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Fear not. You need not be weaned

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Update 13 March, 2020: David Berkowitz was framed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it big boy of the medical establishment that thought the testimony of the woman that spends loads more time corresponding with the living than the dead meaning the very existence of the meme that you regarded her life long work the reason that you were willing to sacrifice your career to not only rape her but to be the man that wanted to up the ante to murder too in order to inject into her body the very cum soaked tumor that your overcarsh removed to the point the Dr. Patricia Overcarsh too was willing to allow the boy toy of her big boy Dr. Bill Gist to use the woman that was identified by the lying couple that she until the WE informed her they also took her cats from her to be the only beings on the planet she had to reach out to told you that you have to be given the right to remain permanently silent if you think the man called the Son of Sam was not the serial killer I'd never even heard of since the summer the hottest movie of all was on the film circuit I was still watching the Disney flicks that my daddy gave me to watch as I was only the 6 year old.

Disney is the other thing that needs to be talked about Kelvin Cruickshank I am too much of the coward to work with the women of the other side that want the right to be told that giving Kelvin the green light means that he is the man that will finally regard the "death threats" meme to be the real deal instead of the crying hysterical woman's plea to be cared for completely when the truth is the woman has been caring for herself nearly completely since her mother told her I'm too busy to be asked to perform the duties of the mother that rarely is portrayed by the western world as the important role now that the women have to raise the men to the grave as if they are the big boys to get the right to work at all to the point the very mention that Katherine Brannen identified by the spirit talkin' sellers as the more than willing participant in the meme that getting the men off the street that accuse the innocent of the crimes the police themselves commit means giving the New Zealand and Australian police departments the right to be regarded as the lowest form of police, lower even than the LAPD telling you that not the work that you wanted with the law enforcement agents that would hit you in the middle of the eyes too Katherine with the right to remain silent telling you had you actually returned to the Sensing Murder page that you will be revisiting to give the right to remain silent no longer the very children that have to go to the slaughter on the regular basis in order to appease the children's parents that want not to have the responsibility to the point the very mention that telling you that giving the children the right to disappear to the point the children spend the rest of their lives wondering why their biological maybe offspring went missing permanently offering not the first idea that resolution is not resolution of the hell when the person that takes the children is the other parent to the point the very mention of the child missing from the Black Mountain area was in fact stolen by the other parent and deposited outside of the range of the other side's right to tell you the very mention that 6 of your cats have gone missing when the man called the one that was permitted to walk the walk of the man that was getting his comeuppance by being given the procrastination destination in the hills of the other side's view that giving yourself the right to remove the need to stay alive from the meme is the real killing of the messenger because the very need to feel the love making that would never be permitted to occur tells you why that man is not permitted to touch the kitty this lifetime but the truth is the touch is less important than the right to be told you have the paying work that means the Cruickeds that think trashing the woman before the reputation was permitted to be earned by her own effort tells them they have shown their true colors to a world that you guessed it they think you are not important enough to consider yourself a part of "I was on the telly I matter" to the point the very mention that being famous means the gentry of the entire new meme is that being famous means allowing the famous to consider themselves the more important humans as if they are no different than the European bourgeoisie pretending to be the aristocracy meaning the verdict is finally in give-it-away-boy. The answer is kingpin of the wittle girls club that uses your good graces and need to be the young man still in your imagination to be the grandpa always carrying the cocaine and possessing the meme I got with that old man he he he to be the primary focus of the little girls that look good to you but think you are older than their parents so grand dad fits nicely golden ticket holder to the point the famous meme tells you that going to the toilet looks better from the bottom end.

WE want you to listen hard.

WE want you to understand the man the press called Son of Sam is the very man that is telling you the truth.

WE want you to want the WE to tell you the truth.

WE want you to understand the man that was sent to the slaughter for the murders that were pinned on him is not the man that did the murders.

