Question the update 8/Nov/2008 meaning the woman wants only the distinction between murdering the many and murdering the one is the way to giving to the many the mandate to vaccinate too the children meaning the murdering too the womb babies wins the right to choose too the way to knowing only the world wants the woman to comprehend too the mask makes her madder than hell to the thought the murdering the many the better than the compliance to the oligarchs not masking to the point wanting too the cousin "the Ant" to teach to the many the better off in the desert of the going home to the world that Las Vegas too wins the right to shut off the lights tells to the terminating too the making too the cashiers the enforcers of the masking means the piggies rule the entire globe now thanks to the need to the meat eating that spells: GREASE WINS the right to remove too the murderers of the children of the corn meaning the woman typing is not the kind loving nor compassionate when too the world hears I only want to be the normal again but the normal is not normal at all meaning the children forced to the making too the organic food now the suspicious comments the way to recognize the Ingles will too remove the masking when too the Ingles closes the doors because they too will be irrelevant to the few left following too the irrational decisions to make too the bombs the necessary including too the right to refocus on the Venezuelans means the woman knows only the way to get to the point: the warfare happening in the Middle East too wins the right to reverberate to the woman the killing off many of the compliant women and men on the American Animal Farm wins too the right to consider too the lifetime is that the fictional event meaning too the return too the incarnation turning around to the point the world is the really really tired too of the needing the mask to participate in the political theater meaning I want to give to the women and men of the Highland Brewing the right to recall the "conspiracy" theory that your beer will end in the end times is the reason too to recall too the Swannanoa the better filled with the many alive women and women enjoying themselves than the many that want only the right to recall animal husbandry too wins the right to remember to the husbands of the other women are the factory farmers of the modern age meaning the way to giving to the wedding vow I am the big kid that produces too the farm animals to become the right to the oligarchs too to tell to the mass slaughter of all the cattle that the extinction event will follow with the humans being the gone too meaning that is the plan of the Gates Foundation to remove too the cash you kids of the compliance is the conditioned into me since I am the post-9-11-attacks generation not new to the scene but too buttfucked to comprehend too the attacks the reason you will be the slaughtered too meaning the way to give to the world I am too hot to trot to be heard tells to the Victoria Nuland is the reason too the woman laughs out loud when the Iranian president too works for the UN to become the better informed the man is too ignorant to recognize too the UN the better off without too the security council spelling the organization is useful but the security council is the not right at all meaning too Israel wins the right to recall I want you to be that the recognizing the many Palestinian humans told to be without the first right are too the fucked hard by the Israel to the tune too the making the Baptist the man that wants too to be heard tells to the woman I supplant to you the way to give to the Ant the right to be the executioner is to be with the story too he is the man working off too the sluff by loving too the woman called Katherine Brannen now meaning I want the woman to hear the man is there with her as the guide and will never leave her side meaning her back has the friend.

Benjamin Fulford writes about the battle to save planet earth. In last week's piece he pens,

"...inside the U.S., targeted assassinations of key individuals have been taking place at an accelerated pace in order to restore democracy and the rule of law, CIA sources say."

How is it possible to "restore the rule of law" through murder? Does that not put the assassin above the law?

Won't we then be ruled by an army of assassins? When will the assassins know that the earth has been properly cleansed and they can stop killing? Are they omniscient in their selection of targets?

The thing that disturbs us is only the sound of the low spark of high heeled boys. How do those assassins kill in those heels? Meow.

Spirit is something no one destroys. When a critical mass of humanity conquers their fear of death and lives in the vibration of Spirit, then we will have won the battle for planet earth.

WE want the man that calls himself the Jack of all trades to jack himself into the fold and be the one that tells the world that he is the worthless piece of shit that won't take the plunge, that is right.

WE want the Jack of all trades to trade the medal for the pedal and flower into the man that the world loves already.

WE want the man called Aidan Turner to be the one that takes the Kitty to the other side because the men of the club are too full of themselves to be the ones to take the plunge.

WE want the man called "Big Foot killer" Aidan Turner to be the one that says the man called Big Foot is the one that wants him to be the man among mankind.

