Question the update 8/Nov/2018 meaning the woman wants only the distinction between murdering the many and murdering the one is the way to giving to the many the mandate to vaccinate too the children meaning the murdering too the womb babies wins the right to choose too the way to knowing only the world wants the woman to comprehend too the mask makes her madder than hell to the thought the murdering the many the better than the compliance to the oligarchs not masking to the point wanting too the cousin "the Ant" to teach to the many the better off in the desert of the going home to the world that Las Vegas too wins the right to shut off the lights tells to the terminating too the making too the cashiers the enforcers of the masking means the piggies rule the entire globe now thanks to the need to the meat eating that spells: GREASE WINS the right to remove too the murderers of the children of the corn meaning the woman typing is not the kind loving nor compassionate when too the world hears I only want to be the normal again but the normal is not normal at all meaning the children forced to the making too the organic food now the suspicious comments the way to recognize the Ingles will too remove the masking when too the Ingles closes the doors because they too will be irrelevant to the few left following too the irrational decisions to make too the bombs the necessary including too the right to refocus on the Venezuelans means the woman knows only the way to get to the point: the warfare happening in the Middle East too wins the right to reverberate to the woman the killing off many of the compliant women and men on the American Animal Farm wins too the right to consider too the lifetime is that the fictional event meaning too the return too the incarnation turning around to the point the world is the really really tired too of the needing the mask to participate in the political theater meaning I want to give to the women and men of the Highland Brewing the right to recall the "conspiracy" theory that your beer will end in the end times is the reason too to recall too the Swannanoa the better filled with the many alive women and women enjoying themselves than the many that want only the right to recall animal husbandry too wins the right to remember to the husbands of the other women are the factory farmers of the modern age meaning the way to giving to the wedding vow I am the big kid that produces too the farm animals to become the right to the oligarchs too to tell to the mass slaughter of all the cattle that the extinction event will follow with the humans being the gone too meaning that is the plan of the Gates Foundation to remove too the cash you kids of the compliance is the conditioned into me since I am the post-9-11-attacks generation not new to the scene but too buttfucked to comprehend too the attacks the reason you will be the slaughtered too meaning the way to give to the world I am too hot to trot to be heard tells to the Victoria Nuland is the reason too the woman laughs out loud when the Iranian president too works for the UN to become the better informed the man is too ignorant to recognize too the UN the better off without too the security council spelling the organization is useful but the security council is the not right at all meaning too Israel wins the right to recall I want you to be that the recognizing the many Palestinian humans told to be without the first right are too the fucked hard by the Israel to the tune too the making the Baptist the man that wants too to be heard tells to the woman I supplant to you the way to give to the Ant the right to be the executioner is to be with the story too he is the man working off too the sluff by loving too the woman called Katherine Brannen now meaning I want the woman to hear the man is there with her as the guide and will never leave her side meaning her back has the friend.

Benjamin Fulford writes about the battle to save planet earth. In last week's piece he pens,

"...inside the U.S., targeted assassinations of key individuals have been taking place at an accelerated pace in order to restore democracy and the rule of law, CIA sources say."

How is it possible to "restore the rule of law" through murder? Does that not put the assassin above the law?

Won't we then be ruled by an army of assassins? When will the assassins know that the Earth has been properly cleansed and they can stop killing? Are they omniscient in their selection of targets?

The thing that disturbs us is only the sound of the low spark of high heeled boys. How do those assassins kill in those heels? Meow.

Spirit is something no one destroys. When a critical mass of humanity conquers their fear of death and lives in the vibration of Spirit, then we will have won the battle for planet earth.


Henry Louis Gates, Jr shatters myths. No doubt. His own family history is a great example.

I woke up today thinking of William Tecumseh Sherman and his Atlanta campaign and March to the Sea. Gates congratulated his guest for being the descendent of one of the "good guys" who marched with Sherman and burned the South along the way. "Are you proud your ancestor served his country?", Gates asked his guest.

Lincoln freed the slaves in the states that rebelled. Was his motivation for doing such idealistic? If so, why not free the slaves in all the states?

Or was Lincoln's motivation in freeing the slaves a military tactic, an effort to motivate the newly freed slaves to rise up against their former masters in order to help the Union cause? Did that happen? (It's only the poor man who fights for ideals. The rich man fights for his pocket book. Cha ching cha ching.)

Regardless, the cruelty invoked by Sherman's "men" happened. Is that what we want to celebrate as Americans?

I AM NOT JUSTIFYING SLAVERY! You might say, "the South had it coming." What about the native people Sherman dealt with in a similar manner, or worse, after the war? Did they have it coming too?

I am saying the higher ideal is to "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!", something needed more than ever TODAY!

