Update 29 January, 2023: The water to waking that Jim Willie too uses the working woman that buys not again the subscription that permitted the voice for the entire show is "men" that meat, to the thought, I mean meet to discuss the way to entirely showing off that the Uvalde murders were the same paramilitaries that parrot the lies to Willie that the entire time I need supportiveness the men of the CIA lie, and lie, and lie and love their wives as if they are the better subjects to discuss, the Fitzgerald name is synonymous with Heil Hitler now that Caitlin Fitzgerald's father knows that 9-11 was his benefited event to recharge the need to recover the usury that his children knew that special rewards are permitted to those that serve the interests of Caitlin too loves the attention that being Mrs. Turner, oops I mean Mrs. Poldark, the new Mrs. Poldark, meaning the beloved Irish actor, my client, Aidan Turner, turns to the greening that the leprechaunin' is the ways to returning to the Irish world writing the stripes to return to transformation for transportation isn't the only way to send to the Irish lands of the Cherokee uprisings the recently berried individuals that want to bury all hatchets that Highlel wasn't the only ghost to profit from Caitlin too wanting to remember that fees are real.

Update 28 June, 2022: The right to September 11th beginning to hear the 21st anniversary will be the 7-7-7 to the men of the power that think the events of the 7-7-2005 London attacks will be there to remember that 7-7-2022 will never turn to another world than this is the timing that counts: now.

Pigs are to fly to the news: the CDC to be stormed like the capital was meaning a lot of protestors turned to a lot of mayhem to the thought the very type of thing that ushered to the so-called insurgents to the United States, not unlike the insurgents of the Iraqi world meaning not that but allowed the title by the repetition of the media whores that lie to the public each minute of the day, will be the same type of staged event to murder CDC employees and to think locking down Atlanta Boston Marathon Style will usher to the news: Sonny Bono was a nicer guy than the world that warns not the others to think...Jobs are there to reward the summer without the thought that I will be broker not.

The reality that loving another allows the results to insist my world is too the QAnon supporter as I am too the working to remember to the still shy Richard's friends that allowing them to judge that wins too the Hillel Slovak's very important parents allowed the status to the Hollywood moguls too being the Israeli types that lie to the public even to show off they are willing to ruin the reputation of their near nude man child called Hillel's brother's brother.

Update 9 April, 2023: The farce that is "indicting Trump" isn't real. But the 9/11 attacks were! Allow the world to suffice to the suffocation that all children asked to accept the 9/11 wasn't worth taking down the Bush administration but the Stormy Daniels' lies allow the indictment of a man's penis, allows the world to hear that children asked to wear uniforms to church and to school will be again, meaning welcome home Nazis!

Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush are all war criminals that should have been reduced to not in office at the very least, but allowing them to be rewarded as "statesmen" isn't allowing anything but lies to thrive!

The working woman typing isn't alive. She is dead. She is dead.

Properly investigate the attacks of 9-11-01. Then I will consider voting again.

For now I DON'T VOTE!

To vote is to say I approve. I don't.

Give us fair money and I will consider voting. The Federal Reserve System is, as H.S. Kenan said in 1966, "the most fantastic and unbelievable fraud in history." Kenan said that before Nixon took the US$ off the gold standard. It's become even more unbelievable over the past 40odd years.

Notice the book cover image above: the 2 columns of the dollar sign are different heights, suggesting two measuring sticks. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, said something about that while in trance on June 20, 1938.

It is also understood, comprehended by some, that a new order of conditions is to arise; that there must be many a purging in high places as well as low; that there must be the greater consideration of each individual, each soul being his brother's keeper.

There will then come about those circumstances in the political, the economic and the whole relationships where there will be a leveling - or a greater comprehension of this need.

For as the time or the period draws near for these changes that come with the new order, it behooves all of those who have an ideal - as individuals, as well as groups or societies or organizations, to be practising, applying same in their experience - and their relationships as one to another.

For unless these are up and doing, then there must indeed be a new order in THEIR relationships and their activities...

And there CANNOT be one measuring stick for the laborer in the field and the man behind the counter, and another for the man behind the money changers. ALL are equal - not only under the material law but under the SPIRITUAL.

And HIS laws, HIS will, will not come to naught!

Though there may come those periods when there will be great stress, as brother rises against brother, as group or sect or race rises against race - yet the leveling must come.

And ONLY those who have set their ideal in Him and practised it in their dealings with their fellow man may expect to survive the wrath of the Lord.

- Edgar Cayce Reading 3976-18.

I don't vote. Yet another trait to alienate me from my fellow Americans. I just can't.

The last election I voted in was the primary in 2008, the last presidential election was voting against Baby Bush in 2004.

Remember Bush's victory celebration? Fallujah?

Kitty Licks might be a pussy with tits, but she sees too much to play the voting-game. Meow.

A few years back I wrote financial software for the telecommunication industry. My employers paid me well. They sought my expertise in understanding their financial system. They trusted me to produce proper invoices for their customers and proper accounting reports for the money received. We're talking $multi-millions each month.

But when I studied the Federal Reserve System and realized how fraudulent it is, I became to my fellow Americans an anger-filled conspiracy theorist motivated only by hate.

People can't process that it is not that their house and 401k are worth more, it's the money that is worth less. They like the big numbers too much. Big numbers crash real fast into little ones...And when it happens, the people will scream, "Poor us. We didn't see it coming."


Reading from "The Tree of Life: And Illustrated Study in Magic" by Israel Regardie.

Reading from "The Bhagavad Gita: God Talks With Arjuna: Royal Science of God-Realization: The immortal dialogue between soul and Spirit, A new translation and commentary" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

All occultists will learn that God is there always as Sat-Chit-Ananda, the majja that is manomayakosha, vijnanamayakosha, and anandamayakosha together working to the factoid that Israel knew the Jewish version from the Torah. Christians know The Lord's Prayer, "Thy Will Be Done."

All evil is the spirited way to souling to the shoeing that all shoes that show off know that anger is the allowing the release of the demons that are held in the pranic world of breath and maya too forming the tools that turn to the demons that spell: I sell product because being scared is the way to form the union with the issues that show off that the pranamayakosha is the blocked nadi layer where the positivists are stuck and the western medicine and spirituality turns to the mechanistic/mystical expression spoken about by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his masterpiece "Ether, God & Devil", both a scientific exploration and the philosophy of the occultism reduced to bodily sensations replicated to the orgone-energy stored to the faulting too the kundalini to not flowing up but sideways, and sroto dushti is that.

The Creative Energies are the merciful expression of a Loving Creator.

The highest invocation is The Lord's Prayer. Thy Will be done.

The Soul in the Christ Light drives one's bodily chariot through Love of the Highest Order.

The fulfillment of desire is in the surrender of selfish desire to the Divine Will.

Occult means hidden, not black magic.

Black magic attempts to utilize the occult to fulfill selfish intent. Black magic is a misunderstanding and bastardization of the hidden meanings.

The occult teaches we are beings of Spirit. Death is the amnesia most humans live in while in body. To be reborn is to realize oneself as Spirit, "resurrected" into a Consciousness of Spirit.

All is Spirit. All is One.

Update April 12, 2024: The WE wants those boys that watch me work and get turned on and then fuck another woman that isn't me but too won't be there to help me, that isn't Hank 3...Is it?

I want to remember to the working woman that the Gomez working women are to lie to you too that you are to work. I want to remember too the work was to live now. So be that and live for the time allowed to the living while too the loving wins too the heart to hear: Anthony will fly now.