Update June 24, 2024: The WE is the author that the lies that turn to sourness too takes the book to the page where the neighbors took to poisoning too this calico cat called WJ.

The world where the Indians hear that the boys that love to be called Good Ol'Boyz too think that allowing themselves to have to have to hold onto the thoughts that the drama too was the way to showing that the world where the animals too want to regard David Connor Jones' women too there to remember that Katherine Brannen was not welcome to the shows but was always there at the gigs where they wanted to be forced to turn the page to another drama finds that the woman that was too the abusive toward the truth that this is the case: WJ was taken to the shot clinic then too to be without the shots that the shooting down the truth that the kids that fuck off now are too the Woody's friends that love to have to hear: he is there to be wuved but now that isn't allowed since the "moron" that wasn't there to be anything but the Jew lover now that her Holocausted victims that want to return again to the Jacob Lawrence that wasn't well until the woman wuved him was too the man that not only got sober he became a licensed social worker!

The world where women too think that marijuana was for Richard not the woman taking too much time to hear...Let's take the time to remember that allowing the police to arrest me now for the medicine that was needed by me wants David Connor Jones' friends to find the time to remember that I am not the alcoholic either.

Update September 11, 2022: Richard took WJ to the vet when I was not well, at the hospital, as if the cat was unwell because I am inept, and that wins why I find the difficult task that the whole show is me needing to hear that too the vet took the liberty to be the man that ended WJ too soon, as the author of the show was always the man asked to vaccinate the cat, Katherine refused. Richard took the other cat to the vet and finished him too. Sunny's father was not the Dollars that went to the coffers of the men and women that "vet" to another way now that too the vaccines for the animals will subsist alongside the show that: this is the time to remember that all children born to mother cats want to wean themselves. And that is why the cat too never was aliver than when the summer ends and the cats that are too there to never wean end too the touring and end too the dreaming that I write not about the WE but about the summer ending never.

The cat was the better for the love that the woman was there to offer her despite the vaccines the man called the staying alive now without that himself but they are the reason the cat was fucked hard by the medicine too when too the Katherine was under the anesthesia that was not needed to the flatlining at the Mission Hospital too the woman was the gone to the news the hospital will not end but the cat did. Live the vaccines were administered being the better half to the max made the choice to be without the body this go around to heal the Mother of the getting to the news: the cat was fed the worst cat food too the Friskies that was too the inexpensive to the making the cat too the diabetic that was the way to the Mr. Kitty that was the cat given to the very important news the Dr. Green of the Asheville area now that wins not that but too the Homestead Florida was the right to the sequencing too the removing the Sadie to the other side with the tests that ran too the bill to the $800 to the thought then the very important woman was the lost to the news too the food there was the reason the cat died.

I want the world to renege on the Purina that wins nothing but the soybeans too the Brethren of the Medicine of the Military Industrial type tells to the medicine men of the medication wins the right to remember the many that fuck up with the vaccines will be without the helping hand by the medicine that makes never the errors but the woman typing was told to be without the handlers' fee when the Mother issued to her the cat wins the race to the other side. Now the Marci and Richard will be without the news: the cat was hurt severely by the mentioning too the medicine was the wrong to mix too the medicine and the money meaning the making the money by jacking up the price of the pills to the tramadol was that to the thought the giving to the medicine men and too the veterinary meds the way to give to the cats and too the dogs too the beans that are too the genetically modified tells her to never trust the medical establishments.