Henry Louis Gates, Jr shatters myths. No doubt. His own family history is a great example.

I woke up today thinking of William Tecumseh Sherman and his Atlanta campaign and March to the Sea. Gates congratulated his guest for being the descendent of one of the "good guys" who marched with Sherman and burned the South along the way. "Are you proud your ancestor served his country?", Gates asked his guest.

Lincoln freed the slaves in the states that rebelled. Was his motivation for doing such idealistic? If so, why not free the slaves in all the states?

Or was Lincoln's motivation in freeing the slaves a military tactic, an effort to motivate the newly freed slaves to rise up against their former masters in order to help the Union cause? Did that happen? (It's only the poor man who fights for ideals. The rich man fights for his pocket book. Cha ching cha ching.)

Regardless, the cruelty invoked by Sherman's "men" happened. Is that what we want to celebrate as Americans?

I AM NOT JUSTIFYING SLAVERY! You might say, "the South had it coming." What about the native people Sherman dealt with in a similar manner, or worse, after the war? Did they have it coming too?

I am saying the higher ideal is to "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!", something needed more than ever TODAY!

We are on the cusp of the next American Civil War whether you chose to see it or not. The dollar is dead. Things are gonna get really squirrely when that becomes apparent to the masses.

How will we respond? Separate into factions, fight against each other, and say one group is the "good guys" or the "bad guys"?

What would it be like if "serving your country" meant "love your neighbor"?

Do you think Dr. King would define "serving your country" as participation in warfare?

Kitty Licks thinks Martin Luther King, Jr was a man. She thinks William Tecumseh Sherman was a coward.

Kitty Licks is a pussy with tits.