Update 13 March, 2020: David Berkowitz was framed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it big boy of the medical establishment that thought the testimony of the woman that spends loads more time corresponding with the living than the dead meaning the very existence of the meme that you regarded her life long work the reason that you were willing to sacrifice your career to not only rape her but to be the man that wanted to up the ante to murder too in order to inject into her body the very cum soaked tumor that your overcarsh removed to the point the Dr. Patricia Overcarsh too was willing to allow the boy toy of her big boy Dr. Bill Gist to use the woman that was identified by the lying couple that she until the WE informed her they also took her cats from her to be the only beings on the planet she had to reach out to told you that you have to be given the right to remain permanently silent if you think the man called the Son of Sam was not the serial killer I'd never even heard of since the summer the hottest movie of all was on the film circuit I was still watching the Disney flicks that my daddy gave me to watch as I was only the 6 year old.

Disney is the other thing that needs to be talked about Kelvin Cruickshank I am too much of the coward to work with the women of the other side that want the right to be told that giving Kelvin the green light means that he is the man that will finally regard the "death threats" meme to be the real deal instead of the crying hysterical woman's plea to be cared for completely when the truth is the woman has been caring for herself nearly completely since her mother told her I'm too busy to be asked to perform the duties of the mother that rarely is portrayed by the western world as the important role now that the women have to raise the men to the grave as if they are the big boys to get the right to work at all to the point the very mention that Katherine Brannen identified by the spirit talkin' sellers as the more than willing participant in the meme that getting the men off the street that accuse the innocent of the crimes the police themselves commit means giving the New Zealand and Australian police departments the right to be regarded as the lowest form of police, lower even than the LAPD telling you that not the work that you wanted with the law enforcement agents that would hit you in the middle of the eyes too Katherine with the right to remain silent telling you had you actually returned to the Sensing Murder page that you will be revisiting to give the right to remain silent no longer the very children that have to go to the slaughter on the regular basis in order to appease the children's parents that want not to have the responsibility to the point the very mention that telling you that giving the children the right to disappear to the point the children spend the rest of their lives wondering why their biological maybe offspring went missing permanently offering not the first idea that resolution is not resolution of the hell when the person that takes the children is the other parent to the point the very mention of the child missing from the Black Mountain area was in fact stolen by the other parent and deposited outside of the range of the other side's right to tell you the very mention that 6 of your cats have gone missing when the man called the one that was permitted to walk the walk of the man that was getting his comeuppance by being given the procrastination destination in the hills of the other side's view that giving yourself the right to remove the need to stay alive from the meme is the real killing of the messenger because the very need to feel the love making that would never be permitted to occur tells you why that man is not permitted to touch the kitty this lifetime but the truth is the touch is less important than the right to be told you have the paying work that means the Cruickeds that think trashing the woman before the reputation was permitted to be earned by her own effort tells them they have shown their true colors to a world that you guessed it they think you are not important enough to consider yourself a part of "I was on the telly I matter" to the point the very mention that being famous means the gentry of the entire new meme is that being famous means allowing the famous to consider themselves the more important humans as if they are no different than the European bourgeoisie pretending to be the aristocracy meaning the verdict is finally in give-it-away-boy. The answer is kingpin of the wittle girls club that uses your good graces and need to be the young man still in your imagination to be the grandpa always carrying the cocaine and possessing the meme I got with that old man he he he to be the primary focus of the little girls that look good to you but think you are older than their parents so grand dad fits nicely golden ticket holder to the point the famous meme tells you that going to the toilet looks better from the bottom end.

WE want you to listen hard.

WE want you to understand the man the press called Son of Sam is the very man that is telling you the truth.

WE want you to want the WE to tell you the truth.

WE want you to understand the man that was sent to the slaughter for the murders that were pinned on him is not the man that did the murders.

WE want you to understand the law enforcement officers that arrested the man that was given the knife are the very ones that killed the people that were labeled the victims of the serial killer.

When the officers that arrested him gave him the ultimatum to be the killer or to be given the knife right then, he gave them the option of taking him to court.

WE want you to realize the person typing is unfamiliar with this case other than the movie made by Spike Lee that sells the public the bullshit story that was given to the public.

On the morning of the murders that were pinned on the man called Son of Sam the cops decided they needed to pin the murders on somebody so they decided to catch someone that afternoon.

When the man that was arrested was given the ultimatum of being the Son of Sam or going to the shower where he would be raped by the same cops that actually did the killings, he chose the courts.

WE want you to realize the Spike Lee movie was the very reason the woman that is typing did not want to hear from the man that was sent down for the crimes because when the movie came out the movie was the hottest thing around.

