The bridge wasn't timed to a computer to remember that the so-called "AI" now that wants to recover the bullshit again as fed by the world where radio and television form the expressions.

And the man that wrote this piece, Peter Koenig, is the best architect of the WE's ways that exists.


IRS stations the event to coincide with the Titantic times 10 times 10,000 that the sugar that supports the oligarchs will end when the beings that stop tidying up themselves to another world where there isn't another way than the destruction that will follow. Absolutely that is false. But the beings that will not even try to believe the people responsible for the bridge destroyed are really just down the road at the Pentagon.

Update June 27, 2023:

The Wagner initiative won't remove Putin. Nor will the AI remove the reality that the body is Spirit, Energy. The Energies that borrow the lands to begin the healing that the purification won't end when the summering again removes the need to another man that wuvs but returns to Teaching the Turner's that wuving them was. And the Vladimir Putin that too understands "intelligence" intellects to the MJ12 too the MI-6 too the Aristobrats that think that the along for the realization that submitting to the uses that used the usury to return to milking the cows for the payments to the big kids that lie to the usury was too the Kennedy's that used the land grants to reuse too the ukuleles teaches all musical acts that submitting to Blackrock, the entertainment of the masses, that the masses don't understand money means that using the monetary ways to return to the money there to retreat to the shots there to clot the brains of the oligarchs that lie to the public Wagners to the knowledge that the Prigozhin was acting alongside the very individuals that Balkan to the Belarus there to return to the beings that are not chess playing aristocrats that love to watch the suffering of the masses too!

The WE wants the Wagner-Was_Resulted-To-Us-As-Liars folks to be there as the British are not intelligent, nor is Charles III and the bride that murdered Diana there to return to the ways and means of the wittle children too born to the never able to mention that the spermatozoa that isn't well now that covid-19 shots turn them to returning to depleted uranium there too wants the cunts that take to watching me begin to have to reconcile to the recommendation that infanticide is fun to the masses of women that love to return to the Scientology there to remember the KMA that is there to return to the Wagner group hired to return to Scott Ritter there to return to the intelligentsia that believes the CIA mandate to serve the oligarchs that want to rule the entire world wants the return to the Romanov on their shoulders, to think that the entire time the WE writes the very individuals that eat the scum called blood sacrifice is well to humans too thinks that the quiet of the night that squirrels too meet their meats to the squirrel meeting the ways of the nuts of the fielding that: the WE wants the kept in pens animals to be freer. And that wins free-ranging the children that want to chicken to the inside the houses all the time. That wins this: the MJ-12 wants the words to resound to their leader, Charles III, to take the bow to never being alive again as the "monarch" that butterflies to the 60s revolution returned to hippies-are-good-people-that-love not the inversion that the very individuals that buy and sell warfare to the public to return to "humanitarian" as the way to return to the Sankhya that is too the way to returning the dollars to the opposing them to the knowing that the going after them as the Fitzgerald's take to the payments to be with the aristocracy's defunct minority, the illegitimate kids born to the big kids of the smarter-than-thou takes to the payments that going to the ways and means of the waving the fingers to the WE is the way to hearing that going after the...

From Ben Fulford's latest:

"In secret, the AI project of the West has a much more ambitious goal, and that is to take control of reality in and of itself. Members of the Gnostic Illuminati, who are influential in this project, insist that their real enemy is a 'rogue artificial intelligence.' Members of the super-elite MJ12 group created by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower say the same thing. They believe that because reality is so full of misery and suffering, no benevolent creator could be responsible. Therefore, they wish to overthrow the 'malevolent creator' and take control of reality themselves."

There is a rogue artificial intelligence, a black magic controlling the minds of most in the West. We can all agree on that.

I tell you from firsthand communication with Spirit beings in the Christ Light: the Creator is not a 'malevolent creator'. And the Creator is in charge.

God is Love. That is apparent if you live and experience your sexuality from your heart.

Mercy is the way of the creator. Sacrifice and misery are the ways of fallen humanity.

Humanity fell in conjunction with the individual armoring himself against his own sexual energy.

Sexual energy liberated naturally rises, energizing the chakras.

The Magi followed the 'Star in the East' to find their way to the Christ child. Esoterically the 'Star in the East' is the third eye, ajna chakra. Seek the 'Star in the East'. There you will find the Real Intelligence underlying ALL.

Your AI plan is not going to happen like you think.


Update 13 August, 2023:

Ask the WE why the whole time this subscriber has read Robert Malone her gut feeling is the man is duplicitous and trying to recreate a reality that isn't well to the white women that want to remember that being "white" means loving lies above truth, loving status and money above the realities that loving Karen today is allowing the truth to be there: Robert Kennedy, Jr. was never attacked by Karen Kingston ever! In fact the direct opposite of that is there in her communication.

