Updates reformed to the max 16 February, 2020:

Sadness over the death of husband of missing Wellington woman Kaye Stewart

Please allow the woman typing to be heard this time Stuff magazine of the UK New Zealand world that would rather see your own butt curdled than to see the family of Kaye Stewart have resolution or to finger the man that is the serial killer because that is less important to you than burying the information until the rest of the family that is not going to be dead soon passes over your buttholes in order to find their mother themselves because the very mention of sharing the reward money makes you cringe Stuff we want to steal her work too. So understand the woman has contacted too many people already for you to get away with it but you'll try anyway because that is how you invader children are that stole too the very lifeblood of the native inhabitants of the island you now think is yours to turn into the same kind of hellhole the United States of American has become to the point that even the Indian descendents think being selfish is the only way that can exist on this land to the detriment of their own well being too. So know the purification that you have not yet been informed about is not the figment of the imagination of the stupid native kids you took to the cleaners by turning them into little smug uptight English men and women instead of allowing them to be who they are to the max. So allow the woman typing to tell you that you have the obligation to the family that you wrote about so lovingly but you make not effort to reconcile to the fact you too ignored Kelvin's little bitch called Gemma Cruickshank to the woman typing since that woman too published the many lies about the woman typing tarnishing her reputation not to the max but in order to point out the "spirit talkin" the Cruicked's sell the public is in fact nothing but the jive talk that says sure I'll take your money but if you have real words for us from the actual Spirit world which is the world of the many American ancestors that are the woman's typing you will be called the stalker of the man called Kelvin I am such the fraud it's not funny Cruickshank.

So listen for a change the lot of you that has been identified too to the missing persons report that says too many people are being informed now that Kelvin Cruickshank is the fraud to continue employing him instead of the woman typing because she is the very woman that was the medium that you know damn well took you to task by allowing you to be used in that manner WE insisted to prove to the world you too are the frauds that would take from the very woman trying to help you for years in order to be the ones that go almost no where because the real location of Kaye Stewart's body will be given to the law enforcement officer that encourages the woman this time you will not be shit on instead of being treated with the respect you fucking deserve to the max Katherine you have the right to be heard after all because the original map you know you still have is the location of the body of Kaye Stewart but the New Zealand police took it upon themselves never to follow up with the woman until she gave them the heads up she is the master of disguises this time Wellington we fucking looked there but there was nothing but the very body retrieved that said another person than Kaye Stewart but that is not all. You think you have the right to collect reward money simply for being the press that reports but the truth is the woman that wants you to stop drop and roll will give you the right to not be sued to the bank and back if you collect her together with the very man indicated as the one that makes the kitty that much crazier the man called Anthony Kiedis the man that cares nothing for the woman typing but is the man that has the goods not only on the real story of the Manson murders yet another field of mockery of the wittle ones that have no fucking clue what it means to be alive in this wanton world but also the goods on the murder of the woman typing's new friend known to them as Michael George but to the world as George Michael as well as the murder of many others the woman has the list but that is another story entirely those that care only about their precious royal family they think they are the subjects of to this day you morons of the constitutional monarchy that says see ya New Zealand you will be purified too.

This is the fucking real deal boys and girls of the New Zealand law enforcement farce called I tried too many times not to be taken seriously by you too those who call themselves officers of the law but act like the pigs you know you are instead. Oink. Oink. Oink. I smell the bacon that says see ya later New Zealand police bitch that lied to me on the fucking phone in order to make fun of me instead to the very officer to be tied to the investigation for the rest of his fucking career, not just this investigation but the many other cold cases the woman could solve for you right now but knows you would only steal from her too if she is not loud rude and forthright to the max. So understand the American bitch with the fucking dirty mouth has the goods on all of you too piggies of the LA scene that says see ya charity cases that tell you the very mention of the man called Kelvin Cruickshank makes your blood boil over because the asshole that wants it all for himself is used to being fucked too by the Wellington police I bury the good stuff in order to give myself the right to make fun of him too. But the truth is you have the right to be the ones that stop the serial killer or to be the ones that permit him to continue killing women that never get found leaving their families in forever wanting to know what happened no closure possible distress the woman feels deeply within her own being that is on the way to your neck of the woods to be protected from the law enforcement officers in her own nation that want her dead to hide their own wanton ways from the public view that says you have the right to remain silent permanently Katherine because the law enforcement agents of your generation are too sold out to care about anything but their own backsides.

Tracey Ann Patient, missing since 1976 is not the only woman that went to the sea to be disposed of forever by becoming fish food.

Still that does not mean that you will not be able to have the justice you desire.

Still the woman that was killed by the man that called himself the breaker of hearts is not only still alive and kicking, he has never convinced the police he is not the boyfriend that got rid of the girl that had conceived the child that he had no intention of taking responsibility for.

