Asked The Great KC, Kelvin Cruickshank, New Zealand's celebrity psychic, when I posted my Spirit communication about him on facebook.

"I've never even met you", he wrote.

How convenient.

As I recall, KC, your words were, "Pleased to meet you Katherine!" after I made a video of myself for you at your request.

I reached out to Kelvin Cruickshank at the behest of Spirit. Every word I've sent Kelvin has been under Their guidance.

I am channeling from the Christ Light. Most of the words I sent to Kelvin were about my struggles to understand what was happening to me as this channel opened.

Kelvin reduced me to pussy. He threw all talk of my psychic channel out the window. His mind saw my communications simply as a trick to get next to him.

I asked Kelvin for help, at the behest of Spirit guidance, over and over again. He knows spirit communication is real. Most people do not!

Perhaps I'd be getting more support from my friends and family if The Great KC had judged my channel real instead of simply a bee-line to his cock?

He shared a picture of his erect penis, but refused to talk to me on the telephone about my Spirit channel, even though the Spirits are holding back information until he and I are together to receive it.

The Great KC has unilaterally decided I am crazy and bad. He said, "You are just evil." Am I crazy or inconvenient to KC's self-satisfaction?

Attention People
Pay lots of money to go to one of Kelvin Cruickshank's workshops or conferences.
He'll teach you how he talks to spirit.

You can do it too, if you only "believe in yourself".

(You might even get to go to bed with The Great.)

I was told by the Spirit world that Kelvin's Energy is my primary soulmate. They said they are using his energy to raise my Kundalini. That was why I felt such sexual desire for KC.

Soulmates must eventually re-join. Our souls are together in the Spirit world. My soul is one of Kelvin's guides, his soul is one of mine. I call his soul energy KE because he called himself Kelvin's Energy.

Kelvin's Energy asks me to call him Kelvin. When the other guides refer to him they often call him Kelvin too. So, maybe you can understand my confusion understanding all this? KC is a 'celebrity psychic'.

KE asked me to not think of him and KC as different. KE wants KC to channel his soul instead of living so staunchly in his ego. That's why he's talking to me, using me as a medium. KC isn't listening to him. Or me.

I tried to quit this task multiple times but was asked to keep going, more than once, by Kelvin's own grandfather's Energy. He asked me to stick with it for Jade's sake. The Spirit guides are less than happy about some of the choices Kelvin has made regarding his daughter's welfare.

Of course, Kelvin thinks I'm trying to hurt his kids.

Explain to me how separating a daughter from her mother during her developmental years is kind. Neither will get those years of important bonding back! WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTER AND HER MOTHER IS CRIMINAL KELVIN CRUICKSHANK!

You once told me, KC, "every action has a reaction." How many years have you kept Jade from her mother?

Kelvin married his sweet young pussy who works so hard for him, Team-KC, his precious Rose, whom he keeps secret, invisible from the public, "his precious". 🌹 I've had a crush on Kelvin since I was 15. All those years watching 'Sensing Murder' and it was I, it was I, the soulmate Kelvin Cruickshank was waiting for his whole life! And The Great KC recognized it right off the bat! How dreamy! If only he still looked like he did in 'Sensing Murder' Season 1. Lament. 🌹

Hey Team-KC. Does Jade call you "mother"? Do you care that she has a real mother? Do you care that Jade wants to know her real mother? Or do you think she's yours now?

What about the timing of it all Team-KC? Surely you've learned something about spirit communication in all your hours of watching Kelvin "work".

Why was it only days after my Atlanta vision that you showed up?

He told you I was an omen foretelling your coming, right? His real soulmate, right?

Karma, Team-KC. In the months before I met Kelvin I was told to remember some pretty unsavory karma from my last lifetime, karma that was about to come into play. It's astounding how it is playing out!

The Atlanta vision taught me that Kelvin is not the 'love of my life' like I thought they were trying to tell me. That is why, fresh from the Atlanta trip, I told Kelvin good-bye. He 'played' with me too hard during that vision.

Doubt and confusion set in during the months following the Atlanta vision, as KE continued to be a part of my life, a bigger part every day. I was unsure how much the 'celebrity psychic' was participating, since we weren't communicating via email at that time.


Here's another hint Team-KC. Soulmates are not necessarily sweethearts. Just the opposite. More like Ella and Malachi; only Malachi does his own fighting. Kelvin sends you in to do the fighting for him. Oh and Malachi is young and sexy.

