Update March 1, 2020: The many clips in the second video called Modern Tyranny: Official Lies Vs. The Truth about crisis actors and removal of bodies toward the Pulse nightclub and the images about Sandy Hook were harvested from several different posts found on the really informative website called What Really Happened. Sorry for not citing specifically the posts within the video. I was working on fumes that summer and did what I did. The information is there. The work that was mine was largely composing the script and working with the images harvested elsewhere also. Gotta love Michael Rivero's many many hours of accomplished research.

Update 9 February, 2019: Check it out. YouTube's community guideline strike expires on Valentine's Day. How fun!

Video strike 1 [Deleted video]
Reason: Violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity and sexual content. Learn more
Acknowledged on Nov 16, 2018
Expires on Feb 14, 2019 Learn more
Appeal Rejected

YouTube said Kitty Licks is inappropriate and deleted her video.

Fear not. You need not be weaned

So stay tuned. Cheers!

Team-KC wrote to let me know she is not Kelvin's wife. That means "marriage" is not the proper description of her relationship to her employer.

She made it quite clear she has been employed by Kelvin for years. She is not the "new pussy".

So much mystery around the wife. Who is she? I suppose it is time to stop wondering.

Privacy is important business. I respect that. 52 years to the day this TV show debuted. How 'bout that?

Kelvin does not respect me or the position I am in.

Spiritual leader?

Providence has given Kelvin Cruickshank his standing in society. He best remember where the dance comes from: GOD!.

Gee? I know how I felt September 12th when I quit Facebook for several hours. Wonder how Kelvin and Team-KC were feeling during those several hours? You think Kelvin could pull off that outfit as well as Freddie Mercury does?
or perhaps a celebration? I imagine Kelvin had more than just your back Team-KC as the two of you celebrated your victory during my few hours away from Facebook when I questioned whether I had the strength to keep living. It's really really hard to watch liars succeeding as spiritual leaders. Oh Team-KC, I'm not sad. You are mistaken about that too. I'm fucking tired of this shit though.

Oh the crazy turns. Today, September 14th, I celebrate good times! We're gonna have a good time tonight. Let's celebrate. It's alright baby.

The night of September 10th the Spirits told me, "You are going to have to deal with Team-KC." I did not understand what that meant.

The next morning there was a Facebook message from her.

The following song I heard multiple times in the days before her message. I knew the song was telling me something. What does it mean?

Interesting song facts about 'Crazy Train'.

Why would you ride a crazy train when you can go on the Magical Mystery Tour instead?

Kelvin Cruickshank seems to think I invented my Spirit Guide Kelvin's Energy as a ploy to get next to him. He can't seem to see it any other way.

A beautiful masculine energy revealed himself to me from the Spirit World. He said he is Kelvin's Energy. Yes. That Kelvin.

Kelvin's Energy is much much more than Kelvin Cruickshank. A small piece of Kelvin's Energy is in incarnation as Kelvin Cruickshank, a small lost and lonely part.

Kelvin's Energy is pure love and the light through the center of my being. He asked me to put him back together with the lost lonely part of himself called Kelvin Cruickshank.

Kelvin's Energy asked me to call him Kelvin and to not think of him as different from Kelvin Cruickshank. That's been a challenge.

Kelvin's Energy creates a portal in me through which other Energies come through. Another Energy is with me all the time. That Energy is very loving and trustworthy. He's the one I want to be with. I need trust. I say it again: I need trust. He dances too.

Your gonna look pretty stupid Kelvin Cruickshank if you stand up in front of the world and say my Kitty Licks efforts are about getting close to you. You'll say, "How embarrassing. She's making herself naked for the world just to get my attention. What a sad woman she is."

Is that how it is Kelvin? Is that what the evidence will turn up when you start churning the water. I wonder?

Or will you embarrass yourself more than you already are now?

No secrets. That was the feeling with the Energy that came to live with me starting January 23, 2017, the one that turns me constantly. That's what I need: No secrets. Truth, openness, and honesty.

That's certainly not Kelvin Cruickshank.

Regardless. Kelvin Cruickshank is part of me. The same Energy that animates him surges through the center of my being. I'm gonna love Kelvin Cruickshank no matter what. But that doesn't mean I have to touch him.