When the movie was released, the movie that was given the attention that the press sought, the movie was what everyone wanted to see.

When the Kitty saw the film she was so creeped out that she did not want to listen to the story of the man put down.

WE want Spike Lee to realize that he was used by the very men that made him a household name.

WE want you to realize Spike Lee that you are the finest filmmaker of this generation.

WE want you to be with the WE on this one Spike Lee.

WE want Spike Lee to realize the Kitty that is typing is in fact his 5th cousin through the Lee line.

WE want Spike Lee to remember the Kitty that is typing is the psychic genealogist that tells you that your ancestry and hers overlap 5 generations back in the Lee family line.

WE want you to realize the man called William Lee that was born in Milton, West Virginia and was a member of the Cherokee nation is the same grandfather that you share with Katherine.

WE want Spike Lee to learn about the Tuscarora escape from the Outer Banks and coastal regions of North Carolina and the South Carolina areas now designated the future home of the Cherokee Nation taking the action to recognize the coastal waters considered the Edisto Sound have become the habitat of the turtle you know damn well is the wellspring of desire to the man called WE's wittle woman in training the man called Anthony Kiedis I want St. Simons Island to be my home too David Mann knows Bill Edwards from the island.

The Tuscarora are the ancestors that went to many different locals in order to preserve their right to live at all because you guessed it the British that have identified the woman typing as the enemy of the state told them they had to leave or become corpses.

WE want you to realize the man called Spike Lee is also the descendent of the people that were forced to leave the Long Island coast by the invaders in the middle of the night in the middle of the winter of 1678 to ensure the many of them were killed.

WE want you to understand the Montauk people that lived in Long Island are the very people that want their grandson Spike Lee to be the one that tells the world the story that only he can tell with the passion it needs to be told.

Further Update 5 July, 2020.

Update 5 July, 2020: Live the thought the woman entitled Nomi Prins to the max knows too the still to the max the Federal Reserve policy to the max the thing that makes the whole ship the going to the sea bed this go around means the money masters too take the people to the other side meaning to the grave or to the higher vibration that means the ascension the many of you have talked about for the many years now meaning the way home to the way of the world to the thinking the ascension means the return of the Christ-think to the max about the world in which the Christ takes the women to the being the washed this go around instead of the bullet to the brain as was the standard protocol under the new States united under the umbrella called the United States Constitution meaning the law protects and serves the business and personal interests of the connected not the Cherokee.

Give to the man the gun and he will give to the children the short lifetime but tell the parents the only safe way to live is via the medical establishment's hierarchy to the thinking the not in the system means the not to the max respected despite the better form of the medicine to the tune the nourishing and nurturing the better type than the warfare mentality that kills the kids too.

Nomi Prins too recognizes the COVID-19 not the source of the panic in the markets but the resulting thing that cures the panic for the duration the highest authority warns the many the connected few rape and pillage the many good humans that just know the virus the source meaning they think the Nomi Prims too the not informed being the "smartest" of them all the knowing damn well the "bullllllllSHIT!!!" that Nomi Prins to the max is the author of the many books too to teach to the women of the Swannanoa River Know-It-All Valley they too have the short life this go around when they know just know the vaccines are the answer to the question what is living in the world where the pathogens too become the enemy?

What is you name? What is your favorite color? How many vaccines does it take to make a child permanently disabled?

Quantitative Easing is the key term here not COVID-19 being the cover story and the excuse to use the many vaccinations to chip the entire world meaning the making the entire world the pawn of the big business that wants only the customers to turn off the chip at will relegating them to the vagrant category meaning the mail might be the stolen too.

Now is it? ?

The WE want the world to understand the man who calls himself Jim Willie is doing the work of the WE.

The man called Jim Willie is one of the most courageous people on the planet you call planet Earth.

Kill the messenger, you kill not the message. So keep your grubby hands off of Jim!

Jim is the man that has the courage to tell the world the truth others have not the courage to tell, the Paul Craig Roberts of the world are the ones that have been given the forum unto which they can reveal the truth but they even lack the courage to risk their lives to put the truth into the public domain.

Amen. Make no mistake. The man called Jim Willie who is willing to risk it all to make the world better for all, he is the man with the plan.

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors wants the man who calls himself Jim Willie to know that he is the one that has awoken the kitty more than any other because the man that Jim Willie is is the man that has the courage to step outside of the prison of the men's club.

