Terry Kath and the Chicago boys are twice three times and the right to the bigger too as too the more talented as they are too the men that stood up and took the plunge to the right to returning to the willin' that wins too the right to hate speech to you as too the boys that think that working for the right to murder too Hillel was too the Frusciante working to get too the right to the Red Hot world to begin again as too the hated to the mentioning not.

Hillel was warm too when the water under the bridge was real but the right to become again another way than the right to return to the CBDC that wins too the ending all life on the planet that wants to suck dry the rights wins the right to return to the Frusciante was there to watch the other side want to warn Anthony that he is too there to hot to the not.

Update 15 May, 2022: The Billboard bullshit was too the right to return to Frusciante being elated to be contacted! Ha ha ha! That wins too the right to Red Hot to the right to the so-called "hate speech" being the right to my posting on that show. Go for the golden goose y'all and think that the right to show to the world that the White Buffalo Working for the rights to turn to the right to continue too the children's rights wins too the animals too the hated by too Frusciante.

The article removed by the moderator of the Frusciante webpage on Facebook that was too the designated too the so-called "hate speech". Go guys that think I am too the real to the thought the hate is you all the way untimely not unlimited not but too the right to the ultimate morons!

Update 14 May, 2022: The big important rock stars that sell too many records to matter too are too the many that thrive as if too the selling to the world too the land stolen to the thought: you are removing too the Irish to the being too the stalled to the not free too Bono and Edge and too the Mullen "I fuck Bono's wife to make his children there" Jr. that knows too the supporting the oligarchs to end too the legacy to the indigenous working for the right to fight like the not brave teaches too the Dammett's son that Dammett was the better dad.

The WE suggests all that spell to the benefiting the refugees while ignoring the reality that the crisis takes to the banking world too the so-called pandemic there to show to the being there to learn that the right to return to the not there to learn to the thought but to be the stooges that lie down never to the thought the next man on the horizon wins the rights!

We are the stars that sell too the covid-19 shit as right to the concerts for you to be brutalized but then again we are there to learn.


Just like the Red not Hot Chili Peppers of LA is my home too that the right to them being too the stooges that win too the right to David Bowie too put to sleep teaches them that selling out wins them not David Bowie of the man on the Other Side now that works for the right to the wife was too the beautiful, loved, respected and everything that he justifies too as too the SACRED to the thought: buck up wittle camper Kat that wants to Anthony to the dead already to the knowing the killing the queen was the sacred too!

NPR is the propaganda wing of the lots of thoughtful world views will be that fun time without the Chilis ever encountering the right to renew to the thought: thinking that you are too hot to buy off is the right Katherine Brannen working for the resume!

God understands why the WE asked me to consider the men that think killing off too the white world the right thing wins the right to Anthony Kiedis too the right to slavery!

WE want to work for the right to remembering the White Buffalo Woman was too the Calf Pipe working woman then when too the Sioux that are there on the Other Side to warn nothing but the wanting the friend that bad was.

The Music is there to remember that loving the right to the 1970s being the ending of the time to listen wins too the right to the former band that was nude that was too the right to the selling too the war to the public as too the spontaneous attack by the Russians when too the many, many, many aware individuals understand that the NATO will lose to the right to the winning the theater to the going to the so-called world tour was too theirs to show to themselves that getting to the going to too the Metropolis alright to shine to the NPR will never hear that I work for your well-being to hear that you are too the thieves to me and to the WE they are the working men that have the right to reshine to the right to the working for the Whitening that wins they are to work too Katherine not just take for them own selves!!!