So KC, in the event you read this, if you think this is a competition between me and Team-KC, you are correct on some levels. But if you think this is a competition to win the hand of The Great KC, you are mistaken. Trying to be with you as you are now would kill me. They showed me that in Atlanta.

Cheers, Kitty Licks

Attention Kelvin's Fans, Friends and Family: If you ALL hate me, I'm ok with that. I believe in myself.

Others than Kelvin communicate with the Spirit/spirit world(s).

I communicate with Spirit Guides who facilitate communication with the souls of individuals who have crossed over.
In my Atlanta Vision, Kelvin learned he could give messages to spirits of people who have crossed over and those spirits would deliver the messages to me via the spirit world, even with Kelvin and me on opposite sides of the Earth.
I was visited by spirits of individuals who have crossed over for the first time during my Atlanta Vision.
Upon returning to North Carolina, being visited by spirits the whole way home, the Guides promised that Kelvin's Energy will protect me from those types of visitations until I am grounded in Kelvin's Energy.

Kelvin's own soul says I am his soulmate and his wife in Spirit.
Kelvin's soul channeled Kelvin Cruickshank's email address to me.
I wrote to Kelvin about what I was getting from Spirit.
I asked Kelvin to pray and meditate on it. Afterwards Kelvin said, "I'm ready."

Those few weeks were my favorite time of knowing Kelvin. He acted like he actually cared. The Atlanta experience and vision happened.
Kelvin - That experience was meant for both of us. That is why you were with me throughout it.
Kelvin - It was a very real and very powerful experience. Ignoring it will not make it go away, Kelvin, anymore than ignoring the negativity in your life makes that negativity go away. But go ahead and test your magic.

Kelvin, you are the most stubborn person I have ever known.

Kelvin Cruickshank uses every ounce of his willpower to reinforce his own mask.
Kelvin Cruickshank is afraid to look at himself honestly because he is so afraid of what other people think about him.

Kelvin - The two first things I noticed once we started corresponding: 1) Your books must be ghost written. 2) You are deeply insecure.

Theo Salvucci's Spirit Guide Lenonda said in June 2017, the reason I felt such purposelessness in life was because my mission had not yet started, the mission which I incarnated to undertake. She said I chose to incarnate this lifetime to do the mission. I did not have to incarnate.
Keep in mind, Kelvy, I'd told Theo nothing about what I'd gotten from Spirit. Remember I offered to share the recorded readings with you. You ignored me. But something tells me you judged them to be bullshit, huh? Mr. "I don't judge" Cruickshank, huh?
Lenonda announced the energy standing to my left as my next husband. She told me to stop worrying about you, Kelvy, that you will be having an awakening. It might take a year or two. She said to stop worrying about you, Kelvy, because there is someone else for me.
The excited energy who was to my right during the reading is the soul of that person.

How to interpret? Time will be the real interpreter.

In the meantime remember the reading I gave you last year Kelvin, August 21, 2017, during the solar eclipse? Remember, the reading about your back pain? Remember we were corresponding a lot during that time when Team-KC was away. You wrote to me when you returned from the doctor. Remember? I begged you not to have the surgery, to see me instead so we could work on your back pain without inflicting permanent trauma to your system, remember? So that you could keep doing all the things you love, remember? Remember how I knew you were getting pressure from Team-KC to have the surgery, "You're not such a young man anymore, Kelvin, at least from my vantage point." Remember?

Maybe some alchemical marriage took place as I read for you while the near total eclipse happened above me. I didn't set-up that timing, the timing of the reading. It's how it fell out. Our souls were born together, Kelvin, so are always in correspondence; non-local coherence, Kelvin. Google it.

Sorry Team-KC. I'm not going away. I told Kelvin that last year.
Kelvin knew what was happening to me before he met you. I told him my life depends on this channel, for everything now.
If your hubby calls this understanding of my spiritual channel "death threats", maybe Kelvin's the one who's a nut-job.

