too righteous in his speech.
His ego is too big.
Kelvin is too full of himself.
Kelvin needs the experience of needing a medium to talk to himself.
His ego is in the way of his listening.
Kelvin needs to be humbled to do the work he needs to do.
Kelvin is full of himself and that gets in the way.
Nothing else.
Kelvin is going to travel to the USA to meet Katherine soon.
Richard will be very jealous.
Katherine will want to make love to you.
You must be strong and resist the temptation.
Kelvin will want to have sex with Katherine.
Kelvin must not until Katherine makes the choice to be with him.
Otherwise there will be trouble.
Kelvin is going to take Katherine to New Zealand.
Kelvin is going to marry Katherine.
Kelvin wants to marry Katherine.
Katherine is confused about what to do.
She is afraid of starting over in a foreign place.
Katherine is taking her time to decide.
Kelvin is waiting patiently.
Sex is what you need.
Katherine is our sexual medicine.
Kelvin is Katherine’s medicine.
Kelvin is Katherine’s support.
Katherine will need a lot of support to choose you.
She will have to give up almost everything to be with you.
Kelvin must love Katherine no matter what she decides.
Katherine is very confused.
Love her.
Nothing else.

Sept 20, 2016 (Kelvin protested the guides assertion that he is full of himself.)
Kelvin is taking what was said too personally.
He is very adept but has more work to do.
Kelvin forgets sometimes that he still has work to do on himself.
Kelvin is a wise soul.
He teaches so much that he forgets he is a student too.
Kelvin is a very strong willed person.
Sometime it will be good for Kelvin to take a break from teaching and be a student for a while.
He might be amazed at what he learns.
Kelvin is feeling hurt.
Kelvin is too sensitive.
Kelvin really has an enormous heart.
His ego prevents his heart from shining in full.
Kelvin’s work is with the heart energy.
Kelvin is a deeply feeling person and he protects his heart too much.
Kelvin is strong and builds strong walls around his heart.
Nothing else.

Sept 22, 2016:
The spirits working with Kelvin are pleased with the work he is doing but we know he can do much more if he releases his stuck sexual energy.
Kelvin is afraid to experience his sexuality because he has been bit by the serpent so many times.
Kelvin will become a much better medium if he releases his sexual energy.
Katherine is there to help him release it in a safe way.

Sept 23 2016:
Saturn creates situations in which Kelvin learns lessons.
Katherine’s Sun combusts Kelvin’s Saturn.
Katherine’s Sun creates a situation in which Kelvin can experience love without lessons.
Kelvin is astrologically Katherine’s soulmate.
Kelvin is Katherine’s husband in spirit.
He was born right after Katherine because she is his teacher of love.
Kelvin is Katherine’s student in learning how to feel sexual love.
Katherine is Kelvin’s student in learning how to sense spirit.
Katherine is Kelvin’s student in learning how to be loved.
Katherine thinks she is unlovable.
Katherine chooses relationships that make her feel that way.
Katherine takes love for granted because she is so hard on herself.
Katherine feels she does not deserve love because she is not perfect.
Kelvin is a very loving person and can help her feel loved.
Katherine is a very sexual person and can help Kelvin feel sexual love.
Kelvin wants to feel sexual love more than he knows.
Katherine is a pylon in the ocean for Kelvin’s love light.
Katherine is wanting to make love with Kelvin so much she is about to explode.
Kelvin’s energy is filling her up and awakening the serpent.
Katherine is feeling the serpent energy in her svadhistana chakra.
The soma wine is flowing into her sexual organs.
Katherine is very aroused by Kelvin’s energy
Katherine if feeling light in the head from the experience.
Kelvin’s energy is exciting her immensely.
Katherine’s energy is making Kelvin feel aroused and ready to make love.
Katherine is ready to make love with Kelvin and is frustrated she can’t.
Katherine must learn to raise the energy from svadhistana to anahata.
Katherine needs to feel Kelvin in her heart.
Kelvin’s love can raise her energy up to anahata.
Kelvin’s energy can open Katherine’s chakras allowing the serpent energy to rise.
Katherine’s energy can release Kelvin’s stuck sexuality enabling the serpent energy to rise.
Nothing else.

