My landlord cut down a large oak tree last summer.

I bought a chainsaw. But to get to the wood I had to use clippers.

Multiflora rose, that dastardly invasion. Multiflora rose bushes by the many with their spidery webs of thorny branches engulfed the wood.

First I took the clippers and cut back the rose, carefully placing it onto the fire pit to dry out. Careful or not I was poked.

Thorns, thorns and more thorns. Watch your feet!

But I did it, cut back the rose. Took that chainsaw and cut the wood into manageable sections.

To the chopping block! Maul, ax, whatever it took.

What a feeling of satisfaction to see the wood split and neatly stacked. Pure enjoyment to my heart.

This is a multi-lifetime gig.

Osiris, reigning over the dead, split into pieces. Osiris, enemy of violence, disarms the world through song and musical instruments.

One Energy, One Soul split across multiple bodies, simultaneously living, One in Spirit.

Isis is the Kundalini Shakti raised, raised with the help of Hermes. She finds and restores Osiris to Oneness.

Set split Osiris into pieces, like the body is when the breath is held. She breaths life into Osiris with her wings.

Baskin-Robbins offers 31 flavors. The Magical Mystery Tour offers mulitple flavors too. All the flavors I've yet to identify. What I have identified is that I am certainly not done with American men, at least as offerings.