Question the update 8/Nov/2008 meaning the woman wants only the distinction between murdering the many and murdering the one is the way to giving to the many the mandate to vaccinate too the children meaning the murdering too the womb babies wins the right to choose too the way to knowing only the world wants the woman to comprehend too the mask makes her madder than hell to the thought the murdering the many the better than the compliance to the oligarchs not masking to the point wanting too the cousin "the Ant" to teach to the many the better off in the desert of the going home to the world that Las Vegas too wins the right to shut off the lights tells to the terminating too the making too the cashiers the enforcers of the masking means the piggies rule the entire globe now thanks to the need to the meat eating that spells: GREASE WINS the right to remove too the murderers of the children of the corn meaning the woman typing is not the kind loving nor compassionate when too the world hears I only want to be the normal again but the normal is not normal at all meaning the children forced to the making too the organic food now the suspicious comments the way to recognize the Ingles will too remove the masking when too the Ingles closes the doors because they too will be irrelevant to the few left following too the irrational decisions to make too the bombs the necessary including too the right to refocus on the Venezuelans means the woman knows only the way to get to the point: the warfare happening in the Middle East too wins the right to reverberate to the woman the killing off many of the compliant women and men on the American Animal Farm wins too the right to consider too the lifetime is that the fictional event meaning too the return too the incarnation turning around to the point the world is the really really tired too of the needing the mask to participate in the political theater meaning I want to give to the women and men of the Highland Brewing the right to recall the "conspiracy" theory that your beer will end in the end times is the reason too to recall too the Swannanoa the better filled with the many alive women and women enjoying themselves than the many that want only the right to recall animal husbandry too wins the right to remember to the husbands of the other women are the factory farmers of the modern age meaning the way to giving to the wedding vow I am the big kid that produces too the farm animals to become the right to the oligarchs too to tell to the mass slaughter of all the cattle that the extinction event will follow with the humans being the gone too meaning that is the plan of the Gates Foundation to remove too the cash you kids of the compliance is the conditioned into me since I am the post-9-11-attacks generation not new to the scene but too buttfucked to comprehend too the attacks the reason you will be the slaughtered too meaning the way to give to the world I am too hot to trot to be heard tells to the Victoria Nuland is the reason too the woman laughs out loud when the Iranian president too works for the UN to become the better informed the man is too ignorant to recognize too the UN the better off without too the security council spelling the organization is useful but the security council is the not right at all meaning too Israel wins the right to recall I want you to be that the recognizing the many Palestinian humans told to be without the first right are too the fucked hard by the Israel to the tune too the making the Baptist the man that wants too to be heard tells to the woman I supplant to you the way to give to the Ant the right to be the executioner is to be with the story too he is the man working off too the sluff by loving too the woman called Katherine Brannen now meaning I want the woman to hear the man is there with her as the guide and will never leave her side meaning her back has the friend.

Benjamin Fulford writes about the battle to save planet earth. In last week's piece he pens,

"...inside the U.S., targeted assassinations of key individuals have been taking place at an accelerated pace in order to restore democracy and the rule of law, CIA sources say."

How is it possible to "restore the rule of law" through murder? Does that not put the assassin above the law?

Won't we then be ruled by an army of assassins? When will the assassins know that the earth has been properly cleansed and they can stop killing? Are they omniscient in their selection of targets?

The thing that disturbs us is only the sound of the low spark of high heeled boys. How do those assassins kill in those heels? Meow.

Spirit is something no one destroys. When a critical mass of humanity conquers their fear of death and lives in the vibration of Spirit, then we will have won the battle for planet earth.

Further Update 24 July, 2020: The WE wants the Dr. Ganser to take the plunge too to the tune the Eagle flies with the flower to the thought the woman comprehends the nothing but the WE the thinking the world hears too the Anthony talks to the NATO Author of the hidden agenda too to the thought the man to the max knows the way to the comprehending the not-equal thing means the woman the alone 24/7.

Update 24 July, 2020: The man that tells the world to worship too the way the indigenous individuals know the right thing is the man that has the goods too to teach the Canadian public the White Buffalo Woman the way to the becoming the healed in the West and the East.

WE want the world to appreciate the Dr. Michel Chossudovsky the kindest gentleman this side of the outer banks meaning the Roanoke Island the home to the max of the stubborn European immigrants that told themselves the not sheltering in the place to the thought the joining instead the natives the wrong thing until the cold told them the right thing to teach to the world the Roanoke Island inhabitants joined the Native inhabitants to the tune they were not killed.

Question the thought too the Jamestown inhabitants thought the becoming the belligerent the right thing until the WE tells the world the way the Indians thought themselves the rightful heirs too to the thought the woman to the max knows only the world that tells her to think the Jamestown the worst home to the thought the right thing means the Native inhabitants then too taught them the right ways to the thought the buying too the land the not the thing the settlers too thought the right way but the going to the show that was the PBS times 10 version the white women to the max ran the show through the cunning but the Indian woman to the max was the most equipped to tell the producers to the max the staying to the max in the moment makes the woman the better listener but the anticipation that the world too the wrong fit to the thought the nothing of the order of the magnitude explored in the series is the truth.

Question the removal too to the max of the need to posture to the tune the woman knows only the way to the beginning to hear too the man of the Doctor of the Philosophy the wrong sort to the women of the Swannanoa Hills that know the COVID the threat to the thought the 1984 too the wrong mention but the woman knows only the feeling the other side the author too to teach to the BBC the way to the writing the more authentic scripts to the tune the Poldark season 5 the shit of the shiolah to the thought the woman to the max knows the shit to the thought too the Irishman the pawn.