WE want you to understand the law enforcement officers that arrested the man that was given the knife are the very ones that killed the people that were labeled the victims of the serial killer.

When the officers that arrested him gave him the ultimatum to be the killer or to be given the knife right then, he gave them the option of taking him to court.

WE want you to realize the person typing is unfamiliar with this case other than the movie made by Spike Lee that sells the public the bullshit story that was given to the public.

On the morning of the murders that were pinned on the man called Son of Sam the cops decided they needed to pin the murders on somebody so they decided to catch someone that afternoon.

When the man that was arrested was given the ultimatum of being the Son of Sam or going to the shower where he would be raped by the same cops that actually did the killings, he chose the courts.

WE want you to realize the Spike Lee movie was the very reason the woman that is typing did not want to hear from the man that was sent down for the crimes because when the movie came out the movie was the hottest thing around.

When the movie was released, the movie that was given the attention that the press sought, the movie was what everyone wanted to see.

When the Kitty saw the film she was so creeped out that she did not want to listen to the story of the man put down.

WE want Spike Lee to realize that he was used by the very men that made him a household name.

WE want you to realize Spike Lee that you are the finest filmmaker of this generation.

WE want you to be with the WE on this one Spike Lee.

WE want Spike Lee to realize the Kitty that is typing is in fact his 5th cousin through the Lee line.

WE want Spike Lee to remember the Kitty that is typing is the psychic genealogist that tells you that your ancestry and hers overlap 5 generations back in the Lee family line.

WE want you to realize the man called William Lee that was born in Milton, West Virginia and was a member of the Cherokee nation is the same grandfather that you share with Katherine.

WE want Spike Lee to learn about the Tuscarora escape from the Outer Banks and coastal regions of North Carolina and the South Carolina areas now designated the future home of the Cherokee Nation taking the action to recognize the coastal waters considered the Edisto Sound have become the habitat of the turtle you know damn well is the wellspring of desire to the man called WE's wittle woman in training the man called Anthony Kiedis I want St. Simons Island to be my home too David Mann knows Bill Edwards from the island.

The Tuscarora are the ancestors that went to many different locals in order to preserve their right to live at all because you guessed it the British that have identified the woman typing as the enemy of the state told them they had to leave or become corpses.

WE want you to realize the man called Spike Lee is also the descendent of the people that were forced to leave the Long Island coast by the invaders in the middle of the night in the middle of the winter of 1678 to ensure the many of them were killed.

WE want you to understand the Montauk people that lived in Long Island are the very people that want their grandson Spike Lee to be the one that tells the world the story that only he can tell with the passion it needs to be told.

Kitty Licks' Review of Harold Bloom's The American Religion

By Kitty Licks

In his analysis The American Religion Harold Bloom describes the American religion as being gnostic in nature which Bloom understands as "experiencing a total inward solitude".

Bloom explains:

The American finds God in herself or himself, but only after finding the freedom to know God by experiencing a total inward solitude. Freedom, in a very special sense, is the preparation without which God will not allow himself to be revealed to the self. And this freedom is in itself double; the spark or spirit must know itself to be free both of other selves and of the created world. In perfect solitude, the American spirit learns again its absolute isolation as a spark of God floating in a sea of space. What is round it has been created by God, but the spirit is as old as God is, and so is no part of God’s creation. God or Jesus will find the spirit, because there is something in the spirit that already is God or Jesus, but the divine shall seek out each spirit only in total isolation. 1

Bloom explains that concepts like “cosmic consciousness” are part of the “New Age” religion, gnostic and uniquely American in its conception. Though this “New Age” religion's origins are blurry, Bloom explains:

Somewhere in the background of the New Age is the lucid and beautiful anthology edited by Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy. Huxley’s spiritual authorities were the great seers and mystics of the ages, William Law, Thomas Traherne, the Bhagavad Gita, Meister Eckhart, and Saint Augustine. In the contemplative brilliance of Huxley’s own prose as frame, the profundities of Law and Eckhart acquired fresh reverberation. By recourse you can sometimes construe a New Age passage and hazard some guess as to more or less what some California sage hoped she or he might mean. Otherwise, the student of the New Age must be resigned to that proverbial picnic, to which the authors bring the words (or some of them, anyway) and the readers bring the meanings. 2

