Update 4 July, 2020: The thought of the macabre message to the max means the tongue in cheek not the funny bone but the WE advises the renegotiation of the ecology mention to too include the little Earth that resides within the realm of the habitation of the Spiritual being that to the max makes the human the human to the thought the machine mentality that rejects prima facie the words typed by the WE because the women too think they are the better equipped to beget the horror that is the karmic residue of the last Revolutionary period including the eventual lawfulness of the removing the Indians using the barrel of the gun to the thought the being the trusting to the max the Big Brother in Washington to tell them the truth means the many generals of the Masked Army to the thought the being the masked means the women too think themselves the rightful judges means the masks make them too the rightful heirs to the heart energy that begets too the thought the pregnant women that think the vaccine the helping the child to thrive begins the many late term especially miscarriages as the women of the Fallujah world experience the very hour of the many hours left in the homes until the Ormus material guided to the production using the WE's method of the reminding them too the Ormus will clear the sinuses means the needing to rethink the drama called the disease model all together means the women to the max will be the making the job that much easier when they thin themselves to the thought.

Live the thought the woman knows the best investment right now might be the insurance of the funeral discipline too dictated to prevent the kindness of the comfort of the embrace during the removal to the ground of the loved one talked about that afternoon to the thought the funerals too numerous to put into the focus of the stoned to the max women on the drunken denial the vaccines are the source too of the brain damaged children that suffer the special needs the entire affair to the thought the being the vaccined to the max means the not understanding the world that requires the critical thinking means the way of the Elite of the Social Domain meaning the big brother types means the woman typing understands the way to the other side being the right way to the Christ Light to the thought the being the never feeling the foreshadowing that the love too mimics the refusal to the being the controlled by the trolls that tell themselves the being the stuck up too resembles to the max the making of the United States out of the rubble of the Cherokee lands stolen by the women too that tell themselves the being the Swannanoa River tyke tells them too to tell themselves the Ingles too tells the women to take the medicine the Ingles closes the doors the moment the law suit of the class action variety tells them to take to the bank the vaccination the wrong thing to cure the public of the COVID-19 scare but the right thing to finally jostle them to the being the awake for the change meaning too the wars come to the grinding halt after the many service engineers to the horrific mainstream nightmare called the student loans from the journalism school mean I must write as the editor tells me to write.

Live the thought too the other investment to become the rich is the wheelchair meaning the Anthony too of the Kiedis to the thought the bouncy pouncy man becomes the disengaged to the thought the man knows too the penis becomes the permanently flaccid thing then too to the thought the Red Hot Chili Pepper management that too decided the woman typing the weirdo tells her to take the money to the bank the man would never have taken the words seriously without the jolting too the other man means to win the race telling the woman the knowing the man from the Spirit domain means the man knows too the whole thing is resting on his shoulders but he too takes the hit to begin again the other side's warnings that if heeded change the outcome but if the woman takes the advice of the steady handed witch that knows the better method the standing strong the Anthony might just keep the dick in the functional position but the thought the being the warned not by the women that too want to retain the right to renegotiate they too think the sucking off the post the fun option to the being the giving to the woman typing the regular thing: kill the messenger the world begins to reside too to the thought in the world view the other to the max is the Christ Light all the way the Iraqis too to the thought the being the giving to the women of the Iraqi and the Bosnia-Herzegovina regions the right to retain the buttfuck called the depleted uranium munitions not attended too by the USA Christians of the self-righteous order meaning they think the children the not part of the club so why bother giving the hear to their terroristic manner of the using the whole scene to teach to them the being the hearted makes the closing the heart to the downtrodden the not the right thing.

Start now.

Love your neighbor.

Now is the time to build barter relationships based in trust and respect.

Love your neighbor is the best means of wealth preservation.


Kitty Licks says let's bring back into vogue the word ecology.

