Update 17 March, 2023: The women that bought the UK trip to film too the movie that shows too Hillel talking about "his old friend" is there to remember that the "old friend" too fucked Flea and Anthony that trip!

John Frusciante's father was a Hollywood dude that wanted to revamp the band to feature his mainly retarded son on guitar. Chad Smith is an opportunist that took the job to play drums loud.

Hillel's life was wasted to the Hollywood ways. And John's wife isn't alive yet, but her world hears: Anthony Kiedis is a scummed thought that turns to the opposite when the dollars end up on the side of the WE's ways, not just supporting assholes that steal. Stead, not steal please.

The way to hearing that Anthony and Flea conspired to have Hillel murdered to be the men rewarded by the Aleister Crowley Clubs' beings hears that Hillel wasn't the user of heroin, he was the pawn sold to the devil worshipers to be the way to sentence Anthony's entire life's work to shit!

The war for the ways of the means to the water too working to remember to the selfishest of the lot, Flea, that he isn't the Dizzy Gillespie of bass. He is the so-so bass player that makes riffs that sound loud and Anthony jumps around like the monkee that he is, only Davy Jones was more talented, an actor too, and the more kindly being, but too raped by the Hollywood ways and murdered for the checking account to fill with the insurance money called "life". And better looking for sure is David Jones.


Update March 1, 2023: Hillel Slovak was never the heroin user! I want that to be there. Anthony and the brother called Flea told the world that Hillel was the "user" to be promoted on the television to the better feeling beings that know too that asking repeatedly for their assistance was this working woman's need to laugh that you are to gain the function that the kids that went to "Anthony shot heroin" to be the lesser of the two are the women too that sell the "Chilly Peppers" to the newscaster's ways that the American Indian returns after the nuclear weapons remove Hollywood!


The WE thinks that Anthony Kiedis was the man that was there to reward the stomach to fluing to the next way, the children born to the hour will be selling themselves to the devil worshipers this year too to show off that service to the crowns of Europe too turns to the masters of the monetary ways, the wizards of wozing the ozing to the ounces turn to fiat to the usury to the stealing the American continent to bought by the bankers!

Hillel wasn't a heroin user even once! The "men" that took the reigns post-Hillel to make the records that are promoted on the hour to the radio stations to the MTV to the concerts that don't make Bangladesh healthier but allow the fans to want to Jewtastic to the news that Brian Jones too wasn't the father to Sharon's unborn baby but to the baby delivered during the performanced art that Yoko Ono speculated would serve her interests of the stocks and bonds too will deliver the shocking news that cancers allowed by the diagnosis that the shots hurt the kids not but the cancers now to be the newer normal, like the SADS, are there to remember that the shotting up the Indians with the money styled living too shots to the get out of the house to the hear and there the hearing and the here there is the hearing that the allowed to hear that Hillel Slovak's parents were too threatened by the ways of the Anthony's father's needs to the big spotlight to the Die Hardin' to the wanting to recover the roling that Courtney was the big shit post Kurt whacked teaches Astrid types to Sutcliffe to the hottening that hiring the hitmen to take to the reality that country music too makes that the way to steal the reality that Jim Morrison too thinks that healing the Anthony's heart was allowing Highlel to re-emerge as the friend while the family too thinks that Katherine Brannen is the nutjob!

The WE returns to Anthony Kiedis' father, the hitman that took the lives of the women that went to prison to serve as pawns to cover-up the murders of the kids that were there to hear: children born to white women have to berry their ways to the ways of the Hollywood motifs that love wins nothing but the unlimited burden to be without that.

Further Updates Added January 25, 2021: Update August 25, 2020: WE want the world to hear that the plan of the "elite" is to tell to the world too the CDC the reason too the world wants too the false flag that means too the entire world the wifed I meaned wiped clean to the thought too the way to the comprehending too the Anthony the rested when the WE advised too the walking away means too the needing to reframe the entire thought that the CDC the targeted to the thought too the woman knows only the WE thinks NATO the reason too the world ends.