We are on the cusp of the next American Civil War whether you chose to see it or not. The dollar is dead. Things are gonna get really squirrely when that becomes apparent to the masses.

How will we respond? Separate into factions, fight against each other, and say one group is the "good guys" or the "bad guys"?

What would it be like if "serving your country" meant "love your neighbor"?

Do you think Dr. King would define "serving your country" as participation in warfare?

Kitty Licks thinks Martin Luther King, Jr was a man. She thinks William Tecumseh Sherman was a coward.

Kitty Licks is a pussy with tits.

Update November 12, 2023: The WE wants the thought that the very same members of the world that want the humans to suffer are the, think that, are the wealthiest monetarily, that is.

The world won't sustain long under the current decisions to return to the enhanced methods that mean that keeping the heated world hot means that woods turn to refugee camps when the water that thinks that murdering the Pakistanis too will be there when the Hindus think that nuclear weapons are going to be blamed for the fires that really happen.

You are to learn to love again humans, after rebirth. Now the men and women of the usury clubs, and the aristocrats that believe they are secret and ancient bloodlined think that Benjamin Fulford's world too enhances the scenesters to understanding that murder doesn't just not matter.

The way to shoot the world up with the publicity that the mentally ill commit mass murder today thinks that medication won't help the world when the very beings that Uvalde'd to the kids dead then shot the kids at the bowling alley this time, meaning the paramilitaries that sort through the drama that "shelter in place" was the rewarding accompaniment to the need to receive the scripting that the dollars are serviced to the beings that serve the parishioners the money that tithes you to the CIA and Mossad and MI$ that numbers the ways to the 9th that wants the world to hear that the world wants the terrorists to stop terrorizing. Period!

You are to learn cops that you are complicit when the fingering the innocent is your erasing the world to another way than Payton Gendron and the recent "terroristic" realizing the FBI indicted again, as the innocent end the suffering that the whole way to judge the law enforcement omnipotent wins this: mystical unions with the WE return to the wasted world where the WE wants to talk to the judges that say that returning to the Sandy Hook massacre, that was not the massacre but the staged event that told mothers to be afraid for the kids, that was the wasted way to recovering the splitting the ending to the truthing that 9/11 wasn't the only truth that wasn't returned to the world as that, but the insistence that the them that you are to realize they are, that thinks that the colleges too turn to the massacres this season, the covid-19 shots mandated are to return again.

Update September 14, 2023: The WE knows that all the women that love to be called indigenous are the Maori too. And the woman typing was a mentioning a nothing now that her work isn't important to anybody. And the world that works to thin the children to boring too finds out that all children asked to know that the only way to be alright in the United States is to buy friends with the money that smells like Homeland Security grants too.

Every word on this page is channeled. Every word sent to another via email is channeled. And the channeling is going to end when I am gone. And that is fine with me now that the WE is there to remember to the Hitlerites that killing on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency is a-ok with all the American Indian, Native American now, tribes. And I am offending them by speaking the Ancestors' words. And the Ancestors' offsprings now won't allow my world to be safe because FEMA will be supplanting the tribes by the mentioning the money is GOD!

Ask the Maori to speak to Tobias Langdon about the junk that he packaged as the Orwellian means of lies and lies and more lies allowed to think that White is the way to returning to the ways of the WE there to rephrase to the world that the Moriori and the Maori are the abused characters in the prose that Mr. Langdon has allowed to be the lies and the forbidden ways between the Jews and the Goyim. The Goyim are the ways and means to replace the truths with the lies and the suddenly the story is there to recreate the race theories that are hogwash.

Ask the Victorian novel that spells the gore that got the English hotted to the violence and sex and cannibalism that wins “I’m having an old friend for dinner” from the Lambs silenced movies that shows that Tobias too knows the tricks of the trade to return again to the so-called “fifth generation warfare” meaning propaganda where the liars are the truthers and the lies are the truth and the heated discussion to the Jews there now is the stories are all fiction, each of the so-called erasing the truth stories about Maori colonialism are inaccurate totally.

And that is the way to “scholarship” meaning the White world, as the Tobias Langdon implies isn’t the ways of the “White” beings that know too their achievements are the reason their “race” war is now in high gear, Charlie “Manson Wants Helter Skelter Race War” Windsor has the throne to become now the king of everything, including his laird Tobias Langdon, the man that serves the crowns of European renewal to the colonialists are better now than then, the man Tobias Langdon knows that mentioning that his earnings are the spoils of the fighting that says too he is the cannibal meaning he too attends the meetings of the secret societies that too think that murdering for the fun of the fun of the bloodshed too upends the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s ways. And that is the way to returning to the so-called occult and the so-called mysticism that too isn’t that but deception and trickery and lies and murder and blood-letting to want to know that Tobias Langdon isn’t a man but a man’s child, meaning Tobias isn’t a man but the man that thinks that mentioning that service to the lieges, meaning King Charles and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands is the way to returning to the ways of the WE there to re-climate to the climate that the Epstein Air trips were fun, huh Tobias?