Bloom continues:

Elevated consciousness would appear to be the common goal of all New Age Enthusiasts... A God immanent both in outward nature and in consciousness evades the intervening space of incarnation. Christianity therefore is mostly irrelevant to the New Age, except insofar as Christianity already has been modified into the American Religion, of which the New Age is sometimes a charming parody. One might say that the New Age is to the American Religion what Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is to Shakespearean drama: a great shadow’s last embellishment. The Mormon aspiration of mountain to godhead, or the Southern Baptist experience of an uncreated self within one, is replaced by the entertainment of the notion that one’s own consciousness is God (emphasis Kitty Licks'). And the Mormon ambition of populating a planet only with one’s own family, or the Southern Baptist passion for being alone with Jesus, is taken to the lunatic apotheosis that one’s very own spirit guide is built into the ecology of one’s own mind (emphasis Kitty Licks'). American Gnosticism and American Enthusiasm are splendidly parodied by California Orphism, by a metamorphic glamour that dissolves the last empiric constraints which the universe of death exercises against our drive for spirituality.” 3

Perhaps Bloom was unaware the international headquarters of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) has been in Los Angeles since 1920. Among the foundation’s goals:

To disseminate among the nations a knowledge of definite scientific techniques for attaining direct personal experience of God;

To teach that the purpose of life is the evolution, through self-effort, of man’s limited mortal consciousness into God Consciousness

To reveal the complete harmony and basic oneness of original Christianity as taught by Jesus Christ and original Yoga as taught by Bhagavan Krishna; and to show that these principles of truth are the common scientific foundation of all true religions.” 4

Bloom traces the Gnostic American religion’s origin to a revival meeting held by Presbyterian minister Barton Stone in Cane Ridge, KY in 1801. As many as 25,000 people, including ministers from other denominations, attended the revival that week, camping, “experiencing the ecstasies of Cane Ridge.” 6

Bloom quotes historian of American religious history Sydney Ahlstrom, “that these were rough people, profane, heavy drinkers, violent, and they had never attended night meetings before. Conversions and lovemaking intermingled.” 7

Bloom cites Stone’s description of the meeting:

There, on the edge of a prairie in Logan county, Kentucky, the multitudes came together, and continued a number of days and nights encamped on the ground; during which time worship was carried on in some part of the encampment. The scene to me was new and passing strange. It baffled description. Many, very many fell down, as men slain in battle, and continued for hours together in an apparently breathless and motionless state—sometimes for a few moments reviving, and exhibiting symptoms of life by a deep groan, or piercing shriek, or by a prayer for mercy most fervently uttered. After lying thus for hours, they obtained deliverance. The gloomy cloud, which had covered their faces, seemed gradually and visibly to disappear, and hope in smiles brightened into joy—they would rise shouting deliverance. (pp. 64-64) 8

The bodily agitations or exercises, attending the excitement in the beginning of this century, were various, and called by various names;— as the falling exercise—the jerks—the dancing exercise…The falling exercise was very common among all classes, the saints and sinners of every age and of every grade, from the philosopher to the clown. The subject of this exercise would, generally, with a piercing scream, fall like a log on the floor, earth, or mud, and appear as dead…

The jerks cannot be so easily described. Sometimes the subject of the jerks would be affected in some one member of the body, and sometimes in the whole system….When the whole system was affected, I have seen the person stand in one place, and jerk backward and forward in quick succession, their head nearly touching the floor behind and before…I have inquired of those thus affected. They could not account for it; but some have told me that those were among the happiest seasons of their lives.