Live too the thought too the woman was the recipient herself of the virus to the thought too the healthy woman was the transferring too the residue to the thought too the woman was the carrying too the residue of the healthy individual within the community that was the working off the sluffing off the virus but the misunderstanding of the situation unfairly promised to the world that the bad Irish servant the reason too the rich important ones susceptible too to the being the heirs to the many ideas too that perhaps too the servants were the masters then to the tune too the servants too the released from the servitude but the inheritants to the max got to the point the very thought that too the being too the negligent to the tune too the woman was the working as the made in the order other than the right thought that too the Anthony thinks the giving to the Flea the middle finger too the right thing now that he too has to the being too the rehab the right thought to the woman means too the being too the fingered to the tune too the sodium pentothaled but too the way to the giving to her too the right to the thought that too the Typhoid Mary too the woman that was the never a carrier to the thought too the medical establishment too the not the entire world of the healthy to the tune too the framing too the man as the bad seed too teaches to the woman typing that the typhing the woman called Mary Mallon was the wrong thing but the making too the way to the giving too the Flea the right to the being too the incriminated to the crematory tells to the woman too that the being too the without the better half too teaches too the better messages too the way to the giving to the right thought the too many references to the Bob Dylan not but the Bob Marley tells to the man too the poser too to the thought the woman thinks that absurd/But to the max knows the way of the 8th of a second sound byte world that tells to the many Red Hot Chili Pepper fans too the news: Anthony not dead by the sodium pentothal but by the chessboard/Live too the way to the giving too the heads up too the way the WE wishes too that Ann Henson resumes old acquaintances ER.

'Cause it ain't gonna take much more than a day to set off those bombs.

Let's see. We got:
- The Pentagon armies
- The NATO armies
- The Langley armies
- ?

Will NATO drop their bomb on Atlanta or is NATO planning to place the nuclear device within the Federal Reserve building at the corner of 10th Street and Peachtree Street in Midtown? Ask yourself that question.

The Feds built their bank right over the spot KC & The Sunshine Band delivered a fabulous performance at the Midtown Music Festival in 1994.

Update March 27, 2024: This is the heads up that the father called Hiram Williams isn't that mad, but the woman ignored again is. And that is the way to saying out loud that being the medium that works for the Others of the Other Side's ways, that is the way to being used to frustrate toward all angles, the angles that angels too want to remember to the hearted woman typing that her world won't be respected by those that justifiably judge that to be hogwashing the truth that the Omen that is the Oman too wasn't important to Ancestry.com, so shall the WE be there to reward the WE's need to Hiram knowing that the scatting was too there.

Women that prostitute for the payments that are the pornography shows, they sicken the woman typing. And the women that whore to the payments to "satisfy" the men, they suck too, according to the woman typing, the woman unloved for too many years to want to be alive at all on the plane where the women that buy off on hiring a man other than the "daddy" to make the babies, well they too get to have both men and the payments and the children and the love-making that says, "I believe the lie." The woman trying to redeem that to the truth, that woman isn't respected, even when the Other Side is the author. So fuck the fuck to the fucking that the fucking liars and whores win all! And I am to remember to the woman typing that the heart that hoped to find a companion, well that one shut the fuck closed now.

Update 20 September, 2020: Play this along with the WW2 Victory Parade of the Russian Military and contemplate. Repeat and rinse. Get the point?

Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution

By Manlio Dinucci

Since Russia has been accused by NATO of having illegally annexed Crimea, and of launching military operations against Kiev, should Ukraine officially join NATO, the 30 other members of the Alliance, on the basis of article 5, would be obliged to “assist the party or parties under attack by adopting immediately, individually and in agreement with the other parties, any action that it should deem necessary, including the use of armed force”.

In other words, they would have to go to war with Russia.