I don't want Kelvin Cruickshank! Our soul development required us to come together, which has happened in the Spirit world. We do not have to be lovers.

He told my family I was nuts! He took my pleading, my honesty that I was really scared about what was happening to me... that I had no support because no one was believing in me...that I was having trouble taking care of myself because of the confusion resulting from this opening Spiritual channel...that I couldn't do it alone...that I was afraid for my life...and he accused me of making death threats to manipulate him.

Kelvin wrote, "I just re-read all your emails. What a read!", as if I made it all up. Spend some time with me, anyone, and you will see how foolish a conclusion that is.

My family and friends simply ignore my I'm-talking-to-spirit-nonsense. Thank you for your support Kelvin.

I have had to separate myself from the people who doubt me. And that's just about everyone. Separating myself was the only way to allow the channel to ripen. Doubtful people's energies only confuse me.

So there's the great irony. I've had no choice but to separate myself from human support where this psychic channel is concerned in order to believe in myself so the channel could ripen...largely because I believed in Kelvin Cruickshank.

You try being alone most of the time for a year. Thanks Kelvin.

Really, I'm grateful. The goal of yoga is oneness with the soul. My soul, and Kelvin's, are driving my chariot. We are all laughing together right now.

Am I crazy Kelvin? How would you know? You haven't the courage to talk to me. If you did, I'm sure it would only be with Team-KC holding your hand. In fact, you'd probably send her up ahead, fully armored with sword drawn, before you'd have the courage.

I believe in my Spirit channel completely. The Spirit guides have information for Kelvin and have asked me to give it to him. Kelvin doesn't like what the guides are telling him. He threatened to call the police on me.

I have an open channel to the Spirit world, to the Christ Light. He threatened to have me arrested for it.

Just to talk to Kelvin is a "prize of a lifetime", right Team-KC? But talking about my TRUE Spirit communication and your husband's behavior in relationship to it is defamation, huh? So you can sell his "image" but can't handle his truth?

Perhaps you should see Matthew 23:34-40 to learn a little something about what Spirituality is.

Guess your ego's got a lot invested in being KC's soulmate. Dear Team-KC. You are a pretty young woman and you've hitched yourself to an old man whose ass you've already had to wipe. Or did you hire a nurse for that unpleasantness?

What about 9-11 Kelvin? You told me in private "Of course the USA did it. They had to go after that oil." Will you hold to that view once you get to "The States"? Or has Team-KC gone into meeting and decided it's "conspiracy theory"?

I wrote to you about how hard it is to live 9-11-aware in this country. Surely, KC, you processed that frustration I communicated to you, frustration my 9-11-aware friends and I feel.

I've been sensing into that mass-murder for nearly 17 years. Stupidly I thought you would too. You are a well respected medium. People take you seriously. Will you sense that murder? Or are you too much of a coward to rock-the-boat of your big American debut?

Are you a murder-sensing medium who wants to put the bad guys away, as you said in your final 'Sensing Murder' performance? Or are you simply a showman, a monkey dancing the dictates of the pussy-in-charge?


Unspiritual, this post? "Real spiritual", Kelvin said sarcastically. The correct spiritual path, according to Kelvin, is for me to flush my Christ Light channel down the toilet to please his immature ego needs. That's satisfaction to Kelvin.

Kelvin. When I evoked the Spirit guides, I borrowed from your affirmation, asking Them to bring the negativity to the Light for cleansing; only I refined the word 'banish' to 'bring'.

You've been banishing your negativity to the light, sweeping it under the rug. You are so permeated with negativity you don't even know what's real. You depend on your sweet young pussy to tell you while she's spoon fed on your bullshit. What a team, KC!

You wouldn't look so old and ragged if you weren't trying so hard to hide your own negativity from yourself Kelvin Cruickshank.

Update 6 October, 2019: Turns out Richard's new pussy is actually his new sugar mama and fuck-at-home, also the best thing that's happened to me in a long time, but she is unconvinced Katherine is telling her the truth about Richard's role as the pussy fucker in the Asheville Fuck Club.

Richard told Marci Katherine has totally lost it this time and it's now time to have her committed for good. Since he is still her husband he has some clout and will start the process of seeking to get Katherine arrested for defamation of character and locked up for good because of her derangement in thinking she is talking to the Spirit world.