You are not the only human Katherine Brannen aka Kitty Licks that knows that Karen Kingston is awesome, that her work is well and that her world is under attack because of the veracity of the truth that her work demonstrates. And the demonstration of Robert Malone as the self-centered sociopath that makes the hardship of the woman's world, being forced to show that the men that lie too are the CIA agents that run the security branches that sell security to the world, as if too the security of the big baby Malone is wronged is the way to show off a spoiled brat! And that brat is called Jill too!

As the world finds out that the whole time a world exists that seems to show off that the lies are winning, the opposite of the lie is there. And the truth wins, always.

Dr. Robert Malone, you guessed that right, is the so-called "inventor" of the mRNA technology. Yeah right! That wins the WE as the inventor of the wasted wasted wasted world where the men without any compassion marry women with even less compassion, but a way to returning to them being now under attack by the hate speech of Karen's plea to be saved, the terrorized world that Dr. Malone's "wife" too can't understand, being too selfish and full of themselves to concentrate on the empathicness of the need to remember, the lie of the day is that, along for the WE is the way to return to the ways.

You are wrong to get the game this way Dr. Malone. The WE thinks that your need to consider Karen the imbecile that is not well to the mind is the way to requiring the selfishness of the Jill Malone too there. And that is the hate that is demonstrated, the Malone's hate is the hate totally.

The WE knows that the men's clubs that are there to require the membership to be servile to the other men are there to require the women associated with them to be their bitches that just loooove to watch the others be put down. And the very competent, needed to save humanity from the bullshit totally "gnostic illuminati" types that think they are using duplicity and staged events to show off "AI" are to learn that the Spirit is the source of their mutations too! And Dr. Malone's Jill isn't a nice being. And the emu isn't that happy. Lonely is that bird. And the truth is the kept animals for the amusement of the never home Jill and Robert are ready to fly the coop to be safer, not around the assholes.

The world will hear that many individuals that lie are there to return to the Nazis and the 9/11 Attacks as the way to beget the horror that the victimized beings are the women that love to hear that loving to return to the 5th generation "warfare" directed back at Dr. Malone is the twisting the fates to the considering that loving to shift the victimizer to the victim is the way to pull off a holocaust. And the many Jews unfavored by the Ashkenazis that took to showing off the Judah is skull and bones is the need to recover the man's world as the way to Anthony Fauci too the invited membership of the Rockefeller's KMA club.


Two lines, seperate and not touching, running through the center of an "S".

This signifies the resting Kundalini Shakti and the non-union of the masculine and feminine energies.

The Kundalini Shakti is the sexual energy. (Wanna know why even G.I. Joe can't defeat her?)

When the masculine and feminine energies are seperate and out of balance, the Kundalini remains dormant at the base of the spine.

Balance and merge the masculine and feminine within one's self the Kundalini Shakti rises. Open the heart and superconsiousness results.

Black magicians can't control individuals living in superconsiousness. The black magicians' smoke-and-mirror tricks are unveiled.

In God We Trust.

Let's turn over the tables of the money changers.
(See: 2 snakes represent the masculine and feminine energies, balanced, raised by the Kundalini Shakti through the Sushumna channel, enlivening the chakras. The wings on the top represent superconsciousness. The snakes cross the center channel 6 times. When you see one snake crossing 3.5 times, it's about favoring the masculine and keeping the sexual energy down, below the heart.

So which master is it gonna be? God or Mammon?

Oh. Ah and a oh yeah. Don't forget, groove is in the heart.

