Update 11/15/2021: Coming in 2022...MORE KITTY LICKS WITH NEW PICTURES! AHHH...

I think I'm gonna barf.

Cheers Ross.

God Save The Crown!

No doubt the ending displayed the man's butt.


Reading from "The Tree of Life: And Illustrated Study in Magic" by Israel Regardie.

Reading from "The Bhagavad Gita: God Talks With Arjuna: Royal Science of God-Realization: The immortal dialogue between soul and Spirit, A new translation and commentary" by Paramahansa Yogananda.

All occultists will learn that God is there always as Sat-Chit-Ananda, the majja that is manomayakosha, vijnanamayakosha, and anandamayakosha together working to the factoid that Israel knew the Jewish version from the Torah. Christians know The Lord's Prayer, "Thy Will Be Done."

All evil is the spirited way to souling to the shoeing that all shoes that show off know that anger is the allowing the release of the demons that are held in the pranic world of breath and maya too forming the tools that turn to the demons that spell: I sell product because being scared is the way to form the union with the issues that show off that the pranamayakosha is the blocked nadi layer where the positivists are stuck and the western medicine and spirituality turns to the mechanistic/mystical expression spoken about by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in his masterpiece "Ether, God & Devil", both a scientific exploration and the philosophy of the occultism reduced to bodily sensations replicated to the orgone-energy stored to the faulting too the kundalini to not flowing up but sideways, and sroto dushti is that.

WE want the crooked cop of the LAPD force for the destruction of the Anthony Kiedis to back off because the man you know damn well is not endangering the first person while the majority of the public engages in the many activities prohibited not by law in the many districts that are yours Mr. Kiedis' interrogator called the wee man that gives him the willies too because you have to understand Mr. LAPD Shit Breath that takes the very bribes that say you too are the hit man that takes yourself to the back room and gives the goods to the big cheese called the man behind the curtain that the very word that will be yours says you are the man that wants yourself to be the man that gives the goods to the cops on the other side of the Pacific that think you have to be taken to task for your continued involvement in the trafficking of the very cocaine you took down Anthony for/To be the coke head is not the problem to the kitty. But being straight laced is a no can do all the way.

Anthony is the funniest of all companions for Katherine since she knows the least about him since he is only the pouncy flouncy bouncy one that loves to leap in your lap as far as she is concerned so the very mention of straight edge the very moment she was reminded of the man she called that clown I wasted $25 to listen to pontificate for 2 hours during the winter of 1995 is the man the boy called Kiedis calls his best friend in the whole wide world to the point the mention of him immediately as the straight edge tells her she is the woman stuck in the 1990s. Still to the point the WE sentenced you to realize the WE is the posting machine today Katherine the woman listening and laughing as I wipe her heart clean from the horror of thinking that you Anthony Kiedis do not smoke the many bong hits every day too. So be the man that realizes the WE is the author of the entire affair that is so weird to the kitty she has no way of comprehending anything but the fact that you too love Sinbad The Sailor to the point you think Aidan is the hotter man because you think he looks like the bad ass called Sinbad.

Update September 28, 2022 again: And the time to recover the doctor dead is the time to remember that all the belongings at the Homestead ranch are to end up on the docket to shower to Burton Kosmal that the brother Will Brannen laughs again after the falling down harder now that you are there to help me shower again to a friend that too is the Jew!!!

Update September 28, 2022: This year I leave for Scotland.

Update 22 September, 2022: The now is this.

And the entire time the show feels like the other is abusing the woman, the other is unpresent. And the inside that feels the energies is there to recover the One is that: the reality.

And the Mesmerism that is too there to recover to the being that the whole show is this: jealousy now of those that get to be paid and paid attention to, is the way to negate the helping of the others that show off without the second thought to the understanding that watching a man perform while I am neglected is not hot.

And the women that think that sex is the weapon to lose the hair are there to recover the time to remember that the showers are hotter too on the road shows that the shower that turns to another world than alive men is there.

Update January 7, 2023: This is the time to remember that all Anthonies that think that Jim Morrison wasn't always alone. And in the ending of the contract with the devil worshipers he was. And that was when the Pam of the world view that he was "in love with her the most" wanted too Courtney Love to allow that the baby to the belly was why Kurt took the oath to stay without leaving her.

The way to hearing that "The Bean" isn't Anthony's spawn but Kurt's is the way to hearing that all children asked to the plastic surgeons office to resemble their dead father are there to remember that asking Katherine to see Anthony in the mirror was the way to mirror too the Anthonies to Kurt's diagram: fucking is the way to father a baby too!

WE are to work for the right to Morrissey too the right to the membership to the thought?