Jim Willie is the man that has the courage to lead the other men of the world into the place where they can see eye to eye and agree the enemy of the world is the very enemy that the Kitty sees.

Further Update 24 July, 2020: The WE wants the Dr. Ganser to take the plunge too to the tune the Eagle flies with the flower to the thought the woman comprehends the nothing but the WE the thinking the world hears too the Anthony talks to the NATO Author of the hidden agenda too to the thought the man to the max knows the way to the comprehending the not-equal thing means the woman the alone 24/7.

Update 24 July, 2020: The man that tells the world to worship too the way the indigenous individuals know the right thing is the man that has the goods too to teach the Canadian public the White Buffalo Woman the way to the becoming the healed in the West and the East.

WE want the world to appreciate the Dr. Michel Chossudovsky the kindest gentleman this side of the outer banks meaning the Roanoke Island the home to the max of the stubborn European immigrants that told themselves the not sheltering in the place to the thought the joining instead the natives the wrong thing until the cold told them the right thing to teach to the world the Roanoke Island inhabitants joined the Native inhabitants to the tune they were not killed.

Question the thought too the Jamestown inhabitants thought the becoming the belligerent the right thing until the WE tells the world the way the Indians thought themselves the rightful heirs too to the thought the woman to the max knows only the world that tells her to think the Jamestown the worst home to the thought the right thing means the Native inhabitants then too taught them the right ways to the thought the buying too the land the not the thing the settlers too thought the right way but the going to the show that was the PBS times 10 version the white women to the max ran the show through the cunning but the Indian woman to the max was the most equipped to tell the producers to the max the staying to the max in the moment makes the woman the better listener but the anticipation that the world too the wrong fit to the thought the nothing of the order of the magnitude explored in the series is the truth.

Question the removal too to the max of the need to posture to the tune the woman knows only the way to the beginning to hear too the man of the Doctor of the Philosophy the wrong sort to the women of the Swannanoa Hills that know the COVID the threat to the thought the 1984 too the wrong mention but the woman knows only the feeling the other side the author too to teach to the BBC the way to the writing the more authentic scripts to the tune the Poldark season 5 the shit of the shiolah to the thought the woman to the max knows the shit to the thought too the Irishman the pawn.

Wuhan flu to the max is the thing the Dr. Willie tells the world: the experiment to test together the serum and the making too the many of the Chinese the test subjects to the thought the Chinese authorities to the max know the thing that makes too the wrong mention to the thought the Trump the white hat to the thinking the man to the max makes too the Hunter the woman too that knows the White Buffalo the true White Instrument but the way of the big boys too of the Warner Brothers mention means the needing to comprehend too the nurturing that makes too the way to the buttfuckers winning no longer meaning the sodomy that means the way to the bending over to the thought the need to mask to the thought the working to the max to the thought too the compliance to the thinking the way out of the making the world the still together to the thought the writing to the world the need to comprehend the removal too to the thought the scummy way the world forecasts too the removing too the way the ex-husband orders to the max the removal of the things that help to remove too the world view the man the wanting the records to never ever listen to them to the thought the man on the way to the slammer this time.

WE are the authors too of the Gemma Team becoming the relic to the thought too the woman to the max knows nothing but the visions of the Kelvin in the neighborhood to the thought the thinking too the rescue to the thinking too the Jade the wanting the real mother this time to the thought the sister too the desired to the tune: give to the Jade the family too.

WE want the Cruickshanks including the Gemma gots the goods thing to the tune the woman to the max made too the children to the tune the other man the knowing only the proposition means the way out of the hole to the thought the Jacob too the listening meaning the Erica the bitch that to this hour thinks the Jacob Lawrence not the Master's degreed social worker helping the many children of the battered too teaches to the woman that judges to the point the others tell her to go to the cleaners meaning the need to recompense too the write thing means the woman tells the self the end the thing that happens meaning the too the Smoker Mike of the Home Park era teaches too the way to the becoming the old man: abuse the woman that was too the wife in the other lifetime meaning the Smoker Mike the animal abuser too to the thought.

Question the thought the Chris Hatton too the not to the max the nicest man to the tune too the Claudia distinguishes the Ploof the better lover but the woman typing tells the self too the Hatton the man that has to understand that he to the thought knows only the way to the becoming the better man meaning the using too the artistic thing meaning.