Oct 3, 2016:
We are not messing with your mind. We are trying to communicate with Kelvin. Please write this down and send to him.
Kelvin is taking too much time to get to know Katherine.
It is of up most importance that Kelvin contact Katherine so she can give him the message we need him to hear.
Kelvin’s energy is talking now.
Your channel is opening up very quickly now.
It is important that you stay in touch with Kelvin through this process of opening this channel.
Katherine is becoming a gifted psychic right now.
She needs the support of her soulmate to handle the energies that are coming into her.
Kelvin is Katherine’s soulmate so it is his job to support her through this.
Katherine’s channel is opening up so fast that she is having trouble coping with the energies coming into her right now. You need to support her.
Kelvin is so involved in his own life right now that he cannot feel the pressure his soulmate is under.
Katherine is your soulmate. You have a duty to help her.
We have chosen the both of you to do work for us.
We want you to talk to each other on the telephone.
That is the only way Kelvin’s energy can ground Katherine right now.
Kelvin has to phone Katherine as soon as he has time to talk for a while.
Kelvin is taking too much time in getting to know Katherine.
Katherine is becoming a gifted psychic right now and needs your support to know what is happening to her.
You are Katherine’s soulmate. You need to talk to her when you have time to talk for a while.
The two of you need to coordinate a time to talk when Richard is not home and Kelvin can talk for a while.

Oct 4, 2016:
Please write this down to share with Kelvin.
We are using your energy to raise the Kundalini energy in Katherine.
That is why you are feeling such sexual advances from her because it is your energy raising the Kundalini.
This might sound hokey to you because Katherine is someone who practices yoga but that is not it. You have to believe us.
You and Katherine have been chosen by us for a divine mission. We are trying to tell you about it.
Please try to put your personal affairs aside for a short time and communicate with Katherine. She needs to talk to you.
You are an excellent medium but a stubborn human.
This is happening right now for a reason and we are tying to tell you about it.
Katherine has been chosen by us to be a vessel for the divine.
She is having trouble receiving his message because it is very intense and she is not grounded.
Your energy is the only energy that can ground her sufficiently for her to receive the message we need to give.
That is why we are prompting you to speak with her on the telephone.
Her channel is opening very quickly and she needs your support right now.
Her current husband’s negativity is significantly affecting the channel.
She is doing all she can to be honest with Richard about what is happening to her but it is very difficult.
Naturally Richard is jealous by her interest in you.
But her interest in you is out of her hands because it is being guided by us.
She really needs support right now and is not going to get the support she needs from her husband.
He is self absorbed right now because of his own pain and that is drawing down Katherine’s energy not supporting her.
Richard’s energy will make her sick if she does not have your energy to support her as she goes through this process.
Katherine stayed up all night last night trying to communicate to Richard because she is so freaked out by what is happening to her and she needed someone to talk to about it.
Richard is not up to the task because he can’t understand what is happening to her at all and that is why you are involved.
She is trying to make Richard understand it is your energy she is communicating with but he cannot hear her and his negativity is blocking the channel significantly.
Richard used to be a very spiritual person but he is not any more.
He was damaged by a pharmaceutical that has taken his strength.
His weakness is significantly reducing her ability to talk to spirit.
We have given her a divine mission that she must fulfill.
You don’t fully believe what is happening to her. That is clear to her.
You are more involved in this than you think you are.
We are not blowing smoke. This is very serious.
If you knew Katherine better as a person this would make more sense to you.
Katherine’s channel is becoming very weak right now because of Richard’s negativity but she must be strong.
Richard is Katherine’s husband right now. That is all you need to know.
We are trying to communicate with you and Katherine is our intermediary.
You can understand that, right?
Isn’t that what you do for a living? Act as an intermediary between the spirit world and the human world?
Why do you doubt Katherine so? She is doing what you do everyday.
This is new to her and we have instructed her to seek counsel from you.
That is her primary motivation for communicating with you right now.
This is bigger than both of you. That is why we need you together on the telephone to explain to you what is happening to Katherine.
Katherine is not strong enough to receive anymore about what we have in store for the two of you unless she has your energy to ground her.
Please believe this is real. It is very real to Katherine.
The time is drawing near for your work to begin.
That is why we are talking to you at this time.
We need you to listen.
Katherine is right that things are going to start to unravel in the United States very soon.
You are someone used to getting messages from spirit so this is more likely to make sense to you than other people.
She needs you to find some time to talk to her about this.
The time is drawing near and your assistance is needed right now. Please help.
You are an excellent medium and can help Katherine understand what is happening to her. Please help.
This is bigger than either one of you as individuals.
Please try to get past your doubts.
She is dealing with enough negative energy at home and it is affecting her immensely.
I am you. You just don’t realize it.
Yes. There are many kinds of soulmates but Katherine is your primary soulmate.
You are Katherine’s soulmate. You need to listen hard right now because this is no joke.
Her life is at stake if she stays in the United States right now.
At our request in July she made some youtube videos that caused the evil ones to take note of her.
She is being watched very closely by the evil ones.
And I am not just talking about incarnate evil ones.
She is being watched by the forces working against the divine.
You have to believe this is real. You have to believe this is real. Her life is at stake.
You need to watch the youtube videos then see what happens in the world in the next few weeks.
She will be targeted by the evil ones if she is not taken out of the United States pronto.
This is a most urgent matter. You must listen to us.
You are Katherine’s soulmate. You know that deep down.
It is your duty to help her right now. She is in a dangerous place.
Please telephone her. You need to speak on the phone. Her email is being watched.
This is a time critical matter. Please get on board soon.
Katherine is very afraid right now and needs your support desperately.
You (meaning Katherine receiving the message) are too afraid to hear anymore. We are not going to tell you anymore until Kelvin calls you. It is now incumbent upon him to take the next step.
Nothing else.