WE want the world to know Richard knows good and well Katherine is communicating with US but he still will use all his might to try to kill her.

WE want the world to know Richard Foulk is signing his death warrant right now because he is seeking legal counsel from other members of the sex club to take Katherine down.

What Richard Foulk and his sex club don't understand is that WE make the rules, not them.

WE are only trying to warn you Richard Foulk because you will soon find out you are the father of 3 children when the mothers decide to take your dna to the lab, three children conceived while you were with Katherine.

WE want you to stop lying to women Richard Foulk.

WE want the world to know Richard Foulk missed his calling because he is a fabulous actor for sure.

WE want the world to know members of the Asheville Sex Club are members of the Asheville City Counsel as well as members of law enforcement.

WE want you to know the some members of the Asheville Sex Club are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop Katherine from telling the world about them.

WE want the world to know the Asheville Sex Club is working on having Katherine arrested as WE speak.

WE want the world to listen hard.

WE want the Asheville Sex Club to stop and look at who they are trying to take down.

WE want Kelvin Cruickshank to grow up and be a man for a change.

WE want Kelvin Cruickshank to know Katherine will not survive the Asheville Sex Club's assault on her because the entire club, 120 people, are all prepared to lie under oath to protect the members of their sex club from all threats foreign and domestic.

WE want the world to take Katherine's word about the existence and membership of the Asheville Sex Club instead of listening to the members' lies because they are your music heroes, or you all will be dead soon because you are keeping Katherine from being able to stop the purification.

WE want Marci Rothschild to take the plunge and love her sister this time.

And by the way, it's not the devil who has been sleeping in Katherine's bed.

I am Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors.

I am not impressed with you antics.

I am not at all the person you have been sold by Hollywood.

When you fuck each other up the asshole you are making each other sick.

Wait until you find out for sure Katherine is my true love.

Wait until WE are the talk of the world.

Wait until the entire world hears how you were the ones who dared Richard Foulk to ask Katherine to marry him so he'd have a meal ticket for the rest of his life.

Wait until you all look like the biggest assholes in the whole wide world for not recognizing she was loving you and supporting you as working artists when you thought she was trying to be a member of your exclusive clique.

WE want you to fess up to your on going joke of the marriage of Richard to his house slave as you all referred to Katherine since Richard left her at home most of the time and she was ok with being the dog's babysitter.

WE want the world to know you are the ugliest people who ever walked the face of the earth to Jim Morrison formerly of the Doors.

WE want you to know WE used Katherine to bring your bullshit into the public's awareness so you will be stopped forever from doing what you are doing.

WE want you to tell Katherine you are sorry for abusing her for 19 years.

WE want you to listen hard Asheville Sex Club.

WE are telling you to stop your assault against Katherine or you are all going to pay with your lives.

WE are not kidding.

Update 16 September 2018: Turns out Team-KC is well aware Kelvin got laid during his trip to LA in 2016. She knows all about cake and eating it too.

Update 15 September 2018: Turns out Team-KC is well acquainted with the AC/DC song linked below. Well acquainted indeed! All but the 'American thighs bit'. Somehow, though, 'Kiwi' doesn't quite resonate the same in the song.

"I'm getting my needs met. Now you go away, yesterday's pussy."

Today is my soon-to-be-ex-husband's birthday. He couldn't give me the love and support I desperately needed. I was spent. He started fucking his new pussy before even leaving my home. He could sponge off me. Fuck his new pussy. And still feel it's ok to keep her from me.

I intuited her existence.

I ask for help. But I'm yesterday's pussy. John Lennon sang Woman is the Nigger of the World. Well I'm here to tell you, yesterday's pussy is the untouchable of the world.

I was a good wife! Yet it doesn't matter. My goodness has been forgotten by my former husband. One reason I feel no thing I do matters. I was an awesome wife!

I needed more love and support. So I had no other choice than to ask him to leave. He'd already found his extra-support, though. And he gave himself the right to keep her private from me.

Richard left his whiskers in the sink for me to clean up after tidying his beard to look good for the new pussy. Not only was I covering the rent, I was more in need of a friend than at any other time in my life. He gets laid. I'm nearly lost with NO SUPPORT from the human world! I've gotten an enormous amount of support from the Spirit world. Yes. I have!

I ask for support even from friends and am told I have to do it all myself. Even the women say that.