The dancing exercise…The subject, after jerking awhile, began to dance, and then the jerks would cease. Such dancing was indeed heavenly to the spectators;…Sometimes the motion was quick and sometimes slow. Thus they continued to move forward and backward in the same track or alley till nature seemed exhausted, and they would fall prostrate on the floor or earth, unless caught by those standing by….

The laughing exercise was frequent, confined solely with the religious. It was a loud, hearty laughter, but one sui generis; it excited laughter in none else. The subject appeared rapturously solemn, and his laughter excited solemnity in saints and sinners. It is truly indescribable.

The running exercise was nothing more than, that persons feeling something of these bodily agitations, through fear, attempted to run away, and thus escape from them; but it commonly happened that they ran not far, before they fell, or became so greatly agitated that they could proceed no farther…

I shall close this chapter with the singing exercise. This is more unaccountable than any thing else I ever saw. The subject in a very happy state of mind would sing most melodiously, not from the mouth or nose, but entirely in the breast, the sounds issuing thence. Such a music silenced every thing, and attracted the attention of all. 9

Bloom says that he sites Stone’s account “only partly for the fun of it. Barton Stone clearly was persuaded of the sincerity and authenticity of these seizures, and they retain a grotesque power.” 10 Bloom identifies “sadomasochistic sexuality strongly present in these phenomena.” 11 Bloom suggests what was born at Cane Ridge was creedlessness, the doctrine of experience, “as oxymoronic a phrase as I can imagine.” 12


The drunk sexually aroused communicants at Cane Ridge, like their drugged and aroused Woodstockian descendants a century and a half later, participated in a kind of orgiastic individualism, in which all the holy rolling was the outward mark of an inward grace that traumatically put away frontier loneliness and instead put on the doctrine of experience that exalted such loneliness into a being-alone-with-Jesus. 13 He cannot be known in or through a church, but only one on one, and then indeed he is known, with far more immediacy evidently than even heightened sexual experience can provide, more even than frontier violence can provide. American revivalism, with its endless Great Awakenings, is as recurrent a phenomenon as American violence. We don’t have crime waves any more than we have Great Awakenings; violent crime and religious revivalism are constant throughout our history. Crime waves are journalistic fictions, Great Awakenings are scholarly fictions, and both conceal the troubling near identity between the religion of violence and the violence of religion. Cane Ridge set the pattern of addiction in which Americans bear away the Kingdom of Heaven by violence. 14

Bloom spells it out for us: feeling the currents of life pulsing through one’s body as the participants ecstatically did at the Cane Creek revival can only be the expression of a seething sadomasochistic underbelly, an insidious impulse to up the ante of experience beyond the normal combination of sexual gratification and drunken frontier violence characteristic of those rough profane people. But this “doctrine of experience” is something more, something vile and dangerous. Combined with religious zeal this impulse emerges in the collective as a great violent thrust to impregnate the world finally with the seeds of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Harold Bloom tells us the search for elevated experiences of consciousness is the quest of the alienated individual; an attempt to escape the reality of existential emptiness by the narcissistic notion of making oneself God, separate from the rest of creation, disconnected from others. It is a long running gnostic heresy and leads to unintended acts of violence.

Interestingly in the East the search for elevated experience of consciousness is a normal part of everyday spirituality. Holy people living in God consciousness are numerous and revered. In elevated experiences of consciousness one knows himself to be like everyone else: an expression of God, part of all creation. It is a gnostic understanding that leads to practice of ahimsa: non-violence.

Could Harold Bloom's conflation of free-spirited sexuality and sadomasochism be an expression of his own character structure?

