Update 27 February, 2023: The war for the Ukrainians to be wiped off the world view to the thought, the killing the many males that wanted to live was the war that was NATO's way to the Maiden Coup that killed the many then too. And the Tel Aviv willing partners that profit too to the Hollywood is their homes thinks that lies that lie and lie and lie turn to truths that Atlanta wasn't the only reason to vision on to the next thinking that all women along for the bye bye are there to return to the lives after the revolution of the American continent turns too to the many, many, many more killed by bombs and missiles and death everywhere. It's what you want when you "Stand with Kyiv" or "Stand with Ukraine". The way to murdering the millions of millionaires too will be when too Flea's family is gone, gone, and gone for good!

Updated 4 September, 2022: The WE advises the world that supporting Ukraine's beings of light too supports the news that Nato wins nothing there but the losses.

Updated 15 July, 2022: The WE suggests the working for the living is too the working for the right to live. The right to begin to have to have not the right to turn another to another thing was the right to return to the "IC" too there to "ice-cream" to the news: IC is the Intelligence Communities in the document too according to the WE's working woman's need to try to have too the opener mind wins too the lawyers knowing the law is that: lies win first. Then the law sifts the wheat from the chaff and thinks the chafe to the Monkeypox is too there to remember that rashes are there to recover to the inconvience that was wasting the time working for the living instead of death for the membership of the darlings of the darlings or that wins not.

Further Update 14 July, 2022: Ukraine is the target of the NATO alliance to win the rushing to the Russia too imposed upon to learn that lies are the foundation of the entire American world view that too the living for the own self alone is the dollared to the 666.

Pattern baldness is the result of using money to collect the wisdom that allowing the selfish self to self to the selfish wanting mine at all times wins the depression too!

Cherokee women were raped by the great grandfather's worlds that wins the right. The children manufactured by the allowing the men to shine to the example that brutalizing those women was wrong to them too wins.

The reality is that children on the Eurasian continental region will suffer the most from the plans of the big whigs to sentence too the American public to try to hear: killing them is too the objective!

This is the reality of the meat eaters: they gout to the news that Atlanta will be wasted by the bombings if the stance to stop the big whigs is not taken!

Update 14 July, 2022: The ending of the contract to the nude modeling was the abrogation to the news that allowing the summer to perish without the first acknowledgement that I am there too wins. This is the need to hearing that hiring them was used to have them there to serve the debtors too: William Brannen will fall down harder now that he is to learn that the bail-ins will be there to suggest to the being aliver that the CBDC will need to usher in the Usher too there.

Usher is the boyfriend too. I want the man that knows that Atlanta wants to renew too to think that the Atlanta regional airport will cease too to operate after the falling for the uber need to necessarily tell to Donna Brim that the passive aggressive need to punish the daughter for beginning to heal too was the need to hearing that Atlanta dead already wins the reality that allowing another so-called "psychic" the right to return to me there only to harm his family wins the right to return to many, many, many starving African kids turned to the better fed without the United States allowed to hear: living to the thought without the charming need to serve the children too the rations of the children of the cows told to end too the practices of recycling the waste of the cow to the medicine that killing the kids of the children of the animal worlds without the second thought waits for the waiting to hear: children are.

You are to work again for the right to redignity the right to the work ethic too there as the man that stole too the right to the dignity to the mind was too the water that wins the never horny again when too the magnetic need to another way than they are to learn to hear that the comfort to another there was wanted but the dignity to wanting to reEarth to the thought: children born out of wedlock want to learn to love too the regarding the Headed to the Starting that the lots of the kids wear the face masks for the duration to the thought.

Update 4/4/2022: You are right Kat. The thought the Anthony Kiedis would be the real friend was the turn on exclusively as he is not very attractive. He is the old man that thinks being the famous man wins too the rights to the exclusion of the jealousy to the thought. I want to reward too the timing to the thought the wanting to remarry to the Cruickshank too the right to return to the being stalked too wins too the right to redeem too the blonds to the show to the thought the Marilyn Monroe asked to die by the murder too was brutalized to the thought...