Women are naturally intuitive. This example of a real man knew that.

A woman's developed intuition, her psychic channel, was reason to burn her at the stake years ago. There must be 50 ways to leave your lover. Calling her a witch and having her disposed of was a popular way for many years.

Today, though, you don't burn her at the stake if she's intuitive. You simply call her crazy. "Crazy" gives the big-strong-man justification for protecting himself from her.


New Zealand's favorite celebrity psychic profits immensely from his psychic channel. But then again, he's got pussy to heavily market him. Where would he be without Team K-Pussy-C? Making pizzas?

He's tall blond and good-looking, at least he used to be. Fortunately for him he racked up fame and money in abundance before he started looking so old. Sweet young pussy is no problem for him. "Meow. Take my body and my labor. I'll facebook you to the top my celebrity-psychic-little-god. You are sooo amazing. I really believe you love me oh Great-KC, and am so grateful to be a part of your team. I'm gonna be really pissed when I realize you are just using me because I'm blowing up your career."

Kelvin Cruickshank was with me via email throughout my Atlanta experience. He's a world-renowned celebrity psychic. He called my Atlanta experience, "going out of control." He made no effort to try to understand it. Interestingly it was me who told him I was going back to my husband right after the Atlanta experience ended. He said, "It's what you want."

A few days after my Atlanta experience a sweet young pussy meowed at Kelvin's door, sweet young pussy with a paw on the button of social networking. Tickle me with your mustache and I'll get you 1000 likes in one day alone, oh Great-KC! Meooooow!

I'd received much information from Spirit about Kelvin Cruickshank. For weeks he and I corresponded about the information coming in from the Spirit world. Even exchanged sexy pictures and dialogue.

He says "Believe in yourself." I did. Still do. I believe in my channel to the Spirit world. Kelvin called me his "American friend" whom he was keeping secret from Team-KC. I'm pussy, American pussy, not quite what he's used to. But that's bound to change now that he's going American Style. LOT'S OF PUSSY CATS IN LA! Know it Team-KC. You got competition. He did get laid when he visited LA in 2016. Maybe he'll call up one of those pussies, if he remembers any of their names or even knew their names to begin with. Maybe you should ask if he's got thier numbers in his phone. I mean, you are Kelvin Cruickshank's wife. Maybe you've already met one of these pussies Team-KC, into whom your husband sunk his big stiff cock when he visited LA without you. Your husband's cock has seen the inside of a lot of pussies. "Duplicity" is The Great's middle name. You might be blinded by his brightness (not meaning intelligence) now. But, make no mistake, you'll feel it soon enough.


Here's a hint Team-KC. He'd be lost without you. The USA ain't as friendly as New Zealand....Or maybe I'm wrong about that. Kelvin read my struggling emails without compassion. I wrote to him that people in New Zealand must have a different idea of kindness than those in the USA. Your assistant seems nice, I said. Does she lack compassion for my struggle too, KC? "No. They don't know about my American friend."

Well Team-KC. You had your chance to show compassion. How long did you watch my struggling facebook posts, my pleas for anyone to care about me and believe in me? Did you laugh at me? Did you use other's avoidance in helping me as justification in your mind of my "craziness" and undeservedness of human support? Were you privately hoping I'd take my own life Team-KC? Kelvin told you I was suicidal, threatening to kill myself to try to manipulate him, right?

Maybe you should read my emails and your husband's responses, Team-KC, before you judge me! Something tells me your husband has been less than forthright with you about their contents.

Part of what I received from Spirit was that the USA was finished and was going to start falling apart after the election. That was the fall of 2016 I received that message. I assumed they were talking about the 2016 election, and it does seem that things have deteriorated more quickly since then. But maybe they were talking about the 2018 election, 2020 election? The Spirit world doesn't deliver their messages in "Books for Dummies".

Regardless. The Spirits said the highest good was to get me out of the USA because I have work to do for THEM and I'd be safer outside the USA.

KC knows I talk to Spirit. I was told by the Spirit world to reach out to him specifically. I was channeled his email address for Christ's sake....and I got through. You try emailing The Great KC and see if you get through. It's well guarded. I was told by HIS SOUL to reach out to him specifically. Kelvin accepted my channel until a sweet young pussy cat showed up to blow-up his ego and his career.