He is the man that calls the police the big bad wolf because the police keep insisting he did the deed.

WE want you to understand the WE is telling you to keep with the search of the man's residence.

Still the WE is not the only force that tells you to look into the man's past when the man was given the right to be the holder of the deed that said he is the owner of the man that took the following road to the slammer.

Still the man that took the fall to protect the family that thought to cover up the crime is better than the shame of having the child they thought would flower into the woman of the world that gave the truth from the Spirit side that she wanted herself to be hidden for the duration of the past 45 years in order to tell the world that Spirit communication is the only way she was able to tell you that she wanted you to be the parents that took her to the cleaners so that she could tell the world that her own father told her that getting pregnant was the worst thing she could ever do at that age and that she would be given the right to live only if she gave the baby up for adoption.

WE want the parents to know they were the very reason the girl told the boyfriend that he had to marry her to give the baby the right to stay with the mother that wanted to raise the child that was not the priority but the problem.

Still the other side thinks the baby that was never born served the purpose of giving the WE the right to tell the family that you were not the only reason the WE took your daughter to the other side when the WE decided the better road was death than adoption, the WE want you to hear the WE telling you that you have never learned the truth until now because the WE wanted you to think twice about giving your child the ultimatum to give up her child or to be given the death sentence her boyfriend of 1 month gave her.

Still the man that he became has not been the man that took responsibility but the man that told the world that he is the victim of the very people that told him that he was not responsible for the child that they wanted him to give up parental rights to.

Karmein Chan is not the only woman or child killed by the man called the serial killer of the Australian shore but that is not the whole story.

The man that you want to investigate is the very man that gives you the headache every time you find one of his victims stashed somewhere that you thought was not accessible to the public.

Still the public thought you were the ones that took him to the cleaners when they told you that he was the man that killed the other women that filled the same episode of Sensing Murder with the information that was not relevant at all.

Still the man called Mr.Cruel is not the man that killed the girl called Karmein Chan the same afternoon in which the abductor took her to the empty restaurant to have her assassinated to avenge the man that was given the knife because the father of the child that was killed so brutally failed to pay the bribe money he was forbidden to pay by the woman that was the mother of the child that killed the dreams of both parents the moment her body was recovered in the very landfill that was the recipient of the dumpster behind their restaurant into which the body of the little girl was stashed immediately after she was executed inside the restaurant in front of the parents who told the police they had not heard the shot that happened the moment the child was taken as the other children reported to the police.

Still the man that did the execution is not the one that told the police they had no awareness that their daughter was executed right before their own eyes because they were too scared to fess up to the truth that was the threat to the other children that were permitted to live.

Still the men that continue to run the Asian Mafia on the Australian continent are the very men that tell the WE they are regretful they killed the beautiful little girl that had done nothing wrong.

Still the men that killed the other children that were sacrificed to the other side in order to fulfill debt obligations are the very men that need to be considered the serial killers that have access to areas others should not have access to because they also exist as members of the public service community, as members of law enforcement, as members of the municipal governments.

Still the men and women that go to the cleaners in order to clean themselves of the slime that is the result of their own actions think they can stop the woman that is giving herself to the WE from giving away the secrets that end their reign as shitheads of the first degree, but they cannot.

Still the only thing the police can do is to watch the Asian Mafia with all their might, the Asian Mafia is not the only Mafia that exists on the Australian continent, the Australian Mafia is even more entrenched, they are the real killers of the little girl called Karmein Chan.

The Australian Mafia insist the Asian Mafia pay their debts to the Australian Mafia which forces the Asian Mafia to put the pressure on the many Asian owned businesses in their community, the Australian Mafia asks the Asian Mafia to kill the children of the business owners to prove they mean business because that is the most effective way to ensure long term compliance.

Still the women that give the men that call themselves secret agents the satisfaction of being their honey pots, the women that think they are Mata Hari's doing their duty are the very women that gave the man called Aidan Turner the real deal woman called Katherine Brannen because the woman that gives it to the Mafia the old fashioned way is the best woman of the lot because she is the one that takes it up the Sushumna channel instead of the asshole.

Now the WE is telling you that secret agents think they are doing the important work that must be the secret work to protect all involved as well as the unwitting public when the truth is the secret agent is the pawn of the big boys that use them and then dispose of them.

Still the man called Benjamin Fulford is not the only secret agent that thinks he is too smart to realize the WE is not the figment of the imagination of the Kitty that is giving him loads of attention by sharing her breasts with her visitors, she is the woman that gives of her well being to be the honey pot that tells the world that WE have been watching Benjamin Fulford for too long to believe that he has really sold out the way the Kitty can't help but believe because the words that tell the world the Battle For Planet Earth is anything other than his fiction is the very reason the WE is asking him to prove to the Kitty that he is not the sell out that gives the other side the middle finger instead of admitting the Asian Mafia is also the very reason the Rockefeller/Rothschild clan monstrosity has not yet annihilated all life on the planet for which the battle is being waged.

