Update September 12, 2023: The WE advises the Cherokee that want me to stop talking about the Cherokee lest they are associated with my work finding that the WAYS of the WE are to re-stifle the heart to the nudes that the American Indians that want me to stop talking about the WE as if the WE are there as the ***Not Allowed*** lest they are associated with the ***Not Allowed***'s world from the Spirited ways to the knowing: the WE knows that Atlanta visioning never ceased but the heart the held to the along for the tripping to the toeing to the shoeing that the only way to show off that the Department of Homeland Security is welcome to them, is the way to show off that murdering on behalf of the federal government's mandolins too were on the property before the Indians were removed by the guns that Rutherford took to the chamber of commerce and told the Harrah's Cherokee Casino to re-up Asheville to owned by the federal federation of the liquid need to recover the acid testing that the hippies that renewed the better ways are the real Indians now.

Lies are the entire composition of the CNN article of the junkness of the media that lies to the tune: the man was not at the store ever but the police that take the compensation to lie too to the court system to take to the payments I bury the hatchet but the right to remembering that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself was there to watch the system take to the night time the needs to another time than the only way to hiring out too the jury was too the Manson murders being too the jury was allowed the sequestering to begin to hear: Sharon was not at Cielo ever.

The women and men allowed the fall in the 1970s after the terrible summer were too picked up just like Steven Parent that was never there. The way to hire the hitmen of the fashioning too the Buffalo too the Seattle too the LAPD to the thought the police murder more than the recommended way to hearing: defund the murderers. Ask the bigger individuals to rise to the occasion for the change and stay above the whole shorts will end too the silver makers to the not there.

WE are to remember that the man called visiting the caretaker was there to reward the only body found by the way to hiring the guns to allow the cops the access to the mansion was asking for the right to reinterpret the wasting away as the right to the many that chide too the working working working working to right to wrongs that too the "Ill Neighborhood" is the South Central LA that takes to the Red Button story the reality: the safe, comfortable well fed ones think loving mine is the right always but the individuals that think helping the poor young artist was the right to readmiring the right to remembering the channel to the Other Side remains as long as her long hair takes to the rights: hire me y'all to model too!

WE want to write to the world as the spokesperson for the Tsarnaev brothers allowed too the being the scapegoats while the many that pride themselves on the punitive need to hover to the Abu Ghraib the reality that was very present when the so-called "Christians" were praying for the typing artist asking them to reality check the reality that the Iraqi world was abused to the news: you feel too the reaping.

The Columbine shooting was too scripted and the boys allowed the suicide were not that but murdered too. The right to the manifesto of the Unibomber too was the scripting to the FBI thinks that murdering the innocent to produce the terror that terrorizes they that want to take to the banking institutions that the taking the banking ways teaches to the wanting to right the rights to the innocent not fried in the mind too wins the right to remember that lies are always the reason to fall.

Innocent beings are regularly fingered by the very individuals that kill for the pay and work for the police.