Further Update 5 July, 2020.

Update 5 July, 2020: Live the thought the woman entitled Nomi Prins to the max knows too the still to the max the Federal Reserve policy to the max the thing that makes the whole ship the going to the sea bed this go around means the money masters too take the people to the other side meaning to the grave or to the higher vibration that means the ascension the many of you have talked about for the many years now meaning the way home to the way of the world to the thinking the ascension means the return of the Christ-think to the max about the world in which the Christ takes the women to the being the washed this go around instead of the bullet to the brain as was the standard protocol under the new States united under the umbrella called the United States Constitution meaning the law protects and serves the business and personal interests of the connected not the Cherokee.

Give to the man the gun and he will give to the children the short lifetime but tell the parents the only safe way to live is via the medical establishment's hierarchy to the thinking the not in the system means the not to the max respected despite the better form of the medicine to the tune the nourishing and nurturing the better type than the warfare mentality that kills the kids too.

Nomi Prins too recognizes the COVID-19 not the source of the panic in the markets but the resulting thing that cures the panic for the duration the highest authority warns the many the connected few rape and pillage the many good humans that just know the virus the source meaning they think the Nomi Prims too the not informed being the "smartest" of them all the knowing damn well the "bullllllllSHIT!!!" that Nomi Prins to the max is the author of the many books too to teach to the women of the Swannanoa River Know-It-All Valley they too have the short life this go around when they know just know the vaccines are the answer to the question what is living in the world where the pathogens too become the enemy?

What is you name? What is your favorite color? How many vaccines does it take to make a child permanently disabled?

Quantitative Easing is the key term here not COVID-19 being the cover story and the excuse to use the many vaccinations to chip the entire world meaning the making the entire world the pawn of the big business that wants only the customers to turn off the chip at will relegating them to the vagrant category meaning the mail might be the stolen too.


Now is it? ?

The WE want the world to understand the man who calls himself Jim Willie is doing the work of the WE.

The man called Jim Willie is one of the most courageous people on the planet you call planet Earth.

Kill the messenger, you kill not the message. So keep your grubby hands off of Jim!

Jim is the man that has the courage to tell the world the truth others have not the courage to tell, the Paul Craig Roberts of the world are the ones that have been given the forum unto which they can reveal the truth but they even lack the courage to risk their lives to put the truth into the public domain.

Amen. Make no mistake. The man called Jim Willie who is willing to risk it all to make the world better for all, he is the man with the plan.

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors wants the man who calls himself Jim Willie to know that he is the one that has awoken the kitty more than any other because the man that Jim Willie is is the man that has the courage to step outside of the prison of the men's club.

Jim Willie is the man that has the courage to lead the other men of the world into the place where they can see eye to eye and agree the enemy of the world is the very enemy that the Kitty sees.