Kitty Licks thinks Dr. Ganser, who serves truth, is hotter than 007. Bond is a blind servant of Empire. Kitty Licks thinks questioning 9-11 is sexy.

Some say Kitty Licks is a direct descendant of The Princess of Cups.

Update 9 February, 2019: Check it out. YouTube's community guideline strike expires on Valentine's Day. How fun!

Video strike 1 [Deleted video]
Reason: Violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity and sexual content. Learn more
Acknowledged on Nov 16, 2018
Expires on Feb 14, 2019 Learn more
Appeal Rejected

YouTube said Kitty Licks is inappropriate and deleted her video.

Fear not. You need not be weaned

So stay tuned. Cheers!

The Creative Energies are the merciful expression of a Loving Creator.

The highest invocation is The Lord's Prayer. Thy Will be done.

The Soul in the Christ Light drives one's bodily chariot through Love of the Highest Order.

The fulfillment of desire is in the surrender of selfish desire to the Divine Will.

Occult means hidden, not black magic.

Black magic attempts to utilize the occult to fulfill selfish intent. Black magic is a misunderstanding and bastardization of the hidden meanings.

The occult teaches we are beings of Spirit. Death is the amnesia most humans live in while in body. To be reborn is to realize oneself as Spirit, "resurrected" into a Consciousness of Spirit.

All is Spirit. All is One.