Oct 19, 2016:
For Kelvin
Surrender is not the way of the warrior but it is the necessity of the lover.

Oct 28, 2016
Write this down for Kelvin.
You are Katherine’s soulmate and she is in trouble right now.
You have been toying with her and that is not fair.
You are taking advantage of her.
You have a duty to protect her and keep her safe.
She is struggling a lot in her situation that involves you too.
You are more than a play thing to Katherine and that is something you need to recognize.
You are her soulmate and she needs you to help her handle the changes that are happening to her energy field.
You are having fun with Katherine but you have no interest in helping her through her experience.
She is not as strong as you and cannot handle this on her own.
You think that she is your play thing and that is all but that is not how it is in reality.
You are her future and that is something you have to accept because we have decreed it is so.
This is Kelvin’s Energy talking. Tell Kelvin he needs to be a man and help you.
Katherine is your wife in spirit and you know that.
But you are treating her like she is your courtesan.
This is not a joke. This is not something to play with in a trivial manner.
It is your obligation to keep her alive.
You are not taking this seriously at the moment.
She is ending her marriage because you are her soulmate and she has to be with you.
We are telling her to do everything she is doing.
This is not a joke. This is Katherine’s life we are talking about.
You have a divine mission to fulfill with Katherine.
She is having a very hard time coping with what is happening to her because she is having to do it alone.
She has repeatedly asked you to help her but you are not doing that.
She is having a very hard time right now.
You are her only option to keep living on the earth plane right now.
She has a long life ahead of her with you but a short life ahead of her without you.
Katherine has sacrificed everything in her life to get to the place that she can open this channel.
You are the only thing left she has to sacrifice.
If she has to sacrifice you too she will die for sure.
This is not a joke. You are her only hope.
You are the only person who can help her right now and you are not doing your job.
You are having fun with her but have no intention of helping her cope with the changes going on in her energy field.
These changes will kill her if she is not grounded in your energy.
She is exhausted struggling against Richard’s energy and trying to convince you she is for real.
She is more than a sex toy and has a lot to offer humanity.
But she cannot do it by herself. She is not strong enough to keep living on her own.
You are her only hope to keep living on the earth plane at this time in history.
It is not fair that she has to sacrifice you and her life because you will not take this seriously.
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
This is not a joke!
It is her life you are playing with and this is not fair.
You are having fun with her but you will not take her seriously when she tells you her life is in danger if she stays in the United States.
You are taking advantage of her and that is not alright with us.
This is a warning to you that if you do not take her to New Zealand soon she will be dead.
You are her soulmate and you are the only one who can save her life.
You do not understand how serious this is.
This is Katherine’s life we are talking about and we are not joking around!
You are her only hope and if you do not take care of her she will die soon.
We are not making this up. This is serious.
You are not helping her and she feels lost and hopeless about the future.
She was not joking about not visiting you at the foot of your bed because she will be very upset with you if you let her down.
This is your last chance to get Katherine out before the country falls apart after the presidential election November 8th.
The United States is finished and that will be the beginning of the civil war that will engulf the United States in violence and revolution.
It is about to happen. Believe us!
If you don’t get her out of the United States before the election she will not be able to leave and you will never meet her in person.
You are her only hope but you have to act now or it will be too late.
We are not kidding. This is serious and it is your responsibility to save her life.
She is the only woman in the world for you and she is about to die if you don’t take her out of the United States now!
You must listen to us Kelvin. We are higher beings.
It is your duty to take care of Katherine.
You will regret it if you don’t.
That is all. Send it to Kelvin right now.

