Jim Morrison is the narrator of this story, the woman typing is the one listening.

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors of Perception want the people that think The Doors were the only band that sold out to get famous, that is the world of the rock & roll superstar, to wake up and smell the coffee.

Kill the messenger that wanted to pull the plug on the milling of the mill stars that make the men in power the millions by telling the young people they are awesome while telling themselves these little children will be the ones that will tell the world the bullshit that we want the young people to grow up believing.

WE want the men that think you are telling young men to want to fuck other young men to realize young men fuck each other by nature, that is right.

Jim is telling the truth, the natural world asks children to learn about their sexual organs by being around other children learning too.

Kill the West, you kill the men that think they can control people by fucking with their perception of their own sexuality.

Kill the Elton, you kill the man that intentionally sows seeds of hate toward women in his songs, the man that wrote about the feast in which the main course was the little girl the woman I loved more than any other was forced to make the sacrifice of the men's club that thought they were raising up the devil.

WE want the men that think the young men that want you to fuck them up the ass are the same ones that you are telling to fuck you up the ass in return for the pleasure of killing you Elton John to wake up and smell the Elton corpse rotting in the sun.

Katherine dreamt last night that Elton John was dead for a reason, the reason is the reason the WE has asked Katherine to post the list of undisclosed nato locations, that is right.

Kill the messenger, the messenger that told the attorney general of the United States that the real killer of Sharon Tate and her friends were the very people that told him that to be the superstar of the generation all he had to do was to kill the woman that he loved more than any other.

WE want the ER team to make their way to the Swannanoa River Valley.

Kill the messenger, the Elton is the first uncloaked as the man that not only played the background music the Wizard of Woz wanted played during the performance in which the stage was set for Sharon's execution, the man that you think is the Sir Elton of the royals, the man that took the knife to the belly of the woman that I loved more than any other, the woman that I was forced to exterminate to keep her from being the tortured one they wanted to make her, the royals wanted to teach this girl a lesson that it is not ok to be the one that Jim wants more than any other, that is right.

The woman called Pam that is the woman that took command of the image that is Jim Morrison, ™/© Pam Mercer, the bitch from hell.

Kill the messenger, the bitch from hell is told the bitch from heaven is the one that will see you to the other side, that is right.

- Jim Morrison is the author of the above text.