I returned from an extremely powerful and draining spiritual experience, with little understanding of what just happened. Your husband was with me throughout the experience, in more ways than one, and in more ways than we will admit to himself or you.
Your great spiritual leader of a husband made no effort to find out what had happened to me. He watched from the sidelines while Kelvin's Energy taught me what a player Kelvin Cruickshank really is.
I told Kelvin goodbye.
Five days later he met you, Team-KC, an adoring fan to wrap around his finger (singular and notice I didn't say little), using the same tool he's used to build his career, the tool as amazing as his wallet. (Oh no. Am I sexually harassing you Kelvin?)

I wrote to Kelvin late November about finding inspiration from this Tavis Smiley episode. That was the last email for a while. Notice the air-date.
For the next 2 months Kelvin's Energy had me meeting him at 4:00am EST for "grounding". Kelvin can explain that to you, Team-KC. He's got a video. Why don't you ask him how he's interacted with that video?

Starting January 23, 2017, Kelvin's Energy was with me all-the-time. He promises to never leave.
Interestingly I also began being turned in circles at that time, my body turned in circles. First were small circles centered below my waist. Turning became a part of the lexicon.
After I started writing to Kelvin again in April 2017, the turning became darn-near-Whirling-Dervish. Now it has blossomed into a dance, with many more movements than turns.

I sent a final email to Kelvin in late November 2016 and then started emailing him again in late April 2017.
Kelvin's Energy told me during those five months that he wanted me to learn about Kelvin through his energy. He also advised me not to write to Kelvin or to read about Kelvin. I could look for new pictures though.
I was told to

  • 1) Stay centered in Kelvin's Energy.
  • 2) Keep Kelvin's image in my mind
  • 3) Feel love for Kelvin in my heart.
  • Since that time I can't open my heart without releasing Kelvin's image.

    Kelvin wrote back immediately in April. I was oh-so-confused about what was happening. I wrote to Kelvin in detail about my interactions with Spirit.

    Kelvin's response: "Not going to happen this lifetime. Let it go my friend."

    I asked him to allow me to write to him because I needed help in understanding what was happening to me. To his credit, he allowed me to write. r u ok? Remember I asked if you really mean that, Kelvin?

    I wrote to Kelvin privately until the 2017 Facebook posts. I wasn't going to have this channel shelved. Kelvin's obstinacy, because our energies are merged, caused tremendous back pain in me. The energy was backing up big-time because I couldn't open my heart.

    You think I was punishing him, publishing those things while he was in back pain trouble? What you fail to understand is that I was feeling Kelvin in my own body!

    I would be going about my day and suddenly have to lie down and go to sleep. Just like that, in the middle of the afternoon when I'd not been sleepy at all. My bowels slowed considerably, something I almost never experience with my long-time-vegetarian diet.

    Then Kelvin told me he was receiving morphine injections.

    He thinks he can control this. But our energies are merged. If I can't open my heart I am doubled over with back pain, to the point I have trouble walking.

    If you think I am making this up or confused, I kindly ask you to open your very closed mind! This is Spirit!

    Matter is energy. Physics man.

    Baby Kelvy boy can put his foot down and tell you, Team-KC, our energies have nothing to do with each others, even though I can ask him if he's ok because I feel his energy freaking out and he tells me what's going on, at least that's how it was before he hired you.

    ALL IS ONE, Kelvin.

    Energy healing works because ALL are connected in the Spirit world.

    My energy has been merged with Kelvin's. Kelvin's energy is being used to raise my kundalini shakti which in turn is raising the kundalini shakti within Kelvin.

    If I block this channel by closing my heart, Kelvin suffers too. That's the way it is kids! Get used to it!

    You think that is non-sense? Of course you do. Kelvin had back pain before he met me. I did too. We were connected, even before we met. Kelvin's Energy has always been with me, and my soul with Kelvin.

    Spirit makes CLEAR this connection between Kelvin's and my energies. Why do YOU people who sell spirit-talkin' (Andy Gibb was sure cute. Barry Gibb qualifies as hot. I can watch this video again and again.) have the right to say there is no connection? Unlike you, I'm not selling anything. I'm speaking my truth and trying to stay alive! YOU ARE JUDGING ME!

    The Spirit Guides told me last summer, August 2017, that Kelvin wants his cake and to eat it too, meaning he wants his New Zealand wife as well as other lovers. That's why I called you cakeboy Kelvin.