Creating A World Worth Inheriting | Chris Martenson

Update 15 April, 2020:
The answer is clear
Stir the Capital Houses
Steal the law books
Burn them
In the Fire of Redemption
As Gretchen and the Faust Redux x2 Burned
Now is the time

Update 10 April, 2020: Looks like what the WE told me last winter is what is coming to fruition: the USA/NATO attack on the Venezuelans in order to take control of the oil reserves and to sabotage the Russians from trading that oil with the Ruble instead of the US Dollar. How fun! The Western Hemisphere now gets to be terrorized. I'm proud to be the type of American that understands the rights that are ours as well as the Venezuelans are endowed by the Creator not given to us by the constant flushing down the toilets the lives of the many good men and women that believe the story that going to the warzone in the many decorated uniforms means freedom is given to the people. Hey let's flush this song down the toilet too permanently "cause there ain't no doubt I hate this song."

Your choice people to be the stooges that believe the COVID-19 complete to the max bullshit with your many masks and delightful sentencing of the other neighbor to be the sick one by distancing yourself. Ha ha ha. The truth is the social distancing is the modern version of the Riot Act that you gullible Americans line up to lap into your troughs to be that important that you comply with the wishes of the masters in the Raleigh/Washington stolen from the Natives areas to be given the right to lovingly by your paternalistic big brother in the cities the right to recall that you too have the right to refuse the orders Americans and reclaim your many selves your American Indian heritage meaning the notion that nobody is the American Indian anymore is the hogwash of the century meaning the very mention the Ghost Dancers were that means you have a lot to learn Brooke Medicine Eagle the woman that works with the WE too for her pay.

It's up to us.

Dismantling the Doomsday Machines

Do you think the maniacs in Washington who 9-11'd us and continue haunting the world with warfare and economic bullying are not gonna use nuclear weapons? They will try to save US dollar hegemony at all costs.

It's up to us.

"There's a man with a button over there. Kitty Licks says you got to be aware."

Everybody look what's going down. Venezuela. It's not permisible for other countries to deal outside the US dollar. There's a lot of oil underneath Venezuela.

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’
By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Venezuela is also ready and willing to make its move against the U.S. dollar. Reuters did report on the decision made by the Maduro government to implement a new system of international payments for its oil exports. The report headlined with ‘Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others’ quoted what Maduro had said during a session of the National Constituent Assembly at Palacio Federal Legislativo in Caracas, Venezuela:

“Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Maduro said in an hours-long address to a new legislative superbody, without providing details of the new mechanism. “If they pursue us with the dollar, we’ll use the Russian ruble, the yuan, yen, the Indian rupee, the euro,” Maduro said.

Further Update 5 July, 2020.

Update 5 July, 2020: Live the thought the woman entitled Nomi Prins to the max knows too the still to the max the Federal Reserve policy to the max the thing that makes the whole ship the going to the sea bed this go around means the money masters too take the people to the other side meaning to the grave or to the higher vibration that means the ascension the many of you have talked about for the many years now meaning the way home to the way of the world to the thinking the ascension means the return of the Christ-think to the max about the world in which the Christ takes the women to the being the washed this go around instead of the bullet to the brain as was the standard protocol under the new States united under the umbrella called the United States Constitution meaning the law protects and serves the business and personal interests of the connected not the Cherokee.

Give to the man the gun and he will give to the children the short lifetime but tell the parents the only safe way to live is via the medical establishment's hierarchy to the thinking the not in the system means the not to the max respected despite the better form of the medicine to the tune the nourishing and nurturing the better type than the warfare mentality that kills the kids too.

Nomi Prins too recognizes the COVID-19 not the source of the panic in the markets but the resulting thing that cures the panic for the duration the highest authority warns the many the connected few rape and pillage the many good humans that just know the virus the source meaning they think the Nomi Prims too the not informed being the "smartest" of them all the knowing damn well the "bullllllllSHIT!!!" that Nomi Prins to the max is the author of the many books too to teach to the women of the Swannanoa River Know-It-All Valley they too have the short life this go around when they know just know the vaccines are the answer to the question what is living in the world where the pathogens too become the enemy?