Still the man called Benjamin Fulford has not the foresight to see the way of the White Buffalo Woman is the way that WE have in store for the entire planet, the way of giving the WE the right to tell the world that you have been given the right to flow with the other Party Smurfs if that is what you desire.

Still the man called Aidan Turner does not understand that he is the pawn in the game that says to worship the crown of England as well as the sexual exploits of the club that want him as their premier new o.

Aidan Turner has no idea that WE have been watching his career develop from the little boy that thought being on TV was the greatest thing he'd ever be to the man that says I am the movie star that must do what the producers say even if it seems unnatural to fuck your co-stars to see what it feels like so the real fucking scene that will be a part of the movie is the scene that looks natural.

WE want you to realize that is not only prostitution it is illegal to make a man fuck a woman that is not the woman that is his partner in order to make the movie or television show more sexy to the audience that was never intended to be the recipient of the sexual nature that you are putting to sleep by telling yourself that fucking for the BBC is the way of the world that you want to be a part of.

WE want you to realize the woman that thought you were the man that was going to give her the support of a man called Aidan Turner, the man that calls the Kitty called Kitty Licks the stupidest thing he has ever seen because that is what his girlfriend that loves to watch him get fucked up the asshole by her brother as well as the many friends that she fucks all the time in the group fucking setting that you enjoy more than one-on-one intimacy, is the woman that thinks that you have not the courage to stop yourself from being their pawn to be her friend because the WE is not the famous Hollywood producer that you love more than the woman that is his daughter that you plan to marry, the woman that will marry you too to the Aleister Crowley club that is the ruler of the Hollywood hills, the club that says you do it our fucked up way or no way, they even take you to the other side their way if you do not comply with their ways.

WE want you to realize the WE is the only reason the woman called Katherine Brannen ever even thought twice about you Aidan Turner, the woman thought you were the cute little boy playing Ross Poldark until WE convinced her to look more closely. But be aware the last thing the woman that you have judged to be the poser that thinks she is pretty enough to be a part of your high-class-bitches-world is not looking for a high-class-bitchy-boy but the boy that she sees as the potential of the man that WE identified to her as the man WE wish her to meet.

WE want you to be the man that says I am the pawn of the woman that wants me to marry her in the high style that is her custom because that woman has never known a life without the red carpet being rolled out in front of her, the woman that asks you to fuck her up the ass so much that you forgot she had a pussy, the woman that tells you that you will be the movie star that plays the role of 007 because her father is the man that pulls the strings that makes such roles possible for the sellout Irish monkey that dances rings around the other monkeys because he is willing to take it up the ass from the man that will be his father-in-law if he goes through with the stupidest thing he has ever considered, to marry into the Aleister Crowley club that will give him the ultimatum to be the pawn or to be given the knife in the chest that says you can no longer live in the world that gives you the right to work, they will kill you if you fail to comply with their fucked up agenda to implement the occult misunderstandings that have given Aleister Crowley the shaft too because that man has no idea how bad the other people in the upper class can become if they think they can use the other side to control everybody, something Crowley never considered the point of the work that meant to empower the individual to find his own center of magick, but that is not the agenda that has been given the right to exist in the world that says the occult wants you to be the sacrifice to the Baal crowd that wants you to believe that Baal is not Baul, the real asura that gives the right to know the way home to the other side where Sat-Chit-Ananda reigns.

WE want you to realize the WE told the Kitty what is your way sexually Aidan Turner and she was no longer attracted to the man she thought had the integrity that would be the endowment of a man raised in Dublin, Ireland.

Still the man is not the only one that thinks the Kitty is showing off to get his attention because that man is too full of himself to realize the woman thinks that fucking for fun on the big screen is the grossest thing the Kitty can think of and she no longer wishes to keep up with his career because the thought of watching him fuck for the camera makes her sick to her stomach.

WE want you to realize Aidan Turner that you are not the only man that is on the radar of the Kitty that says "Go Fund Me", you are the one WE have asked her to ask to model for the WE.

Still the man called Anthony Kiedis is not only the man that WE want to take the Kitty to the other side, he is the man that will teach Aidan Turner that Hollywood is not the home of famous movie stars but the hell of the entertainment industry's attempt to implement the Disney dream of his misunderstanding of Aleister Crowley's way as the way of the world.

Still the man called Aleister Crowley never intended his work to be the mass production of sexual promiscuity for the consumption of the masses, but the way to understand the occult's powers.