You are to remember to the world Kat that the so-called word lonely was used to show to the world that a man that thinks that fucking teenagers to the thought the buying the sex is the way to not be lonely wins the right to the lonelier working woman that understands too the summer on the run will be without too the helping of the handsome man that thinks too the showing to the public domain selling to the shit that the cops were there to remember the back-stabbing lying whore that was too the babied to the permission of the show to the "old man" is too the euphemism to the thought the "olden" man of the times to the thought the London that shares to the world too the stolen to the never horny around the corner either working woman Whitening to the White that the loving another wins too the loving the men as they are as they are not to the expectation that a "man" has the right to the referral to the bedroom that will be when too the touch will be too the right to return to the White Buffalo wanting to remember the expectation to the comfort was too the Hillel returning to the world as too the communicatable to the men too but then again....while you are the lonely men that think that fucking teenagers wins the right to the systemic economic collapse that spells too the beautiful "I fucked Anthony Kiedis too" Ukrainian model that too thinks that being lonely means I don't get to be touched for the entire decade means too the right to the loving her wins too the right to remembering NATO wants to reward your patience to the showing to the Ultimate show that fucking wins loving to the men of the Red Hot Peppers shit the pants of the Ultimate show called Love SUCKS!

Kill the working woman's need to hire too the thinking the hitman to end her world to the not there seeing as the way to hire another to murder is to hire the world to hire the liars.

You are there. I want to reiterate to the world that the liars are the US Embassies of the world too that think the killing the many on behalf of the lies is the sacred to the nudes that want to shine to the showering.

You are to work for a QAnon world view that another world will begin when the so-called Q installs the nudes to a world as the like OMG!

I am Q!

Update 17 March, 2023: The women that bought the UK trip to film too the movie that shows too Hillel talking about "his old friend" is there to remember that the "old friend" too fucked Flea and Anthony that trip!

John Frusciante's father was a Hollywood dude that wanted to revamp the band to feature his mainly retarded son on guitar. Chad Smith is an opportunist that took the job to play drums loud.

Hillel's life was wasted to the Hollywood ways. And John's wife isn't alive yet, but her world hears: Anthony Kiedis is a scummed thought that turns to the opposite when the dollars end up on the side of the WE's ways, not just supporting assholes that steal. Stead, not steal please.

The way to hearing that Anthony and Flea conspired to have Hillel murdered to be the men rewarded by the Aleister Crowley Clubs' beings hears that Hillel wasn't the user of heroin, he was the pawn sold to the devil worshipers to be the way to sentence Anthony's entire life's work to shit!

The war for the ways of the means to the water too working to remember to the selfishest of the lot, Flea, that he isn't the Dizzy Gillespie of bass. He is the so-so bass player that makes riffs that sound loud and Anthony jumps around like the monkee that he is, only Davy Jones was more talented, an actor too, and the more kindly being, but too raped by the Hollywood ways and murdered for the checking account to fill with the insurance money called "life". And better looking for sure is David Jones.


Update March 1, 2023: Hillel Slovak was never the heroin user! I want that to be there. Anthony and the brother called Flea told the world that Hillel was the "user" to be promoted on the television to the better feeling beings that know too that asking repeatedly for their assistance was this working woman's need to laugh that you are to gain the function that the kids that went to "Anthony shot heroin" to be the lesser of the two are the women too that sell the "Chilly Peppers" to the newscaster's ways that the American Indian returns after the nuclear weapons remove Hollywood!


The WE thinks that Anthony Kiedis was the man that was there to reward the stomach to fluing to the next way, the children born to the hour will be selling themselves to the devil worshipers this year too to show off that service to the crowns of Europe too turns to the masters of the monetary ways, the wizards of wozing the ozing to the ounces turn to fiat to the usury to the stealing the American continent to bought by the bankers!