From Wilhelm Reich's The Mass Psychology of Fascism:

    In the case of orgastic impotence, only the psychic forces of defense can come into play, nausea and disgust at genital sensuality. Those defense forces draw their energy from several sources. To begin with, the defensive force is at least as strong as the genital yearning that is being resisted. And the fact that it has not been satisfied has only intensified it, nor does it make the least difference that it is unconscious. In addition the actual brutalization of sexuality in modern man offers some justification for the disgust at sexual intercourse. This brutalized sexuality becomes the prototype of sexuality in general. Thus, compulsive morality produces precisely that to which it later appeals to justify its existence ("sexuality is asocial"). A third emotional source of the defence forces is the sadistic conception of sexuality that the children of all patriarchal cultural circles acquire in early childhood. Since every inhibition of genital gratification intensifies the sadistic impulse, the entire sexual structure becomes sadistic. Since, moreover, genital claims are repaced by anal claims, the reactionary sexual slogan that a woman is degraded by sexual intercourse strikes a chord in the adolescent structure. In short, it is owing to the already existing perversity in the adolescent structure that the slogan can be effective. It is from his own personal experience that the adolescent has developed a sadistic conception of sexual intercourse. Thus, here too we find a confirmation of the fact that man's compulsive moralistic defense forces constitute the basis of political reaction's power. Ever more sharply, the relation between mystical sentiments and sexual "morality" is brought into focus. Regardless of the content of the mystical experience, it is essentially the negation of genital strivings. It is essentially sexual defense, and it takes place with the help of nongenital sexual excitations. The difference between the sexual response and the mystical response is that the latter does not allow the perception of sexual excitation and precludes orgastic release even in cases of so-called religious ecstasy.

    Perception of sexual desire excluded and orgasm precluded, mystical excitation is forced to effect a permanent change in the biopsychic apparatus. The sexual act itself is experienced as something degrading. There is never a complete natural experience. The warding off of orgastic desire forces the ego to form compulsive conceptions of "purity" and "perfection." Healthy sensuousness and the ability to gratity one's desires produces natural self-confidence. The defensive formations in the mystical man result in a pathological self-confidence that is rotten at the core. Just as the self-confidence of the nationalist, the self-confidence of the mystical man is drawn from the defensive attitudes. Even on the surface, however, the self-confidence of the mystical man differs from the self-confidence that derives from natural genital gratification. The former is exaggerated, lacks naturalness in behaviour, and is characterized by feelings of sexual inferiority. This explains why the man who has been inculcated with mystical or nationalistic "ethics" is so accessible to political reactionary catchwords, such as honor, purity, etc. He is continually forced to remind himself to be honorable and pure. The genital character is spontaneously pure and honorable-he does not have to be constantly reminded. 15

Dr. Alexander Lowen was a student of Reich. He could haved helped Bloom. Good thing Dr. Lowen's work continues.

Now I'm gonna enjoy this un-fucking-believable performance.

Whadaya think?

Are the members of Santana drugged? Potentially.

Aroused? Hell yeah.

Demonstrating an alienated disconnect from each other? Hum.


Got God?

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Katherine Brannen

Work Experience

Jan 2002 – Oct 2003   Georgia State University Professional Counseling Program College Of Education   Atlanta, GA

Georgia State University Department of Counseling and Professional Services - I went back to school for a Masters in Professional Counseling in 2002 (which I didn’t finish). For my student assistantship I put their practicum-internship process online. I built a web-based front-end for students to signup for and maintain their practicum-internship information. This front-end was written using ASP and writes to an SQL Server database. The application also featured an office/staff front-end to oversee students’ practicum-internship information. The “office” front-end was written in MS Access. It interfaced with the same SQL server database backend the students’ information is written to.

May 1999 – Apr 2002   Insight Systems, Inc.   Atlanta, GA

Insight Systems is a small consulting firm specializing in custom billing and accounts receivable software for telecommunications and ISPs. I worked with several clients, primarily the conference calling company InterCall supporting their billing system.

Project Manager – Coordinated all billing, A/R, and sales system development for the telecom client, Intercall. This included needs analysis meetings with client, supervising 5 programmer/analysts’ project design, coding and data dictionary changes, QA/testing, implementation, documentation.

