Team-KC wrote to let me know she is not Kelvin's wife. That means "marriage" is not the proper description of her relationship to her employer.

She made it quite clear she has been employed by Kelvin for years. She is not the "new pussy".

So much mystery around the wife. Who is she? I suppose it is time to stop wondering.

Privacy is important business. I respect that. 52 years to the day this TV show debuted. How 'bout that?

Kelvin does not respect me or the position I am in.

Spiritual leader?

Providence has given Kelvin Cruickshank his standing in society. He best remember where the dance comes from: GOD!.

Gee? I know how I felt September 12th when I quit Facebook for several hours. Wonder how Kelvin and Team-KC were feeling during those several hours? You think Kelvin could pull off that outfit as well as Freddie Mercury does?
or perhaps a celebration? I imagine Kelvin had more than just your back Team-KC as the two of you celebrated your victory during my few hours away from Facebook when I questioned whether I had the strength to keep living. It's really really hard to watch liars succeeding as spiritual leaders. Oh Team-KC, I'm not sad. You are mistaken about that too. I'm fucking tired of this shit though.

Oh the crazy turns. Today, September 14th, I celebrate good times! We're gonna have a good time tonight. Let's celebrate. It's alright baby.

The night of September 10th the Spirits told me, "You are going to have to deal with Team-KC." I did not understand what that meant.

The next morning there was a Facebook message from her.

The following song I heard multiple times in the days before her message. I knew the song was telling me something. What does it mean?

Interesting song facts about 'Crazy Train'.

Why would you ride a crazy train when you can go on the Magical Mystery Tour instead?