Hillel wasn't a heroin user even once! The "men" that took the reigns post-Hillel to make the records that are promoted on the hour to the radio stations to the MTV to the concerts that don't make Bangladesh healthier but allow the fans to want to Jewtastic to the news that Brian Jones too wasn't the father to Sharon's unborn baby but to the baby delivered during the performanced art that Yoko Ono speculated would serve her interests of the stocks and bonds too will deliver the shocking news that cancers allowed by the diagnosis that the shots hurt the kids not but the cancers now to be the newer normal, like the SADS, are there to remember that the shotting up the Indians with the money styled living too shots to the get out of the house to the hear and there the hearing and the here there is the hearing that the allowed to hear that Hillel Slovak's parents were too threatened by the ways of the Anthony's father's needs to the big spotlight to the Die Hardin' to the wanting to recover the roling that Courtney was the big shit post Kurt whacked teaches Astrid types to Sutcliffe to the hottening that hiring the hitmen to take to the reality that country music too makes that the way to steal the reality that Jim Morrison too thinks that healing the Anthony's heart was allowing Highlel to re-emerge as the friend while the family too thinks that Katherine Brannen is the nutjob!

The WE returns to Anthony Kiedis' father, the hitman that took the lives of the women that went to prison to serve as pawns to cover-up the murders of the kids that were there to hear: children born to white women have to berry their ways to the ways of the Hollywood motifs that love wins nothing but the unlimited burden to be without that.

Update 15 April, 2020:
The answer is clear
Stir the Capital Houses
Steal the law books
Burn them
In the Fire of Redemption
As Gretchen and the Faust Redux x2 Burned
Now is the time

Update 10 April, 2020: Looks like what the WE told me last winter is what is coming to fruition: the USA/NATO attack on the Venezuelans in order to take control of the oil reserves and to sabotage the Russians from trading that oil with the Ruble instead of the US Dollar. How fun! The Western Hemisphere now gets to be terrorized. I'm proud to be the type of American that understands the rights that are ours as well as the Venezuelans are endowed by the Creator not given to us by the constant flushing down the toilets the lives of the many good men and women that believe the story that going to the warzone in the many decorated uniforms means freedom is given to the people. Hey let's flush this song down the toilet too permanently "cause there ain't no doubt I hate this song."

Your choice people to be the stooges that believe the COVID-19 complete to the max bullshit with your many masks and delightful sentencing of the other neighbor to be the sick one by distancing yourself. Ha ha ha. The truth is the social distancing is the modern version of the Riot Act that you gullible Americans line up to lap into your troughs to be that important that you comply with the wishes of the masters in the Raleigh/Washington stolen from the Natives areas to be given the right to lovingly by your paternalistic big brother in the cities the right to recall that you too have the right to refuse the orders Americans and reclaim your many selves your American Indian heritage meaning the notion that nobody is the American Indian anymore is the hogwash of the century meaning the very mention the Ghost Dancers were that means you have a lot to learn Brooke Medicine Eagle the woman that works with the WE too for her pay.

It's up to us.

Dismantling the Doomsday Machines

Do you think the maniacs in Washington who 9-11'd us and continue haunting the world with warfare and economic bullying are not gonna use nuclear weapons? They will try to save US dollar hegemony at all costs.

It's up to us.

"There's a man with a button over there. Kitty Licks says you got to be aware."

Everybody look what's going down. Venezuela. It's not permisible for other countries to deal outside the US dollar. There's a lot of oil underneath Venezuela.

The Currency War Will Escalate as China’s ‘Petro-Yuan’ Challenges the U.S. Military-Backed ‘Petro-Dollar’
By Timothy Alexander Guzman

Venezuela is also ready and willing to make its move against the U.S. dollar. Reuters did report on the decision made by the Maduro government to implement a new system of international payments for its oil exports. The report headlined with ‘Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others’ quoted what Maduro had said during a session of the National Constituent Assembly at Palacio Federal Legislativo in Caracas, Venezuela:

“Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Maduro said in an hours-long address to a new legislative superbody, without providing details of the new mechanism. “If they pursue us with the dollar, we’ll use the Russian ruble, the yuan, yen, the Indian rupee, the euro,” Maduro said.