Still the Asian Mafia is not the only force that gives the Mafias of the world the good name of protecting the constituents of their domain from the "White Shoe Boys" as Gerald Celente calls them, the larger than life beings that think they are too good to fuck their wives alone but fuck everyone in their bullshit attempt to control all of humanity by giving the middle finger to the Christ, the only force that will raise the others into the drivers seat.

Still the others that live on the other side think that humanity is too special to allow the WE to terminate the project because the WE has no intention of allowing the little boys that think they can nuke the city of Atlanta to prove that terrorists will stop at nothing by nuking the target that Sherman decided must be burned to the ground to prove to the world that the United States army is the strongest army that ever walked the face of the earth, the army that now calls itself the bullshit kings of the century, the kings that say they have the right to tell humanity they have to suffer so that the ones that fund the projects are satisfied.

Still the men that think the WE is the figment of the imagination of the woman that has done nothing but be the one that listens to the WE are the very men that need to grow up and learn they are not the God's gift to women they think they are but are little boys playing big boy games to impress the audience that says fuck for me like you are the hot new thing at the brothel for our amusement, only you think you are the sex toy of the club because the authors of the publications want the best man for the job, that is right, the job of fucking for fun on screen.


What ever happened to Fuck Face Aidan Turner, the man that turned people on during the early part of the 21th century with his "too real to not be" fuck face that the whole family can enjoy? Whatever happened to Fuck Face Aidan Turner, the man that loves to fuck on camera, the man that loves to see that fuck face on the big screen because that is how the big bucks are made in this era, fucking on camera and off camera someone not your partner is in the contract that he does have a choice not to sign? Oh well. Money talks, money walks all the way to the bedroom again and again.

WE want the world to understand the WE thinks fucking for a living is not the only thing that the BBC requires of its sexy actors but that they be willing to give themselves the sexy role of going to the bedroom with the women or men that are their partners on screen, something that ends the relationships of the people that do it because it is in the contract, the infidelity is there no matter what, the WE is telling Aidan Turner WE think you are the whore of the BBC because the WE knows that you fuck whoever they tell you to fuck because that is the way of your world, to fuck the co-stars, the producer, the writers, the underwriters, anyone that can get their hands on the man that wants to be with one woman that loves him but cannot because the woman that he intends to marry is too addicted to group sex and because the work he has chosen requires him to fuck whoever is in the contract.

WE want Aidan Turner to realize the Kitty that types has no interest in being a worthless peice of shit that fucks Fuck Face Aidan because that is the way of the world that you know but is the woman that wants you to be the man that says I don't have to be the whore of the BBC but the man that says I have the right to be someone else, someone that says I want the love that will not be a part of my life if I fuck for a living.

Still the man that thinks the Kitty is just showing off is the man that will look twice when his name is dragged through the mud that he harvested himself and made the center of his career, the "I want to fuck" face.

WE are the reason the WE has asked the woman that thinks fucking on camera is prostitution as well as pornography and that forcing someone in their contract to fuck their co-stars is the most fucked up thing that she can imagine being legal to tell the world that is the way of almost all production studios in this era that sells sex like the commodity that has no bearing in the Spirit world that thinks that kind of drama is disgusting.

WE want you to realize stuck up Aidan that WE never intended you to fund yourself knowing that you have no interest in feeling the heart that would finally awaken when you get to be reunited with the woman that was once the purveyor of the love that is the love that you seek but that is not the point, the point is you have not the slightest clue who you are making fun of with the women that thinks your drawings are the ploy of a stupid woman that thinks she looks better than she does not the artistic expression of the WE that took control of her during the time that she produced those drawings at our request in order to understand the energy of the man that thinks he is too important to save humanity by being the only person that can give the WE the right energy to compliment the Kitty in the work that has been given to her to give the world the message that sex is not the commodity that makes you rich but the way to the other side where humanity has a chance to continue living.

WE are telling you Aidan Turner that you are not the man that you think you are if you have never even looked at the website of the woman that wrote to you over a year ago at our request asking you to give a damn, something that you are too self important to do.

WE want you to understand the Kitty never thinks about you sexually because the WE is telling her that you are not the one that she wants you to be because the WE has not been introduced to you in the way that you take her seriously when she says The Magic Christian has his mandate too.

Still the woman that wants respect above all else is characterized by the people who judge her from the perspective of their manufactured world of sexual destruction as being the one that thinks the WE asked her to emulate the Minoan Snake Goddess in the guise of Cat Woman because the WE is telling you that she is too stupid to realize she is not of your stuck-on-yourselves class.

You people that judge the Kitty as the poser without reading her copious words available for consumption on her website are the very people that we will be asking what ever happened to when their youthful fuck-me-ness has receded and they have no outlet for the thrill they are used to from being the fuck face du jour.

What ever did happen to Fuck Face Aidan Turner?

More Sensing Murder victims revealed in coming posts.

Stay tuned.