    I heard this next song on the radio on my way to Atlanta in 2016, just before the vision started. I remember because I loved it when it was new, even bought the single. Remember this song Kelvin? It was popular when we were coming of age, back when you were still just a guy with a gift, not yet the great celebrity psychic. Did you dance to it too? I think not. The thought of you on the dance floor makes me giggle, Kelvy.

    Can you not see that your attitude and actions shine bright light onto your own hypocrisy?

    The Golden Rule is spirituality in a nutshell: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why you do this to me Kelvy? Are you afraid Kelvin? (I include this next video because Kelvin's other public theory, other than I'm crazy, is I'm communicating with evil spirits.)

    I'm doing EVERYTHING you sell Kelvin, everything you say one must do to talk to spirit. I've been doing it since before I met you.

    Kelvin. You reap what you sow. You chose another woman. So you will find me with another man, soon. Oh that's right. You don't care about that, just like you don't care how Kelvin's Energy performed in the shower. You are 100% dedicated to your wife.

    Kelvin, you might wonder why I'm still alone. I'm choosier than you. I don't like heartless sex. Joni Mitchell describes it so well. But you'd probably say she's just being negative, huh Kelvin?

    This channel has gotten stronger since I announced Kitty Licks to the world. I need this channel to be strong. And I have just as much right as Kelvin to work!!!

    I don't have a choice but to be open about the information I am receiving from Spirit, even knowing how it is being twisted by KelvyKelv.

    We are bringing the negativity to the light for cleansing, Kelvy. Words are not just empty rhetoric used to sell books. In this case these words are becoming actuality. Perhaps you should learn about The Word. In the beginning it Is.

    Are you a 3 year old, Kelvin, who blames others when your own negativity comes to the surface? Or are you a man who looks at himself and his actions honestly, Kelvin?

    Parents who lose a child choose it, right Kelvin? I'm telling you from KE directly, you are choosing what is happening to you too.

    I will continue to write and speak as I need to keep this channel strong. This is my life's work.

    John the Beloved, in The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, calls the spiritual path the book that tastes sweet in the mouth but is bitter when swallowed.

    Jesus said to live you must die.

    It is the death of the ego to which Jesus speaks. Because only when the ego, with its grasping wants and needs, gets out of the way is one able to feel the Divine unencumbered.

    I understand, Team-KC and Kelvin, your strategy is to wait for me to hang myself with some information you can use the law to take me down on.

    Jesus said something about that too. Something about casting your pearls before swine? What was on the dinner table tonight, Team? Pork chops? You are what you eat. I'm looking for a vegetarian, Kelvyboy.

    You were right, Kelvy. Richard's webmaster cut off my email. But what you failed to grasp, psychic-boy, is that I am the webmaster. I still own that email address. I put up that "Kat doesn't use this email address anymore" message for your benefit alone.

    Right now I can send from that account but not receive. But you probably already know that. I do have a new email address, Kelvin. And you have my phone number.

    You do have the option to talk with me privately Kelvin. Well maybe not anymore. Not now that Team-KC runs your show.

    Know yourself? Ha!
    Free spirit? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    This is a multi-lifetime endeavor, Kelvy. Lenonda said it. And Kelvin's Energy says so too. That was part of the Atlanta Vision.

    There is sooooo much I haven't told you, Kelvin. I've been waiting to see you in person. The Guides are withholding until then. You are so stubborn.

    Remember? The Guides said back in 2016, "At least it's not an Internet talking point yet." I'm being told that is still the case. Something is gonna blow it up. Not sure what that is. What I am sure is that the blowing-up is NOT under my control.

    I DO have spriritual work to do with this channel, Kelvin. It's gonna happen whether or not you work against it. It's your pride and reputation that will suffer from your efforts to put me down.

    Until the muse comes calling again my friends Team-KC and Kelvin.

    Kitty Licks

    PS: Perhaps there's a further reason you are hiding behind a wife now, my dear playboy. But we'll keep that one private for now sweet cakes. You know? That was one of my favorite times interacting with you, when you were on morphine and thought you were going to die. Honesty came through then, Kelvin. Honesty. How refreshing that was. I was glad to reassure you my love that you would come through the surgery alive.

    Remember, Kelvin, surrender is not the way of the warrior but it is the way of the lover. Now who said that? Hint: It wasn't me.