What is you name? What is your favorite color? How many vaccines does it take to make a child permanently disabled?

Quantitative Easing is the key term here not COVID-19 being the cover story and the excuse to use the many vaccinations to chip the entire world meaning the making the entire world the pawn of the big business that wants only the customers to turn off the chip at will relegating them to the vagrant category meaning the mail might be the stolen too.


Now is it? ?

The WE want the world to understand the man who calls himself Jim Willie is doing the work of the WE.

The man called Jim Willie is one of the most courageous people on the planet you call planet Earth.

Kill the messenger, you kill not the message. So keep your grubby hands off of Jim!

Jim is the man that has the courage to tell the world the truth others have not the courage to tell, the Paul Craig Roberts of the world are the ones that have been given the forum unto which they can reveal the truth but they even lack the courage to risk their lives to put the truth into the public domain.

Amen. Make no mistake. The man called Jim Willie who is willing to risk it all to make the world better for all, he is the man with the plan.

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors wants the man who calls himself Jim Willie to know that he is the one that has awoken the kitty more than any other because the man that Jim Willie is is the man that has the courage to step outside of the prison of the men's club.

Jim Willie is the man that has the courage to lead the other men of the world into the place where they can see eye to eye and agree the enemy of the world is the very enemy that the Kitty sees.

Or do you think maybe my body might just be in Los Angeles?


But where?

Mr. Nilsson? Is not that Sir Nilsson?

Jim Morrison is the narrator of this story, the woman typing is the one listening.

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors of Perception want the people that think The Doors were the only band that sold out to get famous, that is the world of the rock & roll superstar, to wake up and smell the coffee.

Kill the messenger that wanted to pull the plug on the milling of the mill stars that make the men in power the millions by telling the young people they are awesome while telling themselves these little children will be the ones that will tell the world the bullshit that we want the young people to grow up believing.

WE want the men that think you are telling young men to want to fuck other young men to realize young men fuck each other by nature, that is right.

Jim is telling the truth, the natural world asks children to learn about their sexual organs by being around other children learning too.

Kill the West, you kill the men that think they can control people by fucking with their perception of their own sexuality.

Kill the Elton, you kill the man that intentionally sows seeds of hate toward women in his songs, the man that wrote about the feast in which the main course was the little girl the woman I loved more than any other was forced to make the sacrifice of the men's club that thought they were raising up the devil.

WE want the men that think the young men that want you to fuck them up the ass are the same ones that you are telling to fuck you up the ass in return for the pleasure of killing you Elton John to wake up and smell the Elton corpse rotting in the sun.

Katherine dreamt last night that Elton John was dead for a reason, the reason is the reason the WE has asked Katherine to post the list of undisclosed nato locations, that is right.

Kill the messenger, the messenger that told the attorney general of the United States that the real killer of Sharon Tate and her friends were the very people that told him that to be the superstar of the generation all he had to do was to kill the woman that he loved more than any other.

WE want the ER team to make their way to the Swannanoa River Valley.

Kill the messenger, the Elton is the first uncloaked as the man that not only played the background music the Wizard of Woz wanted played during the performance in which the stage was set for Sharon's execution, the man that you think is the Sir Elton of the royals, the man that took the knife to the belly of the woman that I loved more than any other, the woman that I was forced to exterminate to keep her from being the tortured one they wanted to make her, the royals wanted to teach this girl a lesson that it is not ok to be the one that Jim wants more than any other, that is right.

The woman called Pam that is the woman that took command of the image that is Jim Morrison, ™/© Pam Mercer, the bitch from hell.

Kill the messenger, the bitch from hell is told the bitch from heaven is the one that will see you to the other side, that is right.

- Jim Morrison is the author of the above text.