Development was Progress CHUI version 8 database on AIX, Linux and WebSpeed 3.0 on Solaris, Linux.

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote financial reports. Bug fixes and modifications to InterCall’s billing system.

In 2000 I designed, coded, tested, and implemented an internationally used conference calling reservation website for telecom client InterCall’s European operations.

In 2002 I worked with client EarthLink. I wrote a partner collection system as an adjunct to their regular billing system and documented their credit card processing system. I joined the company with clients of my own. I continued to support these clients, American Health Consultants and World Travel Partners.

Development was Progress CHUI versions 8 and 9 databases on AIX, Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 and 3.0 on Solaris, Linux; WebSpeed 2.1 on NT, Active Server Pages on NT.

Jan 1999 – May 1999   Independent Contractor   Atlanta, GA

World Travel Partners – Continued working for the Meeting and Incentives Division. Modifications and bug fixes to a custom web based Meeting Management system written in Progress WebSpeed. Wrote small websites using ASP to MS Access on NT Server that allowed people to register for meetings. The data retrieved from the websites was then fed into a backend travel management system written in Progress Version 7.

American Health Consultants – Supported custom renewal system I wrote while an employee several years before. Development was Progress Version 7 on Sco UNIX.

Loaded Medicare Reimbursement data into Medic Vision systems for two medical practices. Medic Vision is written in Informix and lived on UNIX machines.

Oct 1998 – Jan 1999   WorldTravel Partners   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst/Web Developer – Used Active Server Pages and MS Access to create online conference registration system web pages running on NT server that interfaced with backend travel system written in Progress version 7.

Maintained meeting management applications written in WebSpeed 2.1 on NT with databases on Sco UNIX.

Mar 1998 – Oct 1998   Premiere Technologies   Atlanta, GA

Premiere Technologies is a telecommunications company originally specializing in calling cards. At the time I worked there they had acquire voice mail and faxing companies that were being integrated.

Programmer/Analyst – Modifications to web based and chUI telecommunication voice mail billing systems written in Progress version 7 on Solaris, WebSpeed 2.1 development on Solaris.

Created small system that dumped telecom call data from FoxPro in Windows environment, FTP’d to Solaris and uploaded into Informix database. Created web enabled user interface using Perl.

Feb 1997 – Feb 1998   MAG Mutual Healthcare Solutions   Atlanta, GA

Programmer/Analyst – Wrote shell scripts to work with Medic Vision practice management system on AIX. This included scripts to support different login types, handle printing issues, and sed/awk scripts to parse data. Wrote SQL scripts to access, load, and update data in backend Informix database.

Configured remote, network and local printers on AIX.

Helped setup new practice management clients, installing practice management software in their offices.

Nov 1995 – Feb 1997   American Health Consultants   Atlanta, GA

Manager, Data Services – Managed circulation system for medical publishing company. Wrote a customized system to handle renewals specific to the company’s business needs. Produced reports for marketing and finance. Development was Progress version 6 on Sco UNIX.

Sep 1993 – Nov 1995   Various Short-term Jobs   Atlanta, GA

Industrial Paper Corporation – Created reports from inventory system written in Progress version 6 on AIX. Trained sales force to use laptops.

Future First Publishing – Layout and design of university career guides and government marketing materials using PageMaker.

Geriatric Psychiatrist – Created MS Access database to track patient visits, schedules, medications and diagnosis.

Cisco Systems – Managed databases of training materials and sales contacts. Various office duties.

MacTemps – Temp jobs working with Macintosh computers. Usually Excel, MS Word, FileMaker Pro, PageMaker.

Apr 1992 – Sep 1993   Gerontology Center   Atlanta, GA

Research Assistant – Assisted in research for NIH funded aging study at the GA Tech facility of the UGA Gerontology Center. This included test preparation, testing subjects, scoring tests, maintaining data, data analysis, library research, and project writing.


Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology   Georgia Institute of Technology   1992.