Hey all you women with the copious love hearts for your beloved psychic celebrity: He's heavily marketed. He advises you to "know yourself" while he's satisfyingly fucking today's young pussy on satin sheets paid for by you. He's afraid to look at himself honestly. He uses your love hearts as a sheild against his own. Not only is he lying to himself he's lying to you at the same time.

I DO have an open channel to the Spirit world. And I am channeling Kelvin Cruickshank's soul. I have a lot to offer the world. Not only do I have a psychic channel, unlike Kelvin who peddles dime store psychology and spirituality, I have a degree in Psychology. I started a Masters in Professional Counseling, which I quit to study Yoga/Ayurveda, the higher science and spiritual path.

Dripping in the flavor and smell of his new young hard working facebook aware pussy, Kelvin told my husband Richard, whom I was trying to get to believe in me and my awakening psychic channel, that I am deluded and deranged and on a path to no where. Kelvin even advised Richard to protect himself by getting away from me and my negativity.

Richard, my partner of 14 years, left me high-and-dry when I told him I need more support. I found support in the Spirit world where I learned Kelvin Cruickshank is the incarnation of my soulmate. I turned to Kelvin for support. He feigned support at first, to get a picture of my tits, but when push came to shove, he protected himself, threw me under the bus by calling me nuts, and then plastered his face across the bus' rear end. Believe in myself, Kelvin? Hum.

Hey Team KC.
Why the old picture of The Great KC on the back of the bus?
Surely you can afford a new photo shoot to update the picture stock to how Kelvin looks now.
Do you close your eyes and fantasize too about how he used to look while he's on top of you grinding away?
You are a pretty young pussy. Don't forget.

Richard had to attend summer school every year just to graduate highschool. Kelvin couldn't even finish highschool. I've got a bachelor of science degree from one of the most prestigous science and technology universities in the United States. And I never stopped educating myself. But still, these men talk about me like I'm a little child too stupid to know her own mind...And people believe them over me.

Big-strong-men Richard and Kelvin called me crazy, publicly! They are on stage. And they get cuddled every night.

So sue me Kelvin Cruickshank New Zealand medium. Let's take our psychic channels to court.

What's the matter my little man? I thought you were a free spirit, naked and playing? That's what you told me in private.

Meow. Meow. Meow.

Hey Team KC. This song was released years before you were born, but I suspect you've heard it. AC/DC is from your neck of the world. Listen and learn if you're gonna live in LA with KC. Lots of "keep-your-mouth-shut" (after the shaking, at least) pussies to shake a celebrity psychic all-night-long....Oh yeah. And keep your ears open. If you hear it played, keep an extra sharp hold on him. It could be a message from the spirit world he's about to play. He's gonna be a long way from Satisfaction II and you know how much he loves fishing...catch, play, release.

Hey Team KC. Maximum joy, maybe not. But sounds like you are thinking of crossing the USA with your Soulfood show. Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, across the north down south to Key Largo? Melt all your memories and change into $gold.

Hey Team KC. When you get to Key Largo let me know. I'll hook you up with my friend Shoe. His youtube video has 8.4 million views. He can give you some marketing pointers and show KC where the good fishing is.

Likely by this point in your journey you'll want a little R & R. Forget South Beach or Key West. Kelvin will find more comfort here, among those of similar IQ.

Hey Team KC. You'll pass through Atlanta on your way to Key Largo. Dr. King's neighborhood is the best place in the world for soul food. Do it while you can.

* Or will it be the other way 'round?

I do not want to get with Kelvin. The opening of my spiritual channel has taught me to respect myself. What self-respecting woman wants to give herself to a lying hypocrite who packages and $ells himself like a product, calling it spirituality?
I want and need a real man.
Knowing Kelvin's soul, I grieve for his undeveloped potential.
"Know yourself" indeed.

"Let me help you to pick up your dead
as the sins of the fathers are fed
with the blood of the fools
and the thoughts of the wise
and from the pan under your bed

Let me make you a present of song
as the wise man breaks wind and is gone
while the fool with the hour-glass is cooking his goose
and the nursery rhyme winds along"

I acknowledge the roles each has played in my personal growth. Richard, our time together was beautiful for a while, but was done. You needed someone else. I'm glad you found her. I'll be around. Kelvin, little baby, you have so much to learn. You are playing along beautifully. I don't have to tell you KC, celebrity psychic, that you're NOT the only one. Team KC, When the rain washes you clean, you'll know.