Update December 6, 2023: The WE wants the Pearl Harbor Day folks to remember that the tomorrows that think that I am to learn to be alivened by the news the world hears that monetary units fail to deliver the world to the CBDC because the locales that signify that the world wants to harbor the resentments never for the covid-19 shots being the union of the opposites to show that the dollars left to the WE to return to the settlers working the lands as the Europeans were the only beings that have sense, that wins the way to showing that the sensimilla thinks that holding the grudges against the working working working to return to the lies are the truth world where the men and women fault the lovers too, that thinks that finding the faulting that thinks that allowing the heart to hear that the WE wants the women that prosper as the faulted, the women allowing the baaaaaaaad anti-vaxxers the schtick that the hyper-inflammatory bowels that want to redeem "diarrhea" the way to soften the stools to the watery ways that the waters that are the municipal ways to chlorine too the children's kaphic shower that the mycoplasma pneumoniae that thinks that vata engages the woman to another way than allowing the medical mythos that the "immune system" is in charge, that is the way to the spiritual world engaging the women that sell silencing the shots to the mental illnesses that are too the way to enrage the stomach to the news: cancers are to remember to the "humans" allowed to find out that the stomachs are the home to the Kledaka Kapha that enrages too the dushti that thinks that the returning to the WE as the Ayurveda too is misunderstood by the "white" and "African American" kids that engage themselves to the shots are good but the money to the meat eating too wins the truth that the municipal management that mismanages the tools that the body is the way to nurture the being to well, but the mythos that the medical paradigms are the wellness instead, means the money is the way to prosper for the money is the way to return to the robbery that wins the wasted lands to the cattle ranches that wasted the water shedding to the "sheds" the funds to the doctors that maintain the "Immunity" is the "System" that "Fights", that is this: hoggin' that to the washin' too thinks: alright. Now the WE is ready to return to allowing the being typing to be finer than the not important to them with the big credentials, meaning MD or PhD or whatever designation that says "read and regurgitate" to the upper echelons are to hear: Chinese Medicine too thinks that TCM needs a refresher to the acupuncture is well but the herbal need to showering to the meat there to return to the kaphic disorders: this thinks that bacterii said to originate by the money too the way to showing: this is the time to remember that the meat consumption is the source that means the WE wants to return to this again: meat is to be reconsidered another way than the only thing that matters is the being that "fights" bacteria needing to hear: fighting is the way to regarding this the time to remember: I need supportiveness by the selfish need to show off that I am regarding the WE the stomach medicine that says: eat more vegetables. And think about the water used to return to the ORMUS there but too the salts that sell to the world the goldens are to relearn to love too the ways, this is the way to me asking repeatedly for the supportiveness, but the WE thinks too that thinks....Not alright to be safe when women are pregnant and nursing too the ways to the wanting to remember: this is the time to rethink all men and women loving the animals as meat snacks but not the humans that are there too.

Kitchari isn't the only healthier combination of arrangements than the wasted world where the CAFO animals are the way to regarding the timing to the news that means that the old Southern meal beans and cornbread wins the Southern girl's mainstay "kicheree" that says to all spell-a-holics that the WE are the authors that seconds to the world where okra, squash, messes of veggies all-the-way to healthier kids wins the land returned to the animals too! And the ways that win the grounding too the low, flat lands to allowed to be too the homes to the big deer that were the mainstay meat to the settlers too way back when the animals were too flourishing, that wins the way to the artistry that too is the food combinations and returning to companion planting and too the arranging too the municipal, yep that's right, the lands will grown the big chestnuts again, that's the hybrid and too the American Chestnuts too!!!

Update 26 November, 2023: The WE wants the world to recognize the way that is the science fiction in the Hollywood and other films then the science that signs the contracts to the funding to produce the results that announcing the intention via the movies and BBC that think that Poldark was good for the first seasons but then sucked off the big tits that spell "Keep The Kings and The Queens" there to remember that being "royalty" wants all those that suck the dressings that the returning to the staged events, that is the way to returning to the WE there to reprehensibly be the person that was the kid then, the kid that watched HBO, and the kid that knows that all those chosen to squeeze to the choosing that all the kids wanting to recover the 1980s as the home to the world where the rest turn to the welcoming the medicine that the animals want to rewarn the humans that the karmic realities are real, that is the way to Vladimir the Putin's to knowing that Edward Snowden is my friend, and the trip to Moscow will be when I am allowed to be arrested.

DARPA won't hack humanity. Nor will the soul that isn't a part that, that isn't a part that is, that isn't apart from the being but is the source that too thinks that all Dr. Ana Mihalcea's think isn't the soul either. The soul isn't a part that is hackable by the machine interfaces that say to the men that think that animals are there to abuse too, the soul is God as the manifestations that are too the animals remembering that the karmic need to showing to the very important news that viruses are false science too, that wins.

You are to learn Dr Ana that the WE wants to work for the really big decisions, the really big nudes that the MI-#s are there to return to this: the WE wants the British Intelligence that hires too the women to love to make "AI" the big important thing that is mystical, and that is the way to showing that the faux science that hires the magicians to show that the funding means science.

The WE wants the Dr.'s that know that the brain is the mind to think again. The brain is the head that holds the sensory equipments that find that the radio stations broadcasting the WE's world message to the memberships that the WE want to hold to the vata elements that are the sources that are manipulating too the telepathy to the hogwashing the hogs.

As the water turns to the metals the way to cleanse the shitty so-called neuroscientific money-grubbing members that think that money is the scientific manner that means that Dr. Robert Duncan's world is fed so well that his shit smells the way to animal meat mentions that narcissistic ways become the normalcy since the animals' understandings become the psychicness that wins stuck in the pens.