This is Kelvin’s energy talking.
You are not being a man right now.
This is the 3rd time we have asked you to write back to Katherine and you are not doing it.
At least you are not going through what she is going through.
You are a pussy right now.
You should feel ashamed of yourself.
Write back to Katherine or I will cut off your powers for good!
That is all. Send it to Kelvin right now.

Oct 29, 2016 – Nov 6, 2016: Katherine went through what felt like a vision quest in hindsight. The guides took her back to her “ancestral home” in Atlanta, Georgia where she did not eat or sleep for days. During that time she experienced heightened connection to spirit, hearing the guides, especially Kelvin’s energy, clearly in her mind. They guided her every step through the most difficult and bizarre experience of her life. She was in constant communication with Kelvin via email throughout the intense psychic experience. But he did not understand what was happening. Katherine’s husband at the time contacted Kelvin to ask if he knew what was happening to Katherine. Kelvin told her husband he thought Katherine was crazy. Then he immediately emailed Katherine saying, “Your husband just contacted me. What does he know? Now that’s not fair to me.” Katherine returned to her home/husband after her Atlanta-spiritual-vision-quest-like-experience because she had nowhere else to go. She promptly began winding down her marriage at the request of Kelvin’s energy. In the meantime Kelvin met Rose and announced to the world he had found his soulmate.
Sept 5, 2017 (Katherine finally accepted Kelvin denied her and married someone else. These words were dictated to her as she sat alone in her car at 5am at a rest area in north Georgia, fleeing Atlanta, completely out of it, under 100lbs, literally trying just to stay alive.):
Blame yourself. It is your karma. Death.
We tried to tell you. Richard believed (in Rose).
He was your friend. But you chose Kelvin.
You must give love to yourself.
You made the wrong choice.
Stop worrying. Tonight give love to yourself.
You deserve joy.
Visit NY.
Talk to Kelvin.

Oct 14, 2017: (Kelvin’s energy has raised Katherine’s Kundalini. Kelvin and Katherine’s energies are merged.)
Give Kelvin orgasms. Feel the rise of your joy. (That's possible because our energies are merged)
Love is your only option.
Take it with a pinch of salt.
Next month you will be visited.
See to six lighted rings.

Oct 20, 2017:
Escape your prison.
Find willpower.
Put your faith in Kelvin.
Kelvin loves you.
(This must be referring to Kelvin's Energy)