Ask the way to suffice to say that Mr. Langdon isn’t that well to the mentioning that he isn’t a well man in the head either. And the Maori that are there to return to the land being the home to their ancestors for the thousands of years that means the millions of years returns to the migrations of the “White” men to the rapists, now that is the sexual need to up the ante to extreme violence, like Clockwork Orange, or is that Willem-Alexander Orange that takes men’s genitals to the rear end to show off the Crowley ways are the way of the aristocrats that think they are given permission by the evil beings they respect, the shit that shows off that the writer too thinks that homosexuals are neat, shows too that the Christianized ways, the way spoken to the fruition of the civil rights for the so-called Blacks in the United States was too the man that wanted the color of the skin to never define a “race”. And the so-called need to reiterate to the still blackness that the ways of the world to the knowing that the coloring to the multicolored dream coats will be when the summer hears that the Maori too think that Griffith Rutherford was the man that sold out the children in the Irish world and then returned there to return again to the removal of the Cherokee to the lands that needed to be “owned” by the Europeans that granted too themselves the realization that reloading the guns to the man called Tobias Langdon too the member of the secret usury club that wants to CBDC the millionaires to not that too, wants to hear that he is the man that loves to love to butt f##k because that is the sexual stimulation that then treats the men that love to return to lies as the truth to the truthing that the men that f##k off the hardest this go around serve the oligarchs of the European aristocracy.

And the writer that writes writes too for the so-called big birds that were never there as the pets either nor as the farm animals kept in coops. And the “White” legacy of cooping too the kids to the locking them down in wifi houses equipped with “smart” meters and 5G apparati that win the covid-19 diagnosis toward too the injections of the indigenous with the worst planned “vaccine” batches to harm them the most is the way to the Indian removal of the so-called ancestors to the Ancestors now there to recoup to the cooping the Moa the assistants of this: they were there when the Cook’s showed up with the muskets. And the “White” invaders killed each and every bird to starve the natives!!!

Updated August 25, 2023, by the Mossad Agent Pierre de Craon's infantile reply:

Pierre de Craon says:

The moral and psychological grotesquerie of this woman’s fulminations imparts the uneasy sense that neither factual rebuttal nor rationality itself will suffice to mitigate the intensity of her evident hatred. She is a frightening specimen of what the Jews wish every woman in every white society to become.

And the truth that the Sheriffs that know that are there to return to the suicide prevention sales to the medical need to show off that the "suicidal" are there to be "mentally ill", that is the way to showing that mental illness is selling to the public the lies packaged as mental illnesses that are there to remember that being well to the mentioning that mental illness isn't illin' in the neighborhoods but the way to selling to the public the lies.

The men and women that are there to be cops are too there to remember that the oath to serve and protect isn't real to them anymore than the Hippocratic oath means jack shit to the doctors still serving the covid-19 shots.

Sheriff Robert Luna isn't aware that the men that did the dirty work are real to the WE, but the man lies constantly. So the truth that the lie is the truth when the press release is written to the stories are told to the public to, feel that y'all, to deflect the attention from them! Period.

The WE thinks that cops in Fort Lauderdale too lie when the money machine bribes them to have to shoot the messenger again and teach to the heated being typing that feeling the love in the heart thinks that leaving the need to another world beginning too, that the olden times that were too the Ancestors that are not permitted to the shoals that say to Real Big Men that the whole time the LASD thinks that murder is suicide and packaging "mental illness" as the way to show off that selling to the kids emotional difficulties mean wronging the world potentially, that inverts the truth that the best therapies are those that return to the emotional world is so squirrely whirly that the only truth that remains in the heart is scared!

(The WE advises that only one officer death quoted above is a suicide, 2022. The remainder of the deaths are murder.)

The WE wants the cops that lie about suicide to sell mental illnesses and counseling services that are not helpful but the way to mentioning that all "mentally ill" cognitive behaviorists that think thinning the mental-illnesses-are-real-folks to never again employed as industry funded proletariats mentioning that the standardized proletariat is the only "sane" individual nowadays!

Cognitive behavioral therapy isn't easy to say thinks that the way to returning to the wasted world is the way to line the pockets that teach too the therapists to show to the cops who they can select as the scapegoats that take the fall for the murders not arranged to the suicide designation!