Wuhan flu to the max is the thing the Dr. Willie tells the world: the experiment to test together the serum and the making too the many of the Chinese the test subjects to the thought the Chinese authorities to the max know the thing that makes too the wrong mention to the thought the Trump the white hat to the thinking the man to the max makes too the Hunter the woman too that knows the White Buffalo the true White Instrument but the way of the big boys too of the Warner Brothers mention means the needing to comprehend too the nurturing that makes too the way to the buttfuckers winning no longer meaning the sodomy that means the way to the bending over to the thought the need to mask to the thought the working to the max to the thought too the compliance to the thinking the way out of the making the world the still together to the thought the writing to the world the need to comprehend the removal too to the thought the scummy way the world forecasts too the removing too the way the ex-husband orders to the max the removal of the things that help to remove too the world view the man the wanting the records to never ever listen to them to the thought the man on the way to the slammer this time.

WE are the authors too of the Gemma Team becoming the relic to the thought too the woman to the max knows nothing but the visions of the Kelvin in the neighborhood to the thought the thinking too the rescue to the thinking too the Jade the wanting the real mother this time to the thought the sister too the desired to the tune: give to the Jade the family too.

WE want the Cruickshanks including the Gemma gots the goods thing to the tune the woman to the max made too the children to the tune the other man the knowing only the proposition means the way out of the hole to the thought the Jacob too the listening meaning the Erica the bitch that to this hour thinks the Jacob Lawrence not the Master's degreed social worker helping the many children of the battered too teaches to the woman that judges to the point the others tell her to go to the cleaners meaning the need to recompense too the write thing means the woman tells the self the end the thing that happens meaning the too the Smoker Mike of the Home Park era teaches too the way to the becoming the old man: abuse the woman that was too the wife in the other lifetime meaning the Smoker Mike the animal abuser too to the thought.

Question the thought the Chris Hatton too the not to the max the nicest man to the tune too the Claudia distinguishes the Ploof the better lover but the woman typing tells the self too the Hatton the man that has to understand that he to the thought knows only the way to the becoming the better man meaning the using too the artistic thing meaning.


Compliment what she does
Send her roses just because
If it's violins she loves let them play
Dedicate her favorite song and hold
Her closer all night long
Love her today
Find one hundred ways
Don't forget there could be
An old lover in her memory
If you need her so much more
Why don't you say
Maybe she has it in her mind
That she's just wasting her time
Ask her to stay
Find one hundred ways
Bein' cool won't help you keep a love warm
You'll just blow your chance
Take the time to open up your heart
That's the secret of romance

Sacrifice if you care
Buy her some moonlight to wear
If there's one more star she wants
Go all the way
In your arms tonight
She'll reflect that she owes you
The sweetest of debts if she wants to pay
Find one hundred ways *
In your arms tonight
She'll reflect that she owes you
The sweetest of debts if she wants to pay
Find one hundred ways
Ya gotta believe it whoa
Love her today
Find one hundred ways
Songwriters: Anthony Tryrone Coleman / Benjamin Wright / Kathleen Wakefield
One Hundred Ways lyrics © BMG Rights Management (Corrections mine.)

* Excludes housework

Update 8 March, 2020: WE want the world to understand the Shoe thinks giving himself the right to remove the alligators from the canals and the right to remove the WE from the world view of the others means that Shoe has the integrity to involve himself in the lives of the other artists that too care about the world that comes from the world that gives the bees too the right to live but the Warner Brothers women that manage the whole affair think they have the ethical right to deprive to the point the very death song the kitty typing needs the man Kiedis to sing for her too means that you have been taken off the floor woman of the higher authority than the White Buffalo Woman taking it upon herself to use the facility WE wish to be permanently vacated by the woman that was using this body to the very point the killing of the messenger allows the White Buffalo Woman to reside permanently to the point the next lifetime won't require the first 50 years to remove the karmic residue of living in the western world afforded her to the point the very man that you regard as too important to be bothered is the very man willing to surrender too. But you have to be that important bitch too that sucks the man's cock to the point you think giving the other woman the right to be serviced her way gives you the right to lose that one as the bitch that sucks the many other cocks too but that takes the courage to tell yourself being the whore one state over goes that much further because the very notion the woman typing is too the superior web designer tells you that you have to be that jealous of the woman's ability to reach right into the man's soul meaning you can hide it mouthpiece of the suck dry distinction or you can arise to the moment and share with the man that will not be not made aware that you too have restricted the White Buffalo Woman's right to reach out to her clientele meaning the very mention that you have sucked both men dry that many times tells you the HIV meme frightened your bare bones bitch with the butthole that cums too.

Chemicals are killing his work. Neonicotinoids, RoundUp, and more.

His business: remove hives from homes and buildings. Resettle those hives for pollination and honey.

He can't get ahead because "the man" and others keep spraying poison.

Now the man is trying to make it illegal to harvest hives from homes. The bees must be killed with chemicals, they say, to keep us safe.

"The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience."- Albert Camus

Update March 1, 2020: The many clips in the second video called Modern Tyranny: Official Lies Vs. The Truth about crisis actors and removal of bodies toward the Pulse nightclub and the images about Sandy Hook were harvested from several different posts found on the really informative website called What Really Happened. Sorry for not citing specifically the posts within the video. I was working on fumes that summer and did what I did. The information is there. The work that was mine was largely composing the script and working with the images harvested elsewhere also. Gotta love Michael Rivero's many many hours of accomplished research.